On the outskirts of Reality

Saying that good and evil, all the suffering and hope in this world - is only a matter of perspective ... there is something of a "saying" we have these days, though it isn't a saying per se. It is repeated in sketches, uhm, acts ... theatre ... show, or figures; ... Wherein two people get into a fight and a third person that looks at it from the outside goes shaking its head.

There is a place however - from where everything doesn't look quite as bad ... as it might look from elsewhere. Is it an illusion? Or should I say: Welcome to South Park! ?? No. Its the outside. See - wherever there is this political tension, this dominance of chaos, segmentation, ... different oppinions thrown at each other ... - this is 'the Battleground' OK, or the 'marketplace of ideas', whatever ... its chaos. When I say, that clearly is no space for growing a plant - I mean it. You might say: Oh well, but somehow someone has to step forward and lead things onward; And yes that ones were right, but: That is exactly what causes this chaos, at least partially. Its however a part of it - and for as long as there is no clarity about ... seeing ... I mean, lets look at this great example from the

Where the crowd is about to stone a man to death - while the main theme of the movie is all about a man who's falsely taken as the messiah. How can I like it, as a Christian?
I wonder this, for - I have been raised by Seventh Day Adventist parents, and went to school in a Seventh Day Adventist internate for twice half a year (High School and College). And ... that environment is certainly too a part of me. It has left some impression on me, while throughout my "rebellious teen" stage where I got "hung up" on drugs (Dragonball Z, X-Com, ...) - I surrounded myself with Fantasy and Video Games. I wasn't Anti Christ or Anti God at that stage, ... but a bit so. Over a foolish wish that didn't come true I was disappointed, turned my back on Him - but I was still sure that He existed.
That came to an end when I read a book, while I was in that School during College. Basically I think I for once was mature enough to understand that ... an extreme counter-stance towards God ... well, to me at least that wasn't even an issue. Back in the days where that was more of a thing to me, I basically took a shift which turned me into the person that I had become - naturally.
So I was reading this book. It is all about the Revelation - the 'Seventh Day Adventist' interpretation. And to draw you a picture of the moment ... think of a cold concrete bunker with, with a covering on the concrete, like paint, to make the surface smooth. The weather though is warm. A wall of narrow wooden lockers - and on the other side 2 double beds. One Burmese Guy sitting on his bed playing Guitar, people walking up and down the hallway, another Burmese Guy drops in and out, an Indian guy drops in and out, ... the Lights go off at some point as the evening cermon is going on. Then they turn back on and we are about to go to our rooms and sleep. I stood there in the doorway, about to lay the book back onto the table right next to the door, and waiting for the last moment to maybe catch its owner I had time to contemplate. I'm now not exactly sure how it went down. But as I came to the moment where it was decided, I turned around and left the room with the book, heading for my room to then go on and study the bible ... taking first steps with this new idea on mind.
Nobody knew whom this book belonged to, but everyone said it'd be OK if I took it. I wasn't that hard to miss. The point for me is - the company I associate to being in that room. Those were my friends. Those with the bad habits, but not ... like those ... there are some really dark folks. Or ... I mean, its ... there are some really crude differences. I've been around some ... I suppose, ... downtown Manila guys - and ... cliche bad guys, in some sense. Where on the other side there are the more ... pacifistic guys, the believers ... with flaws. We still went out, smoking, drinking, ... but otherwise mostly just ate and watched movies. I mean, not that we ate all the time. But ... we wasted a lot of it ... "being free" - enjoying our ability to ... live. We shared the same frequency, being ... kindof all ... I mean, strangers to each other and the place around us.
The way I usually tell this is all about what brought about that change, whats in that book, how it mattered to me - but from this angle thats only the point where I turned towards God again. I mean - as of what I have become naturally ... I was a pacifist ... weed smoker ... and while being surrounded by ... well, effectively a religious echo-chamber - I further didn't have any real issues against God anymore - at the very least not after that night anymore.
And so - 'activating my faith' at that point ... well - I did start with nothing. Considering that everything is a lie ... I wanted to make sure I get an unbiased picture. The first thing I then came to read was 'Kohelet/Ecclesiastes' - and right away I was blown away because it substancially supported my attitude when it comes to smoking weed. As I got to the Gospels I also stumbled upon the "Nothing what so enters your mouth" passages - which, well, in a SDA environment ... aren't really talked about ... a lot? ... at all? And so I right away had a thing to ... 'note' ... (SDAs forbid alcohol and unclean foods (a.k.a. pork, etc.)). And in my oppinion I did with that also right away have a positive influence, or, begin to have one. Maybe not to those that don't take those words well, but certainly one thing connected to me 'legacy' ... there. But not that we did anything profound. We really didn't!
What I want to take from there is something about how the SDA in me thinks. How I've been taught to live sotospeak. So, no electric devices past sunset on friday - that was a thing. In general 'the world' is the bad thing - the only thing good is 'us'. That because only we take the Sabbath seriously, a.k.a. the 7th Day (Saturday) - which is thought/taught to be the seal spoken of in the revelation. So, because we obey the Sabbath and therefore the Law and therefore get that Seal upon us, we are those that are being saved while the rest is not. I think Jehowahs Witnesses would claim that the seal is knowing the true name of God. Bla dee bla. Whatever.
We're here talking of a mindset - I mean, Tai Chi is practically taken as equivalence to Worship - so that practicing Tai Chi is somehow ungodly, like, literally the worse thing - put as ... either Tai Chi or Jesus ... can't have it both ... nono, no way! Where as a kid I was taught that any contact with the Occult is something I should avoid ... that it'd "suck me up" ... and yea, matter of fact it at some point even came to a point where some Occult practice was brought up in school ... which I recall as I remember having been waiting outside while they did whatever they did. It was really made as big a deal that I remember wondering about when it might ever actually happen.
However - internally, I'm somehow wired to see Hollywood as something inherantly evil - so all movies are bad ... and therefore the Monty Pythons are. At the very least so because they promote Blasphey. They in that sense perpetuate the confusion existent on this planet ... bla bla. So on and so forth.

There was so that movie ... Monty Pythons and the Holy Grail. It was one of those rare occasions where my Dad insisted that I not watch it. So of course my curiosity grew - and ... as I saw the movie I just didn't think about the "Blasphemy" in that film. I totally glanced over it. I wanted not to blame them for anything - 'not judging' - and I thought it was funny. There to me however is a line - say, between what I realize as Blasphemy and what I realize as Comedy.
First of all - getting into this isn't really right - when continuing in terms of what I got this started on ... regarding the headline. Its in this inner ball of tensions, the struggle for the dominant idea, where these views are oppinions next to others.
But so, while we're here: First of all the question is whether or not the picture of God makes sense in terms of the comedy. Well, the comedy draws us a reality, ... a logically distorted realm in this case, where concepts we somehow know from the real world are drawn into absurdity. So there is King Arthur who is instructed by Jehowah to find the Holy Grail. This be the 'plot' - where the question so were: How to 'tell that' in the movie? Then we might however criticize the 'Character' given to God ... and for that matter, I don't really remember any of the text. So, I don't care. I didn't care.
The silly parts however, those that are legitimately funny to me, they also do 'legitimately ridicule' ... various hillarious things. As in that life of brian scene, ... where, well - OK, if there are any instances where it may be more like ... 'fuck you God' than not ... it fits into the narrative. As the ending of that movie puts it. "Life is shit". And so what? "Always look at the Bright Side of Life!". And thats basically fits well into the Ecclesiastes narrative. Treat yourself while you can, but keep on mind that one day you will be made responsible for your own actions. And so there is that one main narrative that ultimately counts: the 'Do the right thing!' attitude. And when I criticize "P.C. Bullshit" - it basically means that ... I get some sense of how that point is kindof obscured. Like, in Rise of the Tomb Raider where Lara states her motives for hunting that Artifact - which on paper do certainly sound good. But its here ... I want it to save civilization, to end hunger and all that - so, the ... good on paper stuff. So what is it? Some magical power source ... whatever. I'm not that far in yet. Yet, this is perhaps most fittingly that 'beam' in ones head ... spoken of in the New Testament. Thats how it hits me. Its a weird ... weird ... thing - it doesn't really 'synergize' with my inner harmony. How would I put it? Correcting it? Well, its probably not better per se. But, first of all lets prevent 'them' from getting it. They clearly aren't 'nice people' so ... on we go.

'Do the right thing'.

If I had to give you an example of what I would describe as Blasphemy, that mostly were philosophical things, where, basically is the idea of the words and images as a whole that is drawn as a picture. On the very top of my list is the instance where 'fate' is told wrongly. So, when consequences of divine origin - the so portrayed 'will of God' - lead to a conclusion saying "God Sucks". This is, however not visible to those that don't know God. But ... its not 'the real' will of God yet - and to further draw a contrast to this I think Married with Children (a.k.a. "The Al Bundy Show") is a great example. Here the general narrative were: If there is a God in that world, He's a woman and hates Al Bundy. But this is so an element of the comedy. Its the creators intention for 'Al' - whereby God were now however ultimately that cynical being. So, God speaks through the creators if they let him, but ultimately the guidelines to the comedy are set. And so the ways in which God can communicate are restricted. That means, if you want to see God in the creation, you have to first see the limitations. Its clearly overdrawn; And reflects a point taken previously - about the quality of life. And yes yes, that in some way is all bad. Terrible. Horrible! It 'distracts' from reality - that there is a way out. But that is a flawed perspective in and of itself.

Every Christian Entity these days can somehow point a finger onto its origin. Say, the Byzantine Empire, the Roman Church, Protestantism, ... Mormons. So, when taking the crucifiction of Christ as a time-node, whatever then came forth from it ... already co-existed with other religions. That is 'the world out there'. And some just don't believe in God. And which religion should draw them to their side? There are 'so many' Christian beliefs, 'so many' interpretations of the Quran, ... . And between all this Chaos ... life is shit!

So yea, of course ... is God the answer. That is the whole point. It isn't 'judgement upon others'.
But ... essentially that is so much of a point that it needs no repitition. Its ... part of every day life. And so ... lets ... move 'back' for a moment.

In short I would just say that it is about 'knowledge'. The chaos is an equivalent to an absence of knowledge - so obviously, once you do have knowledge, you'll find it elsewhere. This however as metaphor. Knowledge 'per se' is of course also somehow twisted up in that chaos, as ... whenever some facts become part of an argument. And in that turn, lets say - what table could I slap my Matrix thing onto to get somebodies attention - to further say, "hey look at this" - I mean, look at it and let it sink in for a moment. What kind of world do we live in? How did it ultimately have to happen?

IDK. Not so important. The point is that this center of confusion is like ... a maze. Its easy to see one thing as contradicting to another, ... and to get the full picture you effectively have to let go first and take a few steps away.

Something incredible ...


... Orlando! ...

Uh - sorry. I just have these ... words floating around in my head recently. Its like an earworm. On another note, maybe related to that, I got to say, if I had the chance I certainly would watch the 'the Book of Mormon' musical. I'm sure its great, provided that the Mormon behaviour isn't over-acted.
Uhm, its one of those things. Well, if you don't really know how Mormons behave, you might take a lot of it ... as ridicule. There is this South Park episode where a Mormon family moves to South Park and essentially its about how ridiculous the Book of Mormon is, kindof, but also about how Mormons are. So, two sides of a coin, essentially. And that is real. I don't know about myself, but others certainly. But thinking of a Musical and Acting ... I'm getting a bit scared ... that it might just get dragged down into the purely satirical, uhm, in a mocking fashion; And yea, the big point is that people can only act from what they know. The director can only project his own understanding onto the cast.

My big issue here is, to move on, possibly just a strawman. To tell you - thats why I told you where I'm coming from. So, the world is evil, everything is Satanic, ergo Monty Pythons is Blasphemy. So, 'of course' the sole presence of an 'image of God' (like on the other hand every picture of Jesus, but, lets not get in over our head here) is already enough. It desensitizes people, makes them think God is a joke - ... but 'aaaah'! Notice?

Well, if they think God is a joke to begin with, there isn't much 'added' by the Monty Pythons. Then maybe there are some who however got dragged over into Atheism (haHA!) because of it. Well sure, as much as it may have strengthened the Atheistic confession of anyone - which is now though a matter of some social 'flux' - as of the saying "birds of the same feather flock together". There are people drawn towards the Christian faith as there are people drawn away from it. So I admit it!? Well - yes. But: This is all pretty much still 'based upon' the Atheistic social 'core'. Atheism exists, possibly as something new. People believed in God - but, already from early on Christendom wasn't united. We only know of something of a Unity through the Bible - and since it sortof 'ends' with all of the Apostles going seperate ways ... its kindof not that magnificent. So - we here have this confusion, a factual wrong that exists somewhere in some form so that people disagree with each other. Whatever new point of view then emerged just added to the all-over chaos. Because I'm a Mormon I of course believe that the Mormons are different. But not too much. Not in this picture at least. So, the difference is only the background, ... or the origin, but also all the things that 'make' it real. By which I mean, I guess, I strongly assume, the "Mormon flux" is different. People rather stick to it than flock off from it. But I digress.
The point is that a 'weak' common sense knowledge about God of course strengthens the Atheistic position. And mostly I'm sure that the Monty Pythons don't really add a lot to it. I would have turned my back on God from reading the Bible, if that moment wouldn't have taken me to the Nasirites vow. And as of the social flux, I would describe myself as someone who's drawn away - but not in terms of my belief.

And so to come back to the thing. On the one side, yea - I give you that: In a "complex society" we need easy handles, "identity labels", to say: "this group believes this and that" - where I have to say that true Mormons believe in the personal revelation of God. This however we can ultimately boil down to the differences; As, when two groups collide there are usually going to be things they have in common. There is a Star Trek Voyager episode called 'Nemesis' - and while the content is a little bit more complex than just red and blue, it still shows how someone with no reason to be involved is getting involved to fighting the fight of someone else.
On the other end we can boil down what we generally have in common - and yes, a general need or desire for 'wealth' ... is I guess ... one of those things.

Uhm, what I'm getting at is ... that there is some weird sense of logic out there. Like, the other side of perceiving Monty Pythons as 'Anti God'. Well, it may be - totally - as by intention. But ... still in defense of them I rather take a vs. Christians stance, as, to here come back to those things we have in common. It is the idea of an Atheist that God doesn't exist - OK - but does that turn them into Bad people?
When looked at from far enough out its still just comedy. Yes, if you want to you can connect the dots the other way around; But so you got to war and fight them instead of giving them a chance to repent.

And what is 'a chance'? Anyway. What I'm getting at is that there are these 'loops and holes' - someone sees it like that, someone else sees it a little different, ... and in essence there shouldn't be any confusion regarding a bunch of things if all the dots got connected 'properly'.

And because we cannot keep track of everything, its basically a communities responsibility to do its own part towards it. But - be not deceived!

Russians hacked the US election ... - wait ... what? OK, is this real? Am I in the real world right now? Is this happening? How is this happening? How is this a thing? How can this be? WHat is ... the true story?

As it turns out, the US intelligence agencies are unanymous about it - so, they are somehow involved. Then it turns out there are ties between the Trump administration and Russian state officials. Which in Russia would make underground news as 'the Government is corrupt'. OK. But - aside of the name-blaming, again: Russians, 'hacked', ... 'the (US) Election'. Or in other words: 'someone' 'hacked' 'the Election'. Well, Putin says that its easy to pretend you're coming from somewhere else. With the right setup, you could build bridges. Hook two PCs together, to one you connect from where-ever you are, and with the other one you connect to wherever else, through a different IP. Whatever. Its not entirely unthinkable. So, how does the 'intel' go on that? So, 'someone' hacked the election, and 'Trump' is now the President. Hmm ... .

It takes time, strangely enough. Nobody seems to get it, and why is that? It took me time to get it. It will take time to formulate proper headlines to basically target the right ideas. But, what is going on?

Maybe something, ... unexpected? Maybe the Trump administration 'really' doesn't want to be connected to this hacking incident, ... but ... while the 'Russians' are being targetted nobody is looking their way. And what do they so do in the meantime? Its ... too weird - looking at it - ... and how is it they are still free? And in charge of the country? Are there already 'forces' deployed maybe? Will it have to end so that the people will have to raise and 'denounce' the governments authority? But what happens then? Well, ... strange times.

But again: Someone 'hacked' the election, ... but another thing that bothers me is 'how'. Is the system now unhackable or not? I mean, has 'the election' now been hacked or not? I mean, these "Russian hackers" have so accomplished something along the lines of 'crowd control' - influecning the election indirectly, ... how?

Is that what the FBI and CIA and ... how many? ... are unanymous about? That "Russian Hackers" ... somehow influenced how people thought about the election? As by making it harder for people to vote. But where are the news reporting of people who couldn't make their votes? I don't know ... but something is ... kindof ... not right about all this.
What next? Russian Hackers hacked how your beef tastes?

Or is it still so that 'the election' did actually get hacked? I remember seeing these 'the election is 'so safe'' videos prior to the election; And from owning those that count by hand to those that have access to the hardware, ... in essence the entire safety is still only ... vague.
On the other end ... so, Trump is President because of "Russian Hackers". So, ... what business do they have with each other? This now clearly draws us a picture of Russians owning the US Government. Hmm ... . Why? Well, if the "Russian Hackers" aren't 'Russians', then those who hacked it 'chose' Russia as their scapegoat. Thus knowing, so, as Trump 'plays' against Russia - who is scapegoated in this whole incident while war is going on in the middle-east - and has the US actually attacking Russian allies. This would be as though Russia annexed some other place? Well - how is that?
No different - to some extent. It are both places with internal turmoil where there happen to be sides that can be picked.

But Hello! The US is backing the Islamic State!

All of a sudden words like 'US Coalition' are a thing, the Arab Empire is another thing, then whatever Russia and China are a part of ... I ... why? What?

Clearly, the US outspent all the other nations in terms of Military - and the Trump administration doesn't seem to be making a big deal out of its intentions to use what they have. So, it ultimately seems like all that is going on is simply put - a smokescreen that ... is to stage the beginning of a New World Order. Lets hope it just stays at an 'attempt'. Or, can it be so? Don't underestimate the enemy!

That this person is in power shouldn't be the case to begin with. And similar to him, the entire administration ... reeks of injustice. But how deep does it go? How far does it spread? What is at stakes? And what 'can' be done? Its maybe one of those times where our Military is not to be relied upon. Where everyone has to get up and make a stand. But for what? "Against" what?

I want to say one thing: What is the strength of our enemy? What enemy you ask? Well, funny - I say. I mean, maybe this will blow your mind: Is it not so that the enemies 'main support' is as a bunch of mindless morons that cheers him on along the way? -oh- ... did I just ... say that?

And maybe that what they cheer for actually even 'must not' make any sense at all. Through this disposition they create controversy by which they 'yield' excuses. This warrants a 'core' environment wherein the truth simply cannot flourish; And that insanity is perpetuated through the amount of attention they get. So, Anita Sarkeesian speaking at the UN because of Online Harassment? How did that happen? And whom did she represent? How? Who represents me that way?

Or is it so that because I am 'a Gamer' (with penis) that what I do is considered Harassment? But so I thought: "Luckily nothing came from it" ... but then I noticed ... "no ...". And finally there also was the YouTube Adpocalypse - which sortof "ended it all", but still, some Channels stick around. And who even cared?

We all are maybe paralyzed because we see that our time to do something has already passed. But why? How 'can' anything bad 'actually' happen? Discounting from 'one man pushes a button' situations, where we really just can't do anything because its beyond our reach, its all about 'us'. Because either way. Today this is the hot topic, tomorrow its that - today we blame him, tomorrow her - and I wonder: What does living in a sane world feel like?

Shit come out the Butt