cyberpunk cypher

this is maybe the most magical writing by far and wide I've come to get around doing. let me explain: By magical I mean - well - the circumstances. like - matrix shit. so I recently wrote of yt channels I recommend, which has in and of itself been something of a situation. the next day I suffered an emotional misery, in subsequence to which I got down to rethink a few things, while again being sent from a to b to c to d - I did put an end to this, got to sleep and woke up the other day. this day. so I've written a bit about unification, the 10th seal, then got to watch a bit more stuff on yt - and in the midst of some video I had to go to the toilet and I smelled some weed in the air. I checked out my neighbour and he was willing to sell me a piece - so, I went to the bank real quick, then to the restaurant to get smaller bills, got the dope and then went back to watching the video. the channel is HyperDrive, the video on Aliens. Great channel. Though, if you care to know about movies that are good and are new to movies - try and avoid the 'why this and that is so good' videos because they contain spoilers!

for the most part I have been pretty happy with the list I uploaded previously. so as I checked for some uncertainties that emerged in hindsight I could pretty well be happy about myself. except for one thing - but it didn't really make me feel negative in first place while writing - and so ... next to a few other issues I didn't really feel well about what I wrote and so I discontinued it.

so while the weed started kicking in I watched some more HyperDrive videos - and on the 'interested in cyberpunk' video it struck me. cypher has nothing to do with the movie cypher - which, I didn't really understand back in the days where I first watched it. I don't remember a bit of it, just that I didn't particularly like it. it didn't even have ... well "edge value". Stargate - the Ark of Truth on the other hand ... that totally sparked my fandom in the Stargate franchise.

So I was about to shut down my PS4 and get to writing this - as this is a topic I think is inherantly cool to write about while high because its kindof a stoner centric issue. But ... it will go way beyond that. yet I saw an undoomed video on the start screen that I hadn't watched yet and is somewhat recent. 'Men are Toxic!'. And because I had to go back and forth in the process of writing this, checking out the particular title of the previously mentioned video just as the channels name - that video is even still running. I didn't bother skipping around in case yt decided to start it back from the start.

and now this is somehow a 'why Undoomed is relevant' article, while to cover a broader spectrum this might also include the likes of kyle kulinsky and john bain. but how is this now related to cyberpunk? "Lets find out!".

In case you didn't guess so already - I, before I got into unification ... lets just call it enlightenment for now - could have been called part of a culture. Before I became a mormon and also some time as mormon I first of all would have considered myself part of the pothead culture. because I'm christian I'm so technically rastafari. even more so because I used to be a nasirite for some time. you know ... the growing that hair part.
As ... pothead ... I used to have pothead friends. In consequence I happened to experience a few things that are exclusive to potheads. like, spending all day high and doing different things. like going out chilling in "the oasis" (a green spot, basically a playing ground, surrounded by trees beyond which there were a landroad and and buildings - a small jungle in midst of a rural, urban area), playing basketball, moving up and down, left and right accross the town ... or sitting in someones room playing video games. playing video games, watching tv, watching movies. nothing missing. lots of dope - although, that being nothing special means - just being lazy all day getting high. and every once in a while an evening might be trippier than another.

we all may have heard the term 'echochamber' by now. back in the days there wasn't much of a "mainstream internet" - cellphones mostly didn't even have color displays - and they were still called cell phones - so that guy having internet was basically somewhat special and people would check by every once in a while for a new 'remix CD' or - a copy of this or that. so, times were different and we didn't know of 'echochambers' yet. social media was called napster or icq - and the more appropraite term, in my oppinion, for what all that what I went through was is: trip.
you might have caught up on the idea that when being high a few things change for the person that is high. perceptionally. and whenever I haven't smoked weed in a while its different to when I've gotten used to it. Its like ... the first time - in a sense. the term 'echochamber' is hereby to be valued slightly different. mostly valid in the older 'bubble' sense (the "Google" bubble) - our worldview can only consist of what we perceive. the large difference to the sober person is an amount of perceptual depth - you could compare that to the resonation chamber of an instrument like a guitar. So concepts are still the same but a lot more ... vibrant. for the most part you don't need to think of that as a positive - so, if you want to feel 'shocked' about this culture you should be able to embrace what I have to say here. And that shall be an excercise in the paradox.

the 'triggering' moment in that HyperDrive video was that shot of that ... cyborg or what it was ... of whom a bit of the lower arm was torn open showing a bright blue-ish shimmering something. In general we can however resort to 'the' cyberpunk movie itself, 'the Matrix'. The idea is that ... in terms of worldview ... compare a young person growing up today to a young person growing up as a spartan. this is like living on a farm without electricity - and no way to escape that - while possibly being handed a spear and sword whilst expected to one day go into war with that. a stoner will be able to imagine that more vividly. although everyone should be able to foster some experience of what 'lack of electricity' feels like.
The vividness of that imagination matters as in general this leads to a deeper 'general' insight. Its imaginary, but the mind still perceives more in that regard. this also happens however when immersed into any kind of media - only are the images not produced by the own imagination when watching a video for instance.
So - the big question that matters here is: How can you tell that we don't live inside of 'the Matrix'? You could imagine though that the ancient greeks had different concerns. What I'm getting at is that if you spent a lot of your time watching things like the Matrix and you don't have a lot of experience of what nature/reality 'feels' like, your mind will adapt to that. stoner or not. The big other question would be: Is the stoner more susceptible?

Translating this real quick for non-potheads: Imagine you woke up tomorrow after a nightmare of being caught in that cyberpunk movie - and throughout the day you couldn't get that 'feeling' out of your head while you look around yourself to find any traces of that cyberpunk being unreal - and you go crazy about it until the evening where you all of a sudden feel a strong urge for water - realizing that it'll be the only thing that satifies you; And that condensed into a ... 2-4 hour experience.

but it doesn't end with the water. its only symbolical. it rounds off the story.

this for the most part concludes the primary 'cyberpunk cypher'. In essence thats what I had to say - and I would normally go on about what its worth. For what I'm up to now however, we have to extrapolate from it what I would now say is a 'cypher'. So when talking of video categories we can also speak of cyphers, for instance; Though we're talking more about what is evoked within the individual.

In these regards we can so also speak about the 'feminist cypher'. This isn't really a drug trip now. But when thought of as a drug trip - then there is 'Undoomed' eventually. The cyberpunk cypher is a minor or major issue depending on your standpoint. But determining what our reality is - what it is made of, where it has come from - thats not what I'm trying to solve here. The 'high cypher' is easily resolved if we just return to everyday life. "Reality is Reality". simple enough. but the feminist cypher relates to our social life - 'that' social life we mean to dwell in.
And so there are what are called 'SJW's (Social Justice Warriors) and Anti SJWs. Or someone else might say: Feminists and Mysogenists - but that isn't true at all. there are also feminist "Anti SJWs". But lets not dive into that. I don't want to call Undoomed an Anti-SJW. I rather want to introduce the perspective onto the so called 'snowflakes' Undoomed is talking of; Whereby their worldview is correspondent to a cypher. These 'girls' are accordingly sotospeak 'lost in the cypher of their world' - in a sense where we at some points could use the word 'spoiled'. Rather than seeing 'Undoomed' as an actor - take the 'Men are Toxic' video and compare the talking points of Undoomed to the talking points of the "Victim".
Undoomed further can also be talked of as a cypher of its own. This cypher would talk to young adults and provide them with a perspective that is about to be getting lost. ... this isn't a 'big picture' thing. its a macrocosmic occurance based on microcosmi that are connected to a cypher.

For the big picture I have to start with myself. I once described my approach on clarity and society as expressing what bothers you about the world as it is. In that regard neither side is wrong. (although there are certain issues that under objective analysis certainly give more value to the Anti SJW side). But the important bit is clarity. From understanding how I need my life to be in response to my clarity I understand what my demand in society is. Introducing: 'the God cypher'.

In this context - to clarify what my demand is and must be - it begins at the point where I realize what kind of people I want to be surrounded with. This isn't a matter of high detail yet. If you however want to play Basketball for instance - you are drawn towards Basketball courts and basketball stuff most likely too; As towards other people who play Basketball - but that is less important. So - for me that is in first place just ... 'everything that deals with Sex'. While I on the other side am pretty much tech savvy, science interested and a gamer, the difference is that I'm more comfortable amongst sex-workers. (in context: my clarity emerged while I had been a sex-worker already). Within this grand scope of things I'm further attracted to bondage - which, ... as some might know ... has already been true since my childhood. So here I realize, its inevitable, that when given enough observation one would have known to associate me to that group of people before I would have to be confused about it; Next to other things, ... such as an interest in technology and sciences/astronomy.
So whether we should go the 'alternate' route to have an individual 'find back' or not - that isn't mine to say.
How future acquaintances will alter this perspective is left to be seen.

In terms of approaching society independent of clarity, I mean to stress however that this type of 'recognition' is one thing I at any rate deem necessary. As I'm trying to do my thing and generally feel, well, disempowered. disconnected. I have no 'perspective of success' - as 'not finding a job' generally leads to the proverbial 'firelit barrel under the bridge' and that isn't really rated as highly successful. Its however what society has to offer. Not every society! Germany is great in that regard. And it also matters in terms of education. More modular, more open, more free. Certainly the quick ones will excell, ... so, why shutting out the slower ones? Sometimes people need time to figure out themselves, what they want, before being able to really commit to a thing.

As the first paragraph didn't really focus on my clarity - lets do that now. Things tend to look different when there are specific demands. This began to matter as realized how I evolved to live - though more specifically how I experienced my kinks while being a sex-worker; Privately. I'm just not an independent person. If I take a time out, I 'need' time 'out'. Cutting a day down by interruptions doesn't work for me. And for me to be the whore I 'am' - I need training. I mean - that would be kindof ... obvious ... 'basically'. "Slaves need manners".
Anything further is basically just "color".

I need to also add a bit more to the terms of thought and will at some point. What told me this is the fact that when it gets to 'wanting' I've come to a realization that requires me to go back to the 'what I can want' part. It stands that I can only want rape. Or 'to be' when adding a direction modifier. In my male identity I however also have a rapist vein - but this is 'globally' outpowered by the 'getting' raped part. The thing is that here the 'absolutistic' idea that I can only want to be raped is already broken. What would however be generally excluded are 'micro intentions' ... of course. On the other hand I do however not really 'want' to rape - its an urge in connection to certain (fantasy) individuals that exists within a certain constellation of things wherein 'getting raped' is generally excluded from options. I still can however 'will' something other than getting raped - and I call it that way here because its a different type of wanting.

But how does it all work? Well - if you've ever seen any CGI Magic Smoke Special Effect, ... imagine your heart and a particular intention as two orbs of light. Any intention that isn't actively 'held' were a transparent orb - and we can take intentions out of shelves as we can put them back in there. In this scope, the 'getting raped' orb is the only one that will connect to the heart and be illuminated. Other intentions just stay dark and have an 'anti motivational' effect. The opposite thing, 'to rape', is amongst them - but the imagination of performing the act is not affected. Similarly are there a variety of other 'imaginations' effective in different places. Those that however correlate with getting raped do automatically however rank in higher.
And the fact that this fucks up my -private work-, well - I figure. Sometimes I sit there, I understand what I want to do next but for some reason am 'struck' with paralysis - and, when it gets to including any 3D mesh class into my program, ... I have some older working code already there, just need to adjust it to the new meta, plus my old filetypes, then I would go on to support obj files, ... I realize now that I only need to explain to myself how that relates to raping myself - and in that regard it has a lesser priority as opposed to taking care of sprites first. And before I care about sprites there are still another bunch of issues but that is another story.
Overarchingly is however the project itself, as what I intend to derive therefrom as part of my creative freedom, an ambition - or so, somehow intention - and its wrong to say that it is something I just pursue against the odds. And so I come to desires. In first place this follows the same pattern as intentions ... it seems! But here the 'object' - the 'orb' - is already a desire, so - a 'lit' passion for technology, science and games. And maybe a bunch of other things. They exist within my heart - and the 'light' manifests, of course, in shape of a ... well "duh" ... form. So, you can basically draw it out. An orb in the center for 'heart' - one horizontal direction, in form as a cone, as the 'intention scope' - and now the 'willing' - as a line downward. It compares as 'what I want myself to do', along the lines of "micro intentions". So, controlling my 'realtime behaviour'.
The thing where I speak of my mind being broken or flooded by cum, that is basically connected to the 'getting raped orb' - like, if I'm struck with paralysis while coding and I eventually get to that 'desire' - which isn't the 'getting raped orb' per se (its a bit more complex) - it eventually moves up to the 'top' and goes down into the heart, while in context that is actually the head. So as it moves in from the top it basically concerns this 'image' rather than my heart based reality. So, how is it more complex? It first of all is not taken as 'I want to get raped' intention. So, its technically 'unknown'. My consciousness wasn't introduced to a 'label' - but inwardly I know it by its "signature". Now I have undergone an 'intellectual transmutation' - so, I'm going to be aware of this the next time around. The orb itself is thereby 'picked' out by some random desire. I might for instance 'fancy' something, based on a spark, ... and while becoming active it combines with the 'getting raped' orb - that moves into my head and eventually I can't spend my time on anything else thereafter.
When I'm working, as for instance writing this text, I'm first of all 'in the situation'. So my room is basically layed out to support me sitting in front of my screen and typing stuff using a keyboard. Well, whom am I kidding. The keyboard is on my lap, actually - or in between my knees. I have nothing else to do anyway. So I basically just decide whether I'm working on my netbook or spending time with my playstation. To do/accomplish more I would need more space!
So - however, now what I do is a matter of what goes through my mind. What I thereby 'want' goes 'downward' - in which sense 'what I want' isn't really an issue. Its more a 'what feels right'. Or from my heads perspective 'what makes sense and follows through'. My heart does also have some involvement as it is basically bound to 'act' within the given confines. And as a male I find that my male desires begin to 'swell' too. They don't make it into the realm of intentions, but they expand within my heart but mostly remain contained and comfortable therein.

to be continued ...

Resonance Chamber


Stepping back from it a little - I think we can establish that by logic terms, Undoomed is as an Anti-Cypher to the feminist/SJW one. The "SJW" figure on the other hand, what is it composed of? Females, "SJWs" ("white cis-male"), Blacks and some LGBTQ figures. I won't say 'community' because I doubt that the majority of LGBTQ individuals are involved into the social justice affair. Its a small group we might like to call 'morons'; And for the most part the quesition of whether or not they do us any good is very well understood by Undoomed.

What concerns me though is that Undoomed is connected to a Trump supporter - or dare I say "Trump support organization" - via a channel named 'Computing Forever'. A Channel which I once listened to in context to Brexit as response to Thunderf00t. He didn't strike me as particularly negative but that eventually changed at some point. So I begin to wonder: How are the two (Undoomed and Computing Forever) connected - and a dark assumption broadens in my mind. In that regard I had assumed that he might be a black guy actually, or somehow ugly in a sense, but most importantly did I got hung up on his avatar. Thinking of Undoomed as somewhere on top of a pyramid with a line connecting downward to Computing Forever whom I would further connect to the likes of Sargon of Akkad sortof stuck as though attracted by a hidden truth. Further did the identities of Undoomed and Trump seem to merge - while a yet to be known group, possibly more directly affiliated to Undoomed as our "Shadow Prophet" or otherwise the respective group. This would be the 'hub' wherein the fake prophet operated and announced Trump to become president while further taking side with IS. I thereby think of Undoomed as of the top of that pyramid, with trump being more like a satellite but more true to the Antichrists true intentions. So, while false israel acts as prophet, trump acts as antichrist - who I suppose "must" act upon a pre-established military hierarchy composed of "mains" that support trump in a sense of supporting the false prophet. The SJWs themselves thereby exist as 'fake threat' that is possibly staged to at some point repent whereby SJWs and Anti-SJWs unite in peace around this person. All that Kyle would need is a reason to support IS too, and all that John would need is a reason to see the greater good behind Trump.

If I think like that I also feel strangely negative about nigahiga - and so the next candidate for social commentary would be Strat-Edgy.

If that were the case my primary advise were, that if you are having emotional conflicts about which side to pick, go for God; And project the projected 'goodness' into that Light of a happier tomorrow that were to come from an alignment to THE creator.
As for me; All those that come to God will come to realize that I'm with Him and He is with me - *cheese* - (and along comes mary) - [mary mary] - and because the Entire Universe is my Gods bitch - ... I only mean to say something about the Matrix here. Well, it would seem like they could gain some Momentum ... as, once they come out first, my appearance would be shunned as a silly counter attempt. But if they used the matrix thing as their own to gain momentum they'd be f***ed and that would sooner or later make its rounds, if I like so could perform in front of larger audiences while so officially producing new material like that; Which would lead up to another - lol - "debunkle" for someone.

On another note did this excourse make me think of a group of people that is 'forced into' the "Trump Cypher" - which Trump is catering to by calling everything Fake News. In terms of their success it would seem that they cared too much about exploiting stuff - and thereby ultimately fostered too much negativity to actually get going anywhere. But this is just

conspiracy theory

(it kindof doesn't add up ... unless the real false prophet uses trump as strawman - at which point the extreme masochism that Trump happens to excercise would be noteworthy - at which point we're looking at a scarier force to reckon with)