Randomly moving forward

I ... then ended the previous writing, though I was sure there was something missing - some, vague idea - though on the practical side I to the best of my knowledge had covered everything. And yea - I kindof did. I mentioned those of us Gamers who 'did' something with their life - like, Athene Wins for instance. He as certain other individuals and events such as Awesome Games Done Quick have raised lots and lots for charity. So that goes for saying that we're not all ... just doing nothing. That we don't have anything such as ... 'culture'. That we aren't 'just passive'. And I mean to say that in regards to the previously mentioned 'rarity value'.

You might accuse me of being too passive, that I don't have 'the spirit' to be a great leader - but maybe there's a reason why Jesus didn't make John the leader. Now ... 'Gaming Culture' is inevitable in that it now emerges ... simply 'because' 'us Gamers' have that 'past' which makes us different - and so we ulimately look for something that we can relate with, err, that also can relate to us. So, you don't give a Kid a console and understand what its like to grow up that way. In all honesty we might ask ourselves at some point whether or not we're all just addicts - I'm sure someone would or might, concerns - ... - and so - but the thing is that we now however happen to exist and I would argue that most of us haven't really done anyone any harm. Instead of vanity that costs us real money, we chase for vanity in Video Games, which have set price tags - and even whence you look at those that choose to pick the 'bad guys' in Video Games you don't get to see that evil of a person. At least in respect to ... the social relevance. Pick Total Biscuit for instance.

Or - AlphaOmegaSin is another one of those 'really really bad examples'.

I mean, well - maybe I'm an addict. And I don't mean to be overly sarcastic here. There is in the grand and whole still a lot to be discussed - which maybe, like a fractal, will never really come to any end.

I think everybody should really 'understand' what the Mandelbrot set is, ... as, while fabricated, still in tune with ... 'mathematical principality'. The point is pretty much that while there in the end is a 'clear' yes or no as whether or not a number is in the set, the transition between the two is the more interesting bit.

I don't really understand too much about it, but its nice to look at - I mean, the zoom-ins.


And what do we do? We play video games. And the questions 'what and why' - eventually end up being just as using said Zeta-Riemann function. ...

Well - lets, take a look at Gamergate. What is Gamergate? So - on the other end: Who is [successful YouTuber]? The issue in question begins as we wonder: Are those YouTubers sellouts? Do they 'farm' public oppinion and reflect it - thus being only part of a scheme? Its paranoia - hereby used to technically 'blanks out' all those YouTubers who so 'took action' - while sorting them into some control mechanism. Just so in the idea. Like "they're evil". Just so to 'argue' that 'all gamers' are - aimless addicts that get nothing done. So, just to argue against the other idea, where those famous YouTubers are just gamers who did their own thing. So - thats the good vs. bad here. This is relevant as from the outlook onto 'who we are'. We wondered: Who would be there to speak for us? Or them? So, where are those individuals? On the 'good' side we can say: They are there and symptoms of a relatively healthy culture - as on the 'bad' side we have this "ruler:slave" thing going on. The idea "of the devil" being to say - just so to be clear here - that we 'need' ... xyz ... in order to get anything done. So, a 'disempowerment'. So, to get it really clear: Opposed to that we have the argument that there were those of us who stood out by doing their thing - so, heroes or villains?

When talking of villains, ... what would we expect? I'd say: Some "puppet master" ... as ... so an 'abuse' of this gained position to control the crowd. Like so what have we around Gamergate? Here I only heard of it from others - so, I can't say I truely know what has been going on - but from how I heard it, the gaming press started to call gamers a whiney crowd, or being so 'accusedly 'anti gamer'', and the Gamergate incident blew off as there had been evidence to corruption in the gaming press. The now called 'corrupt gaming press' is then furthermore tied to the 'feminist/Political Correctness' "trip" on the internet - another 'gaming' related factor that 'we gamers' seek distance to.

So - uploading stuff to YouTube is relatively simple. Getting a Video together however not so much. So, depending on what tools you got. But in the end its just a price-tag. And what happens from there is pretty much like ... gamers agreeing with those that happen to share that thought on the internet. After being informed of a few things I agree with a given standpoint - and once I see that standpoint reflected by someone, I agree with that person.

So - in whatever way ... I look for some way to basically channel my oppinion. Or, there is a 'demand' for the representation of it. And the same goes with others - as finally with those who end up speaking. Now - I don't know how come PewDiePie is that large ... I ... don't even really know him. Except that everybody knows him. But I'm talking more of those that make more serious content - and by serious I mean, ... talking stuff. Be it good or bad ... there is something. People who make stuff and people who watch stuff. And ... why wouldn't 'we' - gamers - watch stuff? I kindof could think of NintendoCapriSun as a friend in that he introduced me to Super Metroid. He has his passion for Nintendo - and on that base I came to subscribe to his channel.
And now for me as a gamer thats ... a social thing. I have seen him play through the whole thing and then I played it myself. I have seen stuff before, but that didn't really get me into it.
Oh Cartridges - those were the days, ... when you still owned your games and they were fully on the box.

But thinking of what an Emulator can access - thats a lot of Cartridges!

And why would a Gamer not like Emulators? Thats like - the ultimate - Gamer thing to have, ... when it gets to ... any sense of 'treasuring' those beloved games. Aside of actually treasuring the physical thing - but - at some point ... whats practical?

Anyway ... so. What we have, on YouTube, is a different ... 'representation of thought'. Lets put it that way. To speak as 'gamers' as of a whole, ... we have to see this as a subset of things. So - Gamergate. Or people who speak against that Gaming Press - based on instances like Anita Sarkeesian and her 'ilk'. Some sense of "what the fuck?".

It is not 'all gamers' - and maybe its a bit difficult to really get to the ... good material.

But so in a sense ... there is activity - information and response - ... while, to my impression - there is a 'broader case' to be made as it isn't just 'gamers' who speak up, ... as so there has been this broader term 'anti SJW'. So, basically a huge conspiracy that feminists want to take over the world. Which actually sounds weird - when you put it like that.

But on the other end we also have a conspiracy against gamers - thats, how this argument began. It is, so the case put forth, now within the Gaming Press that we see this 'condescending influence' - with there being enough of an organized culture to respond to that and get established in its own right - sotospeak.

This - as simple as it gets - could be put as: "Where there's smoke there is fire". There is now however some response to something - while we gamers basically exist in 'constant fear' that gaming might be taken from us. But not only gaming. Free Internet is also one of those things. 'Uncensored' stuff. And sure - ... I mean ... 'Nerds'!

There are quite a bunch of things that gamers do care about - and there are those who do relay information pretty well. Mostly that would be game related nonsense - and in general I choose not to pre-order either. Except I know its a granted anyway. Its like 'saving' the money for that. And it might be best to 'in doubt' at least wait until the final week or so - and then maybe a bit further. So - developers are 'motivated' to do good. ??? Or do we have to deserve it?

After all - I'd say: The way how games come out directly affects our culture. At some points its an Artist:Public thing - but then also Inspiration:Individual. And who now sticks to what. While - we do exist as a culture ... because ... games are a thing.

So - what is it with games? I think that games are a way for us to maintain the peace of our childhood. We grow up in this world and try to be good people as we slander back and forth between life and gaming. Well, it sounds weird, but yea - we basically "worship the machine" - which means, we support technology and everything that so comes along with it. In that sense its not so 'weird' anymore. Tech is constructed by people - and people further sustain it. Perhaps thats an Astair thing. Or something ... anyhow. Yet so for 'tech' people, openness and transparency is important. Thats just how it goes. So - here is one side - and how the market goes another one. In a friendly producer:consumer relationship, the producer caters towards the needs of the consumer, where in an unfriendly one the consumer had to "deal with" the producer.
That is ... basically the answer to the ... thing. How come this 'cultural evolution thingy' is a thing.
So - what is culture? It is a way for human beings to adapt to a thing. So, ... what is coal? There is this awesome german movie called 'Das kalte Herz' (the Cold Heart) - which, ... yea, so there is that good german movie. It is good for many reasons - and this is now just one of them. How, ... culture works - in a primitive setup. So, the culture is then the way of how humans adapt to a thing - as so 'gaming culture'. It is a part of the 'nerdist society' or what - as also Dungeons and Dragons on the - non Technological end. Chess maybe. Yet it is also a great 'moment in history' for 'the inner child' - as video games in themselves can contain a lot of valuable assets that then can still challenge and entertain a matured mind.
Well - in the center of it I want to say that we 'gamers' have set ourselves apart of 'this nonsense' that is 'the world' - kindof. But I think we also value what we had and wish to preserve it - this sense of ... 'can't the world be good?' ... .

There's a way of life - and, I remember that one time ... its one of my earliest memories ... I was about 6 and it was on a trip to the philippines; And I saw this toy in a window and I wanted it so badly I started to cry. We left it in the philippines, that is, me and my mother, ... while once we returned some time later, I was 13 or 14, they still had it. Its almost as if I had wanted it for them - like a gift. And while meaningless on the surface, it is yet in line with those things that I happened to like. Like a 'token from my world'. Cheap Merchandise - OK - but still product of a Machinery that somehow constitutes our modern day to day reality. I didn't judge it politically, or economically, while I was a child - or thought of which cultural impact it might bring - ... and what I have on mind here pretty much boils down to that. It was a plastic (Number 9/Wall-E esque) robot with movable arms I guess that had nine buttons in the front of it which made different noises. So - any 'foreshadowing' aside - I pretty much grew up in this world with a vast fascination for everything sci-fi. And as an 80s kid - ... I had plenty of that!
Its - the norm to me. And a Gundam suit is basically - ... the high end of it all. That just was and is 'for granted' to me - ... one of the standout things for me today when looking back at my history.
So naturally I liked the Power Rangers, what little I could a hold of in terms of Transformers and some other cartoons we couldn't watch at home because we didn't have cable - and today ... I still haven't really seen anything. But, I haven't seen most of what already is out there either. But I'm also not really interested. I think it just 'winged' my fascination for technology - and so today, ... this interest basically has me look at Ghost in the Shell for instance. Well, 'duh', maybe because its contemporary - or the most recent one - ... ? Sure. And other things like Dark Souls. ...

Another story that really captured me at some point was 'the Neverending Story' - and by that I mean the movie. Watership Down - ... I wonder why that is. Peter Pan and Hook. Thats basically my 'lore' - my ... where my mind was at. Ignoring Watership Down because I was too young at that time.

Lots of stuff comes together so that even just one of those things could be a thing - ..., and I don't know, maybe its a sexual thing, like - 'attracted to Technology'. Technophile? Anyhoo - my problems with Microsoft begin for me as a Nerd as criticism at its Operating System 'Windows' being not "cool" enough. I see though now that it is good for business - but I don't like its 'negative' impact on the "Nerdzone" either, so thats - putting me into the offs with it 'per se' on anyways. Except for maybe paying the @Microsoft fee attached to every @Main-Roll PC. And one simply needs Windows to 'so and so' - which allows for 'monetanization and control' in 'this and that' way.
Linux is an attempt @SolvingThis - and that 'because Linux'. #TheAlternative.
For more control about everything.

Except - when its not.

So, that within the confines of what was provided/available to me was pretty much my life. #Jumanji. a.k.a. "Real Life - the Video Game". And thats possibly a bad thing. I never had any real roots in the 'here' - and yet I somehow progressed as a person - ... strange.

#RealLife - a.k.a. "still a thing".

My desire to find work is levelled with my interest to do stuff. I have private interests - you might call me a pothead - and that mixes with me gamer - and so there is also some intersection of bad habits. But I know I 'want to work' as to 'have something' to 'do to live' - but finally what I 'do to live' is kindof ... smoking pot and doing stuff. But aside of that I'm looking forward to playing video games, ... and I do surely have some bad habits that I'm not too proud of. However - one part of me is rationally in sync with the public Gaming "communities" - say, "I feel some of my own kind". And I helped TB win the King of the Web contest, and also Boogie to that Gamer of the Year award or what was it? And thats I would say just my superficial gamer me - based primitively on where my instincts are at, what vibes with me - as basically my 'tune in' to the crowd. Its - kindof like a Democracy.

And I can only applaude TBs Anti Trump stance that he put out publically. But then, there is this weird thing with the comments. ... hmm ... .

I for my part have opted out of commenting because at some points I felt like its just not worth it anymore. Important subjects dribble into nothingness between online pettiness and the natural motion of things. This 'world' that crushes every shroud of faith between the surface of the 'rough reality' and its "doomhammer" of 'function to survive'.
There seems to be no space for reasoning, left for whats going on behind the closed doors between the rich and mighty, and what part do we have to that - ... right?

Hmm ... Strike Vector Ex wasn't that engaging. And by Gundam: High End Military Armor - I mean. So as within a Video Game, when there is no "Shoddiness Sim" running underneath it.

Gundam vs. Destiny Fireteam?

Whats a Gundam? I mean - we could maybe assemble what a Gundam 'should' be, given that we can just jumble the data into fancy sounding components of whatever unrealistic proportions. That would sound like a seperate game. In and of itself.

A Gundam Ultimately to me appears to be a hybrid between manually and neurally controlled unit with an open IT interface. So do Gundam Skills ultimately also include Programming skills. And thats perfectly a reality when being able to import that into a virtual reality. Or sufficient with. Or whatever.

Well - in that sense, the challenge of creating a "Gundam" were as that of creating a random unit, as say - Son Goku - with a unique control interface. I think. Aside of claims - I haven't really puzzled it all out yet.

"Time is a bearable consequence of the Future".

"Imagine where we get, if the only way to get there, were in peace".

I think I know how to make Street Fighter a bit more relatable. For this - I have to introduce you to what is possibly what pool is amongst broadcasted sports - within Fighting Games: Technical Street Fighter. The main rule is: Its street Fighter capped at a 2 hit combo limit. At that point we could reward "Combo Points" based on whether it ended on a medium or hard move - and other shenanigans like that. Street Fighter else pretty much comes down to filling up the EX Bar and blowing it into the opponents face, which involve longer and more complicated/complex combos which is really where high level play is at. 'Technical' so means that the 'Technical' quality is in foreground rather than how much 'damage potential' is there to some combo.

If we're allowed to dream - then we might one day have different leagues with individual balancing - or maybe we preferred a universal balancing - ... ...

Summing things up: We can finally learn - from a 'Toy VR' - what it means to implementing such Tech into our society. And the sooner we learn that we will always have games, the better!

CNS[2017.07.31|18:19]-signing out

Logos Rhythm

Does this spell 'bad news' for me? Well - however I wished that recent changes also would change how I relate to my clarity, what I find is the opposite. Except - that this 'male reluctance' now takes a female form. So I guess we could say that 'technically' it isn't all that important - and the problem being something along the lines of a person needing 'at least one thing' of something to 'be well'; Which for me as a male may have been an obsession with bondage and such.
Still, in terms of my clarity I do 'now' however realize myself further 'within' the female "items" - but so, "the Abstract" remains - that one thing which doesn't conform with clarity or anything like that; Something like a 'what if' stuff and stuff weren't the case.

This is ... something about ego as well. Here my clarity and whats left "clash" - and whilst 'I' am in for the clarity part, that one assimilates the other. And while some part of me is still afraid of it being bad news - between my legs its certainly good news! The thing around my neck and my wrists also happened to get tighter - and I'm loving it!

As so I was ultimately going to write something about a 'need' that occurred or remained after my recent post on that matter, so - the opposite to the "but my male side" thingy. Mostly, I assume, my male side has gotten too much credit. Or - there was at least something left to discuss, or emphasize, or be further sure about - and that is this need; Which by me is that to be enslaved.

I called it 'functions of reality' - in that is my 'primary' expression of need constituting anything in my world. How far that goes, what it implies - that might be secondary, but some images would be meeting the 'demand' more than others. And I would also argue that it had to be enforced upon me - as that is how it were, with ... types as me. I think. We wouldn't really come out of it on our own.

//18:58// The trouble between both sides is now I guess that: I'm headed forward into something - by logic or some of that - that some part of me keeps resisting, saying: "OK, there is 'this' part here, and it cannot go away, ever". That now in the sense is this last resort of freedom - which what some part of me is saying about: "Even that has to go away". Now either it is true to the point that this thing cannot go away, or I'm just not yet ready to wrap my mind around that state of existence. My hopes tend towards the latter, at which point it stood clear that I can't properly relate to that.

But neither could I relate to how all of a sudden all my male positions were irrlevant, although I could see it coming and being alright. This 'what can't go away' in that sense were whatever arose against the idea that I will get my satisfaction as a victim of rape - which, to be clear - has gotten to me frequently now. Twice already in a somehow strong way. The first time I apparently ate something bad and I had to puke - and generally felt miserable as I had thoughts of 'what might be life' going through my head. And just today/right now - where, I had pizza and now some digestive cramp - which just reliefed as I was shitting. Its this feeling of - OMG, I'm feeling horrible - which I needed to my satisfaction. And alongside the cramp or horribly feeling going away I kindof agree with the thing that 'this' can't be the only thing.

Or "a thing" - even so in the sense that those moments would be some of the upsides. Or that this is what I get instead of relief.

And so my "expectation of the future" is charged with a 'vast' or 'strong' curiosity for experiencing the pleasures of sex within such conditions. First I want to get raped, then pregnant, then I want to get fucked to death a couple of times, so, with lifespans as high as 16, ... and thereafter I want to experience my clarity more in focus of teenage years, then early twenties and then late 40s. That would be the 'scope' of how far this curiosity went - and if thats what I had to expect from my future lifetimes - I'm also pretty close to assuming that this on a greater scale will also be the end of my male existence in general. And so I will live happily within that design.

Well - as it gets whenever I'm into this, the point where ... uh, between eternity and contemporary comes pretty quick, so I mean ... its one way of saying: This 'can' last forever - so implying a perfect disrespect for my wellbeing - but there's only 'so much' I could take. This is one way of saying, that : Whatever can't be taken - is kindof implied and effectively neglectable. As - there is some natural limit to everything. The general idea with me though were, that all of the 'things' I got - so, the different boundaries, all sortof transition into the same thing. And this can actually mean both things. So, as there were two sides to everything, all the wheels can align one way or another.

One thing about rape: I think the first horror a victim goes through is that of expectations of touch. So, a victim would first have to be introduced to touches that don't ultimately go down that way. Like, loosening up. Then once the person has calmed down, with some peace with sexuality being made, the person would need to digest its past - and perhaps ugly people once were in a situation like that and wished to be ugly, just so, as retaliation or so. So shame sets in - and I think thats also where, ... there certainly has to be respect, but eventually also disrespect. As life has it.

Thats what went through my mind leading up into that shit-cramp.

Which is as in a 'hentai type of degenerate victim of rape' mindset. So, with a stressed out womb.

Silly? Well - it could be worse. I mean - how long did it take? 1 hour tops?

At some points one had to deal with the eventuality of even having liked it - whatever, there. And someone like that wouldn't cure if imposed otherwise.

So my statements here can also be taken as question, unto whatever institution badoozle we had to - tell me more about myself, what bothers me, what I want, need, etc.. Because - I'm pretty sure I know what I want - understanding what it means to want and such - but I have reasons to suggest that I'm doing something wrong.

I could overlay some story like that upon my past - where we said: OK, what are you good at? And I said: Programming. And I looked for some job in that direction - but something got me scared and ultimately stressed out about it.

I could add that during the time my private work has somehow been up as ... of some weight ... I haven't made any progress. I mean - like - hacking some stuff together to then show that this is something I have. Its like I got nothing, but OK ... I have ... well ... at least ... that ... I guess.
Some clock and Arcane Magic ... "snow-orb".

But it generally sickens me to put 'that stuff' onto the desk - I can't. Thinking of it like work is as cancer. Yet for some reason I'm still in this mind-frame, where I have time for that, maybe, during week-ends and no time for getting myself organized during the week. Although I would love to just dedicate a whole week to something - I, I'm more in some aweful slurr right now.

And the fact that I'm high now allows me to blame that for a change. Its kindof a back and forth at this point. "When I'm sober" - "When I'm high" - ... and days, weeks, month - passed by that way. And I'm used to it. Time just passing by as I do my stuff while everyone else might as well think I'm crazy.

And - what comes to mind is that I admittedly am ashamed of myself - when thinking of, businesses. I mean - from my perception as a whore it stands out that any business relationships were pretty much an excuse for other ... things. And my male ego is sortof ... not appropriate there.

And all in all I can feel generous about how I didn't get much for my male self out of this life. And so I'm going to be a little fairy, I guess. //22:22 |background noise takes over.

Rhythm of that

(Rhymes without features)


So - in technical street fighter, there would be no damage after the second hit, ... and 'technical combos' score higher than 'special move' combos - with target combos somewhere in between. So, executing higher technical combos would then for instance increase the score multiplier - and combo points would amount to some ... currency.

This is not to say that 'possibilities are endless' - but to foster 'some' culture with some agreed upon terms. From my base of interest there is the idea of "Tekken/Soul Calibur meets Street Fighter" - a.k.a. 'Street Fighter' in a 3D setting - as moves with extra hit and hurt frames while still being a 2D fighter on a rotating axis - and simulated environment. So the 2D scene would move on a 3D stage - being one trail of thought - but I would rather steer this towards an 'all star' fighting game, where now - Street Fighters and the Tekken cast were present. Maybe. The Street Fighter cast first of all, and on Tekken - "lets see". Starting it slowly - Ryu and Ken would make a start to even just get used to the concept.

3K/3P to sidestep?

"Endless" possibilities.

I think of for instance adding 'depth' to the term such as 'agility'. Like "Nerf Guiles booms on a boost for agility" or "Make Cammy more Agile" - so, sentences that basically don't really amount to a lot of sense in the real world. And don't forget about Gen. I think since we had to move to up+3K/3P or down+3K/3P there is an evolution for the Gen Archetype in sight. Other Characters to be mindful about in my oppinion were Rose, Guy, Fei Long and Sagat.

An OP Rose Moveset were Teleport (ground to ground/air to ground/ground to air) as V-Skill, Satellites as V-Trigger and Empowerment as Critical Art. With a Soul-Spark special ending. Or any of the three. Or four. ???

And while we're at it, give her Cammies Cannon Spike and Strike.

But seriously - some strong air-to-ground option, ... maybe?

Like a - soul spark ... super?

But no - ... kindof - or - whatever?

Maybe rather, Empowerment as V-Trigger and Throw as Critical Art.

Multiple Supers? Hmm ... yea, ... sounds ... echoes - past.

But I do for my part really like the idea of this kind of flexibility - as opposed to ... 'corporate stiffness' - you know what I mean? "What if Star Wars had had a more open dialogue concerning what its going to be?" - "err, in what Universe?".

Maybe it was 'open enough' or 'too open' - ... ?? But nah - let that be a side joke. And so, see it as something positive that there is a thing such bad as 'the Force Awakens'. Be it taste- or distastefull - while honestly - I wouldn't really know how to continue it either - I think. (#willitgetanybetter?)

Do I still care? [hyperbolical slaps in my own face].

I would like to live in a world where we can take a communitative approach onto those things. Star Wars were Star Wars - how it was made - IDK-shit-aboutit, lets face it - as 'we' the consumers would need it in some 'final form' to have our 'fan things' with it. Be it for role plays, the models, philosophy - the story could unfold with the fanbase; Which on its side co-exists with respect for the creator. Its like something - I'm sure - an artist would expect. 'At least'. Its a "cock fight" that should always go in favour of the artist - technically. At least - the accomplished ones, ... I guess.

Spell-Casters and Power Transfer/Overcharge in Destiny? Hmm - ...

Careful not to spoil the soup? No risk no fun?

Hmmm ...

Son Goku vs Superman. Actually its a race. If we said: OK, lets set them up against each other - in a VR - we get to those encounters where both happen to move really really fast - and we would slow down time to simulate what happens. So - the idea is: Is Superman that guy, who, no matter how hard Goku tries to win the race, is always there - slow-mo-wise, or is Superman eventually too slow and ultimately, technically, beaten into submission by Goku?

Also I would argue that someone has to be minded of "Dragonball Physiology" - in that mayhap 'physical strength' isn't the only thing that keeps them from ripping apart.

And what does it take to become a Super Saiyan? A 'pure/good heart' - Right? I'd say that! As this movie with Friezas Brother or Cousin or whatever, Cooler, (yea ... or Coola?) ... goes to tell.

In my oppinion.

Maybe that is worth some Bonus Points.

Hmm ... depth ... and agility - ... - hmm.

I like it this way. Goku wins - basta. And if Superman goes Prime then Goku goes Fuse with Vegeta. Hmm - ... maybe Superman could win?

Well - maybe. Who-at-ever.

We'll ... see?

Bias either way? Hmm - ... ugh. Well - whatever. Bullshit aside - in a proper rendering, I think, the show would be a spectacle about whether or not Goku ultimately can manage to hit Superman. And I think that fantasy can take us either way, with "Superman wins" being sortof ... the one offered by the image. So, thats all of Gokus blasts coming in at Slow Motion while Superman zooms around vividly. Or there would be no point for Goku to fire any blasts because he can outwhit Superman at every turn. For this - we might propose a different question: Superman vs. Cell. Alias: What is Cell in terms of Superman? A Super-computer Android that assimilates and combines the strengths of various species and technologies - so, basically a Technological Equivalent of Doomsday. And both heroes sortof failed - at that front. Hmm - interesting. ... . So OK, Gohan vs. Superman?

An imagination of Roses super: When grabbing the opponent it makes a flash, she's gone. Then she slowly pulses into visible space again, with her right hand stretched towards the ground - becomes more and more opaque and at the end it just goes 'zappink' and boom crash done.

But seriously - if I had the power to do as I wanted, about how Rose turned out in SFV, I had to wonder: High Tier or Low Tier. And the thing is clear: Akuma is basically a High Tier Character. In comparison to Ryu - the same - just twice as many options. Something as that would apply for 'Rose Ascended' - fusing her Alpha with the SF4 self, moving her straight up to SFV, on that Level of principles, ... being: Diversity - practically speaking - thats something that however, well goes with a 'low health' standard. The "ordinary rose" would however rather go for health. This is where Empowerment came in as V-Trigger, ... and the super to complement her Anti Air - or what.

At some point I think about ... Rose mixed with Gen. That were a more technical approach onto her Character - and might surmount to some extra health benefit as well. Ultimately I like the 'low health' version the most - as it graphically blends well with this "Harem Outfit" in SF4. But maybe thats for the other thing.

Health for Speed?

And what happens before that zappink had to be nerfed to be in that game. Something about Spaghetti, and Astronomical Phenomenon - and blending. Hmm ... Duplicate as V-Trigger? So - a duplicate emerges and one controls it - and then control resumes to the original.? So - after the first attack maybe? And she can switch back into it.

Juggle-Douplicate-Spiral-dash-wait-throw, switch, wait, spiral. ???

But I would rather see her in competitive gameplay than indesputable top - ... kindof. But those are just some thoughts on Street Fighter.

While I tune in and out of reality? Well - there's that thing: How can I be without enslavement? Is it a thing? And if not - ... its at this point simply a struggle used as stepping stones to get to some final point. //--noise

00:27//- ... - ~~

As a startup I would propose that everyone were to get familiar with the term of 'virtual home'. Its supposedly a social building block - but 'guaranteed' as 'ghostable' - so, you don't have to have it in order to have everything one had from having it - outside of ... having it. Its a/the 'you have it somewhere (wink wink)' type of thing. Whether its true or not. But its like what we previously had as 'Virtual Trophy Room'. Its - however - just a blanks canvas at first. Put picture plus smile, some color or rainbow - done.

So the idea is that, 'if you have that' - you have it. Think of some face-book esque "face wall". With contact info - which is saying that, to you, via some channel. If you like. So, that is part of it - the - if you have it you have it side. Whatever goes there, goes there.

By 'virtual home' we now mean something very specific - and that is, you guessed it, clarity related.

Its what you would have, in the idea, given some grade of development - that existed somehow in correspondence to social connectivity. We might want to treat 'it' as secret - so in the sense - that its our way of showing who we are to people we trust, in a sense of 'comparing' our different ways to eventually make out some common terms.

So, in a more advanced sense were this 'home' our individual Sandbox to cultivating certain relationship of ours within the virtual plane. So, somehting of a built in social gaming aspect. This, on the 'highest' level, would constitute to some Avatar now part of this 'Canvas' - first for instance as to say: "Hey, I play this and that". Likes, recommendations, proposals, etc..

So were there now multiple layers to it. On the front row is 'abuse for Gaming purposes or Games related chatter' - as so comes along with inherant ties into VR. And within all the ifs and what nots - there were some space for me in modest-to-hip legere clothing, as in a 'forget anything' type of, whatever scenario - in some sense as a superficial wall to cover something ... more ... sinister ... ? [muahuahuahua]??? #forever?

Anyway - I think it makes sense to now go on and slap any type of clarity/light related thing onto that wall - just for sake of systematic reasoning - which would eventually be some way of dating. It would take one the courage or 'clarity' to constitute a bunch of things - buuut ... 'virtual home' is 'not' equal to clarity - but - 'virtual home' is equal to the presence of some.

Lets think of it as a 'first light'. But this has its own complexity. So, we keep that to ourselves - until we someday have some inner term of a 'house' - a 'home' - "like a" virtual space, ... resembling your clarity based 'day to day' "hey this is me" type of thing. Or - whatever. Maybe it makes sense to speak of it as in terms of 'the spiral' - where it'd be ...
h) - for me. 0 is the 'Ancient Past' and 'a' quite literally "the foundation of everything in the small and primary". So, this is also saying - at some point you 'definitely' want to be 'there' - its ... something for you, a personal thing. Here it for me ends at 'h' in some sort of 'public' sense. Everything between and including b to g is as 'fodder' - introverted space, a real of its own - what have you? So, all those 'intrinsics' are at some point not really the interesting points to others. And so is there intrinsically something of a 'private to public' perspective, ... and the transition between the two might lead to varying forms of ... well, some see it as an excuse to segment love into sub-portions, other see therein a means to bridge some gap - whoever knows? Well ... // this is where the 'pulse' is at. Where we 'shape' ourselves ... to say who and what we are.

Or - is it?

Everything prior to zero - that might be how we grow into eternity - something - like an arch vector. ... ngh - well.

So, there's near, far, top and bottom - and whatever the case, there have been a variety of ways to go about it. This 'virtual home' however seems to be pretty 'anchory' - and in response to what I had called 'dome' - "it" further generally opens into 4+2 segments. There is 'Entrance', 'Environment', 'Core' and 'Hub' - while additionally there is an upstairs and a downstairs. The 'virtual home' will be settled somewhere 'within' Core - and marginal access to 'Hub'.

Or so.

This in the beginning are just ideas. But think of it as so: Within your mind - yourself is at some point a volume; And within this volume is the 'blueprint' of what you are as a whole. So this is 'sphere 1' that projects itself unto the rest. So in order to map it - we can take some sphere - while to make it comprehensive we have some horizontal plane. So - mind ends up, in my context, four handles towards what is mapped onto that plane - and these however take shape as a 'hull:core' type of thing. Environment made up its essence whilst Hub were some introverted side of things.

Next there's a top - lets call it 'sky' and a bottom - lets call it 'foundation' - and these two were to tie the sphere up around the edges. Now, that is a bit crude, but follows some 'logical' architecture. We have 'unique handles' that polarize the whole and outline a general confluence of harmony. Further down the line were 'Entrance' something of a tower to me, which stretched from sky to foundation in some manner - while purposefully 'entrance' is now that 'outmost part' - where we might have ... that "face wall".

Well - so far, it would be sortof established what to me were a sunny bright happy garden with flora and fauna surrounding the prestigeous building, were to others a dark and horrible "forrest" filled with rape monsters lurking around this unpleasantly glooming mansion.

As this unfolds, the 'virtual home' emerged as some general 'transit link' - like, its there - it has been almost 'all the time' - where now 'freeze' - a clear destinction occurs to me. I am 'married' to 'that given individual' (far) - as a sex slave, while the transition into the spiral reads 'abduction'.

That is whats there from side of the spiral. So - from mansion into kellar. This 'mansion' - lets also call it that way - thereby took shape with a somewhat specific character layout already, with "Entrance, Environment and Hub" playing minor roles or something. The setup at first was ... as within nowhere ... like, hidden away - but from various corners being touched upon; As in some "final destination" kind of way. So - 'at my pulse' I am effectively a 'token' - in posession of someone, by some means that separate me from ... whatever came first/prior. And this is 'weighted up' by collar and the shackles at my wrists.

As so formerly and mayhap still 'B' - on Prism Level 2 - as one of the two/four on the mid-plane - is already weighted up as well in this regard, so by collar and leash - including my feminized presence. Here where I previously or "still" would go as 'husband', the 'husband' per se is a distant and passe thing. Its a counter point to what I'm supposed to be, or am turned into. But now for a label or something, what could it read? Or - the image? I'm not sure.

Further - when B and D are now the two left and right - then B were Entrance and D were Hub, while A (far) were Core and C (near) were Environment. Its ... I don't know how to describe it - like a city - encresting a Universe. Maybe we could boil it down to a Temple or Shrine - and yea, a Temple/Shrine for the Light.

Here we at first have our Clarity - "Blue Crystal earned" - which comes with green, advances to yellow and finalizes in red.

And some 'weight' ching-chang, for ... color-neutral stuff - and thingies.

So - "approved" - maybe, a big circle at the bottom right of the profile? ...

Hmm - ... ... well. Anyway - my Shrine would end up worshipping Madonna above all - with Catherine Zeta Jones being an even higher, yet more as the moon, diety; Hereby, equivalent to the Cosmos where Madonna were the Light. These two basically constitute my religion in that sense. Next to them there is Amanda ... that for sure ... as some prime-ordinal master authority. Here I 'can' end up being a "Nazi Slut" - which means, a genetically pure Sex-Slave given into all sorts of interracial activity. Just so for the goes.

How does this come? Well - it is one of my 'as child' pedophile outcomes that reflect my ... own sense of beauty. So the aged version of a child-slave, perfectly tamed pet, and 'not' fertile, for this sake. So I think I'm only available for breeding in specific circumstances.

Now, most of this might end up being irrelevant for me today - and as that, without anything further happening - what were my mansion like?

Well, on the Entrance I would probably change from a male to a female - or from a slutty/self-exposing to a more modest - representation. Just so to be in the clears of 'whatever happens when'. So, we also have 'zero personality' at that point, except for the profile. Think, a female version of Mario maybe. With overall.

The main building blocks were vastly a brown-ish rock - between 'stellar white', wood and glass architectures - with a decent hint of greens everywhere. And so the virtual journey would end in my living room - and this were so a showcase of what the mansion is about, in a nutshell. The 'virtual home' is there behind the scenes ... maybe. So in that sense we could locate a temple, find some chalice there, activate it - and find ourselves in some private space. Or the 'this is me' side of stuff. When following the so far given rules, everyones home had a certain feel to it - as so in tune with a sense of 'primary'/public.

'Secondary'/public were there now more relevant for me as a matter of public mention - but there's that dude who may have exclusive access to Godess/hottie me. So this were publically relevant while internally my priorities would focus elsewhere. And this Godess/hottie me is that part which is getting corrupted - so as in a sense of 'source of the corruption'. Or ... hmm --- loops.

My shrine 'should' tell you what my Relationship to God is about - and when taken from inside out, there first and foremost is LUST - and this is possibly represented by me as the one who is 'bound' into 'the Abyss' of/by LUST. The form is thereby a female individual subjected to sexual dominion/abuse/what-such. This is well represented by the Godess of Light, who blesses me with the pleasures of darkness - and the Godess of the Cosmos, who blesses me with captivity. B stands in there as Owner - as also God and Father, establishing myself as 'daughter', 'priestess' and 'sex slave/toy/...?'. So - in all this I'm however fundamentally tied into getting raped. Now are there so also terms as 'Cattle', 'Captivity', 'Enslavement', ... - and then Pet and Doll - ... and ultimately I can't sort any of them out - at place of describing what this 'home' holds for me.

But - modesty first? Well - I am enslaved. Which - links to my clarity and: 'Enslaved Whore' - comes out at the end. OK - good!

So with 'core' now determining the primary influence in this sphere/orb - there next are Entrance, Environment and Hub that so remained open. So that my 'role' as 'husband' - as where now Entrance converges with B - is that of being ... girlified? Something like that - already weighted up I might add - so, this could determine what 'had to be' at my entrance. This leading up towards 'Core' could be advertisement.

So - I can also elaborate this in terms of an ID - where 'first page' you'd read 'Pet/Doll // Rape Slave' or something - and that'd say ... OK ... I am property of someone. At a point of being 'depersonalized' I have 'zero privileges' about what is on those ... pages - aside of my architecture and such. So "meta", not 'content' per se. The logic, but not the contemporary.

But - lets put that aside. So - there is one independent and one 'verified' side to this. So, if I had an eye out on someone, I'd have a note of it, somewhere in my mind. And in this VR that could be a 'card' - and when two cards meet up, they can connect - and people evolved from tags into "company". A VR of some sense would further allow them to interact while chatting - and so - getting to know each other. So, for sake of 'associations' - this were "hub" - as to say 'Desktop'. It so comes together on mind. Mansion is that 'public thing' - give or take - where hub is now a back-end, where this 'system' were abused ... as ... media player, ... maybe.

And so were there also 'inverted space' - as in - 'private'. Thats where your closest of closest are at - and when 'linking up' online that would be something like a Level 1.

So the idea could be that one would have to get 'verified card entries' - so, from private desktop to 'stamp on it' - to then be able for 'online match making'. This were a downgrade when maybe too puzzled, or anyway 'too in the way' of 'direct aquaintances'. Hmm ... .

And so - yay for Cultural handles ... I guess?

So, some card as 'Satanic Bride' were visible to all with 'satanic vision' - just so to be on the safe side. Like so - "embers only glow for some". There inevitably were some sphere of secrets at some point, or some cultural nexus - and what is and what is not to be secret; It maybe depends. Eventually its inevitable.

So - as front on top of a Passport.

I can't really answer 'what it means to be perverted' as I don't, actually, really know what it means not to be perverted.

This weird thing called real life?

Hmmm - -.- ... ???


...||| - X-Com is an interesting topic. I genuinely dislike the recent games solely on base of them having gotten rid of time units - and on that note I don't see much of a point in playing it until I can deal with it. I might like it more if it had some stamina thing in it. Like - 5 bars, and using one gives a range boost - and shenanigans. The thing is that ... if I 'wanted' to hate on the recent X-Com games then I would notice that stamina is missing; But I really just don't understand why getting rid of them anyhow. But so in iteration I can find that stamina is kindof pointless in that game - so, it could be more interesting, lets say it that way.
But as for Time-units, I thought of something like, being able to spend more time units on a shot than are left; And any enemy within the line/area of fire would be unsafe for 'so long'. - |||...

//14:49 ]| What X-Com really needed - so upgrading the Originals - is an extra layer to the inventory, ... and of course Loadouts. |[ 14:58//

And maybe make the science department more complex too. The idea being generally that this one step deeper 'should' add more transparency to everything. Err ... so, the way it is setup, its basically designed with 'one' base on mind - and the 'active' base is selected through some tab. This goes as far as that you only get to access the inventory of one base at a time - and that is good. This makes it more difficult to mess up. As each base will most likely be layed out differently, one is right away reminded of which base you're on at the time. For where 'on the fly' selection of a base matters is mostly a matter of UFO interception - and so clicking on the base on the globe directly leads to the interceptor menu. Neat. Alternatively, if you have/want/need more advanced craft - there's still that global 'intercept' menu.

So - 'extra depth' is added by the "Stats Screen" of a base, or its "Inventory"/Capacity. Ordinarily one first enters the base menu and there can buy, sell and transfer. But once extending the Stats Screen to a global inventory, "sortable by base and item", with built in transfer function ... .
Science also works great. Its simple and mostly straightforward. One has a Laboratory Capacity and a number of scientists - and projects to research on. So, sometimes one needs to know this in order to then figure out 'that' - and thats a neat little mechanic. All the complexity of science simplified into a simple list of items. What "confused" me was that researching "Plasma Tech" didn't give me anything outside of whatever Plasma Weapon I had researched. And it would make sense, as, each weapons type had a different 'trick' built in to perform as what it does. So 'heavy tech', 'rifle tech' - that had to be researched individually.
But I think it'd be more interesting if there were little quirks or anomalies here and there - which would also include some more hardcovered pseudo science to go with it.

Like so, when it gets to Grenades and Grenade Launchers - there is some tie to make. Its mostly the 'projectile' that were interesting; Except in that one case ... where you really want to get your hands on that launcher. ... Leaving what you might be able to squeeze out of the projectile.

Now - for Loadouts, I just had a great idea. It means that you have a rig for each soldier that goes into battle - and potentially a variety of soldiers that might go with one of these. This basically as an inventory buffer - which takes "so much" ammo to fill, err ... but maybe narrowed down to a function that shows a warning when there isn't enough stash to replenish.

Something that has been floating around my mind some time ago were 'mining interests' - err, either facilities where Aliens are mining for something or some resource we need - but ... maybe not. Maybe for "second year" gameplay.

Although, that might probably be Apocalypse. ... //-noise|15:53

So, when scientists interrogate an Alien Footsoldier who won't say anything ... or doesn't have anything to say ... this 'consolidates' a threat level which refers to how 'seriously' the threat is taken and therefore how accurate "rumors" indicate Alien Activity - ?

--16:16--//-[23:33]-// ... Combos now are essential to Street Fighter, in that - 'Technical Street Fighter' would ultimately become boring, as players would generally 'ease up' to making shitty moves. Moves that work in technical, can be punished in the 'real' sense; And 'being able' to properly punish is part of that. And I think ... well, playing well technically - I suppose - gives me some solid bronze (1000 LP) rank.

I mean - some extra damage here and there. I feel I could do better - and considering just for 'how long' I float around 1000 - there is ... the range of skill around 1000 isn't ... just little. And when it gets to rookies - I think I've once been knocked back to rookie after hitting 1000. So I find 1000 LP opponents that are greener than some 400 LP rookies. And when it gets to balance this game is all over the place ... I don't ... I don't care. There is though only little more humiliating - within gaming - then getting beaten by an Abigail who's fighter ID is 'VROUMVROUM'. Whatever. Bring it on. Humiliating? I mean - its funny, actually.

Agonizing? Its ... ridiculous.

But kindof pointless for me at that point. I mean - he actually knew what he was doing; He possibly bought a copy just to make that account or whatever - I don't know how that works.

/~/---// while we're at it, that is: Adding nonsensical data to a user profile, wee could have something like a VR Universe and play Star Wars/Star Trek in it. That were one of my - grander visions. Virtual Culture building - as an experiment maybe, to - try give a meaninful space to the 'virtual social meta' - in a way of productive ... forward moving.

Hmm ...

So - each individual gets some location in space, with the own Desktop being proposedly the main screen on a Starship. So, in the idea, opening up a browser and typing in some url would take that starship somewhere, ... which is however more so for the show.

And so is it - to some extent - in Destiny. It happens that one floats 'in Orbit' with a bunch of friends or someone - and essentially lets say its just a 'com link' between, say, 4 people. Which in the game now were however 4 spaceships in orbit of some planet. Communication however happens through PSN - where there can be some that don't play the game right then.

Or at all.

One idea, with advancing into VR, is to 'abuse' its availability to enhance 'real life' organization. So, eventually tieing online social activity to an online social space, ... and when Video Game Addiction were an issue, this might be a great way to go about it. "Do real life stuff 'now'".

In terms of Desktop activity I maybe just symbolize when thinking of some "Minecraft/Farmville Wallpaper" ... meta ... but between creative and challenging recreational software - this is now eventually data the person wants to cherish. Like, if I had all the savegames ... and could maybe take that and cross it up with so - ... well. ... Hmm - ...

This however breeds the idea of some ... 'data is generated' idea, in this sense being a treasure. In the iterative sense there is now a potential for 'present stuff' - regarding one individual - that relates to some space-time-ish ... 'mass' of some sort. On the social plane now people would come together, it happened, to build stuff, ... creating worlds - and these would now be 'the first ones', lets say - the 'create worlds' - once being so given the ability to. Everyone might start with some planet - and via online play there could be gates, linking stuff together, where there were a social side to it - but also a 'game' ... itself, that would pretty much function as we're used from online gaming. So - Minecraft, ... any 'real' achievement would occur within a set box of rules ... or ... well. Something like ... loot from gaming. In the social sense there has to be some online plattform. In this sense, this would take someone to provide a world of some sort ... or hosting, online space? But something like that as a 'foundation' of 'social space'. So, once two or more come together and say: Lets do something.

In the idea it were however up to craftsmen to produce whatever frontend there might be - to whatever there might be some frontend to. And I think this makes more sense when seeing this VR experience as 'one way' of going about it. So, if there would ever be some greater structure - then just because someone fancied it. But we might see planetary alliances at some point - or some system that just serves as capital 'because' - and so all the big and important stuff would connect to there - hosting a broad part of the galaxy - and cultural networks could be vast nebulas of ... starsystems. ... Hmmm -

Well ... - //-over? //00:49