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1: I won't denie that the Maguire Spiderman movies were great.
But this is just bullshit! I have the feeling that some are somehow desturbed by the fact that I spend so much time 'contributing to the "Community"'. I mean - that I participate in the SJW vs Anti SJW "bullying", that I write about movies ... and such - - - stuff that ... well ... technically isn't really my fucking job. And ... maybe its like that I'm supposed to be a nice person and by doing these things I end up disagreeing with mayhap repsectable individuals; But as my former boss who happens to be a professional domina used to say, or how some mousepad quote goes: "Life isn't a Pony Farm". Or ... "life is one of the hardest". (really, zero sense intended). But yea - I guess ... I might ... but ... I ... I am allowed to speak out too, ain't I? So, my 'reasons' for doing so aside - if you can't deal with my oppinions, as I pointed out previously, I think something is wrong and it ain't me. Except when my oppinions are trash ... in which case I'm sincerely willing to acknowledge my personal suckage and move on.

Thats a luxury some of those people don't have. I must thereby think of Sargon of Akkad and his Anti SJW squad who made a huge fucking deal of Thunderf00t saying: "I done doing this shit!". Saying, if you're a normal person you actually mean it if you're acknowledging your faults because why wouldn't you? "Unnormal" people however see their reputation damaged and thats kindof all they got - so, they would only take stuff back in case it'd help them to score points with the public.

The way I see at least some of the rambling on YouTube is that it is ... introverted Tension. Like, basically what people think inside of their own head as they walk through life. In their life they are concerned of whatever, ... who cares? But there are those things they carry around in their head, maybe they have nobody to talk to about these things or nobody to listen to them and so they take their oppinions to the internet. In that sense we can think of YouTube as 'the introverted society'. Except that some people wouldn't fit into that paradigm because they have more of an extroverted issue, ... and looking at it that way it strikes me as odd or at the very least it kindof doesn't resonate with me - that these "SJWs" ... they, ... they have this 'lecturing' tone to them. "This is like this and that is so and therefore you are a garbage human that needs to be scolded as all my feminist friends will tell you too." (pseudo quote).

And me too - I have this introverted tension ... and in that sense I can't really see a fucking goal. Its basically just interaction with the contemporary. For now there are these issues and for as long as I have an urge to express myself I guess I will be doing so.

One of the issue that really bothers me is this ... weird ... Anti Sony sentiment out there.

2: I will try not to be a Sony Fanboy.

OK, this goes on for a while but the intro song Rags is putting in would work as the closure to the previous article. I however didn't really want to put this there and go on with that - I preferred to call it a day. And yea - there isn't much to say. Basically the video is too long ... kindof ... but ... now, in terms of political correctness; ... what is an appropriate reaction? Look away? I mean - this is a niche thing and why would I choose to expose this person even more? There are two general choices there. Either he grows from it or he doesn't. Growing isn't always easy. And what you put on YouTube ... is on the Tube. I'm sure that if there were equally embarassing material about me out there, effectively shared by myself, it'd suck - but, I've been embarassed before. No doubt. And my advise: Turn around and try to take your life there where you aren't feeling ashamed of yourself.

"Get a PC and look a little through Steam".

The thing is: I'm a Console Fan - the PC to me is second choice - but I will not pretend like Consoles are "better" than the PC or such. Consoles on the long run have advantages though - as for instance ... convenience. Simplicity. Practicality. And they are better for the environment. When done right. They - in a more esoteric sense - also buffer 'against' "Tech insanity". Consoles are a box with static capabilities and for the time the Console is 'actively supported' this box determines the space wherein Devs are free to realize their visions. Times change for sure - and while the 'power' argument once has been ... kindof ... feesible, ... its never been 'really' a good argument ever. This current generation of Consoles is odd. Yet, its not like our species has a lot of experience in what Consoles need to be in the current and/or coming day and age. This stuff is new and our Culture hasn't evolved to a point yet where we can say whats supposed to be normal and what not. So the internet for instance. Consoles didn't come with online capabilities at first ... and so that was the Norm. Now we have Online Multiplayer ... on consoles ... and it ain't bad!
When done right ... consoles are just the 'better' choice for gaming. Not to bypass PCs though. And Nintendo 'still' holds their spot as 'Raw power isn't all that important'. People still love and like ... SNES games. But yea - there is a lot of shit going on these days; And a lot of it can't be easily resolved by having good principles alone ... because ... Money. And Copyrights. And ... issues, ... stuff.

On the grand scale I think this is supposed to be an example. Like ... "watch your mouth". If you talk shit - you talk shit! This may have deeper reasons we should all be sympathetic with; But the sooner you learn that navigating through society shouldn't be done by talking shit ... the better!

For the most time I'm not spending my time on defending Sony or hating on Microsoft or being negative about Nintendo - and once I do thats just generally my oppinion. Maybe you can get high on thinking that I'm special and therefore my oppinion is worth more than anyone elses - but yea, in case you're on the other side of the story, take solice in the fact that in PvP I generally get my ass handed over to me. Sometimes I do extraordinarily well - and I damn sure regret not having recorded that one Trials of Osiris match where we turned a loss after the enemy chose to Teabag us ... that sure was corny - but what fits the narrative here is that I have an ego of superiority we might say ... and that mindset ... kindof makes me a Villain and hence I'm getting beaten. Kindof ... simple.

And I'm not born to be a pro gamer. Or, thats not my shtick. In general I'm as anyone else. I got to take my losses and thrive off of my successes!

Further, what I do here will not be representative of what you do. You might choose to not give a shit about this PC versus Consoles nonsense and so choose not to watch that Video and might generally dislike this whole segment ... but in essence I didn't do something wrong.
The best way to help people to not make stupid decisions is to scare them from doing such. Eventually you'll have to get to the understanding that you do what you do - and once you do it with commitment, ... err, ... because thats you and you like to do it and don't care about what people might think then yea ... thats good. Thats ... how I get along with my shit life.

And thus I believe this needs exposure. Might be worth checking for what folks have to say about Ashley Judd. On that note.

There are just those things that are so outrageous to people that it causes them to express their dislike. When I talk about movies with friends its nice if we agree. I would say that an agreement on tastes is one of the pillars of friendships. It doesn't need to be 100% - and its not really an accurate science either. Who knew that I would actually come to like the movie 'Spring Breakers'? Who knew that I'd feel odd if one couldn't share some of this appreciation. On the other end there is one of my if not the all time favourite movie: Resident Evil Retribution - and I know its trash and thats what it is good at and I don't care if you disagree, it doesn't matter - ... like, it'd be odd if you thought the same, kindof. Sometimes. Sometimes it matters more, other times ... not at all - just how much we agree or disagree. I guess I have to deal with the fact that there are people who genuinley liked the Force Awakens ... but ... here ... its ... Star Wars that we are talking about. And my Star Wars fandom used to run deep - with Luke Skywalker being one of my earliest idols to look up to. The entire Saga made perfect, esoteric sense to me. There are no 'Grey Jedi' - Luke Skywalker was 'the' Grey Jedi - in that sense of speaking. That ... sortof influenced my lifestyle, maybe - or my lifestyle influenced that judgement/assessment on what the Saga was about - but thats what I believe, this way and that way, ... that 'evil appearances' aren't evil necessarily. That good and evil is a matter of actions and not of how you're feeling. And in that sense is Return of the Jedi one of the most iconic movies ever.
And yea - there are ways I could go about this. In general, once people don't see this, I ... kindof pitty them. I think: Yea, peoples are stupid! (Haaaa haaa!). But sometimes ... I ... kindof feel offended. Like once social influence is more of a factor than the actual value of the argument. Social Injustice - we might say.

I'm surprised. After the first Amazing Spiderman movie was out - what I heard/read was basically unanymous agreement that Garfield is a way better Spiderman than Maguire. The 'not complete looser' parker rolls better with the cocky Spiderman getup - and yea, ... while the Maguire movies were good (except for the third) ... Garfield, IMO, meets the "Nerd Standard". Maguire is more Mainstream. And yea - why not? In the end I'm glad that the Amazing Spiderman movies happened - and maybe its just too good for the ordinary person to see.

Off to something else.

3: Bungie predicted that Trump would win the presidency. See for yourself:
Actually I'm looking for a particular moment in some cutscene where one of those Knights reports to Oryx ... I've seen it in some Destiny Video and it made me think: 'Look, a perfect visualization of what Authoritarianism implies'. Its this idea that the Authoritarian body acts as one entity. That each "limb" if you so will is inevitably a part of the whole. And yea - this same thing applies onto Christendom, kindof. At least so in terms of seeing the "Body" metaphor. God was mad at Saul, ... or we might say: God was 'biased' because he disliked that the Israelites wanted a human King, where to a bliever/Christian ... God is King. But is it Authoritarianism?

Well - you might say that Judgement Day will be inevitably that - so. But ... instead of "humanizing" God - I'd call it Karma. I don't see God, at this point, in this world - imposing as Ruler and so while God was here on earth, as Christ, he made a pretty strong point on the matter that he doesn't want to be that kind of God! Well yea - in the end we can all be ... mad ... about the notion that God rather handed himself over to be Crucified than stand up for 'us' - the ... people in need ... - and aside of arguing that 'God has a plan' ... well ... this is sortof ... a/the Weakspot of Christendom. It sets the foundation for Christendom being considered a 'weak' religion. You know, if one slaps you on the left cheeck, turn him your right one (and get slapped again). "What the ... ?".

The way I see it though, ... God isn't human. And, God being sotospeak 'Guardian' of us humans - our 'God' effectively - not 'God' as in "whom we worship" - but 'God' as in 'who is there, in the cosmic sense, to watch upon us' - that leads to argue, in all simplicity, that it is about 'us'. We, ... humans. We have to get our shit together ... we have no choice in that matter, we aren't given an alternative ... and the 'father' ... alias 'the Strict guy' ... settles it as such. Jesus, a.k.a. the Word, is Gods voice speaking to us ... .

But back to the ... other shit.

Clearly - this previous thing that to me there's something 'odd' about how SJWs present their shtick - it has some Authoritarian vibe to it. And so there is this bit of Hypocrisy that Anti SJWs have - or, ...not so much hypocrisy - but, ... this argument that disabling comments and hiding the likes/dislikes is 'bad'. I would argue that these Anti SJWs are bored. Or ... somehow ... sick ... - of - being 'forced' into their own echochamber that is. I barely see any of their arguments getting challenged. And I'm simply not disagreeing with them enough to make a point opposed to theirs. There are however moments where I got to flinch and see or say how this argument ... this ... wouldn't hold up to extreme scrutiny. But nobody points it out ... and that because those feminists are more occupied with shticking them dollar bills up their arse or whatever ... and to my understanding and reasoning its mostly this which creates the toxicity that is spoken of. If those ... "faggots" ... would engage into conversation instead of bitching and whining ... go figure!

I mean, I'm going out on a stretch here and claim that most 'gamers' who tend to kindof agree with FemFreq ... they have to commit to some really weird mental gymnastics to even just somehow, kindof, get what they're actually talking about. And that for the most part because its kindof hard to fundamentally integrate their activity into ordinary gaming culture. They separate themselves ... therefore ... see the recent article.

What? Yea - it could go both ways. Either it turned out that these Anti SJWs are in deed morons and mysogenistic fools - or they might turn out to be reasonable.

This tells me that amongst those Feminists there isn't really so much of a disagreement with that these Gamers have to say. They aren't "triggered" enough to feel like they have to voice in and add their few lines to some nonsensical argument - and are themselves those that hate and harass and need to separate themselves from the 'established bulk'. I mean, this stuff is one sided. Evitably. And there don't have to be two sides. Gamers disagree with each others without forcing themselves into separate camps. There are exceptions - like so ... XBone Gangsters vs Sony Fanboys. Or PC versus Consoles. Yet for the most part I think gamers are reasonable towards each other; Its just once one group kindof harshly separates itself from the rest these "rifts" occur - and while some are closer towards a neutral position than others, some just end up on the far other side after one group tries to set itself apart or such.

I mean, to pick up on that console war ... ... pew ... first of all, lets blow this thick layer of dust off this thing. DDR3 versus DDR5. DDR5 was mostly seen as superior to DDR3 because its faster in response to the Graphics Unit, while DDR3 would perform better in response to the CPU. In the end I still got to say, OK, PS4 wins because the higher clockspeed of the PS4s CPU would make up for any lag in that compartment - arguably, ... yea - its ... pretty much just speculation after all. But in terms of who pushed their shit upon the others; XBoners were generally the butthurt ones and the Sony Fanboys ended up being the bad guys, ... for some reason.
Its a dead issue - but ... I have to think back upon the things I've written ... and ... maybe kindof am traumatized by the whole entire experience. Still. Eventually people just stopped talking/writing about it, ... as eventually all the things were said and either side left the playground on some "whatever dude" kind of sentiment. But still the one side has ever since been 'branded' as Sony Fanboy. And this ... still floats around.

And as for the effect of this - I ... think a good outcome were if I'd make it so that ... anyone who continued to push this term to defend a point would be brandmarked and shunned by its own mouth.

Its in a sense so that there is a wall of nothing. We go into a conversation expecting nothing seriously ill - make a few points, feel right about it - and the next day you see yourself and anyone who said similar stuff being called names. There is no sensible feedback to respond to. And all the social paradigms that happen elsewhere but not in this case are being dragged in to support that. I mean - like, thinking of Witchhunts. People can be nasty and ignorant - and so people who are claimed being nasty and ignorant 'are' somehow nasty and ignorant although nothing nasty or ignorant has been done. Just because the one side plays victim it would however seem that way. Well, sounds pretty much like "Politics with Republicans".

And yea, human beings are not perfect. If we for instance took a serious approach on this and came up with something like a "Bullshit Buzzer" - like in those Talent shows - we might end up just default buzzing some people off the show because we're tired of hearing the same nonsense over and over again.

I mean, it gets tiring to pull up with the mental gymnastics - which at some point may have been the cause for me being considered ... not the guy. I mean, I came from my side and stuff made sense. In the meantime I didn't notice all the SJW vs Anti SJW or Atheists vs Christians stuff going on on YouTube ... and basically got "Occams Razor"ed away. Apparently it was also difficult to read what I wrote. And believe it or not: Once the balance shifts and I find myself on the other end - I see where I was coming from and try not to be what I had hated.
Is that fake? ... I mean, it isn't really ... uncensored anymore. But ... the truth is - I ... really try to be a good person!

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