The Socialistic Conspiracy

[play some pro-socialist epic propg-.... music]

Wait what? We don't have that available at our fingertips? Well - why not? Why do we not love songs that honor the greatness of our contry that caters to the needs of us, the people, by the hands of our beloved governments and great leaders?

What do we have instead? Songs of unfulfilled prolongings, loneliness, misery, envy, rage, ... .

If I want to be totally unbiased here, I have to first of all admit to a rather serious hidden prolonging or yearning for what socialistic countries have. And this sentence does to that regard pretty well complement the prior lines - which should be worth contemplating about.

But well - this topic is quite actually rather complicated. I'm entirely sure that I'll miss a few points here next to making other mistakes, but well - whatever.

There was a time where I wondered: Could China secretly be a Christian country, preserving socialistic ideals using these mean methods to safeguard itself against the advance Antichristian ... "chaoticism"? I mean, rather than just thinking about it I found it somewhat reasonable; And that should tell you a bit about how I feel or think. Well, except you think about the really bad stuff. My mind wasn't in the violent preservation of the ideology, but in the preservation of the ideology - "peacefully if possible".

And I wonder: Why does a proper socialistic country need money? Why can we say about something that got built by North Koreans that it did 'cost' something? OK, resources - and those would come from China, which is ... for all intents and purposes ... a socialistic country! And next to China is russia - yet another, maybe today not so much but you get the idea.
Either society without money doesn't work - and then its capitalistic whatever you want to say - or it just hasn't been done properly but then you can't really call it examplatory for socialism. And I guess this is really the key essential insight to keep on mind when thinking about socialism.

On the other side: I recently saw a Video interviewing North Korean refugees by 'Asian Boss' - and I believed them. Why? Because when asked about thinks they thought were better about North Korea than South Korea, ... they well ... gave the right answers! "Right? Is there such?". Well, yea - there is. Social behaviour and things like that aren't entirely random. As its something of a no brainer that once you have a basically competitive culture entirely built on amassing a personal fortune, ... there is going to be unhappiness. Kindof. Kindof because life itself is too rich to make simple boolean expressions like this. But I know the Philippines, a little, which is not North Korea but not particularly wealthy either, ... people generally are closer to each other, ... and since ever has human company been one of the things that made human life better. Yea, this is a very convulated way of saying that you can be poor but yet happy. And that this happiness a North Korean experienced throughout his life still compares to happiness when in a 'free country' ... well, should be somewhat apparent when considering that South Korea is quite 'up there' when it gets to suicides.
The point ... well, that was pretty much the point there.

While people don't know there is more to be known, they will be happy. Once they know there is more to be known but they aren't allowed to know, they will be unhappy.

You might know that I'm a german, ... and we have a bit of a history like Korea too. The thing though: East Germans 'knew' what they weren't allowed to have - and the divide wasn't brought about by 'us', but by two competing military forces. So did East Germany never have a real individual identity and ... so, East Germany obviously ended up leaning towards the west a lot. And I think, we 'West Germans' we can consider ourselves 'lucky' that we got conquered by the Allies - like - they smacked us, sure thing ... good thing, and then they allowed us to prosper again. So I do in some sense find it extremely distasteful to ... well, lets call it "Urban Racism" - and "Obviously Hidden Faschism". Thats two sides of the same coin. The ones complain about "Whitewashing" and the others complain about "Too much diversity" ("White Genocide"). Its a complicated issue. I mean, I saw an interview with Morgan Freeman - and I could see that little bit of tension somewhere deep(ly rooted) within him when racism was an issue. Yes, "white men hold power" - but those "white men" gave 'us' freedom! Those 'white men' 'fought' to end slavery. And yes - it didn't end there. Still there was apartheid, but was that due to some sick Illuminati Conspiracy?

Racism is racism. Period. Whether you are colored and hate against white, or white and hate against color - its all the same thing. Don't give me any of that "privilege and power = racism" bullshit! Do white men have the privilege to do the socially right thing? How is being 'racist' towards white people not racist?

I'm a person of color - but I feel like a white guy. Thats possibly because I grew up as part of a 'white' family. My Gramps served in the SS, obviously my Grandma is white too - my dad is something of a cliche south-west german ... and most of my family (as obviously I didn't have much contact with the philippino part of it) has this extremely bohemian accent. And I guess I'm kindof proud that my roots are ... here in southwest germany, bohemia and the pines. Its like from a fairy tale or fantasy novel. Deep Forrests, Castles, ... with Beer/Dwarves and High Elves - I mean - ... well, whatever. I yet find it problematic to deal with black people. Thats what I was getting at. Its not intentional. Growing up within an extremely liberal background doesn't circumvent globalistic "racial tensions". I mean, you hear about racism a lot, unless you're living under a rock, and its difficult to embrace a black person as a friend when you have no black friends. Its more like: "Wow! I got a black friend! How cool is that?!". And chances are he's just your friend because he's black! But no. I mean, eventually you get along and then you can call it a friendship. But then he is a friend, and not a black dude. I mean, he's still a black dude - but ... thats not the first thing he is.
I mean, its not too difficult to get it into your head that 'life is life' is more of a universal thing. The only way for me to really understand racism is a matter of stereotypes. Or 'prejudice' as we here in germany would say. It took me a while to understand that what "on YouTube" is called 'stereotype' is actually just that for us here in germany. We might use the german form of stereotype - but I've never heard a german use that word! What does 'stereotype' even mean, linguistically? Stereo and Type? So, is it a good thing? Its at least not 'mono'. We say "Vor-Urteil" ... "Pre-Judgement". To judge someone before you actually can! So, obviously, narratively, based on superficial things. Which is where Ghettos come into play. 'Ghetto' in that regard is somewhat equal to 'sub culture'. There, unless you're living inside of one, you'll see things that aren't normal for you. As those who live in a Ghetto see elsewhere. But more than what we see, that what we do not see matters. Did I ever 'see' one of those Ghetto people commit a crime? (Ignoring the dealing with dope part). I've certainly done criminal things way before that! (I stole money from my Gramps. I guess I was some cleptomaniac back in the days.). 'Race' thereby works for us, cognitively, as a 'bond' to wrap certain things together. The easiest form of entrapment there is to just see how people of a given color bond together - being 'stranger' to us. And usually we come to 'exclude' individuals from our 'racist' cognition once we get to know them better ... or in other words ... when this issue of separation is no longer given. So we can describe racism in matter of sustaining that (cognitive) separation. And I don't think we can just 'want' it away. But we can for instance teach our children ... 'not' ... that these things exist and so they will grow up not knowing of them and so ... were one way of making it go away. I mean ... we have to 'want' them away - ... it will take some more though. For instance: The best idea might be to aim for multicultural kindergartens, but that won't work if the kids return to their homes and what they find there teaches them the bad stuff. So yea, we adults have to figure it out amongst ourselves - making it out amongst ourselves - but anything we would specifically do were already ... not normal. But the bigger point here has to be to not make this too big of an issue. I mean, if a given majority wants this a lot - we don't need to pretend like we don't want it enough yet!

But back to the topic. Where were we? Socialism. Socialism 'is' faschism ... kindof! There is a difference between the relatively modern concept of 'International Socialism' and the old 'National Socialism'. I mean, ... any Socialistic country ever ... how open was/is it to strangers?
In these regards our own education is our greatest enemy - and that because our own education obscures our vision on understanding the minds of people that had a genuinely different one. The very best example for that may just happen to be the/any picture of "White Jesus". I grew up as a Seventh Day Adventist, so, Christian, ... and there were some pictures of "White Jesus" here and there. When seeing footage from North Korea, ... they have the same images there. Though instead of "White Jesus" they have Kim Jong whateverhell. What I connect to "White Jesus" is a ... well ... lot of positivity. It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. And I think its not that far of a stretch that North Koreans feel the same way about their leader. I mean, obviously not unanymously the same way - but anyway. Thats not the direction this is taking. Bu education I meant the way we grow up early on, not the latter 'higher education' ... by the way. Here in germany we have to words. "Erziehung" and "Bildung". Erziehung means something along the lines of raising a child. "Raising" if you so will.
The point is that any culture has its own ways of raising - which are pretty much what the governments have to cater towards to get the support of the parents. In that sense - a good picture were to think of the borders of each country as the 'adult world' - and these bound to the cultures surrounding. Next there would be a smaller version of these outlines within those bounds - that being the children - and here the divide is much greater and that is in some cases where the trouble begins. As, we want to protect our children and so we seek to instinctively contain them within what we consider safety - and yea, that isn't always a divide between nations; And not always actually wanted, as ... within Ghettos for instance.

Yet on the other hand: Socialism is the "Only-ism". I mean, its ... in the word. 'Social'. But yea, these days you can't always go down that road. Which of course is the problem! You often hear words before you read their dictionary definition, ... and so I'm actually quite confident to assume that in many cases our political choices are kindof based on that. If you're Liberal you first associated all the positive values to that; Same to a conservative; Though then based on the word your ideas of what the good there actually is get shaped accordingly.
National pride also somehow works like that. (I mean, everything in some way works like everything else - possibly - I guess).
A lot of things work the way they work because of words. Races are described by them - and so the word describing a race becomes as a sponge. So there are terms like 'Redneck' or 'Yankee' or 'Hippie'. And why is it that some people get extremely offended when you mention their nation of belonging in a negative way? I'm not sure ... but I think ... I have to admit ... that I'm a "Fanboy-ist" ... and I think everyone is something. Everyone has some form of thing ... or else - you're "Superneutral". I mean yea, its 'zeal'. And I believe the question isn't whether someone has it or not, but where its going. Maybe this article sucks right now - but if you connected all hope for the future to me, you wouldn't want to har any of that criticism. And how is this related to socialism?

Well, what really drives my passion about this ... well ... "about this" might be too vague ... but, what ... the thing for me here is ... thats nature. And I had to throw the previous lines in as I had to think about how offended Chinese folks can be when it gets to 'fresh air'. Its like ... a dent in Chinas beautiful fassade - though, sorry Chinese people: That 'beautiful China' that we westerners know exists in Kung Fu movies - and your country has nothing on that!
And its strange - how I associate 'the destruction of nature' to capitalism though some of the worse images of that which I've seen come from china. And being "pro-green", well, I feel its a bit of a "luxury problem" ... but as a "white guy" ... its one of the few good things you are allowed to be 'pro' about!

OKOKOKOK, ... well. I have to stress: I defend white people, or sotospeak even "White Privilege" - because its important for everybody. Not that 'white' people have privilege and power. Making shit more difficult for folks because of the color of their skin isn't good though! ... Right? I mean, eating the shit thats thrown at "us" is really as deep as we can sink to testify our humiliation.

Clearly - these and more - are reasons why we like freedom! Yes, ... freedom includes all the badness of it ... but freedom is also the one thing that would make someone who suffered the full harsh drawbacks of capitalism still be glad to live in a capitalistic world; ... Though Capitalism when taken seriously is 'the freedom to exploit'. I mean ... thats ...what 'capital' sortof is all about!

"White Scum" is surely a thing - though I'd rather say "Scum" at all. I'm possibly not allowed to call someone that way because ... "Bible" ... its insensitive and offensive ... or is the opposite the case? No, but seriously - I ... I don't mind being considered a Numbskull and being made fun of that way. The truth hurts sometimes - but if we don't offend, ... not with malicious intent though ... how can we bring about change? Seriously! Yea, some people react badly to criticism ... but yea ... we ... we use words to communicate. And some things 'are' 'bad' - which we need words for. Right?

So, socialism, or communism, ... the conspiracy thing - its all about how equally good and bad socialism and capitalism can be reviewed. And the establishment of these ideological barriers that lock us up on one side of the fence is what terminally cuts us off from the goods the other side has to offer.
While on the other side, we all cherish things - on our side of the fence - that are also a part of the other side. Its literally like just plucking down a fence on a willow and seeing how there's grass on both sides. Naturally. I mean, life is life. Racism is Communism. Capitalism is Freedom.

I started this article setting the premise of comparing Socialism to Christian society. And yea, 'Sects' ... all the 'minor' Christian confessions ... are 'Communities' (as in 'Commun'ism) ... 'Municipalities' that are generally small where everyone gets to know everyone else; And whether or not you enjoy your time there vastly depends on how well you get along with those people.
So ... let me expand on this comparison a little further - or so, focus more on the 'Christian society' part of it.

If you think you know me and are quite confident that you know where I'm going with this - by being a westerner and cherishing your western goodies; Then yea ... I've written a lot about that already so, a lot of stuff isn't really new; And in a sense ... this so far basically just turned out to be some excuse to write about racism.
And yea, we can find both: Racist and Communist tendencies in the Bible. God chose Israel, so, favouring one race above the other - and the reports on early Christianity show us communities where everyone who joined owed everything they owned to that community. Even so that failure to comply was punished by death.
We can go on and argue that: Although those death-blows were done by Miracle, so: God - there really isn't a logical barrier to take that one step further and say that if we understand how things go - we could do it ourselves, not resorting to God as an excuse. Buuut ... thats slightly off track. The reason why we would say: "God did it" is to say: its legit. Thats slightly different to saying: Its not my fault. But seriously: I'm here defending an issue that I myself never really felt in the clears about. There is that moment of realizating: Yea, its reasonable! But also that moment of shock. Of course! I grew up the way I did, where I did - and I guess parents know well enough how it is to have a concern that leads one to ... well, censorship essentially. So, maybe there is a darker Christian History ... maybe we aren't/weren't all that perfect as we might want it to have been. What did we/they know? If we were to judge by the Bible: Jackshit! We can tell that Peter wasn't easily convinced of miracles - and maybe that made him also trust people less. And it isn't unheard of that God lendt his name to not so good things. I mean, Salomon for instance. Jesus said that there should be no seclusion amongst us ... but perhaps that is what happened.
I can't tell - other than that that lies in the past; And we know little to nothing about what truely happened.
I find it more reasonable to believe that this incident reported in the Acts was one indicator for the troubles that were yet to come - trouble with people and where their hearts resided. Issues that would iterate into the following apostasy, an apostasy that from the other side might simply be: Cluelessness. But its reasonable to believe that we sought to stay underground ... to not get involved ... and eventually got accustomed to a life like that ... doing more or less depending on where our hearts would take us. The one thing that would differenciate a true Apostle of the olden days from someone else would be that extra bit of knowledge ... in form of certainty.
Is Peter the bad guy? I ... really don't think so!
But maybe. Maybe so. I wouldn't find it absurd to think that Peter was actually a woman. I mean, 'Simon Barjona'? 'Ben' is son, Bar is daughter. 'Simon, daughter of Jona'?

Today ... most of the traces of what happened are gone - and the ones that remain ... well ... "meh" were a good way to put it. Its certainly enlightening to read through the whole stuff; But in hindsight ... "meh".
Certainly not a masterpiece!
Kindof. I mean ... its interesting. Taking our western core values - they can all be found as being Christian. "Yea, duh!" you might think. Europe was Christian. The early migrants to America were Christian. Putting it as it is: The western civilization was built on Christian ideals. But thats not what I mean. What I mean is that the little that remained of Christs words - reflects what we nowadays find as 'true' ... . Thereby the Bible isn't as specific as to say how to take the words of Christ - it is our contemporary perspective that allows us to discover what they meant.
Well - OK ... granted ... 'racial discrimination' was out of the window from the get go. The early Christians were sent to the "Gentiles" ... 'Israeli Supremacy' therefore not a given thing. Maybe it was rather 'pro White' - depending on how 'white' those Jewish Christians were - but I'm sure that we were pretty diverse from the start. How to "go out there" and preach the gospel to the people without fundamentally shaking off all racial bonds? Israel ... where can one go from there? Go to the North and you get to Europe and Russia. Go to the east and beyond Iraq you eventually get to India or China. Go to the South - and apart of Arabia and Sinai you get to Africa. Go to the West and there's Greece and then Italy ... on top of Africa.
That one moment where someone actually got worded to death ... for lack of a better way to put it ... thats weirdly enough the one and only time we hear of such. It though reveals something else: Power. (And privilege). Power that would explain how Christianity could have spread so wide and quickly. The rest ... may as well just have been given into the ignorant hands of the unknowing. "This is what we believe in" - and whats so bad about it?

What I myself went through does now serve me as a template to put on top of this. In the beginning I was pretty zealous about my faith ... extreme when it got to taking certain risks ... eager to get myself beyond the edge to gain insights and experience. So ... I was pretty daring - though in some cases maybe not daring enough. I would eventually beat myself up over it, even so that me getting to points where I just settled and left things be would appear as something close to a miracle. Or cowardess - as I ... would think of myself. But realizing how little I achieved - and eventually realizing that I couldn't answer what I'd ultimately expect from my daring - (I mean, I did certainly gather experience ...) - I started to change my ways. I started to be more passive, more observant, ... trying to do what I was condemned to do: To just live! To "blend in" - give or take - and woe and behold: There was stuff to be learned as well! It came rather quickly then ... that I realized how insignificant I am. How I am just one amongst many ... and that couldn't come for as long as I was "trying hard". This realization came by realizing that people who aren't "in" have interesting points of view too. Well granted - not all of them make an Illuminated mind happy - and so I got to understand that yea, I was still special. In my own way. Special because I was 'crazy enough' to take certain risks, ... as one thing I saw I couldn't just force others to also be. And this is how an appreciation for other peoples individuality is just around the corner, one you can easily see through.
Its also relatively easy to take a beating that way. I mean, to ... 'take' it ... "like a man". Maybe you understand him; And if not ... you'll try to. "Love your enemy". You may end up at the conclusion that his person is an asshole; But still ... it gets clear eventually whether its a friend or not.
Things today are complicated - and I assume that this is something that also mattered back in the days. Eventually you can't just ask a friend to become Christian ... and eventually you find someones Atheistic oppinions to be more compelling than the religious mainstream. "If thats where we're going ...". Again ... I don't know - but - it makes sense. At the very least are you still a human being ... and you can get to the point where you wonder: What am I without my faith? What is your oppinion? What do you believe in? I mean ... what do 'I' believe in ... if I challenge myself to think outside of the Box of religion?
So you listen and respond - and while the whole world is confined in chaos and your religion only adds to it, well, your religion changes! In this frame "God" became synonymous to the Devil, Evil, Chaos, Corruption, etc. - so, and preaching the word properly ... that would go around too many corners ... its ridiculous. (The reason why that changes once more is because 'the Truth' ... is the Truth!). So yea ... soon enough you'd change - you'd help good wherever you can - depending on your situation.

In this sense - well - we could say that the history of the West ... is Christian history. Not in a sense like "we did it". But ... starting off with the fundamental goods - they took us somewhere; While basically just riding along.
Was Luther one of us? Thats an interesting question! Its interesting ... as I ... I don't believe it was us. I don't believe he was "Illuminati" because we would have settled in ways that ... I mean, why not so from the start? No printing press? OK! Well ... yea, makes sense! Its ... weird!

I mean, applying my template onto the scene takes me to argue that we at some point early on had to just let everything go - and even if most of 'us' died - I'm sure there were quite a bunch left. (Matthew 16 - the end).
The thing is that there has to be a motivation to "get back on track". And I guess that ties well into why I'm here alone and not actually grown by the Illuminati. (Where yea, you get it - but I'll say it anyway: In case of doubt: By Illuminati I mean the secret community of those who were alive since back in the days. Obviously.)
I mean, the question is that: Once you start to play passive - you might do all sorts of things, so yea - I really don't know, but ... once you so got settled on just playing nice, sotospeak, you're kindof stuck there, and how to get out of there? Which sounds a bit too ... shady ... to me. But if the feelings I'm getting are hints given by the spirit - we wouldn't have invented the printing press, but we would have very well embraced it!

Life is certainly more complex than making it all up to a bunch of people. Though it'd also be ignorant to dismiss the centuries of experience ... and ... "settling" ... too.

I guess there are a bunch of questions that might be burning on some peoples chests while we're at it - "Codeword Baphomet" - which yea ... again, takes me back to saying stuff like "Life is Life" ... "Life is Simple" ... and ... "Life is more complex than that". I mean, you might think about "Grim ol' Peter" sitting on his "Marble Throne" from where he secretly "governs the world" - probably sitting in a dark room all day with his fist bumped against his chin looking all grim and concerned - by which I mean - think of an atmosphere of dense overthoughtful seriousness where there is literally not an inch of space for any sort of personal freedom. That atmosphere might be true for setting the baseline - like, we 'are supposed to be concerned' ... but eventually it just happens and you have a good time ... maybe even laughing ... yea, Video Games are a great thing! And eventually exploring life just becomes ones agenda. If I were to use my own as a template there, well, eventually you're compelled to it which means that your mind is dragged down a road while you just 'can't' think of anything else; Where whatever you think is like dust sucked into a vacuum. Gone! While the other thing - just comes and makes sense. So you enjoy life ... maybe ... and start to think about it. Marijuana would speed that up by Warp 10 - and "Secretary of making things as comfortable as possible" might even become a thing! And thats as far as I want to go with this here.

The obvious point at this point is that 'anti-diversity' is absurd! There is no reason to even spend a dime on it. North Korean propaganda is thereby the exact opposite to what we would believe in. Its a power fantasy - its glorification of absolute authority. Whatever negative you'd think about it is repelled by the statues and images; Which otherwise suck up whatever positive thought you might associate to that. In a sense you could say that one of us reporting on it is like reporting on a screw up - but with this notion, these days we don't need to be "WE" - as - everyone who does anything that is interesting and good ... is in a sense ... well yea, one of us.
And yea - don't get this twisted. Though the next logical thing is to here then say that most of you are part of us without even knowing; And so on; It doesn't work like that. To really be one of us you have to do a little bit more than to just nod at that notion. And here the truth is sacred. And yea, we've had it before ... inquisition ... for instance. Reasons to be on the defensive, reasons to be afraid. Though we would die for the right thing, its nothing to really look forward to! And so the thing is ... that this passive attitude, that 'riding along', is all about ... being passive and riding along. To say: We aren't the leaders that tell you where to go - where the fundamental insight is that this won't work! I mean, if ... (I guess I have to say 'them' rather than 'us' now) - if you wanted them to step forth - would you want to follow their lead or would you just ... want clarity - or someone to throw nasty stuff at, even? I mean, I surely would want them to do something - for me - but yet I got to wonder: Where to from there? ... I mean ... from here on out you can pretty much figure the rest for yourself.

China thereby falls into the same category as North Korea. Its the story of Taiwan, ... where the Chinese leadership had to escape to Taiwan - as some sources report: After having been weakened and unable to hold their grounds during the civil war that began; Where this opposition basically just grabbed the opportunity and since then rules on the Chinese mainland - as yet another Authoritarian regime. ... ...
... aaand I think this pretty much makes clear ... how the initial thoughts ultimately play out for me!

The USA, well, is ultimately the realization of the thought that 'people' control governments. At least so where possible. The USA was the step away from Authoritarian leadership - from Monarchy - or in other words: Thoughts, Sciences, Truth, ... Liberty, Freedom ... things that moved people away from Europe took hold in America, ... and ... yea ... this is still what drives us (you and me) today ... I suppose.
I mean ... while "The Elite" (Royalty) used to have a firm grip on everything, ... they had to control Economy ... and Economy is controlled by the Consumer. And you guessed it: That'd be a thorn in the eye of given Authoritarian Elite - and ... that might give you a refreshed perspective on whats going on today. And what other word but "scum" would we have for those who ... actually try to undermine this freedom that we have? I might be more reserved about this if I were Illuminati and so had a stronger emotional bias; And I feel that my attitude there is still something of a divide between us. Yea, I don't even know where I want to go with this. But maybe this will make them (the bad guys) ashamed of themselves, leading them to remorse and repentance.
I mean, the way I see it, the Antichristians really want our respect! I mean, that kind of respect that ... a bully demands. I mean, driving thick cars so you say: "Oh wow, look at that person! That must be a respectable winner!". Makes me wanna warp 10 my fist into their face. "Ja-baaaaaaaaammmmm". I mean, what respect? I could also run an authoritarian regime and blame all failure on others! I can also sit in the back of a car letting someone else do the driving! What-the-Fuck!? What do 'you' want? Dear reader?

Appreciate your freedom to do the wrong thing? ... :P ...

"While you still can?". I mean ... yea, if that worked out you'd even be obligated to do the wrong thing. Call it Socialism or Nationalism - or National Socialism - (appealing to the workers isn't new! Hitlers party, NSDAP, means: National Socialistic German Workers Party) - ... so, really! How can I express my honest to God oppinion here without talking around the point if I can't just say it as it is? Calling them 'SCUM'? If they can redeem themselves from that label in any way ... well, yeheay! And yea ... makes me remember: I had an issue regarding myself. All the bad things I say to others eventually come back down on me. It seems. I mean, whats the worse thing I ever called someone? 'Voll-idiot' - so - 'full idiot' - 'utter moron' - scum. And scum is even friendly ... compared to ... what the abyss that word comes from wants to add yet.
So ... where I'm going with this - is rather so, at this point, where I got to with this. Its 'my' oppinion. You either share it or you don't. And mostly that even comes down to the means rather than the intentions - though - both might be equally ... bad. I don't care! This isn't meant to lead you into war - and I also suppose that most of the time you wouldn't even talk about this subject so ... I'll just say if 'for' you, OK? Lets ... "keep it a secret". But it feels good ... !!!

But yea, its troubling since yadayadabalabblabla wrongly accusing people stuff - but if you get wrongly accused, what would you do? Is it so bad? Depends! But its not like ... we don't get wrongly accused wildly already! By ... that ... part of our species that we really have a hard time understanding. Oh yea ... its kindof depressing. But yea, thats ... what it is. And thats why we don't talk about it. We ignore it and pretend that whatever is fucked up in this world is just ... fucked up. No reason. And then you grab some hope and wanna go and do something; And then things look entirely different. Its common sense that starts to suck the most. And if thats the only thing, ... we're on a pretty good track!

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