I've reached the point where I need bleach to flush my mind

Prologue ("Prequel")

As a saying goes amongst Anti SJWs. Ugh - sigh. Well, on the upside however - apparently Trump did something right! Yay! And yea - most of what bothers me right now are a bunch of old videos, the temperature, the un-usual high frequency of noisy cars driving by my place today ... ugh, my nerves ... !
And Street Fighter! Its been one of those days where I finally pried myself off of YouTube and looked forward to let some steam off in that game - and well ... go to challenge mode, try to finally take a closer look at Laura and ... if(attack_button_press) {induce_lag();} - seems to be some line of code there at some point. Really. Its not even online play, its not even a stage with any background animation - but if I cannot Hard-punch into V trigger into Hard-punch without a severe lag after each move ... I ... I ... that doesn't help me to get any fun out of the game. I'm not raging at an opponent who plays smarter than I do, its not "blaming it on Lag" ... its fucking Training mode! And how is this a thing? I mean - I so finally started the Destiny 2 demo and blam - 11 gigabyte download.
And my head is a rollercoaster again. I don't even ... . The moment I play Street Fighter I'm apparently plaing it for all the wrong reasons ... like what? Its a dead game I think? What ... reason would I have to play it?

While on the surface everything might look and seem different - underneath it all things are just as fucked up as ever!

Or - the way around. While underneath it all things seem different, on the surface - as for what I can and cannot see and such - its all still the same.

But well - YouTube is making me sick! It really is. I can't handle it anymore!

Something is really wrong with my head at this point. I mean - all I find myself doing, ... and I think I'm not the only one - is struggle ... all the time ... just to find, at the end of the day, that it means nothing and everything and everyone only seems to become more stupid. Maybe that is why God refuses to give me any coherent thoughts to be writing those things I mean to write ... ... and ... OK, it seems I can botch this thing and start back at one.

I'm a failure. I'm a Mysoginistic asshole! ... oh, that seems to go well! So I should maybe tell you that the 'real' reason why God isn't giving me any coherent thoughts is that God doesn't like me at all! Riiight!

Thats totally convincing! That totally changes everything! "Now I see the Light!". "Hallelujah!". OK, seriously - if you can't tell what just happened ... good luck figuring it out!

Well, ever since I had uploaded that "proposal to the American People" - things changed. So at some point some ... idea ... began to lurk in my head. "Write something positive about Trump" - but why? Or how? With what reason? With what argument? "You got to do better than that!". I felt so much wrong about just ... writing about it. Like, the cogs in my head need some oiling and this was certainly not the way to go about it. Or whatever. Now I'm essentially writing 'this' nonsensical para-bala-bla just so I can shoehorn that in?

Let me tell you one thing: This is my main concern after all - and goes right back at "the Deadline" - as, since the 1st of this month we're beyond that. You don't get to say what you yet need of me! I don't trust you! I can't change it! You'll do what you will anyway. And I expected that! I mean - what else? Seriously! So, first you gonna wait it out - if I crash then good for you, if I don't - you'll need some other bullshit reason to say whatever bullshit argument ... like, everything I write is just some "coping mechanism" - so, at that point it doesn't matter what I do. And you silly people go along with that?

Oh right ... there's something else going on! OK - whatever. I can't handle that! Its like - as I try to wrap my head around it and play along with it ... things just go downhill for me. Sortof. SORTOF! I mean - its ... stuff needs to happen, like - whatever you thought of me - in the good sense - I still needed roughly 3 years from having first got in contact with the Mormon Church (Missionaries) to actually "taking the steps to Salvation" - or so - having a 'solid' Testimony. I can tell now that this 'faint' "Yes, its the right way" feeling can also be described as the answer - the Testimony - already, its like with faith. If you make first experiences with God its more like "OK, I do have reasons to believe" - and that won't make you walk on water ... except you're cheating.
What I mean is that once I ... I mean, ... I'm possibly wrong. Its possibly just that the content on my head is ... in some ... weird state. I get hung up if I have to think: "Oh yea, everything is fine!". Else I have to wonder: "OK, what is needed of me then?" - and right now thinking of things this way throws me off more than it actually helps me.

So, lets forget that. I mean - on another note would it seem like Stephen Colbert is a bit ... disappointed, well - that he sortof got off second.
Well, YouTube makes me sick - but - thats not the full story. I think I just got into viewing habits that aren't sustainable like that. Whatever. Off to something else.

This is a pile of garbage. Seriously. Just 78 lines in and - most of this is ... bullshit. I ... don't even know. Its like - System Failure.

There are a lot of topics I want to discuss - thats possibly the YouTube issue I got - but I can't wrap my head around finding any words to get there. And a lot of times I'm possibly just triggered to throw in my few cents while ... though I feel like there are still problems I think also that maybe I got to give it some time. On the other end I realize that I'm getting into this "OK, whats needed of me then?" mindset ... but ... it doesn't really help. I mean, on the one side I think there are discussions I can't respond to because I'm missing some context. And so part of this 'impatience' attitude of mine goes into that.


And just like so I got the fuel to go on with this. Yea - first of all: Did Trump really do something good? Yes! For himself! He probably figured that this ISIS thing isn't gonna ... work out that well for him. But today it got known that ... OK, its ambigous enough - and I didn't really pay a lot of attention, ... something about Cyber Security. It is though that with this information I feel re-invigorated, ... compared to how I just felt about these things yesterday.

As for how I care about this: We now had this switcharoo once, ... and if it happened again we can easily ... look past it and ... at least not look at me and expect me to have anything profound to say about it.

Yet - the story goes on. So I've been stumbling on this guy on YouTube, ... appabend ..., and what can I say? He's young, ... for the most part he's got his shit together, ... he's an Anti SJW, ... which I want to add about: Being an SJW is kindof a ... "Auto Right" thing. So - saying - for the most part its to my likes pretty reasonable content. But now there has sparked some controversy around TotalBiscuit ... as ... he kicked someone off of Coxcon for asking a "Transphobic" question.
"Are Traps Gay?". Since I've stumbled upon appabend, ... I'm familiar with a Trap is. Traps are Characters in Manga or Anime that look like their opposite gender. Ordinarily we would say "Crossdresser" or "Transsexual" - but I believe the thing with Traps in specific is that it goes a bit beyond that; In the sense that they wouldn't have to do a lot in order to get mistaken for their opposite gender. And looking at it so I find the question pretty pointless. Its kindof like asking: Are women straight?
And so I don't understand why TB couldn't have given a straight answer! ... -.- ... XD ... yea, right! I mean, in case you saw this coming, ... I just ... ... well. No. I understand why TB didn't want to answer that question! I ... think for the most part I share that same sentiment. As now all them Anti-SJWs jump in on 'urging' TB to explain What TF, they all just start to behave like SJWs. And it is known, by the way, that TB has YouTube comment induced stress - like, he cared to much and at some point it grew over his head. So, ... that also explains why he doesn't want any of that!
From my own perspective: its simply an out of place question with certainly ... well, how to say, ... mischievious potential. And - lol - "Anti SJWs got triggered!". "For your next closest Safe Space contact your next best Destiny player and sign up for the first phase of the Crota Raid".

Just had to shoehorn that in somewhere.

And so somehow the thing with the exclamation marks comes together for me. First of all I was made cautious to ... expose my fandom - thought of them less, ... and so, whom we got? Undoomed, SecularTalk and TB. I don't know if I can consider Undoomed a Liberal or Progressive - but his mouth is certainly on the right spot. All of their mouths are. I would say those three are the 'top 3 YouTubers to know'. When it gets to anything Video Games related, TB pretty much speaks for "all of us". Even when it gets to press related issues, ... though he generally sticks to gaming. When it gets to politics there's Kyle. And Undoomed is just that Anti SJW guy. I mean, in a sense that does go somewhere beyond ... personal preference. Well, they do their thing ... while ... so sticking more to the SJW topic ... there's appabend - and some other dude - who kindof so far, when asking me, is the "King of Edge Lords" (Dishonored Wolf) - ... which both do some "Anti "Anita Sarkeesian"" stuff ... more to the point. So, they are gamers who ramble and rant a lot about SJWs. Wolf is more on games. But - so yea, lets ... take a closer look at theirs content them produces.

appabend is young - so we can forgive him his naivity. He's convinced of something, ... and I heard it from him that he's an Undoomed fan, so, when speaking of Undoomed and his influence we can look at that dude. Sortof. I think Undoomed wasn't his main inspiration to make videos, but ... Lets not care too much about all that causality nonsense.
I mean, I started writing this article before there actually was anything to write about. Which is weird. But so is life ... not everything that appears boldly obvious is as it would seem.
Wolf ... well, he's a nice contras to Strat-Edgy. I mean, ... Dishonored Wolf liked Skyrim - and Strat-Edgy doesn't ... really. At least from some perspective. They have the same 'talk' - the same general points and issues - though they come up with different examples. And so me. In contrast to Wolf I would defend Destiny ... while, the worse thing about Destiny - experience wise - are those that play the game but while doing so have nothing else to say but that the game Sucks. Well, I do that too, here and there, ... but when I play the game I usually do so to have fun. If you don't like the grind then why the hell play Destiny? I mean - if you want to play it for the ... stuff - the Story, then Strikes and the Raid - you can generally get through with it without a lot of grinding. Well, when it gets to Raiding there is some grinding that has to be done - but "come on" - you're about to ... its supposed to be something big. And in a Video Game there isn't a lot you can do to deliver this ... "extra bit of special". I mean the idea is that you got to be prepared and a legitimate badass and all that to then go and beat the final Boss. Its supposed to be special - ergo an achievement of some sort. Hmm - now that I think of it. There were a way. Some games have something like that. A "skill test" - as, stuff that has to be done before being "allowed in". Light Level or Gear Level - that is just some metric for how familiar you are with the game. But having actual Levels that show you certain mechanics while rewarding you with some decent enough gear ... that would be a way to lead up to some raid - but, ... or not-but. Well - anyhow. I would still think that something is missing. Like that the 'effective gap' between what you have from playing through the main content and being able to participate in a raid ... thats like ... with any other hobby. You don't plant a seed, pay EA some fee and bam the seed has grown to a plant. If you want to be gardening, there's stuff you got to take care of yourself. (Which is kindof where Diablo 3 gets some redeeming points too ... as, from within the 'shallow' grind you still have to, well LOL, look into the Menu to see what you have to do to get the Season rewards. ... ... ... ... ... its silly but it ... is ... 'work' that has to be done). And the best times I've had in Destiny were with folks that genuinely liked the game or at least didn't constantly tell me/us how much it sucksed. Like, just get on with the raid and shut the fucking hell up! If you get shitty drops - OK, everyone complains. Its ... part of the game ... ^^. As for their business practices, well - yeaa ... bad! Bad bad bad! But their Content Creation tools are apparently even worse! I've read of an example where, to just move a single NPC from A to B they have to ... wait like ... 18 hours or so until the Servers have done their thing (I don't get it either! But apparently that is so) - and with barriers like that you think twice before doing anything and whatever. They fucked up - sure! Its expensive too - comparably so. Though I missed out on year 1. So I wouldn't know too much about that. It doesn't do from Software any justice to compare it to Dark Souls or Bloodbourne and say Desting is Good or even just OK - but it doesn't do justice to Bungie either to dismiss Destiny for complete garbage. If you're getting into Destiny there's a lot you can get out of it. Basically its an "Action Figure simulator" - ... its ... a Toy Box. (Although I can say: When they start to make Micro Transactions a thing ... beyond cosmetics ... when I feel like my regular grind doesn't suffice ... I'm gonna delete that fucker. So far Destiny is nothing like that! There is no advantage you get from dumping additional money into it. And thats kindof the base on which I defend it. By the way: Making Gameplay relevant items available for 'real money' fucks up the games economy. People will have OP stuff faster than others - hell - "OP stuff" is even a thing then that generally costs money - while everyone who doesn't want to play kindof ... is the "stupid person" that will have to grind instead. "Lower class citizen". There is some 'good' stuff that Microtransactions brought to us gamers. When done right. When not abused shamelessly. When it really helps to improve the quality of the game ... and not only so for the Devs. If they're so dependent on it ... they should ask for Donations instead! Or whatever. I mean, its possible these days to add content to games beyond the ordinary Expansion. I'm fine with how Capcom does it with SFV - although there are certain downsides - err, ... yet it doesn't split the Player Base as much as a complete Update) ... err ... back to the topic.
So in summary we can say that we all have equal concerns but different examples. But that fits into my narrative pretty well: Devs shouldn't be too concerned about players perspectives. But ... to some 'people' - and this isn't restricted to gaming - such notions seem to mean as much as a free pass to disrespect. #FalseAdvertisement. Destiny may be guilty there too - but it still delivers on being an MMO Ego Shooter. Well - its easy to see: We all have our preferences - and gamers aren't redeemed from being only human.

Well, diving full on into whats wrong with Gaming should be a totally different subject. But it kindof isn't. Its an SJW thing too. And at that ... not that simple/one-sided of an issue. While its right to be offended about SJWs - its wrong to demonize everything thats SJW-ish; As that would ultimately lead to just that what SJWs criticize. I mean ... in Video Game terms: Think of the ending of any classic Video Game ever: The hero finally rests as the world has been saved. Or something like that. We all fight our own fights - and that is at Ultimatum what I take from all this so far. And in this regard we can even speak somewhat positively about Anita Sarkeesian - arguing that she ... just had the misfortune of picking a really stupid point to talk about, in a really ... "clumsy" ... way (slapstick quality).

OK, ... wipe ... restart.

Really! I'm with them Anti SJWs because ... I happened to enjoy JRPGs. ... ... ... . Really! Thats ... I think a good argument! So, lets say there are two grand architectures of game: The 'storyless' ones, and the story driven ones. Or in other words: Puzzle games versus action games, or conflict oriented games. JRPGs being amongst the latter. You play as some Character who's drawn into some conflict - while, if you want to take it Biblically, ... Old Testament ..., you got to lean more towards Fantasy themes, as, ... recreating creation were somehow a sin. We can read that into the 10 commandments at least.
But anyway. So do many games have Antagonists - and how did I get into this fucking corner again? This is one way to go on with this - and it would seem that the only thing missing is to critizie the presence of any sort of conflict. But I'm leaning more towards the other side - that if we only had peaceful games, a lot more people would be bashing their heads against each other in the streets!

I mean, take Minecraft, ... or 7 Days to Die (really, after playing 7 Days to die ... Minecraft ... well, ... kindof lost its charm for me. ... as I'm about to tell you:), ... some people would prefer to play it 'not' on Peaceful, so, with Zombies and Creepers, despite the damage they can cause. (Creepers are Animals that explode in player proximity and tend to destroying chunks of what the player has built. Yea, like Terrorists.).

And conflict is anyway inevitable ... as, if we all had to agree - whom were we to agree with? And what about? Certainly are there points that are just ... evident. You don't jump from a Skyscraper expecting to survive the fall. For instance. And if a "shill" said that, that wouldn't change the truth of it. Then, our own individual ability to be right about something tends to depend on what we individually know. And thats why "Authoritarianism" is wrong! So yea, "Fuck YOU CCP".
What is it that 'we' are fighting for? And by 'we' I mean: Those who aren't rich and powerful! I mean, powerful as ... Kingsize powerful. I mean - I'd say there are those that fight for their own ... insane lifestyle ... and those that fight for things they believe in as part of the greater whole. Like, freedom of speech. And SJWs and the CCP have a thing in common. (Play Lost Vikings 2 Soundtrack here (Smugglers Cove))

Or as appabend puts it: You can't please them unless they control everything, ... and that ... isn't really safe either!

I too believe that. There certainly is a somehow cynical attitude towards it - but this is one of those cases where being Cynical is ... kindof appropriate. Although on the other end ... ... . well. "Danger!". See, ... the thing is that ... we can sympathize with them and say, yea - if it weren't for the Anti SJWs we were to ignore Anti SJW talking points and think of SJW issues productively. But ... in this sense ... I ... feel similar about SJW issues as I feel about the defense of rape. "Only we do it right!". And by 'we' I mean: Those with God. Freedom of Speech is that one main topic to think about in that regard. So, giving the SJWs the benefit of the doubt, it so happened that their efforts were met with hostility - where giving Anti SJWs the benefit of the doubt, they only talked how they saw it and SJWs found themselves incompatible with them. Almost like they've gotten themselves into something they then couldn't easily pull out of anymore. But then they went on and made a huge deal out of it, where - instead of looking for some kind of co-existence they went on "Full Hitler" on it.

And the more the tensions rise - projectively - both ends would find themselves sympathetic with the idea of exterminating the other side.

And as much as I am 'for' calling them SJWs out on their BS I got to watch myself. You're right to not listen to me in a lot of cases; Depending on your sentiment; But as much as that is the case you also got to watch yourself!

Uhm, ... we for instance all should understand why killing in Self Defense is better than killing in cold blood. But some would only see a 'way' to get away with murder ... like, how the US recently went after Assad because of that Chemical weapon attack ... without properly investigating the case. Thats called a "False Flag" attack. And so is ... the thing. If we go against those that don't agree with us, we kill their good potential. Acting in Self Defense however is just a matter of protecting our own. And going against their then obvious 'destructive' potential. Easy!

And thats what I see most Anti SJWs do! Acting in Self Defense. Protecting that good they see as in danger.

While the likes of Anita Sarkeesian - they don't have much of a point. They criticize something that too has been on my mind. Which reminds me: These "Everything is Sexist" standpoints 'offend' me as a transgender person. So, OK - I'm a slut in that regard - and be it the stereotypical muscle-man or the stereotypical baywatch siren - I like that for a reason. Maybe I'm more male than female at that point, ... but whatever. We all exist in Vanity. The world is vain. Its ... pretty, for the most part. I mean, I would argue that most transgender people "exist on" gender stereotypes. Culture is racist and Trans people are sexist. Inherantly. Kindof. I mean ... I need t a new term. Lets call it a "grey apple". A grey apple is a point you have and are making that you basically make based on your own ... experiences ... ways ... stuff - something you're qualified to talk about but in a way ... that ... has to be taken with a grain of salt - sotospeak. So, if you know how to code a game (like me), but can't quite consider yourself as on eye-level with "actual" Game Developpers. Or if you're Transsexual but haven't ... outed yourself yet. Well, I have outed myself - but ... I'm making no efforts at this point to go any further than that. And - I think there was a key moment. Its been due to a collegue of mine who was 'friendly enough' to be honest about ... how she experienced me and her words were - it doesn't quite 'harmonize'. And that is the one thing I have always been ashamed about too. I haven't found my style yet - and while "cross dressing" always felt like ... I'm doing something wrong. And you can take that either way - finally I have other excuses ... and anyway ... ... its not 100% right if I consider myself transsexual or transgender or whatever the wrong term for what I am per se were. On that point we kindof get to "destinctions of pride". And on those notes I think I'm really ... more of a guy/man than a woman. Thats how I live my life at least.
... But anyway ...

To get back to the JRPG thing. Most JRPGs start out in a setting of peace, everything is fine - the righteous rulers got everything working fine for everyone - until some madman comes along with some weirdass agenda and everything goes downhill for everyone from there on. And so I got to put on my Chibi mask, take out my pixelated sword and "give 'em".
Its no Rocket Science!

Street Fighter is! Somehow.

And there is no "Agenda Pushing". Its simple as black and white. First everything is good - and then there are oppressed and mistreated people everywhere. Right and Wrong as simple as it gets.

Its thereby kindof a no-brainer that in 'real life' - at this day and age - the baddies would plop up as "the Hero" - I mean - Christ even told us so!

Sometimes more; And other times less ... easy to spot. But what matters isn't the appearance, but what comes out below the line; So, when doing the math.

Yes, so is that. "The bigger picture" ... to me.
Grey Apples. ... I mean, we all sortof do start as that. Any Journalist started as a Journalist but yet would need to 'earn' his or her Journalist status.

More simplicity: When these ... 'bad guys' speak of Justice - we've had it some while ago about Faith and Fanatism (the Rise of the Tomb Raider example) - can we call that grey apples? I mean, thinking of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) we have something of an "End Game Version" of what ... this "total control to do Good Stuff" would look like. Yea, all those that 'disagree' are "terrorists" - and couldn't the world be "such a wonderful place?". Yea, kindof! But who makes it a shit-show to begin with?

There at some point it seems like that 'freedom of speech' defenders are in deed the bad guys - but as a Christian I have to say that Jesus didn't leave us with an aweful lot of specifics to go on with. So, there isn't anything to really be authoritarian about, ... other than those 3 points of the Doctrine - and the corresponding 'right way of baptism'.

So, wouldn't it be for Freedom of Speech ("Heretics") - chances are we wouldn't ever figure out what the Truth of that were!

The Bible is explicit enough to say it as: "Everything is allowed" (Literally! The context: "Everything is allowed, but not everything is productive") - and evidently we, as a whole, had/have our problems totally understanding the magnitudes of right and wrong in all of its width.

Time has passed though, and nowadays isn't 1000 years ago anymore, ... and 1000 years to us would seem a lot. On another scale it isn't all that much though. I mean - its a bit more than what once used to be a lifetime. Up until now I'd say our civilization(s) basically thrived on a disparity between smart people and the mass. So - someone know how to build stuff and others were the manpower needed to realize that. I'm sure we might at some point find some word like racism and sexism for that kind of perspective. Its 'elitarianistic'. But nowadays we all get smarter - we operate more complicated issues. But that is ... all beside the point. 100 years, or 1000, ... times have changed and through our many differences, I think, we've learned quite a bit about right and wrong. We all silently agreed to all be equal in the public while its not supposed to be anyones concern what we do in private. Or what we believe in. And to my understanding - 'real ancient christians' would know ... as they ... basically ... well, some hostile force ceased control over the church ... and thats as simple as that gets.

Its kindof ... instant Karma ... just ... even sooner. "Pre-punishment". Kindof. Weird. ... I mean, I think we have more than enough reasons to humble ourselves. But when it gets to right and wrong I think we're still those 'starving the most' - in terms of looking for ... a conclusion. Its so that in one sense we've humbled ourselves, or in other words: We were trained to be open minded ... so in a somewhat 'weakening' sense - arguing that we'd tend to agree with everyone for whatever reason. But that of course can't be the point either and is certainly not the full story!

Its kindof out there to say/conclude that the Antichrist was/is necessary - and on that note: The first time the 'the Antichristians repented' issue came to my mind - the image also played out towards the point that they should continue just the way they did/would. And so the whole case annihiliates itself. The thing is that he would go on and flip the good meaning of the word - we would play along - he wouldn't notice that and support us - until he did and then its all one giant controversy, ... or something like that. Whatever. And in a sense its still that way. The Antichrist not realizing right from wrong - except it concerns him directly. He ... uh ... Gaul (the first Destiny 2 Raid Boss) reminds me of him/that or way around. Either way ... now we have today ... and I'm not a part of either side. Whatever that means or is about.
(Sometimes I think I was meant to become an Avatar of the Antichrist but God snook my Spirit into the Body and now ... it sucks to be him! And on that note I also get to think/feellike he's offended by just what I am ... :P ... (disgraceful!))

And what I'm getting at is that things aren't all that ... "empty and open" anymore. And it is the dealing with oppression and such that really adds contrast to the 'right cause'. It all starts with one injustice - we were the 'true Christians' - someone took that away - and from there on all we did wrong was to believe in what we know was right. And so we get to empathize ... or whatever ... get our struggles and what not - and ... if it now stands as though we had all the power, I'd think thats rather a compliment than something to be offended about! Uh, weird.

But that I consider myself one of them is a bit of a Grey Apple. So, whatever.

Freedom of Speach. Simplest of all points! It also gives us permission to be edgy, to offend, ... where - yea. I think its obvious why the Bible advises us not to be offensive. (SJWs!). But should we let that guideline stand in the way of anything that is good and righteous? Hell no!

Being edgy is our own Antichristian influence. We're encouraged to use our fantasy, our abilities of comprehension and abstraction - and this has a way of getting blown way out of proportion. I mean, I got to think of how Entertainment "began" - thinking about arts, what it means to be an artist - where I think that most content creators and geeks would agree that the best artworks are those that the creator essentially did for him/herself. Inside of us are where our visions are at - what we dream of, what we're bothered by - which is a bit more nuanced than saying that we do it for ourselves. And again, if there is any advantage to being besties with God, then its just some sort of blessing on success. But I speculate!
The other way would be dumb though.

I think we're blessed with a good taste. And because we're prisms for the Light - well - we do the coolest shit around!

How did I get here again?

So, its not 1000 years ago. That was ... what I wanted to ... get into a point with. And then the whole ... what it means Biblically and what not distracted me. And the general idea was all about ... in simpler terms ... our philosophical progress. And by that I don't mean to differenciate between us and them and those and these and what not. At some point there is possibly bias, but we're diverse enough I think - as a whole - that we can even see it as a privilege.

And so the term moving forth from was on the magnitudes of right and wrong. The fact that we weren't told what is right and wrong per se. I mean - the points where Jesus is anti Old Testament settle the premise to that. There isn't a really specific code of morale and ethics. So its obvious to say: "OK, anyway - be a good person! Good enough! Its ... common sense!". Next to that there was/is the Mission - but in those terms we've been pitched into a somewhat Dark Souls ish setting. Anyway. Thinking of this as Illuminati versus Antichristians doesn't take us anywhere. I think of Antichristians, in that sense, of something more like a Fire. You avoid it. #dontstandinthefire. They both have their own issues - lets just say - and I have mine. I think at some point you can relate to the idea of being 'accused' of being Illuminati and we'll find ourselves on roughly the same page. ... I, kindof lost the point ... so ... I think, ... I think you get the point anyway.

Freedom of Speech. Oh yea - ... ahw ... drrrp. "Does it include the freedom to call for genocide (derp derp)?". Err - ... well. Clearly I want you to agree with me. For that I try to find points for you to agree on. And in that regard there are those really extreme examples, like self defense versus cold blood. Just so to establish the 'sense' of what ... that is all about. We might have different beliefs - to begin with - we might all be aliens to one another at some point - and on that note: In fiction it usually works better for a character to wear its flaws on its sleeves instead of trying to be the good and understanding type. Yet beyond that - if you can dig the basics of what God wants for/from us - there is one more thing we can come to agree on. At which point it however turns out to be important, as a matter of the Free Speech issue, that you understand that your matter is between you and God - that we so can come to agree on God in behalf of what and who God really is - rather than superficialities and paranoia.

And whether or not you want to deal with SJW issues is your thing. Derp. Obviously.

But clearly it is one of those cases where there are standpoints - agendas - realities - and we should know better than to just stand there doing nothing about whatever madness we perceive! And on that note I can get back into the Video Games topic.

I think its fair to suggest that when it gets to pointing out wrongs in the Gaming Industry the common sense ends up being there where the vocal majority meets. So, thats where EA comes into play without rightaway calling them the worse. They are considered the worse - and the second worse would be Ubisoft. On this note because they would make those games people generally care the least about. And why is that?

Well - its ... kindof simple. The most commonly shared negativity about Ubisoft would be concerning the Assassins Creed franchise. The notion that they have this attitude of dishing a new AC Game out on an annual basis - and what those Devs or Producers or whatever don't seem to get is that the main reason why Fans are pissed about it is because the games become ... "bad" in process. Its the same point that Strat-Edgy makes on the newer Fallouts and Skyrim. That games which once excelled through their depth end up being shallow. That interesting franchises end up uninteresting. Not worth the money. The reasoning is to say: Rather an AC every 2 years but therefore 'good' - than an AC each year and therefore bad. On another note I would argue that Consumers generally have gotten some grasp of what differenciates really good stuff from bad stuff. Uh, ... as it so gets to "the demand for passion". And the game that made this clear to us the most would be Duke Nukem Forever I think. Its not so much that the game had an aweful lot of hype around it that the game couldn't live up to - but that the game basically had nothing in common with what we expected from a Duke Nukem game. I mean, the whole point of being hyped about it would be some 'Anti CoD' sentiment. So, CoD (Call of Duty) being synonymous for boring linear gameplay without a whole lot of challenge. Which was exactly what we got with Duke Nukem Forever. "Just another CoD". But maybe this gets easier to sample in regards to Resident Evil. They started up as claustrophobic Horror Adventures - and at some point turned into mindless Zombie Shooters. There so was no more Horror, but just pew pew. And for pew pew - there are loads and loads of other games ... especially because "most of the Industry" turned whatever franchise they got into some mindless pew pew.

And yea it are those destinct franchises - their chances - which consolidated that sentiment. The fact that we missed something - and taking a good look around we figured: Err ... where is my alternative?

I mean, in terms of "Design Symmetry" - it may not be 100% accurate but still good enough to say: Resident Evil is diametrically opposed to Call of Duty. Gameplay wise. And buying Resident Evil would make one expect Resident Evil, ... and if you order Pizza because you don't like Lasagne and the delivery service still delivering Lasagne ... you get why that would upset people!


And so ... Ubisoft in regards to AC might argue: OK, better 1 60 dollar game per year than 1 per 2 years - its, simple math. But if nobody cares about the Franchise anymore ... its ... not really a gain in practice! Isn't it?

Ubisoft would have been advised better to continue Assassins Creed by expansions. So, ... like ... they are cheaper for the consumer - but it keeps them willing to buy into it. And this willingness isn't based on practice, but the quality of the result. Or the price to pay for the experience. Well, anyhow ... so much for the idea of "how businessmen ruin everything".

What works for Skyrim I guess is that there are enough people who enjoyed the Experience. As so with CoD and whatever else unbeloved franchise there is. But when it gets to "On the rails" linear immersive games ... I think the general consensus is that Uncharted 4 does it right! Its like an Interactive Movie but still a game. Its just well done - as far as I could play it - and gets praises although it basically embodies everything wrong about gaming except for Microtransactions. (And Microtransactions. Well - imagine ordering a Pizza with quarter or even a half of it either missing or locked away in a steel box - that you have to acquire some key for first, ... either way paying extra for it. It ...). Well - Microtransactions. There are such 'nasty terms' as "Day 1 DLC" or "on Disk DLC" - which is like just getting a half pizza. There is content there 'already' - but yet we're expected to pay extra for it. Its one thing if those are only cosmetics, but a totally different thing if its supposedly a part of the gaming experience!
And things like that helped Capcom to really take a nose-dive from being a respected to being a disrespected Company.
As so in regards to Street Fighter X Tekken there were Characters 'on the disk' that yet had to be bought extra. While, 'in the good old days' (and yea - one for: "Good Old Days beyond Nostalgia") extras like that used to be hidden in the game - but accessible by some means. So, bonus content. Something that seemed wasn't there - but if you played well enough or figured out some secret - it was there. So, thats like Ordering Pizza and you're getting asked if you want Ruccola to it (FOR FREE!).

So, "which is better?".

One way the Industry got big - and once it got big - things inexplicably changed. ... hmm.... .. ... . .. .. .

And so the thing Strat-Edgy rants about ... thats ... similar but arguably worse. Its like - you wanted Pizza but ... tomatoes were banned. Or cheese. Whatever. Or if you got a Hamburger instead. Well - so yea, not too bad - if you like Burgers that is ... you might say "OK, whatever - good enough". But once you really want Pizza - it starts to hurt. And the worse part is kindof that this "Gamer Rage" tends - in the public eye - to be considered "spoiled entitlement". All in all this has been critized time and time again - nobody cared - and now its somehow common sense ... in a way that ... goes under ours skin. We're kindof allergic to money, or ... practices of a kind; While ... somehow we're getting "Stockholmed" - in a sense of ... well ... what choices do we have?

And yea, well - at this point I can add 'my' (very own) talking points. Or point. Well, lets see. I ... as much as others despise whatever they particularly don't like ... I'd say I'm missing ... well, ... . Disclaimer first: ... nah. Well - its ... weird. In general I'm concerned about the 'time' that games ... urrr. No, I don't really have a problem. I had one ... but finally ... Destiny was a huge Timesink. Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, Street Fighter 4, Dark Souls 3 - those were all games that kept me hooked for a really long time. FFXV, Horizon Zero Dawn and Rise of the Tomb Raider on the other side were just good enough ... not in a diminishing sense ... to keep me interested for long enough - and there is still stuff I could do. If anything I nowadays ... kindof got what I was asking for, ... to a point that now I don't think I have enough time! And still I'm terribly bored every now and then. Thats just the way life is It hink.
Yet somewhere on my mind its like - all these games don't count. But yea - if a game gets generally praised all accross the board - it tends to be true! Thats ... I have experienced. And so yea - as a gamer - there is a lot to be proud of. In a weird sense. I mean - at that point one were proud of consuming something. Its a weird thing. To the outside - who cares? Yet internally - so also in an outward sense - just looking at the wide variety of cool stuff that there is ... its not all just Call of Duty!

But yea - I think we gamers, some of us at least, .... have this problem ... or dillemma ... that kindof disables us from fully endorsing the label or the industry. I mean, its hard to put a finger on it. Hmmm /.... .

Skyrim ... I haven't played it. But that doesn't matter. I don't mean to judge it. And so its good that I haven't played it. The reason why I bring this up is because "I felt it". It came to my mind with this feeling of: This is the thing to write about. The / ... that was there ... totally unintended. A typo effectively though my fingers kindof ... did their own thing there. I took it then as a 'break' as a "don't write about whats on your "hmmm..." mindedness right now". Which was to think about this ... whats hard to put a finger on ... in context to other ... feeling based things "should be on my mind right now". There is another thing I've started to write ... and I wondered how close the two things are.
But so - in terms of Skyrim I have my own feels; And they are mixed. To get to the bottom of this I have to go way back ... to the time where I began working on Myth of Agoraeyah. In that regard I would say I have or had some feeling for what is wrong with Gaming ... though more so in contrast to what I had on my mind for that game. Its a bit like ... unlocking stuff in a game. Once I got to a point where I had some concept, it felt like - "in comparison to that whats there today is bad" - sortof. So, a sense of what is bad ... more to the point. That sortof filled me with some kind of tension - as in, well, if those things were to be leaked - those things would make it into some other game ... which in some sense were mine but ... not. So I kept them to myself. Yet I wondered - or worried - about how much "they" could figure out on their own, ... and whenever something close to what I had on mind got announced ... I kindof kept my fingers crossed that it would suck - or at least be different. And so far it seems to stand that Gods got my back there. And while I so have a reason to be reliefed, worries come in, like ... wondering if it could be detremental. But so far there have been plenty of different good games ... but so kindof in a way that makes me think ... well, that my visions aren't really relevant anymore. And when it gets to actually getting anything done I'm ... not really 'anywhere' yet.

Yet, beside what I want my game to be - well - there's also something I want other games to be. I mean ... games that are different to what I want to do but still good. And thats something that struck me about Dark Souls. I had some visions of what else it might be - or ideas, inspirations, whatever. Not in a sense of good or bad - but different. To a point though that makes me wonder: Isn't that the game I'm actually playing right now?
The differences would be minimalistic. And I wonder if the games creator could make anything of those thoughts I have. But thats what it'd come down to for me; Because I myself don't really got much.

I got the feeling I'm constantly in over my head. Whatever the case. Basically saying - I don't really care anymore. There are infinitely many possibilities ... it seems ... which to human standards would say as much as that I'm crazy!

I mean, I think what I think of in regards to Dark Souls might just have been the original concept behind Demon Souls ... so - there really isn't much to ... make of it I think.

But well, keeping the pearls to myself - how am I doing this now? I mean, well ... so returning to Skyrim ... I think its both. I mean ... I have mixed feelings about it; And both sides are true. Saying that objectively games that are good enough can be both - good and bad - depending on what you're looking for or what your mood might be. So to the point that a game can either meet its promises or not, depending on what you anticipated from it. So the diplomatic solution being: If people dislike one particular game then because the advertisement promised them something they wanted, but didn't deliver on. Err ... "duh". But this also means that all the feelings I have - regarding whats so bad - aren't false. They are just not ... that 'absolute' in their value. Or in other words: Skyrim may have been disappointing to some - but still good enough or even perfect for others - ... and so the edgy conclusion: Good enough is good enough ... but not perfect!
Which yea - is actually opening that hole for me. The ... thing that many gamers complain about - that, ... games have gotten shallow. That so were the accumulation of a lot of peoples sentiment - which might be there as someone somewhere began to generalize rather than pointing out which game made them feel that way; And others agreed on that note even if they might think of a totally different game as even liking the one that person actually had on mind. I mean, if Strat-Edgy had it his way - some games would be much deeper than they are. Which means they would be more engaging and ... yea - simple enough. That is my 'time point'. In the bigger picture: Games would be less casual - Skyrim wouldn't be just some open world medieval fantasy amusement park plus power fantasy but a solid RPG. Where the 'spiteful' critics would argue that the companies don't want to make those games because they would keep the player invested for longer ... which would lead them to buy less games. And in that sense does my negative attitude towards the gaming industry flourish.
Grow. settle. Whatever.
The idea that everything is evil - which is ... in another sense just about money. And Blizzard is somewhere in the middle of all that. I mean - alongside Square Enix (Japan) - they just do their thing and so far it worked well for me. Not everything has to be super complicated and deep and what not - and Final Fantasy has always been a story driven experience that takes the player through a plot ... and it'd be disappointing if that ever changed.
I mean - furthermore - Final Fantasy is really unique in that regard, ... as ... each installment of the franchise is basically ... decoupled from whatever came before. Aside of a few returning gimmicks - each Final Fantasy is a whole new Fantasy.

Uhm - whatever. I certainly didn't play every good game that there is - and yet I'm complaining?

Why is that?

Have you lost sight yet? I think this question nails it pretty well. There is good and there is bad - and depending on where you're standing at a time some issues can either be all that matters or totally non relevant. And I don't think this is really anything that ... can be 'solved' per se. We can only keep on complaining and hope that devs get the message!

But its easier to see: That what really 'opresses gamers and gaming' is the outside perspective. I mean - other than myself, we don't really take these issues to the outside. I've not heard of a gamer speaking in front of the UN to advocate for banning bad business practices. Although that is technically what we should do!
Its no surprise that Anita Sarkeesian gets gamers 'mad'. Its just 'one more problem' we got to deal with. Oh yea, what were those problems again?

Its not about whatever random game isn't really a masterpiece - and so yea, whats the problem if a once masterpiece franchise all of a sudden got ... meh? I mean - I personally couldn't care less about what the next AssCreed got going for itself. Maybe at some point they got a good idea again ... and what sucks more than the next AssCreed is arguably all that smartassing about why I should even care. Whatever that may be. But no. There are games like Star Wars Battlefront that one would hear only negative stuff about that ... just 'stink' to heavven and beyond ... and if its clear that everyone who buys into something like that is a Moron, then yea, its settled!
Or is it unfair to say such things?

I mean, if I had to think of the last game that I bought into which turned out being really bad ... I'd say For Honor. The thing though is that I bought it after I played it a bit and I really liked it at that point. But ... the player count for that game dropped by in about 95% I heard ... and I personally would blame that on horrible game balance ... I wrote of that before. Mind baffling balance choices - that make me at least wish them no success whatsoever - and yea, I have a theory on rage quitters: Rage Quitters are people who have been given the tools to get easy wins - like by lets say some stupidly overpowered and unfair Character - so they get used to win by nothing but Bullshit and once they get their ass kicked they just quit because they're not used to coping with the real challenges of a fight. And some Game Devs seem to be no different than those. They then call us entitled because what are we complaining about? And so the shitstorm continues and its no good for them. Yea - perhaps Gamers are a bit like Dolphins.

I mean, raping is a social habit amongst them. And we similarly bully up against what we don't like - and I think this goes into the "easy money" box. If you want that gamer money you got to deliver!

But I don't believe everything is fair either!

But because I am a game developper myself (yea, for some time already - but I still got nothing done) - I mean, I think I understand my position. If I end up with too big of an ego I would tend to believe that people are supposed to like my game because 'me' - and because I don't want my game to end up sucking I take my sweet time to maybe get something done. The bottom line were that the Game industry isn't an industry as any other. Its about art! Some parts of it are boldly mechanical, so ... work can be outsourced ... yet they are something people eventually end up spending an intimately lot amount of time on it. I mean, thats the point. Coming home from work, turning on the console or whatever and having some fun. The thing we would kindof want from life in general. It to be fair so that is. I mean - one can criticize gamers for being too comfortable; But then - what can we do? What are we supposed to do?
We're not all equal either. Where, if a multiplayer game were to cater towards ... "edgelords" ... I don't need to be surprised if that games online community sucked! And so the devs shouldn't be too surprised either if it ended up sucking as a whole!

Funny how life goes sometimes!

I mean - prior to Street Fighter Vs release I've been active on the Capcom-Unity forum - and as it got news that they censored some parts of the game due to SJW outrage ... well ... folks there weren't really pleased and some even went as far as to boycott the game. I don't know if they/he/she pulled it through ... but under the line I'd still say that they lost more players than they gained - and because of what? Catering to the wrong people! Like really - an SJW in Street Fighter? Why? How? For how long? Ultimately the game would thrive on the commitment of its fans - as you don't just pick it up and become good at it! I right now am very slowly getting better, but basically still bouncing back and forth between bronze and super bronze league. And still I'm getting obliterated every now and then - ... and is it casual fun? It is - if you put enough commitment into it to understand why you lost - sotosay. Or why the opponent is so much better. To say - if you put enough effort into getting competitive at it. Its a fighting game for crying out loud - and crying out loud doesn't make you any better, so, which SJW would even think of picking that game up?

If I were in charge of it - I think ... at least thats my spontaneous idea right now ... I would have added a good and juicy clapping sound to R.Mikas buttslap instead. That would certainly have increased the games player base! Well - how was that with catering to the wrong people? Well ... weird!

Weird as in: I feel like all this is merely scratching on the surface of it all.

A part to it might be to say that gaming is a world that many people don't understand - and we don't understand that - or don't understand how to communicate as a whole (because there is no whole) - and ... stuff like that. I mean - it was somewhere around the Star Wars The Fuck A...ydon'tevenknow premiere that first of all there was this hype ... everyone was a Star Wars fan - though something was wrong already. Everyone who actually liked the prequels got comfortably silenced/overlooked (#selfentitledfans) - it anyway was a thing for everyone to be hyped about, ... apparently, 'mainstream' all the way - until shit got a bit more real. Then there was this 'one' chick on TV - yes only one, which ... "thanks" to how news tend to spread still had some influence - who called those "selfentitled fans" ... well, whatever works in mainstream, which is ... pathetic fat guys sitting in the basement of their mothers. So ... "we cannot be pleased" ... apparently ... even if what we're sold isn't anything like what we'd want!

I mean, on that note we would need more data on anyone who ever said anything ever - complete with pictures, bio, CV and credibility record. Because now I'm apparently a fat guy sitting in the basement of his mother. In the end things went as they went and I don't really care about the rest of the saga anymore. It would be nice, at least in the idea, if voicing the own oppinion wouldn't derail into nonsense like that - as, we basically express ourselves in a hope of being heard - rather than being "astro turfed away" - but if things go down shit-creek, thats that - and any lamentations are ... well, just that. There is no saving those that don't want to be saved!

And this is where stuff is getting more seriously.

There certainly are issues and concerns that go a lot deeper - but I'm also sure that most of it is bullshit with the rest being ... sortof bullshit. I mean, on the one side objectively there are things we have to learn as a society, ... like, what makes an objectively good game ... as so in regards of what is good for which kinds of people, or rather so, kids. And we don't really know that. We can't say - it might be bad therefore it will be bad. I grew up with not a lot of games at my disposal. Growing up these days is certainly different. And in that regard our mindset should be on taking care that they will have a way of speaking for themselves - as ... after they've gotten some more mature. Like, well, I am part of a generation that grew up 'alongside' games. I am as old as Dragonball! Uhm, well. Rather than growing up next to video games - I grew up next to Videogames as they became more ... playable. I mean, being more than just simple arcade games ... like ... Zelda and Mega Man. As that I am one example of what comes from that - or to be more specific - a certain type of parenting in regards to that. In that sense, games and movies/TV have been my parents - sortof - with the occasional prohibition ... like, I remember playing Doom and all of a sudden my Dad plopped in being totally shocked about the noise that came from my speakers and from there on I was supposed to never play that game again. We weren't allowed to play Street Fighter either. Growing older ... of course I picked up on Street Fighter as soon as I could. Which as an N64/Game Cube person wasn't all that easy. So, I got "back" into it during Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012 at some point. On Doom ... well ... I ... didn't listen to my Dad ... and dumped a lot of time into Duke 3D - so ... there wasn't much of a need to make up for anything.

So I'm a bit different in some way ... saying that my parents actually policed my habits ... and I don't know how that fits into what I'm supposed to think of my parents but for the most part ... it didn't really impact me negatively - and I would do the same to my kids. Kindof. Hmm. Would it have hurt if I could have played Street Fighter more? I don't know. But I can tell that if saying no doesn't work ... there isn't a point to re-enforcing that.

Err ... well. Anyway - the main point is that when it gets to Street Fighter I have memories of us (my brother and me) and his friends playing Street Fighter outside. Everyone knew enough about their favourite Characters to play as them - and we'd so showfight while someone would have some grapes or whatever in his hand to account for health - and on each hit he'd discard one. Does that add up to anything 'more positive' though? I don't know. I degraded into a "lonely player" anyway - and most of my social life happens online. I do what I do and it'd be nice if that wouldn't be counted as "unemployed" at this point. Id say that I learned to be a hero - and I try to live up to that. And looking at which games really 'excell', all the 'fan favourites' - including movies - lead me to believe that this is some more general tendency. I think people could have figured that out already while the only thing to go around were books. Stories inspire. And that isn't an issue of agenda pushing. Its a matter of context, conditions, relevant situations - independent of political orientation. Well - in the end there would be certain things that could be associated to political orientations - but I ... don't think I'd consider a line like "I'm the good guy and I'm progressive - so please be a fan" particularly good writing. It'd be good humor though!

Thats been nice about Horizon Zero Dawn. Although a few lines made me cringe - the story is relatable. It wasn't/isn't new - and we know those problems out of real life - and in regards of good guys and bad guys there mostly are just those that try hard and those that are egoistic and fanatic. While yea - I do look down upon those that have no appreciation for such things. Those are the "truely spoiled ones" - those that know nothing but mindless pew pew - and next to them I think of artists that are like that. But I think those that have no appreciation for arts - except its explicitly bad - are worse. I mean ... if you're a gamer you know what I mean. Either you are/"were" "one of those" - or not. Either way you know them - while, maybe 'they' are simply put just too young to get any of that. And young people are doucheyz ... no doubt! I've been there, you've been there - and thats that!

Otherwise I like to believe that we in these terms tend to think too low of each other. And we're all guilty - as we all tend to think lowly of others - whatever group it might be that you think lowly of. I wonder though ... like ... if any of Trumps kids ever played a Final Fantasy game for instance. Anyway ... there are two types of heroes I think. By some metric at least. There's the Hercules - ... er ... whats the word ... Pathos? ... well, that hero that might as well just be any soldier ever who isn't particularly heroic - where its mostly just the appearance however - the 'iconic' - and there is the guy who becomes strong through trials and tribulations. So, its the inverse ... practically. The one guy is born badass and has no challenge whatsoever - where trials and tribulations are just ways to show off - and thats ... unless there is some clear good versus evil context ... what I tend to dislike. Thats what I think as a person; And hence it influences my artwork. And at this point I have more something of a real agenda - and so I end up writing stuff rather than working on a game. It to me is more important than providing a good metaphor I then ended up cashing in on - I mean, I'm about making it real - to say: no matter how close the stories in my games were to being "agenda pushing" - thats only the story my mind could come up with. Just pathos is more relatable to everyone - and thats where I see a problem. But its not like ... well, I can really do anything about it - and so ... all I could in the end hope for is to make a game thats fun "nonetheless".

Its not all that simple either.
It further doesn't matter either ... if you're getting it wrong IRL!

Either you've learned - from wherever by the way, be it games or real life - or you haven't.

And thats that. I mean - this is one of those topics I don't really like to really dive deeply into. Most of the troubles exist round about ... and while beauty is in the eyes of the beholder - sometimes one needs to be lectured ... as in: Being given the right tools to interprete something. As for instance to say: If something isn't obvious in and of itself - you got to be careful about you what you take from it. From the one side Antia Sarkeesian is the hero, from the other side she's the scumbag. "We're all flawed" then to some seems to suggest that we shouldn't even try to get anything right. They contradict themselves in bright daylight and call it "normal" - and us never getting to see anything but bullshit like that ... well ... what are we to make of it? What do we know?

Interpretation can also be used as a tool to lead people away from the obvious. As so to imply a deeper meaning into something where there is none - and while already being in bullshit one might as well derail it further into such.

These are real problems. Like - in essence we cannot rely on our problems to be resolved by social means. I mean - ... it goes against the directive to not judge. It might seem silly - but once someone treats another one unfairly and begins to complain to a parental entity - that entity is demanded to judge and the bully will conjure up excuses - and whom is the parent then to trust? So we have to seek to win our own battles ourselves - and while in Dark Souls or Bloodbourne we can argue that the right way is to not play it - this option is less broken in real life. There is God, and making it there is all it finally takes.

So on to Sexual Assault, Rape Culture and whatever-sexuality-phobia.

Rape Culture, I understand, is the case of blaming women that dress sexy for getting raped. Its crazy how - after some time of exposure to certain stuff at least - everything that feminists/liberals/progressives say sounds stupid. In a simple, expression based culture ... hear me out ... dressing Sexy is expressed interest, getting drunk with guys furthers that - and so there's that. End of the line. Does that justify rape? Certainly not! We don't need to be lectured about what Sexual Assault is. What it means - and all this meta-discussion sucks majorly ... and in some sense contributes to mass stupidification. Its like "yea, whatever! STFU and GTFO!". Being lectured on stuff I already know doesn't ... help. Its time I'll never get back. Especially so when its like blown up like the big deal that will blow everyones mind ... but turns out to be one confusing statement after the other. That doesn't help - and turns every person with a Vagina and a Degree into an entitled judge. Like in Judge Dredd. So - not in the badass sense. Those corrupt ones - as in Dredd (Loved that movie!).

I mean - we know! And realizing this has been a major part towards enabling me to actually (and finally) talk reasonably - to my taste - about these issues. Before it gets lost though: This all, all this, from top to bottom, left to right, is 'against' Assholes. Or against Assholeism. (I believe Sargon showed up on VidCon so Anita could insult him ... it was staged ... I say with absolutely no proof whatsoever, but - anyway ... :P)

Thats the thing, right? We don't like Assholes. Thats why we call them so. Its not really flattering and all that.

As from the point where I got into this - the statement stands consolidated that more often than not we do find ourselves objectively disempowered to do jackshit. And right off the bat there's nothing to suggest anything else to be the case in this area. Once bad shit happens to you, certainly ... retaliation would feel good ... justice feels good ... and while it would seem silly as in everything those Anti Rape Culture Advocates are upset about ... its a problem that such things happen to begin with.
Or did I get something twisted? Its hard to tell these days just who's upset about what and all that.
I mean, its almost like something one would need a degree in. Like Anthropology, just ... more contemporary.

And so it seems that 'social science' is all about pulling crap out of your ass and going on like its the gold standard.

For some time we go along with it - because ... they are smart ... lets hear 'em out - and its not some Illuminati conspiracy that shit stinks! Sorry!

I would say that any ordinary guy these days would like to help - like - creating Safe Spaces if that helped anyone. But eventually that leads to Ghettos and thats a whole other story.

So these days I think ... "we'd" actually want to tackle that problem, to get rid of Ghettos - along the lines of getting things more equal for everyone - but - those SJWs create new ones instead. Sigh - ... . Safe Spaces.
Ghetto or Concentration Camp or Safe Space ... whats the difference?

The one you're born into, the other one you're put into and the one left you're escaping into. ... ... yea!

So, I'm kindof sorry that this is going downt his ... "dismissive road" ... but as previously said: "Only we do it right" - because we are the only ones that can truely be trusted! We get your concerns, sotospeak, but we have some of our own and we tend to believe that in general we know things somehow better. I would believe - it wouldn't surprise me at least - that there are plenty of examples where we said: "Screw that! I'm out!" and things went downhill from there. We at the very least know where Church went without us. The from the get go institution with the most positive potential imaginable ... ever - turning into a savage shit-show of ... the same ol same ol political BS, organized crime et cetera.

So, you do what you want ... but ... I'm sure, from my end its true at least - and the Bible scribes similar ideas to God - that there is some kind of ... despise ... for, lets say ... "Silly people like that!". And thats just honesty. Its like ... you have a vision - everything would be fine - but ... "wait for it ..." and in comes average smartass with some nonsense idea that a 6 year old could debunk but whatever.
OK, I'm exagerating - a bit.
In case you're missing whats going on with me here: Its less about coming up with a solution as it is about making sense of things to begin with. And its kindof ... silly, maybe cute, ... to see how some people make some sense of something and go like its the solution to everything. Yea, there is a word for that. Its an N word.

Freedom of Speech. In an alternate slang however: The infinite obstacle to getting shit done!

The real problem is our society; And you guessed it: Who runs the show. The fact that we don't properly care of each other causes needs where don't need to be any - and if this is "gay" or "lame" - yea - you kindof got a handle on one part to where thats coming from!

I for instance can't trust you if I don't know you - and if I get a bad feeling; ... I'm even more skeptical. And whether or not you got raped or labelled by the false gender pronoun - I eventually get to think that you possibly might even have deserved it! Like ... Karma is a thing ... for some. Did you ever think about how someone could fake Good Karma?
It takes a lot of coordination for sure ... but we're not really a species known for ... humble projects and such.

I mean, how insane was the rise of the third Reich? It sounds kindof ... too far fetched. Too unreal to be real, to have happened. And ... "Holocaust Denier" is a thing! Or ideas like: "Did our past even happen?" ... woot?

If not - its still there - and what reason I do have to ... ignore it?

Or was it all staged? Well - we're getting to the point where that might even ... become a thing.

"What do you say? Hitler was a bad guy? Are you crazy?!?!". "This has been debunked a million times! The russians framed him!". ... err ... ... whatever. At some point it doesn't need to make sense. I mean - what does makes sense these days?

"Was he?".

I have a theory on why so many disliked Batman v Superman. Most of the arguments I hear are genuine BS to me. Lets get it straight: Batman and Superman are both good guys. Batman is a hero because his parents got killed by gangsters and he takes the fight to them. So - he has that agenda ... that past plus the possibilities ... to do something and so he does. Superman is just crazy strong - and how would he use that power? He helps people. So far so good. But how to make the two now fight each other? Thats where you have to think. Batman being the crazy guy? "Nah, that makes no sense". Superman? "Well, he's strong ... and - ..." - so strong in fact that you would be scared if he ticked out - and the movie ... basically rubs that into your face and so I think that most people just feel uncomfortable being put into that seat - that same seat as all those people yelling in the streets for getting Superman held responsible. And I think people were uncomfortable ... as they would have expected some "Superman goes crazy and Batman kicks his ass" kind of show.
And I think this fits into this topic. What I get to "accuse" you/people of is that if something happens that you don't expect - you have a hard time coping with it. Differently yet similar with for instance Fury Road. Different because there was nothing to base any expectations on - similar if you expected something more profound than an endless car chase and more transparent Characters.

And Godzilla were yet another example. In the uprise of grand epic CGI movies people would want some more Godzilla screentime - rather than an actually good Godzilla movie. And that - if true - is something of a testament of peoples inner smartass. The inner smartass makes it so that ones expectation becomes 'solid' - and disappointment then leads to cognitive dissonance - something like that.

And while I'm not super compassionate about these aforementioned talking points - same thing. But what you expect me to say? "Something profound". Well - profound as: I'd rather live in a world where those issues weren't problems because they wouldn't happen in an objectionable way!

Christ didn't die for us to cry about it - but more so to point out some flaws that we need to fix. Well, isn't that crying? Maybe - but the message of the Gospel ... the Bible itself ... on that regard ... still points the finger at 'you' - or 'me' - so - at the reader ... saying: "You take care that you aren't found guilty in his death!".

And so is my main reason for being ... perhaps unsensitive ... about this issue mostly that its a matter of whining and assholes. The whining I can't reasonably respond to - and assholes I don't need to really talk about. I mean, I get the whining part. I do it myself, ... here and there - as I got to say if I want to generalize 'that' as whining. Its ... technically a non-issue. Its just another instance of injustice ... at some points. Less obvious though, sadly, as that rich and powerful people get away with shit that ordinary people wouldn't.
Well - it all seems pretty much just as an extension of what happens in the mothers womb during fertilization. Those that push forward eventually make it "in" ... and so in this sense "fertilize our public". And us ordianry people generally are that because we don't have much of a ... thing going for getting there. And thats a thing with power. People who want it badly are eventually gonna get it - and the question is: Why? Or ... what?

Its not all good - and in a democracy, ... who ends up on top also depends on us!

And so on and so forth. Nothing all that new. So - I ... ... whatever.

On the other side. I have been to a Neurologist today and the tracks are set ... I'm gonna move away from being a Grey Apple now ... when it gets to my transgender issues. And it feels good/right. (And wow, the Neurologist emphasized that I'm smart ... she read that from my EEG! Cool! [Play Disney's Aladdin (SNES) Soundtrack here (Genies Lamp)])

But yea - expectations. Think about me - what would you expect from "the One"? I'd say - that I rock the boat, that my life is like the story of a movie; ... and as I don't meet those expectations it didn't seem likely that I should be taken seriously. But seriously - what is the One supposed to be? I mean - if it were all like in a movie - that spells 'STAGED' all over itself. It should be insulting to you. Its like the cheapest fake evar. Lazy. I mean - where's the point, even? "His life is like in a movie so lets follow him regardless of everything being possibly Bullshit!". I don't see myself as here to pose as the clown - to just deliver a show and force you to follow along. I need you to understand why you're convinced that I'm the guy. Or chick.
Its maybe another kind of cheap. To make no effort of looking cool whatsoever, err - while - even if, ... once there's a majority ready to bias your oppinion on what I'm trying to accomplish ... meh - well - whatever. And yea, its also something of a cheap trick to just say: My life is nothing like a movie, therefore - I'm the guy - ... but it certainly goes beyond that as what you are there supposed to think about is ... stuff to seriously think about!
Doing it otherwise, IMO, is paving the way to authoritarianism. As the whole premise is objectively Bullshit and only apparently reasonable after a whole lot of interpreting stuff around ... it furthermore thrives on shutting down anyone who has a legitimate argument against them. As, what are they going to defend themselves with? What argument is there - other than nonsense?

But we know in what kind of world we live - ... !

I mean - start off, getting into this video, reading just the thumbnail and think ... he shouldn't complain but participate. Thats how I got into this video and it gave me some strong cognitive dissonance. I'm not gonna tell you what though ... as it ... would bias your experience I guess.

Maybe its going to be different anyhow.

Another thing: The case with bad games is the following: Is Dishonored Wolf right on Destiny? Well, except for accusing Bungie of installing Pay-to-Win mechanics into that game ... yea. Saying - sure - Destiny would be a better game if the concerns he voices weren't a thing. Like Skyrim would be a better game 'if' ... and so on. Thats what is controversial at the bottom of it. Maybe gamers are spoiled. Err ... Spoiled by Gods mercy that he somehow ... made it happen that we are used to some grade of perfection - which is ... simply put fading as the industry in some sense tries to boast itself up against me or something like that. And so, all those 'CG' trailers ... uhm, basically Videos that don't show the actual game, neither the game engine, but are cutscenes supposed to generate hype - thats boasting, IMO - like - "Yea, we're doing the next masterpiece here" - ... but then fail to deliver because God said ... "Nope!".

But they have the power ... which might be a strawman expression, saying "yea - but that doesn't make them evil" - but its basically the point nonetheless. And like players that camp around the corner with a Pumpgun ... thats ... just part of the way things are. With the difference that campers ... well ... they ... are just part of competitive play. As once you get into Street Fighter you got to anticipate those that play dirty. There is no way around it.
This would be a good segway to start advocating for censorship and "taking over control" to "handle them" with authority. But no - thats ... just a good segway into this segway into the opposite - because ... principles. (Not everything that looks good on paper is good in practice. And authoritarianism doesn't even look good on paper. It works for the weak-minded - it makes some sense ... ). The alternative takes time ... no doubt, ... and its no way that works without 'real' faith. Well, don't ... be scared though. Its ... not that difficult. And ... ... the end goal is simply put - union/unity - not based on superficiality and/or labels and such - its simple. Simply put: Stick to the principle, refrain from authoritarianism, spread the Word and the Light, ... and that isn't political! Thats ... important to rationalize. Its just life. "And how do we get to the point then?" - well - ... stupid question! Its ... organic growth. It won't make a lot of sense if you're trying to hijack this plan ... because you need God! God who works from inside out. And thats one thing to learn - to - show the finger to those that try to cheat on you!

Play 'Yume Penguin Monogatari' Soundtrack here (Stages 2 & 4)

Pew pew!

I find it hard to find the right words ... but you should understand it nonetheless and you use your own words then.

I mean - if we become a majority thats going to show - and if we stick to our principles, everything is going to be fine ... objectively speaking - but even simpler: When in doubt, ... consult God. Its the anyway way to go - and the only guy who can really answer your questions is God. I mean - God is the guy who will answer your questions that you don't even know of yet. You are your own Authority - and only you can tell how God interacts with you. And if you are with God you'll easily see who is wrong about claiming to be with God. And if someone tells you what God wants - but God doesn't help you understand that ... its simple: You decide between God and ... whatever. How can this be ... backfaced? It would be if I weren't with God - but after all this ... where could I make the cut away from God? Clarity? Well - possibly! Who can tell?

It would be cool though if I were right ... because things would come together and bam! Simple!

Well ... we could call it 'draining the swamp' too. Not as a bold claim made by one person, but as a mutual effort - err - by making us stronger ... simply put. Focussing on our own. Its an 'inside' issue first. So, external politics would go as far as we could. We don't need to bother about China just yet. Once we got our shit together ... we might think of that. Eventually its all just a matter of time.

And this wraps it up - I think. There may have been another point, but it was kindof ... not all that important. I think. I want to discard it, but ... this doesn't feel complete. So ... I guess I'll take a detour and call out the obvious: The enemy won't respond to this properly. It'll be as though I wrote nothing, as though all of this is meaningless - pretending it doesn't exist, that no points were made or at least none that that would make them go "oh no!" - and yea - that point doesn't exist!
I'm sure it does exist - but that would be your actions. Basically. And they wouldn't show it. Perhaps they'll even be 'concerned' of you. Calling you irresponsible as all what I am telling you here does 'still' not really come together. Like, there is no ... super elaborate and highly detailed plan. As its always been - like, I'm loosing because I have less resources, less influence, less factual knowledge, ... while yea - there was this totally other point, that ... Antichristians will try to get you hooked on the idea that we need them. I called that ... or they call it ... 'rarity value'. So they'll boast with some knowledge they possibly kept secret just to shine with it in the end-game, making you believe we're lost without them. Well - ... the idea that if we had a discussion and I kicked them out, that we'd ... missing out on something valuable.

There are in general two projections that matter to me in this case. Its simply put onto a timeline. Forward or Backward. I don't want to move forward in the wrong way, but I don't want to move backward either. I'm not in for "pulling the plug" and moving back to medieval standards. Thats why its important to ... keep the chills. We can also loose out on things once moving too fast. And so, whats the shtick here? Fear! Of course!

But if we start off with a corrupt leadership and give them all the power ... well ... what does all their rarity really yield? What I suggest is to basically continue as always, just work on your salvation ... - and next wonder why you should allow them to take away your chills! Whats ... the hurry? I mean - if there is obstruction, things might seem like we need to really take drastic actions. But more important is the question: Why wasn't Bernie Sanders the Democrats candidate for president? Or is that their point? Well - seriously ... we don't know - and that should concern us! If we stay reasonable - and work forward to get things done on a reasonable basis - public and transparent - what can go wrong? ... Well, I'm not saying that its perfect, but ... whats the alternative? Pitchforks and Torches!

I mean, its really obvious. Whatever reason there may be that would suggest you don't really care about God ... its got to be bullshit! And ... again, although I'm the one saying it, advocating it, standing this ground, etc. - and although you would listen to me if you so listened to me at this point - it isn't about me! All you're saying at that point is that you want to take your time to get your head straight! Yes - you're considering that they might be wrong - but - if they aren't wrong, what are they scared about? Other than claiming that my God is fake? Thats what they say! But what is the truth?

Well - I had this question: "Can I possibly be Babylon the great whore?" - and now I want to follow up on that and give you my sauce to it. They would flip it so that, yes of course. The "signs are there". And thats all what matters to them at that point - that the appearances of me and that sync up. So to finally say: In theory, yes! And in practice ... it strongly looks like that. "He even sympathizes with being the 666". OK, but 'factually'. If God tells you that I'm his guy, then its settled that I'm his guy - and therefore cannot be Babylon the great - and therefore Babylon the great must be something else and woop, common sense suggests its the Roman Catholic church/Antichristianity which is what others might refer to as "the Illuminati Elite" or "Bilderbergers" or "Rotschilds" or "the Patriarchy". Not a person, but that entity - whoredom refering to money, shilling out the Gospel, that stuff. So - "the Mother of Whores" meaning: The force that keeps this world in check, that keeps "dirty prostitution" a thing, so, the rich and powerful get all the bitches - and look forward to increase their pool of potential slaves. Where on the other end if we took prostitution seriously and embraced it as part of our culture, we would disempower their dirty tactics - we would protect them, and finally - let them a) work properly and b) pragmatically. I mean - who really needs them? People that have everything already? Or that loner who can't get laid because of reasons, maybe lifestyle choices, maybe other things ... but the consumer on the other end wouldn't need to lust for power and money just to effort it! So, be careful whom you listen to!

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