The little things

I want to dedicate this writing to 'whats going on' - near and far future - in transition, contained or left aside, towards Zion.

Information. What is it? Ever played that game where someone starts with a sentence, whispers it into its neighbours ear who then passes it on the same way, all around in a circle, where the last one then has to say it out loud? Thats different to a computer. In I.T., matter of fact, you don't directly control the outcome. You have 'code' that you need a compiler for to 'translate' into executable code; And it is only the reliability of this process that allows the programmer to look at his code as though it were the real thing.

Just throwing it out there.

It should be our goal to get as close to the I.T. way of things - and as far away from the 'silent mail' stuff. That is one of those things we don't need to argue about. There are many things like that. Things that are so simply enough obvious on their own ... things that however ... how to say - well - they have turned into political capital. It are things that politicians don't need to address, it are things they (can/should/will) use in order to backup their cause. But often times ... well ... we get the impression that they say the one thing and do the other. And is that impression 'silent mail' or ... sophisticated intelligence? Sometimes so and sometimes so.

The question were: What happens?

These days ... well, information is a bit of a problem. Or more so: The lack or confusion of the same. And that isn't even a mystery. Thinking of Alex Jones for instance who at one point was officially recognized as a fake news guy - then being endorsed by the US Administration. Its not whether he's this or that - its the ... what the F ... part ... the, ... ahw, whatever. We got to get a little bigger than ... bloated up apes.

Most of the time I don't really need much 'sophisticated intelligence' to do what I'm doing. I thereby am pretty much used to, well, "swim with the flow" ... which by the way is something I consider a privilege of being unified with the Most High. Its one of the items that I've read about Unification that keeps on echoing in my mind. The precise metaphor used there was to turn from being the ball into being a player. Well - some of the mighty might take this in some other way - so, I prefer comparing it to "getting Unplugged" ... speaking of the Matrix. And it really gets clear right from the start. I mean ... its really hard to explain if that metaphor won't do it - so, maybe ... wrapped up into the real story. It was a sunny spring/summer (I really don't know the month) afternoon. We just came home from one of my aunts birthdays (yea, I possibly could find out. It was June~ish) - and there I went right back to the books and then got to that passage revealing that prayer. I figured I meet the requirements; And to think about it for a moment I took the book, went out on the terrace, sat down and figured - well - there's only one way to find out. And "woosh". So it happened. Nothing else. Just "woosh". I felt tired then ... like sleeping ... and so I layed down. After I woke up - I felt like I was floating beyond reality ... in a sense. Not floating per se though - its really hard to explain. But kindof like I wasn't part of this world anymore. I felt free ... like ... free! Beyond. In a sense: Unreachable. In hindsight I would say that there are invisible bonds you might recognize as natural ... or inherant to our psyche ... that are just gone. Its like ... things want to grab you, tearing you this way or that way, but now - they just go through you and they sortof vanish in a diffuse background noise while you start to realize a whole new dimension of 'one-ness' with everything around you.
It is thereby prophecied - I'm not sure if I can take it seriously; And I'm not even sure anymore whether its in those books or the Book of Mormon (but I think its the Book of Mormon, and then I think I have to take it seriously) - that there will be many 'schools of the spirit' - teaching bullcrap. I'm not sure if that is past, present or future. It might be the future. I wouldn't be surprised. That might be the thing that gets you scared - if you're one of my early readers. Just ... putting it out there.

Every now and then I however get into topics where I get ... like once you kindof have to disagree and suck in air through your teeth. Know what I mean? I try as good as I can to then change what I wrote to somehow get those "no"s away - but sometimes I can't. I can't once the point I'm having is more complex than I see it - and I don't know what I have to know to really do the fine tuning. And sometimes these complex issues are complex due to "major convulation", which has a lot to do with misinformation. Not necessarily mine! I can be totally right in what I have written - though a convulated common sense would make it impractical for me to just leave it like that.
And that can even backfire. I mean, if I get to a point I have to take back, I kindof endup saving it as a bad thing - although it actually isn't - and so I have to wait until I see the thing clear enough. Sometimes thats just a matter of conclusions. Other times a matter of information.

At this point I want to apologize. But ... projections indicate something problematic about doing so - and so - I'll just move on and get on with the point.

Russia vs. NATO

Misinformation makes it difficult to have an objective oppinion. Misinformation makes it problematic to be open minded. And Misinformation embraces more than just fake news. Misinformation includes convulated reporting. Making issues out of no issues just to get the obvious fade into the background noise.

You hear a lot about Russia these days. But have you ever minded ... Russua? Its weird. Russia is like ... its like locked away behind this curtain ... as though it were some larger version of North Korea ... but actually - I've never seen a president as in touch with the people as Putin. It starts with the way he talks. He talks like a real fucking person! Call it state run media or propaganda all the way you will - I can totally understand why Russians love him.
And so, why is he backing up Assad?
Well, who is this Assad?
Where - on the globe - is Syria?
What do Assad and Syria have in common?
I mean - what the hell, to now get more to the real meat - is even: Syria?

And who are those rebels that NATO is backing?

When you hear of Assad and human rights violations ... you think of someone like Hussein maybe - who reigns over a country and just does nasty stuff to them. So yea, a lot is up to your imagination! I tried watching some videos that attempt to explain whats going on there - but once my head cracks down after a few seconds in - I know I'm watching some bullcrap convulated horseshit. Imagery also does a lot. Some of the videos might look nice - but do they really tell you anything? (And mind you: If you yourself are well informed on the matter: Good for you!)

But so are the ... strings. You connect Putin to Assad, Assad to Warcrimes and bam, Putin is a bad guy. But so, who are these rebels fighting Assad? And again: What is Syria? Syria is as much of a country as a cluster bomb is a safe toy for children. Assad is part of a Muslim flavour that the other two major flavours in Syria don't like. OK. So what? So ... that! Its basically yet another Muslim vs Mulsim thing. In the midst of that are Rebels who aren't actually all agreeing with each other, then there is the IS and somewhere therein is even a rather progressive group; The Kurds; And that is why I can't apologize to Turks. OK? Fuck Erdogan!

Anyway. And they all somehow kindof fight each other. Although - the Kurds and Assad are said to be somewhat ... cool with each other, though ... that might be a bit of an overstatement. However. At least relatively speaking ... positive. And to get over this topic; Who in that frey isn't guilty of warcrimes? The rebels? Can we give them any legitimacy in that fight? Maybe. Maybe not. Rather not though because ... what do they even want? Thats the problem with these radical Muslims. Its all just about nonsense - where I seriously don't want to take any sides. Except ... for the Kurds maybe.
I mean ... there are the Rebels and there is Assad. Then there is IS - which is vastly at the borders of what the Rebels occupy - which is where the refugees come from. So, it is here their own fault - I would say - as, if they had peace with Assad they would be one larger, stronger nation; And better equipped to fight the IS.
By the way: What agenda do these (whatever, whoever) terrorists have by bombing a concert vastly visited by "Children"? How does that make any ... *ahem* ...

Then there is the whole thing about the Ukraine. And this is where the crunch point is at. Its what I would consider ... at the spine of what I called the Phantom Menace. That because there the obscured information we get here in the west becomes obvious - and "the Phantom Menace" solely relies on the convulation to remain convulated. It relies on the fact that there is no higher instance that could 'outvoice' our 'mainstream media'. It is so that you hear things from the one side; And it gets countered by the other. There is a balance ... though ... its not the good kind of balance.

Putins position, or Russias position on the matter is that the parts that Russia annexed have been 'redeemed' - and how does that claim hold up to the facts? Its actually kindof simple. There are two sides of the story; And each side resorts to a different narrative or display of whats going on. On the pro Russia side you get to a detailed picture of the Ukraine, showing how the ethnicities are distributed. Hell, ... Crimea, what its all about, vastly speaks Russian. When you get to the Anti-Russia side however, there is only one Ukraine. Its just one colored blot as opposed to one with borders inside of it. But it doesn't end there. However - in further detail: What is a country? I'm german - so to me - its vastly about language. So OK, there is Swiss which kindof speaks german and Austria which arguably is our little brother. And these splits - well, there are geographical issues and then there is the political divide. The political divide is however ... well ... not really serious. Its just so. We have peace - though germans kindof love to make fun of other germans dialects. Thats just how we roll I guess. I mean, there is a certain pride attached to dialect and lifestyle - and we do all give that to each other. At least I like to think that and essentially that holds up to the truth. I guess every german is well aware of how other germans think of the very own origin. We here in the southwest are told to be stingy (we like to save our money) and very keen on ... keeping the surroundings of our houses clean. Well, whatever.
The Ukraine however, well - I don't live there so I cannot directly judge it. But its yet a landscape - an area - and people live there. Now is it so that between Europ and Russia - there is this Ukrain - and so the two sides divide that country. Some lean towards russia and others towards europe; And early votes would show how those closer to russia leaned towards russia and those closer to europe leaned towards europe. The pro russia side won that election - but so, not everyone was happy about it. "Duh". While the Capital so happens to be on the pro Europe side. But as that didn't work, the opposite wouldn't work either. Some violence happened - and then Russia came in and said "OK" - "those belong to us now". And who now has the right to denie that right to those people who are outspokenly pro Russia? Or "are they?".

As what I've heard from Putin, ... hell, I don't even need to resort to him. We're pretty much on the same page there. I might be on the Western side though ... however with the same line of argument. Do we really want the EU/NATO to border to Russia - or were it better if there were some Buffer Zone in between? Yea, the question is: Who is the agressor. We here in the west like to believe that we are so peaceful, that we wouldn't ever start a war on Russia, ... and so it suits us if we hear that Putin is the aggressor here. And to westerners, well, I think we pretty much still associate Sovjet "culture" to what russia is all about. "Communism" and war. They are the ... "outdated" strategist who only thinks in military terms that has a lot of nukes. And when it is 'us' who does the provoking, the pinching, we get to say "no! Don't!" - while we're afraid of 'that' Russia - but how do you feel about someone who just keeps on crawling up on you, pinching and otherwise annoying you? Yea, eventually ... your hands will more and more curl up into a fist. Right? No matter how much you'd tell yourself to calm down, eventually ... you start gnashing your teeth and all that.
But yea, those are Putins arguments and ... that totally convinced me!

And its refreshing to actually be able to take a politician by his words! And to not have to first decompile the convulated nonsense of a representative to maybe understand what they are actually talking about.

And that meets the talking points of everyone who thinks that something is very rotten here in the west!

Its obvious where the problem is. We here started globalization ... uhm ... the internet - and so, where else would the culprit do his thing? "Free and Independent Media? Hell no! Can't have that!". And by the way is this where Italy is. On the other end, there used to be a place recognized as 'the Byzantine Empire'. One of the wealthiest and most influencial empires of its time and primary rival to Rome. The Byzantine Empire was founded as a Christian one - and the religion is what we nowadays describe as 'Christian Orthodox' - much like Russia is vastly Orthodox. So, geopolitically speaking is russia 'logically' the place, besides the USA and Canada, furthest from the Vaticans reach. And germany one of the closer ones. But we had Luther - so - suck on that Vatican!
And while we might love to play with the thought that western wealth is due to our Christian values - the distribution of wealth and power certainly also factors into that; Which is where 'Babylon' or "the Fourth Beast" comes into play, which, Biblically speaking - just so you know - is 'given' the power to rule the world, so much even that the Antichrist is also referred to as "the King of the World". So wealth and success is 'not' equal to 'the right side'.

I mean, I feel like Putin and I could be good friends. Real friends. He seems like a reasonable person - although I might not always agree with him. I mean, its obvious that there is at least one issue that I'm not really ... able to be complacant with. But I don't feel like I should get too invested into his politics. I mean, from what I've heard from him, the most appropriate generalization to slap on him would be 'strategist'. He thinks tactical, logically - I never got the feeling that he's unsincere. Kindof. When it gets to Trump ... well ... yea, that might be a second issue. I mean ... he says that Trump didn't share any secrets with them, but when he sais that he ... well ... doesn't seem all that sure about it. So I believe that what he sais is true to the best of his knowledge - but its hard to avoid the impression that there is still something more going on.
And I can see where he would get the idea from that Trump might be the better choice; Compared to Clinton. One guess is that he hoped for a reasonable person to deal with - where, whether its a gender issue or not, I believe his homophobic stance is something of an indicator ... saying, he doesn't like to deal with emotional people because thats one thing that widens the divide between east and west. I mean, what else? Aren't we 'too emotional' about it? I mean, what do we get here in the west? We are fed to fear him. So, anything would do - and so, since he does very well compare to a dictator - we take that as a big bad thing. But it isn't power that is evil, its the people who have it that 'can' be evil. Obviously!

And that is where the "founding fathers" sortof failed. They didn't make sure that one party cannot hold absolute power. Maybe thats a good thing though. If the elected administration were any good at least.
Uhm, well, that is 'german' thinking. I mean, we had Hitler. We had to deal with the aftermath. Or, our ancestors at least. The thing is though that no matter how safe a system is built - if you control the people, you also control the system!

And so, yea: Putin isn't perfect! Nobody is! Yet so - right now - that should really boggle your mind a bit. I mean, while you're yet just a ball you might yet learn who is playing the game. Simply judging by the Symptoms we're looking for a person/entity that isn't perfect either - or maybe even as far from perfect as humanly possible - but still is getting credits as though.

Yea, ... which brings me to another point. I might have made that a topic on its own, but somehow I wasn't 'let' to.
This is ... a Blizzard thing. Kindof. I don't know if they came up with it - but they certainly popularized it. I mean, Blizzard - as in World of Warcraft. Its a bit complicated. In World of Warcraft or Diablo 3 a lot revolves around the items you can collect here and there. In the beginning thats just armor or weaponry with so offensive and defensive stats - and the better the items get the more additional benefits come with it. Like +X to strength. The better the item, the more of those benefits are slapped onto it. Then, in Diablo 3 at least, there are items that come with abilities. So, there are boots for instance that allow the player to just walk through enemies. Some items are even so good they double the amount of companions I can have. From 1 to 2 - though with the right gear I can have 5, plus the boots makes 10. So ... the basic thing.
What I want to get to is that these 'benefits' - the equip in general - can be compared to ideological assets. So, this actually has origin in the Bible. "Put on the helmet of faith, the chestplate of righteousness and so on" or something like that. I really don't know where. Please. Its there ... it won't run away. In a sense you can think of your ideology as your equip. If I so admit my own imperfection, that might be like a gem I put into my armor that I wear. And further, well, we need to talk about "Set Boni". Or Synergies. There my impression is that this 'Gem of imperfection' is one the Antichrist doesn't like to wear because it distorts his/their "Set Bonus". I was about to say that he won't - and that because it is my impression that they actually don't. Although they seem to realize its "strength". Its there in the words - but not in their "Aura". It doesn't mix with the "gem of perfection" ... for obvious reasons. And it isn't about the words. And that takes me to yet another thing: "Batman".

I'm sorry - but anything that however glorifies Rome in any way shape or form is right away distasteful to me. I can't! I can't like it! I can live with you owning an X-Bone or play Horde (I got no issue with that, really!) or have a faible for history and maybe some fascination for Rome. In the end thats a culture as any other. But whenever 'the roman soldier' is rendered as a hero, ... it goes a bit beyond that. Its not about the soldier - but about Rome. First of all there is no wrong - obviously - in introducing that piece of history into our culture. But ... well, OK. This point ain't a point without a point. And I'm not sure if I can deliver that point to you. So I'll put it this way: I would say that if you are/were a fan of "Badass Batman", that CGI Advertisement Hype impression of him, you're/were also rather pro Trump. Its an "Auraic" (Astair/Jinx) thing. Oh, and all of a sudden its gone! So, its something of the past already. Cool!
The point is that there is this 'level/field' of ... "stuff" ... where you get to 'celebrate' the "epicness" of a roman centurion for instance - and you thereby 'feed' the 'astair' with your emotions. Or it can also work the way around. That there already are certain "assets" that then get thrown into a growing awareness of something to so "kickstart" it. Like, that Rome game that was one of the X-Bones launch titles. At least did I have that impression. Its like all the "Badassness" that had previously been sucked up by Batman got shoved into that to sell that damn thing.
And the statues of the Kims in North Korea - they in my eyes do in about the same thing. They are like sponges that suck up all the positive idea you could connect to them. Respectively you can/might also find the opposite. Forms that have been "leeched" empty, or just don't have any "oomph" (anymore).

And so the idea: If the Antichristians legitimately wore the 'imperfection gem' they'd - so my general perception - loose out on a benefit. If Trump wore it - anyone else who wouldn't would exist as somehow separated and thus not as attached to the benefit. I hope this wasn't too weird ... and that this made some sense to you.

On another note - there is this new Spiderman movie. And I don't like it already. And mostly because this new Spiderman is sortof synonymous to why the 'the Amazing Spiderman' movies were discontinued. But a) the new Spiderman 'copies' the Amazing Spiderman in a way thats just pretentious to me - and the rest is rather just nitpicking. Its though, to me however, kindof funny through my art goggles. And that takes me back to 'the Force Awakens' - or so: A general lack of creativity. Or a very flawed kind of creativity. I believe the Antichristian mindset is rather immersed into these Jinx things. This became visible to me in 'the Force awakens'. As many pointed out: Its literally just 'a New Hope' with a few changes here and there. And yea, we might also want to make some 'dick' jokes about the bigger Death Star. But in simplicity we can wrap this up into the very common "geek gripe" that exists - which is 'lack of originality'. With the Amazing Spiderman they tried something new. A whole new Peter Parker. But the new Spiderman, well, looks kindof like Tobey Ma..g/c...uire. Whatever. So my general impression is that they tend to fall into those 'pits' where rather than a vision they have to come back to things that worked. And since they had to take counterstance to the Amazing Spiderman, the Spiderman Trilogy was the next best bet. Further nitpickings: This really isn't about you if you're just a fan and whatever. It is though about some hypocricy whereby I'm basically pointing at all the louder critics that always have some problem that just boggles ones mind (like Wonder Woman having shaved armpits ... I mean ... please God please ... help us!) ... saying: I'm surprised nobody has been upset yet that Spidermans suit is essentially sponsored by Tony Stark. You can further clearly see where some of the inspirations came from. Same goes for the Turtles ... the Michael Bay ones. Toys! If you want to call that art ... well ... suit yourself!

But what is art? I had my oppinion - and then one thing followed the other and I kindof had too much different things to think of to have a clear oppinion on the matter. But then it somehow came together again - and so, art is all about causing a sense of awe or appreciation ... where the viewer goes and says "wow". And to go a bit further we could say: 'the skeptic viewer'. Not the biased viewer though! And so, are Video Games art? "Duh!". Dark Souls 2 has a pretty dope beginning. Horizon Zero Dawn, well, ... hot damn! And when it gets to Blizzards work we're more in the 'Video Game Domain' of art. This is no longer art in the sense of being just consumption - here the art is to entertain; Which in somewhat harsh words should say: here the art is in the gameplay, provided that there is such!
Makes me wonder: Where did all the german Talent go? I mean, we suck! We suck at making movies and at making Videogames. But we had it once. Uhm, ... well ... I guess we still got pretty good music.
Forgive me ... thats ... totally beside the point.
I mean ... there is something. Like ... though Russians pioneered space travel, they kindof suck at ... it. At engineering? Or sciences? Whatever. Its like ... not meant to be - and that I guess because we have stuff here in the west - saying, this is clearly a 'pro cultural unitement' thing. No need to split thing apart. Thats idiotic. And we might take the Moon as an example. If we were united - we would have our Space Missions and they'd serve us all. In this situation though the Moon is something of a strategic asset. If one goes there - the others wonder, well, what is there? And so they start their own programs - and thats essentially a waste of resources. We don't need that!

But yea, oh my, space travel. Its hard to tell who the troll is. Is it God or is it the Antichrist? I mean, once you see how there actually is the face of Pluto (the Disney Dog) on Pluto - its difficult to get that out of your head! Then there is the Black Knight Satellite. And ultimately there is what I now would call "the Gong". Yes, the notion that the Moon might be literally something like the Death Star. And yea ... spinning that a bit further ... we might have reasons to worry that the Antichristians possess spacecraft and spaceweapons and that we're all fucked for good. It makes sense for me to believe that this might actually be part of their end game. That some UFOs appear and thereby however refuelling Antichristian sentiment because whats God got to do with it?
And yea: Who is this Antichrist? What does he want? "Everything!"? ("Would that include a bullet from this gun?" - "Go ahead, shoot! ..."). Well - I ultimately don't care; or am not quite as concerned as it might seem. The case is relatively simple. The Bible is in that sense a pretty good metaphor. That in the sense that it is a book. It has a front and a back - usually - and whatever the point, God must have some general plan which nobody can stop Him from executing. So to say that what we consider the future - is in a sense already past; Because God decided it and therefore it will happen. Whatever the Antichrist is trying ... its doomed to fail!
And I don't get it. Or wait ... . I mean, whatever. Whats ... plain and simple? There is the whole "Injustice rules the world" narrative - which interlocks with the "there is no God" and the "do evil to have success" narrative. In that sense I see the seed/root of Antichristian propaganda - which so is an entity that attracts growth based on iniquity. So, sharing power and wealth for instance - as so 'bait' ... while furthering a narrative that is 'Anti God' in the sense of saying that God is stupid or unfair. From there its just the classical "We are the good guys, therefore the others are the baddies" scenario - which in my oppinion leads to some twisted perception of right and wrong mixed with a rather delusional immersion of feeling like the victims. So, that they are on the "Evil Side" is Gods fault - because this and that - while "actually" they just want our "best", which would work if only there were not those "mischievious Christians" that stood in the way of their oppressive agenda. Or ... should I say "communist Paradise"?

And it goes down so many dark alleys ... I mean, I've ... thought of these things a lot. By that I mean that there were quite a few occasions where I had to reflect on that matter - always following a given narrative which led to X and then Y and Z and so forth ... and to be 'fair': I don't accept the(ir) "we only want to do the right thing" narrative; And that way come to see a lot of contradiction within their agenda; Which they again would come to complain about because "they only want to do the right thing". One of those alleys is a free will issue. So when it gets to some ideological conflict, like, what would 'we' (the people) want - they will look for ways to make us want what they want us to want to then say that we want it - but so that we can be unbiased about it we aren't to know what is actually being played. Thats at least the biggest issue I got there. So, ... when there is doubt about that going down the 'arts' road, I'm reminded of the 'Master Sword' that this is most likely really a thing. I mean - the Master Sword issue being that since the N64 the Master Sword can't shoot anymore. So, a thing. And as a sidenote: When it gets to matters like that - I sometimes see it so and other times different. I mean - once I'm not looking at anything related to that in reality - and its "all in my head" sotospeak - it makes sense this way. Then its clear. There is Rome, the Vatican, Conspiracy, ... and so on and so forth. But once I so watch some stuff on YouTube, that vision eventually gets more and more obscured - to the point that I'm back in 'neutral field' were none of that is a thing. Like, now when writing about it, the whole Disney conspiracy makes sense. As I would clearly go on with bashing some more on the Farts Awakening. First Bully Lucas out of the room to "do it better". And if it doesn't work out "blame us" - or Zach Snyder - whatever. Like really - if the hate levels were anyhow fairly distributed, and we agree with the amount of flack Snyder gets for BvS - hell would rain down on JJ Abrams! But "oh no" ... he wears a "Gem of Perfection".
And he'd go on stage dancing while singing "Can't touch this". And whats their defense? The closest to something like that which I've beheld so far is the argument that they create their own world. So its totally legit that the Fart is like a new Hope because its "their Star Wars". "We ain't got shit on it". And then they go on and like it - and thats how all argument is closed.
Another thing I beheld (yea, 'to behold' is really a nice term to have ... here) is about how they justify getting "off" on other peoples inventions. Its really simple ... actually. Its 'Darwinian logic'. So, each created Universe that is however successful is an asset. So, the Marvel Universe and Star Wars being the more obvious ones to name in that regard. And to be honest: Marvel was(/is?) the 'cooler' thing ... it has a deeper Lore, a more plastic diversity, more elaborate content; While DC for the most part used to thrive on merely stereotypes. It would be since Disney holds Marvel that DC evolved into something more mature, while Marvel ... I mean ... the new Spiderman ... it looks like degeneration to me!
I liked Guardians of the Galaxy though. I haven't seen Vol. 2 yet; And neither Suicide Squad.
And on a sidenote: Its really difficult to keep my Love for Street Fighter alive! And how can For Honor run perfectly smooth but Street Fighter ... not? I'm not surprised though. From the moment I 'made clear' that Capcom would be my 'goal' - as shown to me in a dream - I "worried" that they'd do all in their might to keep me from making it there. But whatever. There is so much wrong with my thinking here - I mean - I really don't feel safe to say anything.
Anyway. The idea so is that ultimately Star Wars for instance were a Universal Good - thus entirely discrediting its originator. And yea, we might see that as legit considering Lucas' various screw ups. I'm sure it went down this way: They started to creep up, then the Clone Wars animated series was bestowed upon their hands - it was well received and so that would further be used as leverage to basically argue Lucas into submission ... and we know how Lucas felt about it! He wasn't happy - but eventually had to agree that it might be the best for the franchise or at least what people wanted. And so he didn't want to be the douchebag, although ... he didn't hide how he truely felt about it! Kudos to you Mr. Lucas! BAD-ASS!
But why is all that? Hmm ... not so quick!
Prior to the ... the ... bad Star Wars movie ... (really, Jar Jar wasn't 'that' bad! Navi was a nuisance - and Fi ... I'm glad I didn't ... oh, I did ... play that game ... - yea - that was ... painful. I didn't like Jar Jar ... but he was annoying on purpose. Navi and Fi on the other hand ... its ... I would say 'typical'. Its like ... if I can say that ... the 'de facto manifestation' of what Squaresoft back in the days meant with 'the westerners are too stupid' by making Mystic Quest. "Just saying".) I would say things worked out pretty well for them ... even. Kindof. Except that they failed at many things ... which is where the "Established Universes" thing came from, I think. So, basically that would be so: Certain brands had recognition and they couldn't establish their own because of that. So I guess its even up to the very day a thing that there is some nonsense like: "Lend us your name to overcome the bias" - arguing that not all the names we see slapped onto given products are actually the ones responsible. Its similar to how the 'a New Hope 2.bad' hype train got started by folks arguing how this writer who co-wrote the Empire Strikes back ("arguably the best of them all") is involved into it and how much better it is therefore going to be because Lucas is no longer a part of it. Yea ... it "oozes" Originality ... not!

So, they "want our best" but our oppinion doesn't matter. Sounds familiar! *caugh*socialism*caugh*

And then they might go on like ... its so difficult to make it right for everybody and stuff like that. Hmm ... where I have I heard something like that before? I guess thats also a bit of a Darwinish thing. So, people with talent make stuff ... because its not something average Joe would be capable of. And along comes a guy who thinks he's/calls himself God but doesn't have talent ... and what you get is a convulated mess crowd-sourced by morons that got into the position of contributing to that garbage by shitting on other people. That sounds like ... ... yea, whatever. "Still not done?". Yea, quick to make claims, quick to claim their own superiority, but when it gets to failure ... its never their fault. OK OK! I get it!

And well - talking about the Phantom Menace tends to derail into this topic. Evidently: If you want to control the future, you have to control the younger generation - and so you got to control that what they enjoy. And so ultimately this also always comes down to retarded baffoon issues.

And yea - is it fair to use the word retarded? I guess not! Its unfair to all the retards that aren't Antichristian. And to baffoons. OK, that was an old one. But seriously. I hate to see it that way. I hate to believe that there are people who are so ... fucking ... obsessed with being bad people that there ... is no saving them. Cant they at least ask God for some hidden identity? I mean, if its shame that makes them shy to repent ... there are ways! God can tinker with our memory and I would be fine with it if that would help anything. And when it gets to playing games where there have to be bad guys - I'm already there! I'm already on the dark side! (Though it doesn't work like ... not retaining a bit of Light - which is why I can't play Horde for instance. "Alliance for the win!"). But if they are so stubborn with their cause that they'd keep the play up even to the point of facing hell with some (certainly misplaced) pride even ... I don't know what else to say but retarded!
And on the other side, when just bursting into a running thing, proclaiming personal superiority, taking the thing over on all cost just to call a failure a success - thats at least in contemporary slang what we'd call being a baffoon. And here its still kindof funny. But when we now move back to the more serious topics ... it really quickly starts to be not so funny anymore!

And what the hell is wrong with Nestle? How is what they do even allowed to happen? And this is right back at the ugly side of capitalism. We don't have the power to just stop them - because 'free market'. I ... sorry, I feel like I'm close to an anneurism.

No - seriously! I got to call this a day for today!

Retarded Nonsense