"Toxic Masculinity" and the Decline of Culture

"Triggered!" - by [

I don't think she's wrong though. She doesn't 'say' that what she points out is 'bad' per se - though we 'must see' the decline of our culture as bad ... sortof - thus generating 'that' narrative that ... she presents there and gives it that bad tone.

So, what I do now is ... I raise "the Red Flag".

Which is to signal that I'm not particularly happy, sense some negativity I might have to expect in consequence; Sortof putting on the warpaint ... effectively.

If we speak of 'cultural decline' - we also need to speak of 'cultural motion' or ... fluidity. In that regard we may also look at the USA and wonder, well ... despite the freeing of Slaves there are tensions 'still' that don't seem to go away. There is some 'cultural fluidity' (democracy) - the US American culture as 'per se' isn't built on the settling, but the end of the civil war - and although the war was won, the situation is still kindof as though it were frozen.

What is 'culture'?

Culture - in my easiest understanding - is a metaphysical vague ... something of an unwritten agreement surrounding a consolidated center that people relate to in order to live their lives, pursue their interests, etc.. A Culture has norms - and thats what it really comes down to. I.E.: The freeing of slaves. Norms got broken, a new Culture emerged, ... and now we look back at the past and see an improvement. Like, the further back we look - the more 'horrendous' the norms appear to us.

So - to fetch up on the "Greek Sculptures" example: What had we otherwise? The 'Spartan' stereotype - possibly; Where guys like me would ... "get burned". I mean, thats the sense I get of this. On the other side I would think that the 'old' stuff had grown common, people got used to it and started thinking: OK, but is there more? More to what? Life, existence, reality, ... possibilities?!

The point with 'triggered by fantasy' was some old beef I had. Basically built on the idea that to my perception the Antichrist "deals" ... well ... 'effectively'. The point were for instance that a gesture of good will were not done in good will, but due to the expected effect thereof. So yea, a ... Sociopath.
That leads to the "side-effect" that people who actually value gestures of good will due to their inherant goodness will eventually, well, "smell the stench" of fake behaviour.
We even have a word for that! 'Fake'!

Whenever that happens, I think, Antichristians jumble around and look for a way to "own" that 'movement'. 'Of course'! And in the recent month I've seen that happen plentifold. In a smaller sense at least. The most prominent example might be MITs response to Thunderf00ts joking about the self filling water bottle. Which was a fail. Both versions. At this instance I simply 'record' an instance where something happening here led to something happening there.

To say: They don't always know what they are doing! IMHO. And the Bible backs me up there.

Its somehow complex - and just for the record: What I end up writing on this matter is only 'reasonable' to me within a given context that occurs to me and helps me "phrasing" the "vague ideas" I had into existence.
And so it is that due to Jim Sterlings rambling for instance I end up saying (to myself, sortof, but so here now to you): Yea, its "all for the Gamers" until they 'think' there isn't any money in there (which might be because they suck at it though). So we get to all this uninteresting nonsense that is devoid of any ounce of Love and is basically just a weird mix of things that kindof worked and I already hear them yelling "how/what else?". Which is ... the 'effective' way of dealing with it. Yea, what else is art but copying what has come before?

What else is art but a huge guessing game - a big gamble? Well, how about ... a hobby? A passion? Passion? Well, like Trump seems to have a 'passion' (a.k.a. 'irresistible urge') to make an arse out of himself ... that passion! Yea, we could call Trumps behaviour 'art'. Its amazing! It really really is! Whenever you think he could not possibly 'Trump' that - he "Trumps it".

Warframe, ... and now World of Tanks. "The Cow has been milked, now kill the community and be off". And all those that did put any money into it - yea - have fond memories and can slap themselves on the back.

Don't bother the details.

What is art? Art is a 'calling'! We, the consumer, we consider ourselves 'Fans' - usually - every Nerd is fan of something - and 'Fandom' ... what else is it but admiration? Admiration in what? In the creator? Maybe! Its ... complicated! Or not. Or, lets say - all of them. ... err ... well.

There is this 'new Culture' - or lets say "Metaculture". Its there to take over. Eventually it will decline too - and make way for something better. Hmm ... makes me wonder. Maybe modern feminism is an experiment to see whether or not Matriarchy might be the proper way to stop this inevitable decline. It would seem logical, like ... arguing that the decline occurs with overfeminization - and yea, as a Seventh Day Adventist I have been taught that the reason why the Babel stuff happened was because of similar stuff. "High Tech Genetics Engineering Chimera creating Crossbreeding" to be more specific.

And if you count W as 2 Vs, then E.G. White in Roman Numerals also adds up to 666. Just sayin'. (ELLEN GOVLD WHITE) - so, regarding the U as V too. Just as what we might write as 'Vicarius' in roman still is written VICARIVS. (FILII DEI - vice of the son of God ... another 666).

And do we want to believe that? Should we? Do we have to? Why should we? Because ... err ... right? No, legitimately - what is right and wrong? Who 'tells' right and wrong? Were it God? But what if God did nothing and left us to figure things out? Would things 'be' bad? I mean - all those not too familiar with the Bible; Ignoring the Ceremonial Law (the addition to the 10 commandments) because its 'outdated' (not a part of Christianity as the 'torn curtain of the temple' leaves us to suggest); I think one of the greater problems that "Spirituals" have with it is that it is awefully ... devoid of rules! So, people had to make shit up! Like the 7 Sins! Not in the Bible!

So, we can draw from this what some would argue is a perfect world! Nowadays I think thats what the term 'Fascism' leans towards. I mean, I hear it thrown around a lot to 'label' Trumps behaviour in comparison to ... "other Fascistic leaders" - so yea, Fascism it is!

It really struck in in 'Niflheim' - speaking of Final Fantasy XV - the ... 'awefully clean train'. Everything is clean and tidy while their emperors subject other people to their military might. And that is 'not' "just a Video Game fiction". It is totally in tune with the 3rd Reich German spirit. And so the 'subtext' a.k.a. "the clean on the surface is not so clean underneath" - that isn't just a bold claim! #contentrationcamps #gas.

And yea, to deepen that a bit (I think I did that before) - the whole story is a bit of a "Nature vs. Industry" type of thing. I mean - you start in Eos and everyones out there in the nature doing stuff ... but as you get to Niflheim the overall tone is the exact opposite. Maybe that why all the 'missing/unfinished content' is missing/unfinished ... to wrap it up like that. But thats just a guess.
Where, talking of the decline of a Culture ... I think it comes down to either of if not both of two things: Moronic Leaders that haven't gotten a clue where people are heading and/or a torn Population that feels held back by said Moronic Leaders or other social paradigms.

Its pretty simple when viewing 'Culture' as a structure that keeps a populus alive but eventually is too rigid or small and breaks apart in process. We can further pull the "God Narrative" into this, by which I mean all the "wouldn't and shouldn't"s. Like so - I grew up as a Geek ... I might say ... so, as a Child being given lots and lots of stuff to enjoy - and not knowing it any better, things were good! But now that I've grown up I must realize that none of that happened with any significant cultural consideration ... and so ... that makes me ... what? A Freak?
And I'm ... part of this ... shitshow ... ... which, is ironically like waking up in a Zombie Acopalypse with no weapon nor armor, no directions and critters everywhere.

Maybe it was all too beautiful to last ... but no, it wasn't ever really 'that' beautiful to begin with. There was just the occasional good stuff here and there. Which isn't to say that there isn't actually a lot of it. And of course, there can only be so many truely outstanding pieces; Which is probably what I'm thinking of once I'm uberly negative.

With yea, Nier Automata being one of those to me rather average games that are worth mentioning at this point. So, as - part of the "not so good" stuff, so, not that truely outstanding - but truely outstanding amongst those that don't quite deserve being counted to the ... really rotten stuff. (And I mean to say 'rotten' to not practically "rate" any of this by margins of quality)

Decline of Culture? Well - its ... its a concern at least thats going around. The ... feeling us gamers and movie likers would like to ignore or submerge - maybe because its bullshit in-deed - but ... what if the whole industry is falling? Should we now take out a shovel to shovel money into the furnace? I can't ... turn this into a realistic consideration especially since apparently us gamers are putting more and more money into that furnace and yet it doesn't seem to help.

And I have to add/stress that I'm feeling the money creep crawling up on me. I'm spending more money on games than I possibly should and as time progresses I find myself urged to pay more and more. Which eventually attracts me to free to play games just so I can pay loads and loads of money ... because its "fun" ... apparently. Just one more "Ding" - and thats why Dark Souls 3 was/is so fucking GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! [Sound of a person trying to express utter satisfaction such as from eating the fucking juiciest burger doppeldecker hamburger ever - nrrrrrrrrrr] - addicting! Something to play! Something as far a way from a one button press reward as it fucking gets! Kindof.

I mean, there are harder Games than that I guess. But rewarding? Or "rewarding"? I mean ... is Dark Souls rewarding? I mean, the game is the reward ... more to the point - and thats ... good, as far as I'm concerned! And I still ain't done playing it! I can see myself returning to it anytime in the future. [Bloodborne is pretty good too!]

For the longest time I got around letting month pass without buying anything new - but maybe it was ironically Dark Souls that, after I had been done with it, left an empty spot in my heart. But no - on another note I'd blame Destiny for similar reasons ... so, suffering MMORPG withdrawal Syndromes ... which set in as the amount of people to play with shrunk to some point of a dead end.
But maybe it goes further, deeper ... like ... jinxfully deep. On one end the notion that F2P games make their money solely based on the idea that there are people who do actually pay for the in game jiz thus softening the actually unwilling user up for "buying in". But maybe its just this 'massive' addition of new games to the Steam Library that came in 2016 and therefore a respectively large 'demand' for money.

Decline? Well - whatever there is 'declining' in the Games industry to my perception is mostly tied to this already declining all around culture the demise of which I actually prolong. ... as should be clear ... since I'm actively working on making that happen.

Sortof. I mean - note that I said that there is this "new culture" already waiting to take over. As ... we can cherish so the demise of cultures that came before us ... in terms of the bad shit being lost, and the good stuff being what we "upgraded" sotospeak, a.k.a. is still around. So there is also bad stuff that is still around - and if you're smart about it you'll see how this is more or less just a matter of time and things are going to somehow sort themselves out; But not quite so in a dismissive/arrogant way. Thats ... the other side. The side that propagates all the nonsense we 'actually' want to rather not have.

By which 'I' mean to underline my own attitude in its progressing state, understanding it so as that most of the 'legitimate Game Developpers' ... well, I think of those scenes in TV shows or Movies where something went horribly wrong because of some people who maybe only meant well but realized that they ended up in something they didn't want to end up in. Like, making good games to then get slammed by Higher Up demands. As so Square London would have not told their devs that they had to have Microtransactions because telling them up front might have lowered their Morale on actually delivering a good game (I didn't play it. Don't Care! [I played the first one of this ... kind ... but the protagonist wasn't ever actually appealing to me; JC Denton for the win! (I might warm up to the Protagonist, but yea - I don't really care enough! The thought of it rather makes me want to vomit. By the way. True story.)]).

Speaking of Downgrades ... the original Deus Ex protagonist could be black. I mean, the player could choose the skin color! So, matter of fact - actually - this whole Downgrading ... is where we now ended. So, the proverbial Zombie Apocalypse - effectively. And on my own efforts - well, by the time Minecraft got out I wanted to have some decent work of my own ... but God apparently did a good job of not even letting me close to that - and seeing how things evolved - I still think I can consider myself lucky. Its like I saw it coming, just that I didn't go down the wrong track. I might have some publicity; ... but that being of course what the enemy feared would imply that all of its efforts were to focus on that. And I can only imagine how things are coming together. But ... I mean, sorry for that.

The main reason why Jim Sterling is so dominant on this page is possible due to some passage of some book of some nature which with some authority criticises critics ... comparing them to cynical assholes throwing around with feces. And Jim Sterling kindof ... visually fits that description rather well. OK, quite literally the AVGN might rather come to mind, but with added nuance I think the spotlight travels onto Jim here. And with even more nuance we can right away burry that whole notion.

I totally agree with Jim in this video. Basically because I had, while thinking of what the next Paragraph would be about had some thoughts, so I basically come to conclude the major 'bad' of CG trailers: They are misrepresentative. It got ultimately clear during the World of Tank footage earlier. While the Trailer was all action and bam and boom and all that, the Gameplay - on a higher Level - is the exact opposite. If you played as in the Trailer you're either "the shit" when it gets to gaming or you're gonna die. If the earlier referred to me, those two aren't mutually exclusive. "I would know!"

But so ... here's a video of his that I have issues with. Or - one, basically - which isn't even an issue because he "un-issues" that issue straight away and it ain't an issue anymore - saying, I personally don't get the whole deal why its such a big deal that Link is actually a boy/guy. "Shocking!". And so he goes on on a rant that wouldn't have crossed my mind ... ever ... but as such is me exposing myself to the oppinion of some Character I pretty much have a good oppinion of, to say, I'll listen to his shit - and eventually be entertained which is the ... other issue here ... - and I come to 'join in' by saying 'yes' - arguing that "true" Content Creators will make what they want to work, work! Or at least they'll look forward to it, starting with the important stuff first. And his other Video on Breath of the Wild thats running right now starts up on a similar note - and there I also have a different oppinion regarding Weapon Durability, ... but Breath of the Wild really looks like Overkill. I can see how people would be OK with it; Which makes me remember. In my Zelda concept I had that idea of adding a "random weapon drops" inventory - though my design concept would have revolved around rather having them there just for the laughs and giggles of maybe not using the Master Sword. #Purelyoptional. So I can't find myself enjoying that game anytime soon. BTW. If you enjoy it, enjoy it! Thats life! Not everyone has to conform to your standards! Otherwise you had to conform to mine ... and I might tell you about that in ways that wouldn't make you really want to!

And if you think I'm harsh @you, ... let me tell you that I don't have much of a concept of people being nice to me - outside of doing so behind the mask of having some pitty for me. To say, #lifefuckedmehard - and for the nuances of that this isn't the place.

But so, lets call it "shitflicking". Am I now to go all snowflake about it? Yea, well. I'm part of the crowd that enjoyed BvS - and now, how am I gonna handle that? I ignore those that disagree with me until I maybe have grown past that - and if we were collegues or friends for instance you better shut up about the Force Awakens in case you enjoyed it because I can't find myself getting over that shitheap anytime soon!

But ... what does this mean given my position? Well, why would I scold Jim Sterling for having an oppinion? If I were a mother looking for the prosperity of its Children - I think the harshest thing I could say is that if God had given me a snowflake I'd interprete it as punishment! To say that you'd have to go your own way in case my attempts to equip you with values and virtues to your betterment failed to take effect in you 'anyway' ... [sigh] ... damn, I'm ... almost 34 now!

Yes, I was fortunate to grow up in a wealthy family, bla bla - nonsense, pointless, ... bla bla - lets just say that I arguably sucked at making anything of it. And yea, I'm not your Mother! I'm sure of that!

But yea - as for Jim Sterlings claim that it is morally OK to pirate Nintendo Games - more so than of anyone else - as scientists, according to him, have scientifically proven in science facilities - so ... nice joke there but I agree. Nintendo is Anti Family. They're like the Wolf in that Redhood fairy tale. I base this accusation on a personal gripe I have so my oppinion 'is' in deed emotionally biased though as I will go on I will provide you with justifications for the same. I think the NES and SNES classic are maybe the most moronic Product of Nintendo ever - even more than Mr. Game and Watch because that can be justified given the time those came out. It 'blew' my mind just how 'mindblowing' it was to realize that 'actually' you can't put NES or SNES cartridges into their 'classic' versions of those consoles. I'm sure there are plenty 'ancient' Nintendo Rip Off consoles floating around in Asia that ... OK, they have shitty libraries. There is the 'yes OK' point where if Nintendo basically 'nudged' silently at the notion of downloading ROMs and so basically giving their permission to do so it would undermine their ability to ever profit of these Old Games ever - but that in some minds is regressive business strategy. #consumertrust.
So to me they are shotting themselves in their own foot and the sad thing is they probably won't ever realize that.
On the flipside is Nintendo obviously making business on a base of treating their products like ancient artworks - but in the end nobody really cares aside of those suffering some sort of Stockholm Syndrome probably. So, in other words: Nintendo to me is the proverbial Snob in the circle. And not the Sympathic type. And I have absolutely no valid argument to underline my position here.

So, this is me just bein an arse for a moment.

Jim Sterlings influence on me? Well, its not like these things haven't been around independent of whatever he thinks. And I'm just too tired to make a cohesive argument, too tired to even put 'solid' instead of 'cohesive' (but ironically not too tired to write this shit) - too tired however to care about adding any more Videos to this. Its work. Grap Phone, Open YouTube app, go to History, push three dots, select share on twitter, copy Video ID (manually (typing)), copy iframe, paste ID to iframe - and be silently proud about it.

Thank God for me!

(Family Friendliness: Have a 'heart' for your fellow humans rather than sucking every drop of blood out of them. The monetization of ideas is one of the worse things this System/Culture has spawned!) [BTW: In addition to 'the Game Theorists' interpretation of Marios psyche I have another theory: The infamous "Mario stepping on Luigis toes" might be a silent cry for help from some Game Dev at Nintendo complaining about his Superior(s). And that might actually be an interesting Mario Character for a Live Action Movie adaptation. By the way.]