The future of Gaming

(This McInnes guy to me is the definition of what Feminists call the "Mysogenistic Gamer")

Well - to all you importing Christians out there - there isn't much to say ... right? I mean - ... every Christian out there who is on the score with this innes guy, ... you got to know jackshit about Christianity! Ask your spiritual leader dude about what Christ has to say about being ... oh, ... wait. Let me look that up real quick.

3 Nephi 11:37 AAAAAND 38 (But I think it'd be hard to find a Mormon who doesn't get this!)
Mark 10:15; Luke 18:17

aaaaand ... well. I do believe that there are some out there who understood this, but just in case thats just a delusion of mine, here's the thing: There are things I cannot properly write about because my head isn't ... sotospeak ... immersed in the matter. If you're standing near a door you can see into the room and describe what you see. If you're in the room however, you're gonna see more of the room - don't you think? And ... aaaand - as for whats on my mind there are a lot of issues that I only have a remote handle on. So there is stuff I would want to write about, but I can't. Not at this point. Its hard to even ... roughly put a finger on anything.
More specifically - its ... there is a lot of stuff that is wrong about his attitude. There's conspiracy stuff. Things that however don't really affect me, things I haven't come around thinking/reflecting about - or maybe its just ... issues that are vanishing from the scene. I don't know. I ... somehow had to mention this though. Its however ... irrelevant.

There is a grain of Truth, or reason/sanity in his words though. Most importantly, thinking about my previous article - there so on this PC vs Consoles video: The real problem that I can see is that those "youngsters" lack communication with mature people. Kids talk shit - and if all your friends talk shit - you sooner or later don't realize just how fucked up your mind has gotten. I have to remember my past in that regard. Well, ... so, ... first my Mum moved out of "our House", taking us - my Brother and myself - with her, soon therafter they got devorced - and for some time we lived in a nearby town. Skipping ahead a few years we had to move out of that apartment and because of issues my Brother and I had to move back to where we had lived. That was my Grandfathers house - where we; And so also my Dad; Lived. Its basically a two family house. After some time my Mum found a new apartment, but there was only enough space for one of us. I stayed there - and so for a while I basically lived with my Grandparents because my Dad ... well ... fuck that dude.
That does probably not hurt as much as a violent attempt of your father to get you out in the streets without any forewarning.
My gramps vetoed. Anyhow. So, every once in a week two or three of his friends came over for lunch ... to drink. And so I sat there at that table and I listened to what my Gramps and his friends were talking about. Eventually I caught up on their stuff and began to speak up too - and I think that was a valuable opportunity for me to grow; Despite effectively being isolated from the rest of the world.

This is an experience that YouTube can convey - if you find the right people to listen to. Without real-time checks and balances installed its however easy to also get kindof carried away. I mean - it sticks out, like a sore thumb, that once you end up on an Anti SJW channel, they kindof all look the same. Same topics, same names - but yea - I guess thats like, ... all those people were in the same room.

Some have a discusssion and others try to lecture a wall. ... ^^ ... really! LOL!

And yea - so there is that problem. I've addressed it at some other point in a more general term. The ... "progressive isolation of individuals" - while by now - I guess we can say: 'The progressive isolation of individuals, ethnicities and thought'. Some would say that at this point its more of a natural phenomenon. You like to 'consume' that which doesn't give you into cognitive dissonance. Anything else were masochistic.
By 'getting carried away' I mean, obviously, stuff like the tendency for these Anti SJWs to be left leaning. At least by appearances. If you come from the other end - its certainly easy to get up on that perspective and somehow - I feel getting torn onto that other side, ... by the way. As a dude who would lean against his own true "gender identity" I might have so been easily caught up in the "Anti SJW Jinx" - and now I'm kindof supposed to hop onto the other side of the fence. I mean ... I'm ... getting jinxed that way. Where by the way ... I got used to the term 'Jinx' when it gets to 'mental interconnectivity' - I mean, hype ... the idea that we are at some level sharing some spiritual plane where our emotions sortof float around and help us to have empathy for each other, some sense of connectivity. That would simply be 'Astair'. I then use 'Jinx' to ... label ... "Astairic Abuse" ... or something.
But less jinxy - its simple. As an Anti SJW you get to see the hysteric Anti Trump sentiment of those SJWs and are then getting carried/jinxed away to ridicule it; Ergo creating some pro Trump sentiment which one eventually finds himself in tune with - though that on a mostly emotional (obviously!) level.

At this note - you might find it interesting what "Mr Top Hats" has to say on Trump. I guess it adds a lot of context to this ... "accusation".

Where then again - I'm not so much concerned about the general notions there - but on top it then fuels the pro Trump sentiment - Jinx-wise - where, even if the vast amount of those that get Jinxed away were youngsters, too young to vote, they so created energy nonetheless that would then lead to ... stuff and stuff.

(Oh yea, by the way. I can totally dig the idea that those movies I ended up really liking while the vast majority wouldn't seem to share that sentiment - can be looked upon as: "For Enlightened People ... mostly". I mean ... its like ... if you aren't in the boat - I can dig how you would come to sortof ... be repulsed, for instance, by "Messianic" themes ... like so the ending of Matrix Revolutions. While if you're in the boat its ... 'nothing like Jesus'! Neo is NOT Jesus! Neo is NOT a Metaphor for Jesus. Such things wouldn't need to be spelled out! Don't. ... And so things tend to look slightly different.)

And yea - this 'extreme Polarization of the Astair Bubbles' is basically to be blamed for quite a lot. I mean ... you may have experienced something like sitting in a Theatre, enjoying a movie, but then you hear people laugh like the Movie is utter trash and it kindof ... loosens you ... and you are sortof ... compelled to kindof hop onto that train. Or so afterwards once you'd talk to your friends - you heard some people ... you get the idea that they disliked it and so you get cautious not to be totally on with it to protect yourself. Or you have some friend who can't shut his mouth during the movie. Yea ... thats ... ... "talk to my ellbow" worthy.

And all that happened during my Batman v Superman experience ... by the way!

Just sayin'! Other times it happened that people kindof laughed about jokes before the words made any sense in my head. #Avengers2. I mean, seriously! The jokes were actually kindof lame in that movie! Kindof ... out of place at times. Or, flatout ... nonsensical or too twisted to ... make any immediate sense. Like - if there's a buildup and there is an expectation for the pointe - people laugh sooner; Than ... once you have to first digest where the joke is even coming from. ... Thats my impression at least.

Similar things can be said about the Warcraft movie I guess. Except that the movie ended up being liked enough by the fans to ... suck that up and away.

There's something fishy at least, to my impressions, ... . To add more context: Before all of that happened - before Mad Max Fury Road was out and every movie was basically shit and nothing good ever happened - lets call that "the Dark Age" - I felt how "the good spirit" was slowly getting drained out of ... what I considered as 'sophisticated'. I mean - 'good movies' usually had that ... 'positive message' - some sense of Enlightenment - ... and I would try to somehow incorporate that into my talking points. But so more and more did ... it seemed like things were trending against it, with companies such as Blizzard being kindof ... leaning against that trend - and so there was some tension which eventually came to a "decisive battle" as the movie released.

And similar things can be reported about the whole SJW vs Anti SJW thing. I mean, you could for instance take that Spiderman commentary video from the previous article and see it as entirely separated from SJW stuff. But in some way this "Smartassing" can resonate with the Anti SJW stuff ... so, things kindof connect; And that then were 'public oppinion' - and yea, one can kindof not really argue with that! Time will have to tell. I well am kindof leaning a bit too far out of the window here - but the point itself is pretty sure I think. Aehm ... well. (And maybe I'm the reason everyone hates CoD! I mean - I don't know how significant my influence is or if there is such a thing as power levels or if I'm "tapped" or whatever ... I basically know buggerall about it all! ... But in this sense - I don't feel totally in charge of my moods and emotions. I feel like I'm constantly dragged into this or that direction - as though my Astair were some kind of valuable resource. The best medicine against it all: Zen! Focus! Yea ... I guess this means that watching movies has become challenging! Kindof. Or would. ... whatever. Lets move on with this. ... except, one more thing: Its due to some Jinx ... I think ... that people would be generally drawn to the Mature content section, being - kindof blind to see anything else. This would also amount to some degree of 'expectations' regarding that 'else' - and ... math ... doing ... ... simple. Except for those that have an eagles eye on that rest.)

So, how do we deal with this?

This (vision of EA) - is not it! Definitely! In a simpler line: Less is more. Uhm, I will say the solution is to lean towards 'less gaming'. Kindof. That (EA vision) is 'more' of it. By that I don't want to say that someone who spends most of his time playing games won't be doing so in that future - thats not really what I mean. I mean, the future is open. Uhm, ... "Mr Top Hats" kindof says it in regards to germany.

There's a good - but there's a way of making the good come out bad too. But yea - in his words, I'm kindof one of those "annoying lefties" I think. But none of those Hipsters. I don't know where that dude is coming from. To "left in Germany" - I rather associate existencialists and punks. So, "Black and Colourful". But I know those types of people. But not really. I dare call it an 'inaccurate stereotype'.

But I drink Tee. "Right now" - fruit tee with honey. [I did just take a sip just to make this more accurate of a statement]

And I think there is a problem with honesty if it leads into a "Jinx Trap". Or political correctness, even. But yea - there also is this verse in the Bible that goes like: "Political Correctness is bad!". And there's a simple reason why we can regard this as credible: Astair. Political Correctness is all about catering to a certain suggestive sentiment - and by doing so we kindof try to make everyone fit into the same bubble. This EA vision of gaming is kindof the same thing. It provides a platform for gaming that secludes gamers from engaging in any sort of ... individual perspective because everyone is being catered to individually. There is no comon ground. We're then supposed to be happy about it - while ... relationships might ultimately be a matter of choosing the colour of your masturbation toy or something like that. That is something I already feel has some Astair behind it. This "glorious future" where we can all shut ourselves away into our own individual tech bubble where we can indulge in whatever we please. And I don't think that some of this won't become a thing, ... but first of all: Thats secondary. All of that.

Think of Starship Enterprise. As a reality. I mean - well, first of all - everyone is wearing a Pyjama - all the time. Which is the cynical way to get started. Think of it as if the Enterprise were a House. A huge ... dormitory of sorts. Everyone can have everything, in a sense, while everyone basically just has a single room. That room is then used for private things ... while most of the life happens outside. So, ... its finally wrong to just think of everything put into a single building - of course - but this is the type of 'less gaming' that I'm talking about. Or in other words: A genuinely larger 'social opportunity'. Err ... opportunity to socialize. You get the point. How this is going to look will be a matter of time ... so, for us to figure out what we 'can' do - what we 'want' - but first of all: In the premise this concept is far more economically ... good. And there are a variety of ways I could find myself, at this point, in that reality. The cheapest were some office ... so, boxes with computers, ... public computers kindof - but not quite. And so - I would already have access to a lot of stuff more than I do now. Or so - instead of having one printer per every two computers, there would be one per ... 10 or 20 ... but ... the important part is to see that to get to a 'desirable' degree of sophistication some time will have to be invested into it. I/we can come up with drafts and concepts - but then we also have to think about how these 'connect'. And most importantly - to avoid making it the one and only thing. But so - the issue doesn't really compare well to gaming; However not as good as to 'social isolation'. I mean, thats the thing about this EA vision. Some "fat dude" (like in that robot-avatar movie, can't remember what it was) in a dark room with basically no real social connection other than through some expensive hardware and virtuality. Like, ... if you think of the matrix: That trend would have us move into our 'cells' - effectively - totally separated from anyone else. Good or bad? I mean - if the majority trended away from God I could see how that were ... good, actually. Lets say - its one way to overcome our social inaptitude. Just like coming up with models that actually end up working would require a certain social capacity ... err ... aptitude ... its a Utopia we have to build for ourselves!

More importantly does time thereby show how our habits change. The thing is that they 'will' change as our/your desires will. "If they do". Or when they do. And they are the thing that determines what we want - and therefore: Whats going to work! If we discover ourselves incapable of reasonably socializing with others, then of course we'll seek/prefer isolation.

So, it isn't really my concept here that matters. You could even say its just a Metaphor. But - there is a lot 'wrong' about this trend of isolation which can actually be comprehended objectively. And I understand from God that in a Unified reality we will more so tend towards connectivity.

To flip this into "the future of gaming" ... its quite simple. There is 'no reason' why Dark Souls 3 should be the 'last' (really good) Soulslike. I mean, time is ... long. ... ... . And the night is darker than outside, yea yea - some might see it as 'reading a book' - others might see it as a 'hobby' - and the emergence of good art pieces is ... yea ... desire driven! I don't think that the first video game ever written was conceived on a matter of: "Ca-ching". It probably came together in a coders head who thought - when this then that and so we could ... well ... let me try this ... and ... waam! Playing games is a way to socialize. Or to not do so. Because thats a thing too!

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