Fake News LOL

Since when is the term "The U.S. Coalition" a thing? Weird how quick that goes! And how is that the Russians claim that they are right now involved fighting US Soldiers in Syria because the US is helping ISIS not anywhere in the news?

Its like ... from now to then everyone on YouTube has sold out. And ... what is it going to be? My YouTube starting page was filled with stuff from Comey to titles starting with "While you were Distracted ..." - and its been more than 24 hours since that newsflash came up. And now what? Am I going to trust that Russian claims that they are fighting in Syria are true - or, will I dispense that as ... "Fake Media"?

RT (Russia Today) is weird. I've stumbled upon it frequently, twice was about to subscribe but (I didn't know RT was an official Russian thing) something felt a bit odd about it. And thats more and more the thing right now. Feeling rather than thinking. With some terrible results. I mean - I believe I'm not the only one who is kindof surprised about ... well, how 'dark' YouTube has become. So yea, "R.I.P. Justice Democrats"? Well - it was possibly not going to get there anyway. It pretty much looks like the train has started to roll - and - ... while I am stunned to just look and laugh at it ... thats not going to stop it either ... I'm sure.

So, I guess that means I just have to wait till shit hits the fan! Its kindof been there in the air. And is that it? The more people that read these signs and start 'loosening' up to the idea, ... shit can really quickly become ... somewhat bad. Maybe this isn't the moment ... but ... where there's fire there's got to be smoke. Its ... only a matter of time I think. The thing is that its in the hype thing. Once someone starts to worry that there will be a panic, there will be tension. This tension will spread and others will jump on the boat and 1-2-3 you got a panic. Then stuff goes haywire as some folks just waiting for the signal will go out throwing Molotows and what not - and the rest who in first place only wanted to stack up on supplies is now in the mid of a mob and once some guy with a rifle and some Anti Government getup asks you on what side you're on ... its just a formality to get you to 'say' it ... and be from thereon 'attached' to their cause.

The argument that the plan is to get us to panic has been out there for some while - and I kept wondering "how" and I'm still not entirely convinced that its gonna work out. They maybe realized the same and now resorted to just ... giving a fuck about it. To some extent I believe that at least some of the violent outbreaks of recent are somehow associated to that. That the war should have started earlier already but people wouldn't buy it and so some other folks got impacient. Which makes me accuse them pretty much of yea, whats obvious. They just want war. And thats in about it as in this conflict ... who does really have any interest in it? Aside of some rich fucks? I mean - whats going on there, ... the reason that I cannot see through it is evidence that there is some unclarity ... and whatever. I'm just a stupid citizen I guess.

The funny thing is that I was just seeing a South Park episode before ... which was about Ads and how they became alive. And the same thing happened to me as I was browsing through YouTube, trying to find any video that covered this incident ... except for RT. Maybe its that ... "we don't wish to start a panic" moment. Great! Time for those whiney wanksters to show how "badass" they are! Hehe, lol! Yea - I give a fuck! Thats what they are to me! The funny thing is that this even makes them ... 'angrier' or something. It actually fuels them to ... ... in real talk, I guess: cover up the pathetic nature of their existence. Its like in a school yard where one said something to theo ther and the one who gut crushed by reason then has to call his rich daddy to schold 'em teachers. Except that the daddy here is ... like ... the entire US Military or at laest that part that would pledge loyalty to them.
Oh yea, haha. "Thats what you get from dealing with Reasonable Forces (shmuck face)". I - I can't tell you how not impressed I am! How 'not' intimidated.
On the not so funny side does the scale of the "sell out" trouble me. I don't know if I want to believe that its been like this all along. Makes me think ... maybe they have something to ... "convince". Like ... hostages. Though in some sense I'm a hostage too - going the other way, saying that if we had some more open and serious conversations in the past ... this wouldn't have happened. But yea, the "hostage/death" trick ... that has happened to me before. For some reason I would believe that something terrible happened to whomever I'd think about - and that would suffice to get me scared. But by now ... I really don't give a shit! And if they have ... give a shit! They're lost already! And if not - its due to God!

So ... brief summary? I guess Gimli in Lord of the Rings had a few good lines. Something about being outnumbered, outpowered, zero chance of success ... yea ... "what are we waiting for?". I mean, as far as I get it, they are really really convinced that there is nothing whatsoever that could in any way shape or form threaten them. And that so in a way that ... basically implies that YouTube ... thats thought to be gone ... soon enough. I mean ... maybe you can see that too. "No more safeties". "All in". (Maybe the Antichrist lost his powers to pull people into his boat and 'that' ... means they now have to rely on other things. ...)

Whatever. Maybe this is just a "rumor" ... I mean, I would like to believe that it is. That no matter how bad it is, something will miracolously happen and we won't even notice it. But - that might be a problem too. However. So far ... this puts a closing statement to a dream I once had. It was about me and my struggle for recognition. Stuff happened, all of a sudden those that were for me had something in the likes of a shield - making it impossible for them to do their thing - and then they took out the weapons. And then something else happened ... some other folks came in and it turned into chaos and then I woke up.

Will it all end well? Anyhow - yes of course its all my fault! What else?! At least I wasn't the one who had to take out the gun! Now I guess "we'll never know". Whatever ... lets just ... see what happens!

Peace be with You!