The missing point

Before I get into this a few lines about ... why I think it matters. First of all, I want to - well - get out of the offensive. I don't want to get anything personal - and by the way, I think Angry Joe deserves an Apology from me - but ... people are involved and yea, ... whatever.

Secondly first of all - thinking of why this missing point mattered I realized ... for once that it does deserve its own article rather than being fisted into the previous, ... and that the problem we're facing in this online battle, which this missing point gets to a, ... ahm, ... the fronts are kindof - too ... one sided. There so is the case of appabend - as mentioned - who as a matter of naivity ... or something ... is on his track and what we can see there is how that can be good, as ... it is what he needs to be in his mindset. But eventually objectivity gets lost along the side.

So I figured: What we 'need' - in this instance - is something like ... a "Cluster Bomb" we can throw into the frey to somehow - destroy these progressively solidifying fronts. So, to the missing point.

I can say that I'm more and more disinterested in the Marvel franchise. The "failure" of the Amazing Spiderman movies may have contributed to that the most. I really think they are ... "Marvelous" ... and that this wasn't agreed upon by the "wide majority" - this showed me of somehting of a disparity between where Marvel would be heading and where I would want to be. (And Jason Momoa plays Aquaman ... thats one up for DC!).

And so there is the new Iron ... Man? So, the next "Tony Stark" is going to be a 15 year old Afro-American girl. And as I first heard that ... I ... I ... I ... I - ... I ... I ... - ... I was in denial. From thinking that Black Panther could become a white dude or chick to calling her 'Afro' racist - I felt pretty smart and reasonable in my critical stance towards it. On the other end there is a serious backstory to why Tony Stark is Ironman. He got raised by a genius, ... and analogous to Black Panther he grew up in a "White people" dominated culture - and there isn't really anything wrong with that. Somewhere around that point the video I was watching mentioned that she fiddled an Ironman Suit together in her dorm room ... and then it clicked. Thats ... totally what Tony Stark would do - where, after discarding enough disbelief - as required to dive into each and every superhero story, kindof - I only saw the concept, ... as - the next Iron Man just being a student thats some kind of genius - and the only thing that doesn't fit is that women haven't really excelled as genius engineers yet ... but, suspending disbelief ... its a comic ... thats ... 'too ... real' or something to be a good argument. Whatever. I don't care. The concept made sense and in a world where anyone can be anything - why not a black girl?

This whole thing might be shoehorned in following some agenda, though the guy who came up with it claims it happened organically. And I belive him. Its right that on the surface its just your 'yet another SJW retcon' - but thats the point. If we stiffened on that SJW versus Anti SJW case, there is just either or. So, either everyone has to be diversified and nobody may be white (and male) because thats their shtick - or everything has to be "racist". And in reality progress is achieved by the unexpected. Like Thor. On paper one of the Lamest Superheroes ever - but on screen - ... yea!
And most would agree to the idea that Loki is kindof an enrichment to the cinematographic universe. "Puny God".

I so don't think that the new Iron Man is 'killing' Tony Stark - its just ... this ... unexpected thing. And "oh no" - she's black.

Would this argument on any superhero or renewal? Maybe. Or technically - sure! More simple it would be to add Black Panther to the Avengers. Maybe. Not without issues - and yea - on that note ... the Marvel Universe ... well, OK ... in hindsight its all pretty white - and thats what artists back then were able to relate to. Then came some Black Heroes - Blade being the most famous - yet now, ... the way the creator describes how he came up with the new Iron Man makes sense in that sense. Something relatable. And I think the setting is just right to deliver that ... impact. 'Relevance'. Maybe it was inevitable - but only if there were open minded people in charge.

And so - lets think about our expectations. Anti SJWs would expect something like that; ... and would go on to be spiteful about it. Its ... as predictable as that Anita Sarkeesian is going to talk shit. Its like a Law of the Universe. It also gives those people who buy into her shit what they want - and by that I mean those that don't know any better. It breaks the paradigm, ... and I think that showing support for this new Iron Man is something ... thats genuinely positive.

End of the Line.

The missing point