Life is Strange

Wanting things to be is often not enough. Speaking of Culture for instance: Do we 'want' diversity? Or not? If we 'want' it - and come up with rules - do we then 'not' yet again demand some cultural conformity? And so not 'want' diversity after all? Turns out, this isn't a thing we 'can' .... well, 'want' to be somehow as it is a thing that is as it is. Naturally ... throwing extremist Muslims into a Christian country is not going to work! There is no 'wanting' - other than effective 'changes' that have to be made; In a neutral case by both sides. Or as appropriate. Once you invite people to your house you try to give them a good time; Just as once you're invited somewhere you try not to be a douche.
And the only ways to 'want' someone who doesn't act accordingly to do so - might be politically uncorrect!

But how often does it happen that we just happen to have a stance we deem reasonable; Yet sooner rather than later we're stuck in this cycle of doom composed of words, definitions, views, zones, areas - because of maybe some overzealous ambitions, or an overly pragmatic (#naive) world view? And so, what 'can' we want?

Whats the right way? Is it corporations that we need to be afraid of? Governments? Governments AND corporations? Your friends? My friends? Their friends? Teachers? Black Ppls? White Ppls? Muslims? - AAAnd rage quit.

Its not going to surprise you - but the thicker we draw the lines between such groups - the easier we make it for those that really want to screw us over to move around freely! While we lock ourselves into one of those groups, we support our own while fighting against others though the bad guys don't care about those destinctions! They "probably" just want the money or pussy/dick, fame, power, ... etc.. And while you think you're fighting for a greater cause, others that fight against you do the same thing! And this is true from the little with no major significance to the large with major significance. And where's the center? Where's the 'middle ground'?

In reality my target audience is everybody. So I'm talking to a lot of different streamlined oppinions. And depending on where you live these issues weigh in differently. So, in case you wonder: I have a, what I might call 'decomposed worldview' - by which I mean that its fragmentary. I can't be intimately familiar with everything thats going on or relevant, while in the end I find myself in not any categroy or group. And so I'm not really sucked up by any major hype. And so I'm socially awkward. In a sense can I only be 'really friends' with someone for as long as I can show off my intelligence. Thats the bad way of putting it.

Life is strange. In that Videogame you play a girl who received the power to rewind time. Nothing seems to be impossible anymore (#exageration) - but then someone comes up from behind (#spoiler) - and all your strength is nullified. This to me is a great metaphor - where the 'power' is symbolical for by whatever means we mean to succeed in life. And it fits into the entire piece as well. You play as a somewhat shy girl that is criticized for a lack of self-confidence, but through that power and the shit she's getting involved into becomes ... essentially some kind of Rambo eventually. These powers are her opportunity to be a little bit more brave - and with this bravery (and the corresponding cheating) doors open up that otherwise may have remained closed, ... or even locked.

And at some points one can make out outlines behind a crack ... metaphorically speaking ... speaking of intelligence (secret service type) ... uhm, surveillance. Like, what could the government figure out about you that you do even care about? Not counting drugs because thats a legal issue, there's that figure of speech about how the NSA is watching us jack-off as we watch porn ... but beyond that, most of us don't really have anything to hide; And we live in a world thats become and is becoming more and more sterile. Or 'socially sterile'. As so sexual expressions are integrated into our every day life ("#rapeCulture" (but seriously! Not every girl that runs around in sleezy outfits is getting raped! The game hereby pretty much delivers a good point. Play that game or watch an LP of it and ... you maybe get a more nuanced idea of how perverts 'function'. On the other end, if you dress up Sexy (and at some point there is no clear line between what is and what isn't sexy ... btw ... some are into this and others into that) ... guys are gonna "get on it" - thats ... called ... sex-drive.)) - intimacies aren't all that special anymore. Like, you can see a woman made up sexy in a hot dress ... everywhere on the Internet. It doesn't matter how accepted it is or not - what matters is that you have that picture in your head and nobody will ever be able to live up to it. Just imagine we by default look horrible each morning we wake up. And thats what you will realize is waking up next to you.
So we have nothing to hide - but ... do we have nothing to be afraid of? And what is the nature of that threat? "The Government" knowing what you are into doesn't seem like any useful information - but if we wanna go all out on being crazy for a moment in regards to conspiracy theories - its not the Government that bothers us but the Vatican, ... and every other guy around you who's colluding with them. Think ... Agent Smith ... sortof.
The thing is that the game sortof deals with the issue of 'information is power'. As, you figure something out, then you rewind time and use that knowledge to your benefit. And so - in my experience that built up to that point where you confront the bad guy with no shame at all - you basically 'tell' that person that you know everything - but that person can't tell that you know while you're still somewhat vague - and that to me is the perfect 'still', where that person is left confused by what you're saying. The more you know of someone, the more plastic your understanding becomes; And so that person is more controllable. It turns into background decoration effectively. Someone lost in a script he or she cannot break free from because it lacks the information required to do so.

"Trust Nobody". Thats a pretty good advise!
Any 'but' to that is to be completely self-understood and is as lined out wholesomely counter-productive to giving that advise in first place. And even so when it gets to God. God is however that person that is always ahead of you - and so some people would tend to believe that God has to be an evil something; Because of how things are. But God is cool in that regard because whatever we might discover as vile or corrupt about our civilization ... uhm, like, being invasive and imposive (think: Trump) (we can restrict it to these two for the most part) - God doesn't do it. As every Atheist would suggest to you: God doesn't do jackshit! Or how else would he/she be an Atheist?

How to debunk Fake News? With 'real' News! "Duh!". Without going further into it - the point is that 'truth' counters lies. But its not some easy 'hard-counter' like water vs. fire - but still like fire in the darkness. The brighter your "Light", the more you will see! I mean - think of all the scientific discoveries. The simplest ones were ... how we in germany call it "Peons Wisdom". So, knowledge of tradition - "secret tricks" to get a better yield from the crops next to things like: "When the birds fly low its going to rain". That worked for some time - and so there is no reason it couldn't go on like that forever. Yet, as we enter the Medieval ages we get to more sophisticated developments; First and foremost the development of better armor and weaponry; So that there were many ways to make 'steel armor' - but some ways of making steel are superior than others. And so the story goes: We dabbled in darkness for a long long time - until we finally came to truely comprehend the value of knowledge. This is inevitable to landing on the moon, sortof. While otherwise we might just try and vaguely aim our rockets at the moon and hope one might land there. If it landed there - it would probably just crash on the surface and ... we had nothing from it. Plus we blew up a whole lot of shit for nothing.

One of my "Nightmare Dystopic Visions" - thats ... "the dystopian Vision of Zion" (Zion Gone Wrong, Zombie Zion, ...) - deals with the fact that once something got discovered and researched to a point of practicality, the scientist is futile. Its like all those moments where Indiana Jones or Lara Croft found an artifact just for the bad guy to jump in and snatch it, while all along the bad guys were pretty clueless and didn't do jackshit.
So - that would be a part of that dystopia. And ... its eerily close to what we got today. I feel a little bit like that. Thats why I prefer not to do new Matrix flicks, thats why I can't fully commit to my programming, thats why I'm careful when it gets to writing about Zion, ... - and thats why I grew profficient on more ... well ... lets call 'em 'crude/unconventional' things to be concerned about. Moving into the fringe that makes no sense - staying close to the Light that shines in the Darkness ... that which Darkness didn't coprehend.

Well, maybe because Darkness thinks that this Light is the Darkness that this Darkness is. I ... I had this issue on my tongue for some time now. Life is Strange gives me a great opportunity to get more sophisticated about it. In general you might however already know what I'm about to say. Whatever. I mean, I just "said" it. And now that I'm about to describe it in more detail I realize I wrote just that once already. The case scenario were the following: Some evil psychopath does his evil psychopathic thing as conveyed through some Media - and if we're talking about the Antichrist (my oppinion, it may or may not be true) we're talking about a Maniac who can't deal with any form of belittlement. And it shouldn't surprise us that this person doesn't necessarily understand when it fails at impressing us - or how to put it? He probably underestimated the nature of the diversity that is real - while being used to a) compliance and b) having the upper hand on everything (a.k.a. pulling all the strings). So there is some deep satisfaction he gets from "being that" - so include the whole "You don't know whom you're talking to" sortof "power fantasy" - though yea, solely focussing on that should make us anxious since nobody alive 'can' be that 'flat'. So, there is more. Speaking of arts ... I think he's good at Music (a hunch) and conceptualizing propaganda and producing entertainment ... is also kindof the same thing. And so he's got enough to blow his ego up like a nuclear explosion ... but that doesn't matter. Anyway. So - the psychopath does things we find horrible. So, my experience is that. But still there are people who are in some way ... well ... voyeuristically attracted by these things. Like me. There is this strange feeling ... where, if you really need a strong contrast to "my other side" you could definitely think of 'corruption' - like, I'm attracted to such things because thats the kind of serious hardcore shit that I got ("am supposed to") deal with - and over the course of getting more and more familiar with those feelings they start to sink in and make me intimately desire them in some way. "In some way!" (#exclamationmark). This is soemthing you may find me writing about occasionally; But ... in this frame the thing is that someone 'pure hearted' won't become a psycho while yet "succumbing" to these emotions - and the little detail there is: 'Wishing for it to be positive' is a thing. And thats the thing. When dealing with madmen the point is that what they do isn't positive. Its disgusting. So disgusting that you even may find yourself being 'inspired' by their actions - just for the point of turning those on them even. And that because the point of 'wanting to do evil' is beyond anyone with a halfway reasonable mindset! Yet so the 'focus points' are also going to be different. Where the psychopath would glorify his madness, someone who isn't a psycho but has the same 'flavour' would glorify human-to-human interaction, for instance.
This interaction is just a beginning. It settles a base for respective folks to build upon - and so there are still masochists and sadists; Between which there is a mutual 'emotional' thing going on.
And it is maybe worth noting that the relationship between Max and Chloe works for me to speak more about Love - real, romantic, divine, everlasting Love. Which is also why to me the "Saving Arcadia Bay" ending to me is the bad one. And the nightmare segment to my understanding is making that clear. It starts by saying that if you wouldn't have that power, you probably wouldn't have been capable of finding the bad guy - and going back to the start and therefore nullifying everything you did is like letting the bad guys have things their way. Its like giving up - and not quite actually fighting for Love! Does that mean I don't care about others? Or that we shouldn't? Nope. Far from it! My stance happens to be that if I'm just some guy in some town who gets killed by a car whirled around by a tornado - I don't care! Give a fuck! I mean, if anything at all - the whole point of the game is basically to say that "shit happens"; And the more you look backward - the more its going to eat you up!

On another note on the Light that shines in the dark; it also works the other way. To suggest that the Darkness thinks itself for the Light and thus cannot see the true Light. In that regard I have the impression that the Antichrist for instance 'cannot' just simply 'let go and live' - so the whole idea of 'the way is the goal' doesn't quite make sense; Though its good propaganda to keep the "sheople" in their little boxes. So, light turned into darkness. And there's a fine detail brought about here. This isn't a matter of offensiveness or defensiveness - its not about winning or loosing - its just a reality. And someone who's totally fixated onto things within realms of competition might not see this little destinction.
And so in a sense 'we' are being belittled - as "the world is his oister" sotospeak. And if you're keeping track of politics these days none of this will actually come around as a big shocker! (It just "sucks" that these impressions of mine are no longer 'unique' - or mysterious. I mean, it doesn't 'really' suck - although then again it sucks from a different happenstance - but ... I mean, it is purely my ego thats getting "hit" there, I mean - regarding the first 'sucks')

But ... back to the dark version. The point is that I feel like; I mean - this gets to be a point that ... well, its suggestive but if suggested right can tell us just how hard it is/will-be/was to turn the Antichrist around. The suggestion is that ... hmm. OK, the ... neutral version is the easiest as we all do possibly have a similar appreciation for wealth. So, someone who is filthy rich is someone whom we may easily envy - and money is a bitch. I mean - the hope that once you have an outlook onto money that would allow you to fulfill a bunch of your visions; At least I feel that way; its easy to get ... greedy. One wish won't do it - you "want it all". But as hard as it is to get around 5000 bucks, as hard is it to get around another 5000 bucks - and then you 'just' have 10000 bucks total! The mind of a businessman however works differently. But anyway. Money is a bitch. And when it gets to the morbid stuff - yea, we get to things like "rape bunker". Thats 'one up' since - once you have "all the money" - there is the way of spending it on nonsense and the way of spending it on what you truely care about. Like, bitches maybe. Thats the next 'bitch' - because eventually you can ignore the money and just focus on what you want. And ... 'the point is that I feel like' ... I'm being teased into embracing that, in the morbid sense. And from there on you may spin your fantasy up to ... whatever you want to think of me. But the fine detail is that I don't actually want to hurt anyone or actually be seriously hurt!
Yet this statement contradicts to something that I believe is true about the Antichrist - which is, well, do we have a word for that? I guess we can call it 'egomania'. But 'badassness'/'epicness' - that also is kindof a thing there. Its like ... Putin posing with these sunglasses - making him look all badass in his suit with 'major assets' under his control. This 'vibe' of ... ... "being special"(?). Its like living a life that is from beginning to end one long 'badass slo motion walking down the road with an explosion in the background while puffing a cigar' type of thing. If that is a 'desire' - you'll seek to 'boulster' that ego wherever you can. Which ultiamtely makes up a pretty pathetic individual!
And in general I would expect the Antichrist to react to such statements by just doing what hes used to do - further boulstering that ego. So, the best bet were to send him down a road where he'll eventually just collide with a wall so fucking hard with nobody but him to blame (oh yea, I used the term 'to send' - which is already like, a free pass to ignore that whatever he had to do with it himself) ... and at this point I'm going to stop writing about this ... because its fucking pointless.
... or ... is it? If you get it - thats my current problem - I don't know why you actually need to. I can't even call it knowledge. But ... to make it a point, the thing is that we are in charge of our own existence. (Not in charge of whats around us depending on the influence you are given). Saying, if we're about to hit a wall, its usually our own fault. It doesn't have to be that way. We have a free will. But we need to want the 'good' stuff 'above' the bad stuff if we want to be able to transform ourselves from a bad into a good person. And someone who doesn't 'want to' let go of all of his bad stuff - ... OK, here we are. This is it I think. This is 'the point' - as, there is a strong 'but' to that statement, which is: If we do the good thing it doesn't matter how much bad stuff we carry around. Mix in some accusations about envy, a little bit of financial paranoia, ... . But I got a counter argument: If you care more about the bad stuff than about the good stuff, you're like a fat turd with a tiny dick; So, you can't satisfy the woman while demanding her to tell you that you do! Its just like that! Most people would get that! So, attempt 2: By prioritizing your bad ego, you're being a douche that imposes its nastiness upon its love partner while expecting her to like it. Same thing. And this is like the eye of the storm. Its ... ... I mean. I must apologize. Most people wouldn't have even needed that lengthy of an explenation. And on the other side there seem to be people who just don't get it. Which made me consider the chance that the Antichrist has done something to himself that makes him unable to see his own mistake. I mean - quite that. Literally. Seeing your own mistake were a weakness - it makes you question your decisions, thus being less bold, and it also gives you regrets, so on and so forth; (And in this sense I think that the Antichrist might actually not be able to see any of the Matrix flicks because they would show him how wrong he is! ... which means - put your 3D glasses on, take out the popcorn and wait for the impact); And it makes you more keen - arguably - to come up with a genious plan. And for details he gots his goons. But actually I gave up making sense of any of this a long time ago. How did I even get here? Oh - yea, darkness, psychopaths ... dystopia.
Still not done? But its evident. If you protect your bad habits you'll vote for everything that supports them, or so against everything that doesn't; And all you got to say in your defense is "deal with it". And so me might say that our desire for privacy is a testimony for how crooked we are. Alltogether. But yea, it isn't quite that simple. And so, we're back at the beginning where whatever we may 'want' is wrong, just as not wanting anything.
And so, whyever I might want my privacy - its gonna make "him" believe that he is right ... as that I'm secretly in support of what he's doing. But its a difference if 'privacy' is about having a room to pace out in - or about owning a Villa with Bodyguards and Diplomatic status - so, creating as much space between your dirty secrets and the public as possible. As much of a difference as that there are those that have such privacy while the rest are about to loose internet privacy. So, correlation? Buggerall!

'Projection' of course is the big issue here. What we project unto something influences how we feel and therefore think about a thing. There is some YouTube channel (MrE) who's got some thing going on about calling each and every even just vaguely 'possibly' Illuminati related woman a Tranny. So, all Victorias Secret models are Transsexuals, so is Shakira, ... and and and. Aside of that are all those Illuminati women by default prostitutes. And yea, the more of that conspiracy stuff you consume, the less space you have to think that there is anything that isn't in their control. And deep inside of that - there is that ... something correlated to outrage. Like, you can jump from an interview of a Supermodel wherein she calls out sexual harassment to some models posing on a beach - then say that this island is somehow correlated to prostitution and that rich people live there and you got yourself a bomb; Sotospeak. I mean, you conclude: Rich people, drugs and prostitution - OK, that fits together - then you got some hot Victorias Secret models posing around the vicinity and - now obviously those are harassed women forced into prostitutes of the rich ones. Its like a Boa - your mind can't see how that doesn't make some sense - and you're pushed into a corner where all you see is either doom, darkness and peril; Or the chance to get rich and become one of them.

If it were all that menacing - well, I'm sure that the only way out were if I really received superpowers. Otherwise we couldn't ever hope to become loud enough to accumulate enough momentum to tear down "that wall". But nonetheless do I believe that this menacing perspective is a good 'starting ground' - and that because the advise "Trust Nobody" endorses it. Or way around. Either way - it does however not happen to be a flawless stance; As, you in some way transition from trusting 'nobody' into projecting the required distrust on just a given group of people while you know nothing about how they interact amongst each other; And so you open a door for trusting those that don't fall into that pattern; And sometimes a tiny opening is enough for someone to shove a foot in. Then you - in some fantasy - end up sitting next to all those celebrities you used to condemn and are happy that they are on your side!
I would blame that on something I got to call 'social addiction'. Some stockholm syndrome esque branch of behaviour. And in that regard - yea, it might take me some time, like, 2-5 years, until my writings will be a bit different from how they are; Figuring that there is some 'hype energy' that I associate to that addiction which I flow with from time to time - and I don't know how good or bad that is. It usually happens around these statements where I defend or oppose a social entity - and maybe it won't take 5 years as it is like ... already 4 years in. ... So, lets figure that out?
Herefore you however have to understand yourself as a very very very very minor thing for me. I mean - I don't know you. So, in essence I don't even know that you exist. So, in my 'perception' you are just a tiny particle within a stream of behaviour - like a flow of water. And me writing stuff is like putting up walls, turning around walls - well, while stuff like that happens all the time. Fake News for instance. Or the idea that Trump is a badass - thats gonna send you down a road. And where did you get that idea from? Some poster, metaphorically speaking, thats just a wall turned so that you'll flow into a given direction. I at least think that I can perceive these flows - though I think that our professional profilers and cops and such will be better at that than I am. I think, we only can perceive "so much". And so, from an infinite picture we will always only get a fraction - and so we get to see what we need to see. Thats pretty straight and I don't know why that should be wrong. And so do I from time to time share a few words that seem to me like, its the bad guys narrative. Be it me following their lead or me writing something they can roll with. Not sure. What matters though is that I'm not the only influence. And so more to the point am I trying to touch on certain issues in a way that alter these flows - while technically creating a landscape of truth and ... related thoughts.
And when it gets to people of fame and fortune ... they aren't all that bad! It seems! I mean, we can be upset about Super Models being abused as prostitutes - but we can also wonder: Maybe they actually like it that way - and would prefer that. Saying that however makes me feel odd - like, "Now what I'm saying is that they 'are' prostitutes" (and I should be ashamed of that and therefore not mention it) ... uhm, so, "duh", of course I'm gonna mention it!
Usually. It ... depends. See, the thing is that our 'intellectual arrangement' doesn't always matter. I think you should be familiar with "that rollercoaster". The one moment you see clearly how much I'm the hero, you have hope, you have everything, you are "the king of the world"; And the next day everything is the exact opposite. I just recently came to connect a few dots on that issue - and that led to one of those facepalm/'duh' moments. Here I would say that whenever you are (thought to be) in a position of making important choices, this "fog of darkness" comes upon you. In other words: Whenever you're positive - its just 'them' currently not having cast a shadow onto you. And so I suppose you take those times to get as much out of it as possible. But - when darkness strikes, thing usually suck! And that hard! We may at this point have no clear scoring system to say whether that means anything or not - if "even I" am struck by it - but its enough to say that I might not be as strong as you think. Per chance at least not as strong as to easily shake off the combined efforts of 200.000 "Sentinels" or so. OK, 100.000? Something between 10.000 and 200.000 is the number floating around in my head.

And yea - in my fantasy, I'm sure some of you really like that stuff, the Antichristian setup consists a) of the Antichrist. b) the ... a ... maybe 3 guys ... that are closest to him. Then there is the circle of established friends. There I suppose the Antichrist is a multi-corporal being; The Pontiff though being just a decoy I suppose. This is the foundation where most of what we see happening these days is originating from. Its the "upper think tank" we might say; And that one isn't composed of predominantly rich folks. I would though say that if you know someone with a ... lets say 'odd' streak of success (not to be mistaken with 'miracolous') ... thats at least what raises my eye brow. I think they are all highly ambitious. That might be the one big givaway. Though yea, you can't call everyone with ambitions a priest of the Antichrist - while you should really also be ambitious yourself. Here I would say they are ambitious in a different way - but its sortof a vague thing. On the safe side - I think the best way to get into it is to think of forces. If you encounter an odd amount of resistence for instance. If you are on the move, things go smooth for you, and all of a sudden some social constellation fucks you over. Thats happening - and you would be well advised to 'watch out'. Effectively speaking. But then you find you're alone - and they are ... many (while maybe only 1 is even the actual threat) ... yea - well, ... there is nothing but the "shit happens" drawer for this at that point.
This Think Tank doesn't exclude anyone. The 'lower' one would be anything that isn't intimately familiar with the Antichristian internals. So, in some sense even the entirety of the internet. Including you and me. The higher ... that one might even include your Mum and that might say that the most recent Antichristian Shit-Flick might be to some extent influenced by her. "Cool!" - somehow. I think ... with this in mind you'll start to see movies and artworks alike a bit differently. Depth doesn't really mean shit anymore. And maybe you'll develop something of an eye for it. And yea, on the extremes thats gonna turn you into something of a hypocrite. I mean, ignoring any reasonable correlations though - as - normal, when, diving into this topic. "Screw correlations that make sense! Hype it!" ... geez. I mean, I look at that, not knowing how much of it is real, and am pissed about it while 'we' don't seem to have anything thats strong enough to stand against it. And that adds bias unto bias - I suppose. Can the tree function be applied onto stacked biases? Ultimately it doesn't matter though since - you still got to wade through all the bullshit to then jump and rejoyce if you discover something thats really good for a change!

And then there is simple stuff - like - I hate it when Video Games are ... "Politically Correct". The quotation marks are important. I mean, Video Games are mostly action, settled in tense situations - and who cares about thinking politically correct in those situations? And other times the line of argumentation just really suffers hard. Like, the game in some turns will provide an argument through how your decisions turn out. But ... Either way, its a neither nor ... (I don't have any 'really' good example that wouldn't be just nitpicking) where I don't care 'who' made it. And here its safer to be on the side of dislikes than on the side of likes. Yet I really enjoyed Horizon - Zero Dawn for instance. But I digress!

Next to that think tank there are dedicated Sentinels - just as dedicated online trolls - while from time to time "staff" is being 'reallocated' - like, everyone's got to do Sentinel stuff if its really something important. And because I think they communicate via Telepathy I think its impossible to really draw solid connections; Which means - ruling out certain individuals is as good as it gets. So, not very effective - and so, ruling people 'in' is the glorified go to answer to everything. (#unification)

Projection here also matters as a thing we might do to them. I mean, emotionally ... the 'Supermodels are prostitutes' upsetness feeling isn't much different from just being locked out of an orgy. Or, thinking about you just missing one. And so we may think of things way worse than whats accurate and then come to blame the enemy for more bad than done; Even so that our entire motivation to take anything seriously may be just an illusion. Or we get to blame them for stuff that we also have to blame ourselves for. Or, well - weird thing. I mean - unification. Once you entered and were a part of 'us/mwe' - how does that affect you politically? I mean - if I did something on my own; How much would or could you need to defend me?
And same goes for 'them' too. Anyone who becomes an Antichristian today cannot ultimately be blamed for everything they ever did! But, yea - there are general things. Like, 'why' did you do it? And back we are in the eye of the storm, or ... some other eye of some other storm. I mean, it should be the easiest point about it, that the Antichristians have got some beef with God. But that may also just be being pissed off by how much this world sucks and projecting that suckage onto God. And so you join those that make the suckage harder - while believing that the only way to make things better is to make them worse ... or something like that. If you really bother to know or understand how I get these thoughts - to get an impression of your own; I'm not sure how much of it is unification related. However, not looking away from whatever temptation comes your way yet arguing against it instead ... thats really the gist of it.
And so for the most part I think of their philosophy as a convoluted mess.

And this is ultimately a call for skepticism. I mean, whether you believe what I believe or not - either way, you can't really do anything with that information. And the only reason I can actually write about it is because of the weird situation I'm in. And as of it - the general good advise doesn't change. OK, not the "Trust Nobody" one ... err, the one that correlates to the issue that we don't know our enemy but understand that he's most likely more powerful than we are - or influencial, that thing - and that a direct confrontation is a) not even really a thing and b) not going to end well thinking of the intransparent nature of the issue.
But - as a general guideline I'd suggest: 1) Do not seek social bonding. 2) Prioritize your own Enlightenment. 3) Be vocal about the good that you believe in! And so you'll probably encounter people that are with you - and you 'can' socialize without enthrallment.

I mean, bonding is a serious issue. And here in general ... from that angle ... I wouldn't advise against bonding ... or being socially engaged ... or whatever; Arguing that its important for our individual development. But there is a difference between sympathy and thrall. And then there is even more, ... a whole lot of stuff that - ... I don't know who could navigate that. It'd be the work of Psychologists to figure it all out. When in "thrall" however, or ... 'compelled to stick around' ... once you are subtracted from being a voice on your own and thrown into a group of havoc - thats ... bad!
The thing is that I believe that when 'emotional' reasons to stick around are 'good', they - the emotions - don't really take away your objectivity. They rather determine your tendency. So, as with Sympathy. And yea, that one goes out as 1 up for Thunderf00t - supporting his attempts to stay vocal once more. Its exactly the right thing to do - where the point is: If you feel that your oppinion is being suppressed while flowing towards a single entity that presents your stance entirely wrong - you got to say no! And summing it all up: Ask Christ to be your Teacher! (Or God to make Christ your teacher, uh ... however you relate to the Godhead - just make sure its Christian! ... hmm ... I guess I have to give this a more prominent solution).

... I ... totally lost the thread!

So, the current point is something about Rich folks while I got there from some point thinking about dystopia; While for the most part this is just about how I feel and so in a way ... me trying to digest this Video game. Its not the Video game itself though - there are these issues that I've been carrying around - and to name the elephant in the room: Rapist Psychopaths and Bigwigs 'SUCK'! No doubt about that! So, ultimately, that can't be the point here!
And so does 'excusing the value of human life in the name of anything'. Its a no brainer - sortof. I mean, "Atheists, Lead the way on this one!". There are challenges of being human - basically that part where we don't really have an inherant code of life, so - we're not like Animals that have a fixed cycle of life - and fixed social orders. And to be a bit cynical here: If strict rules teach us one thing - then that we are an inherantly creative species (speaking of: coming up with excuses!). But I think for the most part that is second hand knowledge - as, I think most of us wouldn't really be all that creative with our excuses. Its a comedy trope at that point. But so, we lack that 'thing' that all animals have - that sense of order, that sense of 'who we are as a society'. Free will makes it so that we can pick our leaders, or as leaders give a shit about doing the right thing. We disagree, at the very least, here and there - and I don't think that all disagreement that exists can be blamed on them Antichrists. Society is as it is - and we are as we are - individually. ...
But yea, to close the point on the rich folks: Its just my impression that whenever we get onto any of those hypes, someone who didn't deserve it is going to get bullied. If we so stood up and complained about all the celebrities - some folks would come in and turn that into action. But whom would they pick? And who is going to replace those that got taken down? I mean, while we live in a society that "produces" rich people and celebrities and politicians and all that - we can't get rid of any of them per se! To get rid of them, we have to get rid of that system. And understanding this ... is kindof telling of how impossible it is to change the world - sotospeak.
But so - we have to endorse those that a 'good version' of this System would have produced; And yea - hope for the best! I mean - I have that hunch. Some of the rich folks are in the understanding that ... yea, well, they will have to get used to a different lifestyle. That is something all of us could say - and so, yea, they would have to agree. Else, they can't be a part of us. But still there will be 'privilege'. Our society cannot work without it, it cannot work without inequality. But obviously ... the gap between bottom and top ... shouldn't be as large. Today we got to blame our system yet - the corporate system. The ... anti common-wealth aspects of everything.

And so much else is fucked up. And I guess this makes a point for me here. Life IS strange - and, if that games topic is intimately relevant to you ... I can relate to that. Maybe you know about a person named 'Samantha' that used to be in my life. And one day she was just like gone. I can't tell that for sure because we didn't date; But all of a sudden her number was dead and her e-mail account deleted. She used to come to the place where I worked - and here I can start to wonder ... should I have stayed? Now I can't help but worry every time I have to think about her ... and when I say that she's hot I mean it! She, well, take Sharon Stone in her best years and throw in a little bit of Monica Bellucci, so a bit warmer than Sharon Stone - hotter lips, ... her breasts were ... a bit smaller. Anyway ... she's kindof special. And ... naughty ... maybe? In that regard - she's been in that spot ... I mean ... thinking about 'smart' girls and 'stupid' girls when it gets to "falling for the bad guys" she's definitely on the smart side, which means - she can handle people hitting on her; I've been around - which is one of the things I liked about her; And yet enough reason to worry that some guy couldn't deal with her that way.
And think we all can relate to that. Just think of someone you used to know ... and paint a dark picture. Well, it may not be the same ... as, compared to someone who deals with a very real 'loss' - when all of a sudden there is just that vacuum, that "empty chair", and nothing but horrible pictures on your mind ... kindof making a bullet in your head somewhat attractive.
How to cope with that?
Thinking about her - there is still a huge turmoil within me. Sometimes I have reasons to believe that she played me; Which ... wouldn't surprise me. She's like ... woooow ... and I'm like ... meh (best bet) ... where, its another Max and Chloe situation - thinking of Chloe as the egomaniac and Max as the Thrall - and ... yet ... I'm sure that she is 'that' woman that I dreamed of, ... that ... led to that whole ... that ends with some weird woman I never saw before and her friend ringing at my door and telling me crazy shit of how unmanly I am and that she'd now go and commit her life to doing evil. It was over too quickly, we spent way too little time together - and I have enough material to beat myself down about it. Like, what if "at that point" I would have done this, or that.

Sometimes I feel like I'm dragged into a person that is in ... well, a situation as horrible as we might imagine ... and I have the choice; Do I "like" it or not? Will I push the "continue to resist" button or the "give up" one? That really fucks with me and either way - its all fucked up allthroughout the whole entire fucked up story/thing. There is nothing more off-turning than that! That for sure! And so - I guess there is a 'want' we can recognize at first: Do we 'want' to live in a world like that?

But ... what next? Well, we all stick together and go on a rampage turning around each and every rock in this world! Simple! And don't forget dumping some good amount of our missiles onto the Vatican - turning rome into a huge hole in the ground. I wonder how deep it goes.

At this point I guess we can only pray for strength and wisdom and all that. All that 'good stuff'. I mean - thats ... well. I didn't ... uh, well. Actually I'm pro suicide aid. So, when that came up in the game I was totally prepared to comply to that request, but ... I felt I wouldn't be entirely honest to myself if I just did that. I guess if the plot didn't make it apparent that there is the way out I would have done it; ... maybe. I mean, for once - its true that emotionally dealing with people who are really full-body handicapped is hard. I think we all know that ... dealing with people in such conditions requires us to adapt to their situation; So, its ... depressing. Our desire to be free, to move around, is handicapped once we get attached. But when Love is the driving factor - when we are willing to adapt - its the handicapped persons 'problem' to accept that, well knowing that he/she would much rather be free to move around. But I think ulttimately it comes down to asking: Who's egoistic in that situation? Is it the one suffering who wants to die, or the one who isn't suffering and doesn't want to make that tough of a choice?

But I think this is my call now. There's music playing in the background and it tickles my mind in a way thats just taking me somewhere totally different (although I won't do what I'm tickled to do, probably. It just means: move on!). Anyway there isn't a real point ... but yea, in case it didn't sink through - I do totally endorse that game and I can really recommend it. I hope I didn't spoil it too much.

Life IS ... strange

it sucks ... but still we keep on going!
it means ... to carry on! ...
it means ... hope ... despite hopelessness ...
We are no figments - we are human ... and God is the missing piece!