Triggered by Fantasy

First: Some more Anti Flat-Earth stuff

Right? So, the real question is: Where, in relativity to a Sphere, would you have to be in order to see 'a curve'? [insert laughing audience cue].

The point here is that the blue line is 'intended' to 'show' what we see as Horizon, but 'clearly' - actually - is already 'beyond' the Horizon, so it were closer to the Magenta one. The question then is: How much is it? 'Could' I ... "fly" High Enough to see Australia from Stuttgart?

On a Spherical Earth, ... no. I would eventually get to a point where I 'maxed out' what I could behold [green] - and needless to say: The Horizon is always going to stay a line 'for as long as it is visible within a field of view perpendicular to the "gravitational pull"'. Now, this latter statement is basically a guess. I'm sure there goes a lot more into making accurate statements, but ... a good guess from me is that the green lines don't cross at the height of the Himalaya. Saying, the Himalaya isn't that large. And even here we had a pretty flat horizon and would see 'further'.

I'm not really interested in the math - I don't think a lot would care - and for the most part: I don't think people can actually 'facepalm' themselves as hard as they would sometimes wish to; In response to some of the "science debunked" material that is out there. And the notion of taking a running start to run into a concrete wall, face forward, is imagery that is paled in comparison to the [scrambled]. Strapping yourself onto a rocket cart to achieve that isn't even getting there. To be realistic - I would think of something like an LSD meets DMT type of "dream paradise" of faceplanting.

But what is the morale of the story?

Being seriously, in this case, ... this 'deliberate faceplanting' seems to me more like a 'digging' project. Digging a hole that is deep enough to get to a place that 'isn't' covered by science - and I for my part don't really care to do that science. Its utterly pointless. Its like trying to turn "why a sphere isn't a cube" into a science. And oh, now we gut us a point which they can't twist. Which, to me is part of a thing that I for now got to call 'the pointless quest'.

Its something like the quest for the holy grail or the philosophers stone - but quite not that profound. But I do yet ... take it somehow serious. I maybe am obligated - as some matter of discipline round about me not having 'legitimate' education in any of these fields; So, anti-arrogance.
On the other end we have our most famouse dumbass and his squad of political idiots (#trump #republicans) - where we see some 'high profile' effort to undermine science. Using common sense, then asking: Do we really 'know' that, and then turning it around ... and that, ... 'unexpected plot twist' ... then correlates with Cultural Appropriation.

What is 'cultural appropriation'? Or - more to the point: "How ..., what ..., why ... - since when ... - what the fuck?" a.k.a. 'is it a bad thing'? OK, I wrote it out. I mean ... is it a question we had to take seriously? I mean, if you're familiar with all of the stuff I wrote, you should know that "cultural appropriation" is one of the 'main good bestest things' we have these days and potentially even a central pillar of the 'good future' I'm dreaming of. But there also is a bad side. On the surface these things are - well, like ... you "probably" wont see anyone waving around a sovjet flag during a "US patriotic Event". [Note: really? Flip it around - and now what? | Note to self: Facepalm].

The idea of being 'Anti Cultural Appropriation' is ... a paradox. It is 'Anti' Cultural Appropriation 'while' 'doing' Cultural Appropriation. So, drawing a 'labelling line' around a set of cultural properties. Basically treating Cultural 'props' like Intellectual Property.

Or otherwise: By being 'Anti "SJW"' - we would also tend to distance ourselves from things that they themselves identify with - and I guess we can see the Symptoms pretty clearly nowadays by the spread of SJWs in the Higher Education fields. And 'killing' that desease ... it to me kindof ... seems like, standing in comparison to trying to get rid of all fungus on the planet [science note: To be understood by the term that Fungi underneath the surface connect in huge networks]. Which on the flipside is countered by "Clarity" - or simplified: Independence.

First of all.
Which is 'anti activistic' - by the way. Activism is all about having some slogan or punchline that a lot of people can identify with and rally behind - while "the principle of Anti-Activism" as I propose it is about 'seeing the better future based on our independent fortitude' - uh, to say: 'not to waste any energy on trying to get rid of something' - err ... something along the lines of 'fighting the desease, not its symptoms'.

We for instance can't think in terms of: "OK, lets force all of our Children to go to school and be smart about it" - simple! Because: Have we not always tried that? Isn't that in everyones interest? Since we had education? But we shouldn't take it too lightly either.
What we want are competent 'teachers' - and 'above' them, a 'competent' educational system/architecture. And to get there we damn sure will need "leverage" - but that in and of itself is a mystery already.

And that because the 'us' - that isn't supposed to be about me and a bunch of people making choices. It is implied to be everyones best interest. And we wonder: Who might be against it? We can find our bad guys, maybe - possibly - but on a more sober note there are misconceptions.

So, rather than rallying towards a revolution-esque end-goal, ... "play the infinite game". ing we should. So as for 'removing Trump' for instance - all we need is our own valid social connectivity that then simply renders everything else meaningless.

But in a much better 'casing': Lets say that the Earth were really flat, nobody ever had been to the moon, Space Travel were a Hoax - that ambition were to 'get' there where we can have clearance on all those issues without 'focussing on the destruction of something'. And this is where I 'feel' ... how can I say? 'The Tension'.

The scheme behind it is pretty much about isolation. Disconnecting. From the get go assuming that what we'll find for true 'might be wrong' - and we had no 'safety' in that 'system' to know; Glancing over the fact that if we 'found' something to be true, we have already accomplished our goal, ... in one instance.

I am convinced that NASA is pretty much a pit of snakes. "But careful". There is the side that is 'accessible' to amateurs. Like, you can't say that Virgo is 'not' where everyone with education sees it. You can't say that the Moon isn't there. But 'we' can't say what we have on the other side of the Moon - unless we had a satellite that orbitted earth at a far enough distance 'and' were 'safe'. I mean, I don't really understand why there has to be some 'barrier' between us and "the Operators" of some Satellite that beams information back to earth. Its like 'admitting' that: "Well, we need time to evaluate the images and censor stuff". So this can go further than that. "They" could say: OK, we'll right away release it, but only to selected ... ... yea right! P).

We also give too much 'power' to the Military Hierarchy. Well, ... first of all; As a German I don't feel immediately threatened by the US. Though I may look at the US and compare it to a sociopathic maniac aimlessly throwing bombs around - I don't 'see' that here in germany. But I see how 'we germans' - amongst others - can be considered 'economic assets', as it is in "X"s best interest that we're happy - ... and while we 'need' people with power ... there is power that people can get. But ... thats, not really a/the issue. Because - ... "we" will have

I mean, we need certain things to be in certain ways/order - and maybe I'm seeing too much movies, but still, the Military shouldn't be 'allpowerful'. The military 'had' the force to just punch their ways in/through anything - lets say - so, some 'law' wouldn't stop a platoon from levelling the house I live in, ... if they really wanted/had to. The Military is most easily that "thing" which is as above the Law as it gets. #projectThor #goldeneye.
And that isn't 'the' Military that takes 'shape' based on immediate interests we pursue - while, things aren't really going to change; And so we're basically supposed to 'trust' ... "them".
But the Military is still supposed to be an 'aid' - it had to 'follow' ... err, yea, what? Our "Government"? I'd say: 'Contemporary Interests' - which is to say 'Government' but less politically biased.
And what 'restrictions' we 'wanted' were basically "lines of respect". "Imaginary Lines" - dumbed down to a simple example, like saying: "We won't bomb your house arbitrarily". ... which 'outside' of a nationalistically conceptualized military meant - that goes for whatever country you lived in.

Or so giving a soldier the right to disobey. And that 'couldn't' be an issue that the Military should be allowed to handle internally. Which means - already - if a soldier were a moron and disobeyed; Bringing it to a civil court - that dude would be making an arse of itself. But if there's a serious issue, we could look at the entire Branch of Hierarchy where that concern popped up; ... and if that Soldier had 'our' social/civil interests backing him up - yea, ...

How can we 'show' how a Gyroscope behaved if we changed the direction into which Gravity pulled?

This? Well, we're told that rotation can be used to simulate Gravity in space, ... but ... first - in how many ways could we setup this contraption; And what did we have to expect?
I can tell though that if I spin a gyroscope and do so slightly off axis, it will adjust to gravity. Hmm ...

Sounds like something we could use to 'see' how we were aligned to the horizon when in a closed room; But ... is that how it works? Or more to the point: How does it work?

The Universe is full of Rotation. Its almost like Rotation were the 'first' highest "building Block" of the Universe. That we had accretion disks, orbits and finally planets; That were all due to rotations. Another thing the Universe is FULL of are Forces. And these two things are things I take from all sorts of physics related material. Put the two together and we get ourselves a gyroscope. It rotates - and it behaves in ways where we have to speak of forces.

In the simplest case we speak of child-toys, one solid piece that twists and somehow miracolously balances itself on a tiny tiny point. And now my head 'crashes' on the notion that 'in general' its said that Gyroscopes can be used to show the rotation of the earth; And Flat-Earthers somehow have the general argument: "Why does it not?". So, 'physicists' say that it stays static in Space and thus 'visibly' changes its orientation as the earth basically is the thing changing. So - setting a Gyroscope up would let us see the whole thing spin around within 24 hours.

Flat Earthers now say that "it doesn't". So, that we can't see that. And so I wonder how Physicists did get to their claim to begin with. So, to me - if Flat Earthers were 'proven right' in their case; They would prove that the Experiments "back then" were flawed and that a gyroscope 'does' align "with gravity" (in physicists slang). Because: What 'reference' had we to claim that they are 'static in 'space' 'period''?

I'm seeing one of those videos right now - and he wants to show that it doesn't move; But I can see the needle swing back and forth - which shouldn't happen either way.

Is this how it works?

Well, I think I'm extremely bad at translating words into comprehension. I think thats one thing we have more or less in common; A.k.a. "learning by doing".

And I would basically honor my lack of experience here by saying: OK - the end. But there's one little thing I just 'have' to point out in respect to my biases. What I'm mostly bothered by, from being open minded to their arguments, is that their arguments most of the time are basically what 'gamers'/'anti-SJWs' would call 'nitpicking'. Like, OK - the earth turns around itself within 24 hours - therefore 6 month later - night had to be day. So, the nitpicking occurs as it is generalized that the earth spins 'exactly' 360 degrees within 'exactly' 24 hours - and therefore noon had to become midnight and therefore the heliocentric model is impossible. Like, within the thousands of years whereby we started to count time in reference to the sun we would have that even just 'accidentally' taken into accounted. And once we got to precisions within the nanosecond, we might have also gotten to a precision that takes that 360/365.25 degrees into account. Kindof. I mean, having 12 noon all of a sudden being 00 midnight ... thats simple 24/365.25 * 0.5 hours ... "wrong" into a direction we "yet had to figure out" - but yea. I am kindof interested in this - but actually I 'so' don't care whether earth is flat or not.

What keeps me sticking to the spherical earth side is however that I've learned that life ... reality ... has, from the own perspective, the tendency to become more complex and a lot of the Technology we're using - so one simple argument - requires 'some degree of consistency' within 'all the stuff'.

Where, it aggrovates me to then expose myself to all that Flat Earth stuff - where 'here' I'm basically 'shouting' at some of those guys that 'this' Orange line is 'not' the shortest distance between the two points ... on a sphere!

Its so ... ... I ... this guy really draws a line on Google Earth from A to B and then 'goshes' about how the line starts to curve 'off' the line he's taken. And now he's placing waypoints.

Like ... "no shit!?". What the Hell!

And because I can't recreate all of these weird experiments - I got to say: OK, whatever! Maybe something is off. And maybe he tried to make a different point. And yea - the morale of the story?

The point was that he tried to show that '8 hours less' from London to Sydney is impossible on a sphere. All I had on mind was this 'image' up there - picking up on those few bits that made sense in 'my' sense. (Although the given example was about London to the Fidjis, and not to Sidney. But I think its close enough. ... Maybe?

So, YouTube is its own beast - and redirecting flights so that in case of a crash help is closer ... it sometimes makes sense. Is earth flat? Well, for the time being it isn't.

Thus back to the ... issue. With Trump running the US, we at least have a 'picture' - well, of controversy; Which I sortof want to put into the context of activism. I'd say we had some anti-science, racist moron with the "power" to rally 'all of the same' behind him to the goal of knocking out everything we know and throwing us back into the dark ages. Militarization of Police? Hmm ... "seems like we're getting there".

And couldn't it be so that someone with the power to do so would 'play' 'Flat Earth is real' - and flights therefore 'cannot' pass here and there? - ... hmm, controversial.

Shrinking Sunlight? The sky almost dark with the sun still not entirely set? What the Fuck?
Well, I remember sunsets.

The thing is, with the ressources this issue could be resolved rather easily. But, picture it for a second: "We" assuming "Military Control" of ... such and such ... and couldn't ~we~ (the Generals) ... then fake our own evidence? And as it stands; If we didn't want to, we "couldn't" proove that the earth is actually a sphere. Flight paths are already following Flat Earth logic - apparently - so, ... all we had to do were to not change it at all.

Some 'did' proove that the Coerolis effect is real - Flat Earthers say it isn't. All we finally 'had' were the propaganda carrying either of the two narratives. And what I have to realize is 'still' that all the things that speak for the Flat Earth Model are somehow 'subject to human idiocy'.
And yea - Organized Religion ... well ... to finally come to the ... "real point".

So, Gnosticism/Clairvoyance/Unification stuff: OK, we do not know properly how to deal with Clairvoyance regarding that Hype might be a 'destorting factor' - but thats not what I'm getting at. There is this Video I've seen that somehow hovers in my mind like its going to be featured here at some point. And - thats all there is to that. Sortof. But all this so far has nothing to do with the Headline.

What I want you to take note of is the 'implied' ~potential badness~ of Organized Religion. Its pretty straight forward.

And in a sense is that what we're facing here. Putting up the "Literal" dome around our "planet" - and while people so unite around a comon goal, peace is in reach and everyone who challenges that is obviously not well in their mind.

Except maybe we could dig to the root of it and discover some real bullshit that 'actually' makes the bad guys ... well, the good ones! ... ... ... err ... yea.

If you've read the Quran, at least so the first 2 1/2 Suras, you've stumbled upon the "I belive in Allah and Jesus and the Prophets" verse. Note the context. Christians fighting with Jews about God - and the advise goes: Say "I believe in Allah and ..." so on and so forth. It speaks a about misguidance also with a silent subtext of 'honoring that which is of God' - which then somehow derailed into the Muslims just jumping in to the Fight. Thats not 'explicitly' what the Qurans advise is at that point. I mean, it says: "Say ..." not "Slaughter the Heathen".

There is though a strong sense of 'rejecting Unbelievers' - which if we stick to the 'initial advises' comes 'after' the more important 'directives given by God' - but whatever the point: Islam 'ironically' turned into a religion that sees its own "bretheren" as unbelievers. Why? Because the 'sense' of what an Unbeliever is grows from the background of understanding what a 'believer' is. And if there is no clear understanding, there will be various interpretations. And the one will be unbelievers to the other. So, what credibility do Muslims have at that point? Zip! None! And are a good 'example' of how a 'split population' may evolve. The one fighting against the other to so gain 'dominance' in saying what the 'true interpretation' were - and its all being founded on chaos and an absence of diplomatic ambitions.

So, drawing parallels to 'activism' or in other words: "rallying". So, to turn this into a dystopic fiction - let me play the bad guy; I had a good idea - and next I needed some ... well, it is not that fictive anyway. I mean, Hitler did it - using the Jews; Trump does it - using Immigrants; North Korea does it using the USA - ... 'common sense'. But to one up that, simply put; Finding a narrative that gives you that sense of 'urgency' - so that you will be willing to put all your energy into that one single fight ... becoming a Soldier of the ... whatever ... and now I'm at a point where I can dig some more into the Headlines purpose.

As for how it matters - basically - its me reacting to something I wanted to explore because I haven't really thought of/reflected upon it properly yet. But it goes somehow into the Console War, which Video Game is good, or sucks - ... while in the most acceptable sense this is coming down to Artists vs. the Destruction of Arts - where Arts is a medium for the 'freedom' within an Artist - which would eventually speak against the ruling authorities - which a bad leadership couldn't have.

Which basically means that gamers and media addicts can keep on bashing each other as it always has been - and its all cool unless that ... vague line ... is getting crossed.

Except ... well. Now - how do you 'fight' Subliminal Messages? How do you trace down its source?
Although it is being said that it doesn't work - we're still compelled, or afraid, ... that it might. And that is one way of doing it. I mean - getting us 'escape' the Modern World ... and do what? Escape into Isolation? As social species we should 'gather' - but 'where'?

So let me tell you about me having uncovered their secret but for obvious reasons I can't tell you the details but I can tell you that we must rally and fight that oppression. P).

No - there is no good unless its good!

And I think at this point I'm only going to unnecessarily elonguate this. Maybe this Video is to be blamed. It certainly is straineous ... (PROOF They Live IS a Documentary-BANNED in USA! Must see - QUANTU...) ... and yea, it is a good movie! And yea - I believe there is Truth to that. For sure! But the 'subliminal messages' that I 'see' aren't hidden! They rather 'tell us' that there is something hidden that we don't see. Those that believe that end up on the "Nutjob" side - that causes a "flow" in which religion is getting discredited while 'normal entertainment' forces us to 'warm up' to ... well, for the most part its all pretty harmless but here and there 'messages' are thrown in, like ... exagerated comedy against believers - 'warming' the unbelievers up in being unbelievers while believers on the other side are exposed to other messages that get them comfortable in a false belief - where, the dangerous stuff has a 'strong tendency' to being 'extremely stupid' - so: Not as much subliminal messenging but violent conditioning. So, we're dumbed down - we are disempowered with the only thing remaining being our 'opinions' - which we 'share' and thereby fuel a controversy.

And what is this Video About? 'We Are Living In A Simulation - New Evidence' - by REAL SPIRIT DYNAMICS; ... 8D Crystals? Why ... What? How? What the fuck is the point?

The message is clear: There are smart people that work on super advanced stuff that has to be dumbed down into oblivion for you mortal to comprehend - so - give it up!

Wheteher ... "they" say the truth or I ... either way you had to wonder 'why'? Can't God just swing the Ban Hammer? And yea, thats what many believers believe in. The final day. But so, just by the way, the first Sin - outside of Eden - has been a justified Murder. To trace that down to our own irrationality - which ... 'rage rallying' is basically ... just that. Same thing. Us giving into our nether instincts and potentially doing stupid things in progress. #WW2

(I think I know where that Video is going, but ... its 'good' - so far, for as close it is to what I believe)

Yea, there we are: Collective Consciousness. I mean, yea - I guess ... we could say that. Yea, "give us money". Well, to "debunk" that "Flattard" video, or otherwise get to a productive contribution: Its a good metaphor. The Universe as its own Creator - well, kindof. In essence I cannot object. I don't know about the Golden Ratio in Black Holes. I however resist the Sim Interpretation - just as the extremes of Collective Consciousness. But it wouldn't be the first time for me to be "upset" about something I later couldn't be upset about anymore.

What I get is maybe ... what a Physician ... err, ... doctor would get once he'd lean towards 'pro health' advises. I mean - there is a limit for Alcohol for instance - differentiating between good and bad. Or ... unhealthy and dangerous. They know what Alcohol and Tobacco can do - and advising against that in any case of a problematic health situation would be ... basically a no brainer.
And I would think I know better. And same goes for you. And so has it occured to me, by the way, during the first Month of being Unified - that some 'darkness' started to spread in my mind which made me somehow nauseus, ... a 'literal' darkness, ... which started right after my Brother and me were out of the Theatre - it got worse during my way home - and at home I right away started to read the Bible and it became better. And I think - similar to physical disorders - there are 'spiritual' ones - as of the "Enlightened Body". So - if you for instance 'got' in from a vastly Atheistic background, chances are that your mind could get tossed into an imbalance which the Force had to treat as a bad thing.
Similar things then can be said about the state of mind in terms of social influence, so - ... as with this video. It is extremely close to my ideology; And as that I would fetch it up, say 'cool' and present it to you as such; Therefore however giving credits to its originators who might follow a different route and thus sortof 'hijacking' my position like ... a sponge sucks up water.
OK, then - at the very least - we had a controversy with 'them' standing at the high ground although this video in essence is just picking up on points that I have made while putting them into a sciency environment.

I mean - that Einstein Character - or the fact that this Character is placed well and "blows my mind" - from first being skeptical about it. So, I perceived it so. From skepticism into those arguments that made sense to me into Einstein Parody. "I am Conscious" - yoohay, "I'm in!" - or am I?

Now you couldn't make much of either side, thus possibly leaning towards a passive mode with a tendency towards evidence which favours the 'sciency' background.

In and of itself that might not be too bad, but we also have to consider that time doesn't stand still and if it were really an evil plot then certainly there is going to be movement to support it, thus stirring up the controversy while so far I have noticed that the Antichristians ... we can take Trump as example ... stop playing the "please help us" game after they got to a certain point where then they "turn around" and go into "we're the winners" mode. So, once there is enough public recognition they can pretend they "owned everything", thus creating 'false common sense' which further distorts social balance.

That can technically only go as far as there are people that get caught up on the wrong end; But eventually that may be enough - as to for instance gain leverage here and there. Celeb example: Richard Dawkins "a.k.a. Whiskey" - who got booted out of some discussion panel for some ... /like on a video. So, SJWs gaining grounds is the consequence of tiny 'gains' here and there - which we can prominently associate Anita Sarkeesian to. On the one side she's this really progressive Feminist that has nothing but good ideas and is a really strong and admirable/successful woman that has a real struggle and needs all of our support - while on the other side its an attempt to 'kill' freedom of speech.

So, imagine what Donald Trump could do as President of the United States that once 'triggered' makes its way through the System - as into the Military - which might explain why he doesn't seem to care about what the Public thinks of him.

Watch Thunderf00ts ''The TRUTH about carbon dioxide' BUSTED'.
err ...

And yea, "a pros pos Dawkins". Or even "worse": Occams Razor. Some years ago those two would be "words" that would trigger me to some pro-Theistic response. What has changed is most likely that I'm at greater ease defending my case; As opposed to trying to do "the absolute" by pointing out each and every single misconception to just say: "Hey, you maybe aren't as smart as you think!" - and sure, and so and so and back and forth - whatever.

Which is ... like as presented by Thunderf00t in terms of Global Warming ... applicable in terms of "social pollution". So, put more Bullshit into it than is excreted by it and you end up with a big ball of shit. Well, admittedly - I wouldn't regard the stuff of Dawkins as Bullshit - but ... we do live in a society with a dysfunctional liver ... basically.
And yea - in the end, if it got down to that - I'd be with Dawkins vs. the Church (#organizedcrime) anyday.

Which brings us back - you know. Just ... different. Here, in the recent case, a thing already existent, re-invented and wrapped up as a new groundbreaking discovery. The main focus being the places where these things are coming from. Just so - to - move things into perspective. This could be spun on into the direction of rallying the troops ... but, I think the 'magnitude' of what we were fighting then plays in our favour here. There is no 'perspective' of fighting that! So ... 'just ignore it and 'stay smart'!' - is the takeaway!

The only point - and thats what our Super Villain also would want - to 'legitimately' take this into any reasonable direction is at a point of strong social "homogeny" - err ... well, once we wouldn't have to 'rally' much to get anything done. So - Enlightenment first - then things will become better automatically. #TheCakeIsALie (Portal (the Videogame) reference)

The 3 crops stand for the 3 rings in regards to growing and growth - and are the 'primary' Symbol of the "Junior Corps" and anything 'Child Education' related - but also humanitarian aid - such and such - so, basically we could say: Everything round about Natural Ressources and Practical Crafting Skills (Survival). So, 'Pathfinders' - a.k.a. Junior Corps - and all the 'mature stuff' that emerges from that. Sticking however to 'practical things' - a.k.a.: Nature.

The 3 rings are the Esoteric Rings of Harmony. Esoteric basically saying as much as 'Ideological'. These are by default above Junior Grade since they involve matured thinking/philosophy - and generally reflects on the 'female' side of society. A.k.a.: System Independent - kindof - in the idea however, while yet supported by 'it'/us.

The Easy Peasy