THe wrong Killuminati

I've discovered a new Channel that I loved watching; Its called 'TrauKeinemPromi'. Its a german channel and it translates into 'Dont trust a Celebrity'. And because I do not have any serious assets to do trust them; I think thats a pretty good advise right now.

But yea, ooh. Well. Exposing your mind to channels like that for a while - that can be truely devastating. What I kept fighting for since - basically I found into Unification, or maybe even sooner - is however the notion that the Illuminati aren't the bad guys. I didn't know about Rothschild or Bilderberger - so I ignored that. And if you are a successful/wise Conspiracy THeorist you should know rule NUMBER 1: Knowledge is the Key!

Thats the thing. Some of these Conspiracy Theory guys go in full heartedly - but what you don't know you can't use! You'll see different signs than I would. Madonnas Illuminati for instance. I don't want to say that I know what Madonna is all about although there are ... well, whatever. Lets pretend this is the first time I ever mentioned her. 'Truth and Light'. Its funny to see how 'TrauKeinemPromi' interpretes Madonna there. He refers to a documentary of her where she talks with a guy about God; And she gets to snap him on a 'Light'/'Energy' thing. And yea, I'm familiar with these situations; Where ... I so far only came to talk with 'one' guy to whom I was able to talk pretty much openly about God. Not in the forced way ... but in that whole 'being passive and learning from others' way. And matter of fact, it is due to him that I nowadays came to refer to what I believe in as Pantheism. He introduced the term to me. And it was a strange experience for me. It was strange since I've been talking about what I believe in - basically responding to his curiosity as he minded to know how 'I' could be a Christian/believer. I thought I explained myself pretty well - but it took some time for him to catch up and go like "aaah, Pantheism". My situation there might be different to Madonnas if we suppose that Madonna, if she is Illuminati, is supposed to keep the Truth a secret.

Well - the Illuminati, who are they? Officially the Illuminati are a group founded sometime in the 1700s I guess by some guy named Adam Weishaupt and that was pretty much a glorified Campus Fraternity Group. But because Weishaupt sought for "the Elite" (that is people with Education) they pretty soon ... well, as history has it, became a thorn in the eyes of some of the Ruling folks so that the Illuminati got forbidden. And from there on - well - its pretty much a Mystery. Apparently some Illuminati Symbols appeared somewhere in Schotland linking them to now Skull and Bones which kindof links to the Bilderberger group - but in the end those are just some carvings in some stone and we don't know who put them there. Who or Whatever Rothschild and co do ... or whether or not the Illuminati are still a real thing ... thats something we have no freedom of choice about. They are what they are. But I need a word for "them". You might refer to Matthew 16:28 where it says "Of those who stand here some will not suffer death until they see the son of man come in his royal might" - or Matthew 5:8 where it says "Blessed are those that have a clean/pure heart for they shall behold God". The latter one, since I entered Unification, always jumped into my face - basically - saying that there are those who get into Unification just ... by a snap of God, essentially. Or maybe through the "Illuminati". Who knows? It works either way.

Knowledge can change a lot! The one moment you see an evil Bitch hailing inpurities of all kind to spoil our youth and bring about an age of darkness and armageddon; And the next moment it doesn't matter anymore because we all got blessed with the insight that its all ... "relative". I mean, you can look around yourself and wonder how much damage has been caused 'actually' and find that we mostly live in a world of peace where everyone loves to like each other. Except you read too much internet commentary.
Of course not everyone is in the mood to be expressively happy if you try to talk to people out there - but you could start trying that by facing a mirror. Appearances can be deceiving.
I don't think that many see what Madonna does and go like: "Yea, I want to be filthy!". I rather think that you rather are filthy to begin with and then you go like "Oh yea, Madonna! Wooo!". But then there also are people like Gaga, Beyonce, Jay-Z and so - which 'love' them their Illuminati Symbols - but are they? According to Madonna ... not! To pay Beyonce the amount of attention that she likes to have I suppose - well, she definitely made it to become an icon of Conspiracy Theories. And attached to that the whole "Bilderberger/Rothschild rule the world - Occultism and Satanism" bla nonsense - that goes on to say that 'everything' is rotten. That 'everything' is under their control. Including Madonna. And the Illuminati. Or whatever name/word we might choose for "them". And yea - I personally conceive that as something of an act of aggression. Like a gun held point blank at me/them/us. "COme out and we'll ruin your party!" esque.
"Check mate".
But if you ain't too dumb to see whats going on - you know and understand: God is real!

Sometimes you see it - sometimes you don't! To me at least thats the truth! There are quite some devastating arguments against Christianity out there - where I get to the sensation that it is really something of a miracle that we even have Christianity.

But then there are those moments - well, ... I worry. I'm seriously worried that my actions lead to consequences elsewhere. That so since I'm doing things that Illuminati wouldn't - or shouldn't - because of diplomacy if we want to call it that way. But I can't stop doing what I'm doing!
Obviously! I mean - maybe not. But ... though I never really thought about it too much - this is a thing I would die for!

Then there is also the "Temptation"; And I guess that if you've read the more mature content and you're still not truely satisfied - this is ... might be ... what you're looking for. That "dirty little secret" - though - ... well. Its so: When there for instance is imagery, in any of those Conspiracy Theory videos, taken from the movie 'Eyes wide shut' I get it, some desire to be a part of it. That feeling I get there is however different to when I see similarly ... 'teasing' imagery that would lead me to want to connect to the Rothchilds in some way ... though there is some base feeling that is the same. Its like water - and it flows according to a variety of things. At the base there is just the basic idea - the 'concept' if you so will - and while eyes wide shut is just a movie I suppose my feelings can flow a bit further than once there is some really apparent real life context, as there the Spirit would have to connect me to them for the feeling to flow further. And thats why I was keen to have it made clear that I do not attach to any given group. That I'm pretty much my own thing. That isn't particularly 'hot' - sure - and as that I can't really stick to any of those clarities of mine either. Not right away at least. But thats OK! Because, as it should be obvious, I have ... well, "duh", "no desire" to attach to any of them. I mean, even if I see a fancy house/castle that might be a really pleasant place to own and live in, I don't have that desire. No matter how well suited it would be for whatever. When being basically given infinite money, to so live and to some extent enjoy myself - ... well, it depends. Thats however already different than being there due to private ties to anyone. You might imagine that this changes from case to case - though, to be real, there actually isn't a place where I want to be - specifically. And when it gets to pedophilia its quite the same. Basically even so that I due to those experiences come to doubt whether or not I've actually gotten my shit straight.
This tells a story of temptation that goes the following: Temptation is not a specific thing that was created to trick us. Temptation is just a label slapped onto certain emotions we deem morally uncool - and the idea of overcoming them is based on the desire to not want them. Or well, can we say desire? But so, yea, I'm - in that sense - saying, rightly so, that I am Morally superior to you. But that in the same sense as your penis grows after a circumcision. Or, how being cured from cancer is superior to having cancer.

And it really are these 'high contrast' exposures that really make me doubt a lot about myself. And I guess thats normal. Its a defensive reaction. In that sense I like to "compare" myself to Samus Aran - I mean, the ... the Armor is the inspiring part there. What I am inwardly doesn't matter - or ... I mean ... its like ... I'm exposed to a hazardous environment and so I need protection. And so for the most part I don't care 'who is who' - I just wonder ... who might be a friend.

I might be wondering forever. I don't know what I 'can' do. Not yet at least.

End of the Road?