Hunters Dreams

or: The infinite Game

??? maybe.

Now I know whom this guy reminds me of! Its that ... clumsy guy from Xena. Joxer. Whom I'm talking about? Guy's named 'Simon Sinek'. He's got some really interesting thoughts - and I really recommend checking the dude out.

And as the roll goes on; My point is pretty close to some stuff he just said. Say - we watch but we don't listen.
(There's a video of him on Trump - where thats from). How I got to that, though not having the words to say, is through another Video by a channel named 'Evan Carmichael' - the video named: 'Simon Sinek's Top 10 Rules For Success'. And such titles alone already make me flinch. I mean, the whole 'success' issue. "What is success?". Well - I'm not trying to answer that. The point is, in that video, rule number 1, as put by evan, states: 'Break the Rules'. 2nd is: 'Train your mind'. 3rd is 'Be Patient'. I didn't finish watching Rule 3 yet, but I'm sure I'd phrase that differently too.

Its good that Evan puts the actual footage there without adding his own couple of cents to it, but the point is: Simon didn't say: "Break the Rules". He said (paraquote): "Its OK to break the rules for as long as you don't prevent others from getting what they want". Train Your mind ... OK, thats nitpicking, ... but I'd still say its: "Learn to be excited rather than nervous".

I don't mean to say that these differences mean a huge deal at the end of the day; But I'm still concerned as it is - say, if your takeaway is "Break the Rules" ... that is this kind of ... over exaggerative insensitivity. People might say: Its easier to understand. But I think - one of my greater criticisms of todays society is shifting towards being: "We have it too easy". Unless you're engaged in competitive play; Be it sports or Gaming; I think you barely get that ... sense of challenge. ... If we condition ourselves to 'dumb' things down for everybody; We basically become dumber as a whole. If we 'censor' 'smart' ideas from everybody; What do they have to grow up unto? I mean - as a butcher I learned to sharpen a blunt knife rather than throwing it away and getting a new one. On the other end; 'dumbing things down' often equates to smashing that knife against a rock for so long - and selling it as a high quality stainless steel knife afterwards.

I have my own story to that as well. Quite a long time ago I purchased a Game for my PS Vita. It kindof caught my eye - not knowing what it was or what reviews of it said ... and it was cheap enough. So I started the game; I had no clue what to do, how the systems worked - outside of a few "common sense" things - ... and after playing it a bit I stopped doing so ... just until recently. Years have passed by. In the meanwhile I still have Final Fantasy Tactics and Persona 4 waiting to be played ... but for some reason ... I was drawn back into it. 'Elminage Origins'. Its a really ... well ... ugly looking "cheap" Might & Magic type of Dungeon Crawler - but its well made in that there are safeguards in place that kindof help you to not screw up too much. A thing on the side: There are no savegames. There is just one savestate; Though one can save manually; But the only way to reset the game is to delete the savefile I assume. And I don't really like to 'start' RPGs by consulting any guides or walkthroughs. The game ordinarily would; To my likes; Score pretty badly. I mean - it does actually lack 'everything' that would compell an 'ordinary gamer'. In the end its maybe even just mindless level grinding untill you're strong enough to beat the final boss; But to me its been a bit of a challenge to even get into that games workings to ... enable myself to do so, basically. To "peel off" the ugliness, to get familiar with how to do what or what can be done etc.. The key word is 'Love'. Not the Love the developer put into making things easy for the player; But Love the player has to muster to access the game in first place. And now I just like to jump in every now and then, maybe grind up one or two levels - and be done.
Maybe the game isn't your type of thing - the point for you were that there might be things you're really into, but you won't get into them because of ... issues.
And thats pretty much the point. Yea, Dark Souls works as well.

Be patient -> Have Love.

But such misformulations, I think, ... if we can call them so ..., don't come on malicious intent; Sortof. They grow upon malicious common sense. And I think that talk as that has been out there since ages; Agreed upon for just as long - saying that something is wrong, politicians are bad, that sort of stuff - but nothing changes. It only got worse.
I mean - there are various quotes that pop up ever so often, mostly from some 1800s to early 1900s person who probably said something that at the time had some value of cynicism to it - yet 'ironically' is nowadays more relevant than ever. But I can't really recall any of them. They go in the one side and come out the other. Its ... common sense, practically; And they don't convince anyone of anything unless they're convinced of it already. Give or take.

"Rule 10" - Start with Why! ???

Figure out what people believe and you're golden!? Err ... - but what if they believe you're talking trash? ^^ LOL!

No - I mean ... to be really practical here; We're ... just to make that clear ... talking about 'saving the "world"' ... so, its not a small thing. The idea being that things are complicated; Just talking won't seem to help but 'doing' ... yea ... doing ... what?

Hmm ... !!! Doing 'what' ... 'why' ??? !!


I mean - that rule is great! Although perhaps, when taken ... err - or ... well - not so in the marketting department. Everyone can come up with some shitty 'why' in that regard; And at some point we're used to it - and we sort 'that' into shitty marketting strategies that work for some aggrovating reason that everyone gets enraged about.
But I still believe that the idea in itself will ... remain; For what is true about it. Examples given in the associated video.

But yea; Success - IMO - in the end, is a bitch. You can pay for it!

'Symbols' was a keyword somewhere. Regarding comprehensiveness and understanding - thats the thing that helps us moving forward. As in that totally unrelated example with hygiene; Hygiene wasn't a thing; But the lack thereof source to a variety of problems. Nobody knew what was going on, the science is essentially complicated, scary and offers a wide variety of reasons to ignore it due to fear - but then comes the term 'hygiene' and everything is well!

And thats one of the thing I'm actually quite positive about; Regarding my experience "in the Internet". Terms or things, ideas - that seemed too far fetched, too far away to turn out as reasonably within rhetorical grappling range - eventually ... shifted more and more towards the reasonable. I mean - yea, 'words/terms' are finally what makes it go ... but the accessibility of those matters as well. On my side there's the term 'Phantom Menace' - and whatever that be, on another note someone came up with the term 'Astro Turfing'. Its not the same, but ... conceptually in alignment.

Sometimes its a 'blanks' that requires us to make terms like that; Other times its just time - and part of that is communication. Throwing shit out there, ... and letting more 'and' less reasonable people jumble around with these terms until there's something that somehow 'settles'.

But, just so you know: I'm still mostly concerned about Video Games and related concerns. Like - I ... I've been sortof positioned in a place where I ... I, I mentioned TB in the recent article and just left things standing there which gives me the 'shift' to a place where I have to think some more about (Tube) Celebrities. And I've done so here and there - as firstly speaking of "Gamer Synergy" for instance. And I kindof ... mentioned that I want to ignore it; Mostly because I feel sortof ... weird ... odd ... "talking" 'about' others ... like ... I don't even know how to say what.

I'm a fan - of X and Y - lets put it that way - and for the most part that was cool enough for me. And for the most part this is 'the end' for me because I can't engage with any of them directly; I can't "make" anything of it - and so there isn't any motion. But on the other side I wouldn't know what to do either. Except ... expressing some thought - which then doesn't go out to single individuals.

But - whats my ... point then? Well - I think God distributes Talent in terms of worthiness and thus supports our culture in that it gets "guiding/ance figures" ... other than those that the bad Guys would want us to have. Which would say - ... that most of the people you genuinely look up to are straight. Not 'Illuminati' perhaps; Or not 'non-Illuminati' perhaps - just, ... whatever! And that would explain how I felt. There are people who are there because of passion, God given talent and a healthy market - and whatever - and God has 'some' hand in it. There is reason and purpose even if none of us gets it. Like, why is there a Jim Sterling?

Personally - I've come 'back' to taking my fandom more casually - and yea; This is finally an oppinion ... to say, what I think of X, Y and Z that came together quite well. It adds to the market that it isn't just a machine to screw us over; Which I think is even 'rather important' on the digital frontier.

Fans are unreasonable, consumers are unreasonable - therefore we buy their products! LOL!

Yea - speaking with my wallet ... what does my wallet say? Hmmm ... Nope! ?

Yea, its really made of onion leather! Whence you look inside, you got to cry! And that ain't tears of joy!

Yea, a sideffect to this is ... lets say ... accumulative stupidity. #Echochambers. Like say - the team behind the Ghostbusters reboot might be found guilty of. "Occams razor can shave off Last-Thursdayism." "But if there is a God, Last-Thursdayism - at least in a minor sense - is real". Newtons Flaming Lazersword is better! If we use that, we can ... err ... ??? Weird?
What is real?

To me - if I see something and have an oppinion in consequence; That is real. It might be wrong; But for the time being its reality as I see it - and well, sometimes I find myself part of a majority and other times I don't. And what is right? What is wrong?

Well, "Neo Feminism" isn't uncontended. Even Feminists don't really like it. And yea - SJW here, Anti there, ... - it makes no sense to anyone who believes that we have so far actually lived in a quite progressive reality. Maybe not perfect; But pretending like nothing has been accomplished generates cognitive imbalance and enforces a counter reaction. And finally we are caught up in our own Phaneron; And because of that we cannot even prove 'realism' to ourselves. Realism is a belief in that regard. Unification/God can stretch that to the extent that we can whitness events that transcend what we were otherwise able to conceive. And once we move up towards infinity - math shows that its more reasonable to just get to the end right away and work backward from there. Kindof. After 1 comes 2.

But yea - I'm transcended ... so, for so long - you got to deal with me then. Hmm ... kindof. Lets just say. I mean - I am thereby not like every human being ever at once; But I've had my fair share of 'Anti-Unification Biases' that turned out unwarranted - but what that entails and what not is yet another story. I can't tell whether TB is this or that; And a part to that is the fact that there are other details floating around. #Astair/#Jinx. And of course there is the "what if" fallacy, where one begins to cast doubt onto something and in consequence conceives solution regarding how that doubt might actually be reality. Taking a term such as "Phantom Menace" - we can practically throw anyone into that pot; Randomly - or, decidedly. If we ended up believing that success were only possible by devils worship - then ... well - whats left?

I know I ended up agreeing with TB more often than not - and on another note: Its not like TB was ever 'not' an Asshole ;) - #UnlimittedPower - and someone who sticks to its root like that is to me more trustworthy than someone who generally bows to public opinion. Is he therefore "the Oracle of YouTube"? "What is Intellect?". Whats reason? Thinking? Rationality? Understanding? "Who can tell?". I can tell that TB doesn't try to be some mystical oracle - but with rationality there are certain things that can be more or less accurately predicted. And so there are ultimately a lot of things that would make us end up on the same page. In certain regards at least. You then "cannot" avoid people communicating. In that "cliche" Nerdshop where people gather to buy Comics and play Card/Tabletop games - at least - thats where you'll have 'Fandom' in its finest. Sortof. One will need such to add meaning to a game like D&D or Warhammer. Can the system be cheated? Of course! I mean; Its ... a thing about 'divine guidance' vs Freedom. We however might generally end up disliking it. There are simple reasons and speculation. The simplest might be the Astair/Jinx factor and how generously it involves us. If the whole system is constituted by actors we might feel uncanny about it - we might enjoy something for the time being (#artificializedFun) - and to some extent; In a reversed way; Thats what I sensed happening to Final Fantasy XV. It was, lets say, 'highly anticipated to be a flop'. So, there was the release, then the time people played it during which there was some Level of "collective Fun" - and as soon as the vast majority of people was done playing 'negative' press carefully popped up here and there.
And I was actually a step ahead of that because I saw it coming - saying: I tried to pace myself and not jump in on the 'collective fun' - so, trying to enjoy it in the respective 'voids'. "Trying" ... because ... in the end ... I just had fun with the game!
Anyway - I don't think it matters so much. Its at that point just 'my' experience; And ... I made it, well, kindof a principle to try and avoid enjoying hype.
Which to me is pretty much "surface level "science"".
I mean - in the end me to have to grow based on experiences; And Astair isn't really much of a solid scientific thing yet.

And so we all react individually to various things; Even if on some other plane we essentially don't.

I have to think of ReviewTechUSAs take on a recent incident whereby a woman complained about having been Sexually Assaulted in a VR Videogame. While on some level I pretty much share his attitude; I'm not taking it as lightly as him because I ... believe ... that our brains can make things real. Turn it around dude. What if some guy stood there constantly reaching for your crotch. Yea, awkward!
Which is also an issue with Avatars. Not that we always directly experience it; Even less so in a 3rd person thing; Then there is the screen, 'frame of reference', but while associating to the Character on the Equipment screen as "ourselves" or so, what we look like to others - in that VR - that matters to us! So some of us can't really play Horde while others can't really play Alliance - in W.o.W.. So, to some extent we can make our affiliation there a 'real' thing. I'm Alliance! Simple!
Although I enjoy playing M.Bison in SF - I can't really main him because ... he doesn't settle with me. But are you evil if you play Bison? Possibly! In Video Game terms maybe. I mean - it comes together if you think: TB played a Troll in WoW, calls himself 'cynical Brit' and does in deed have a bit of a Troll-ish humor/attitude. Like, when was he ever P.C.?


So, is TB some YouTube Oracle? Well, there however are certainly those things that he is 'not'. I would trust him to represent my interest in 'some' cases - but still, in general, I wouldn't trust a System that solely relied on that!

As I however agree with him I conceive his own felt obligation as a service - if I may put it like that. I get informed and so do others and ... yea, what are those 'important cases'? Well, internet freedom being one of them. If you're some business dude you might find us consumers a nuisance; Pirates such and such; ... But yea, from my end: "Fuck you!".

And I'm probably egoistic about it. I have my needs and only so much time and money. And what are Microtransactions? Its begging for money. Some are weak to various stimuli that make them spend it; Others are benevolent - and that in my idea makes up the bulk of that money. But #aggressiveGODDAMNIT - what are 'Games'? If I buy a chess game; I expect it to be complete. I don't care if there is no Star Wars or Star Trek themed set in it if I buy a standard thing - "I get it" - #physicalRestraints - and #consumerHumility - like, who complained about the lack of Customization/Cosmetics/Digital Currency in Horizon Zero Dawn? Where's the "Ugh, the game is too small - #wantMicrotransactions"?

Which takes me to Street Fighter V. Up or Down? Using my clairvoyant super-ja-boom; I'd say most players are 'willing' to give up on SFV for a 'better' iteration; And that mostly, or only, because there are issues the game has that makes it a bit 'iffy' to really ... recommend it. I mean - recommending Tekken or Injustice or Mortal Kombat is easy because you have a cinematic story; The average player gets his bit of fun ... (but they suck!) ... - while Street Fighter is a game that basically requires a lot of commitment. And that gets even 'more' when considering that out of the box you don't get all the Characters. So its not just pick up and play - its also: OK, how's ... Akuma? Oh, so much? Hmm - ... do I want to invest 'anything at all' in the game? [Jeaopardy Music].
Then - there are a lot of Characters, ultimately, with more importantly: Variety - so, at some point the "rock, paper, scissors" principle becomes an issue; And so - its really a game where you 'need to want' to be(come) good - especially once ... trying to get along with the weird balancing. Or, how is that?

I rather not get into balancing right now though. For how I see it: Balance is only truely guaranteed once it can be demonstrated. Which made me think: In a game like Destiny; Actually ... weapon stability, excluding Handcannons, is an important factor. There is a skill threshhold however regarding 'how much recoil is still bearable' - except sometimes low recoil is just infinitely more usefull. It would be 'practically Balanced' if we had some algorithm to balance an increase of efficiency (higher impact on same rate of fire) by adding recoil; But effectively - in the right hands - especially when applying that logic onto Handcannons - ... yea, there - is seemingly no end to the discussion.

Did Tokido win Evo or did Akuma? I mean, no matter how you looked at it; At some point you could say: OK, if Punk had blocked 'this' and then did 'that' 'there' - things would have looked differently.

On another note: If Capcom decided to release semi-annual updates to allow newcomers to buy into the 'full cast' - and all the other players who bought the game already getting them unlocked - things would look a lot better.

However, back at the "Fuck You" - 'you' are the Problem, IMO. I mean - not all, I'm sure. I got to look at ... well, Start at Sony get to Apple - via Microsoft - and yea, sure, there's concurrence. And how does each company handle that? Sony will need/want money; And I'm sure that most Console gamers don't mind the fee as much; Especially considering the constant freebies. I mean, I might actually subscribe to PS-Plus just because of that. But no doubt - PC has - which is ... the source of most games bought but never played I assume.

How much I spent ... ? Well, I may have spent more on Bundles than on PS-Plus; Per year; But I got to keep the Bundle games for sure. At least - for as long as Steam is up considering I don't download each and every game I own.

On another note however; I'm sure I got enough games at this point to last me for 'some time' - and in some corner of my mind I can imagine some Apocalyptic scenario where I were stuck with them and I might actually be happier. Considering I were forced to spend my time on other things like survival; Or due to being "unplugged" less distracted, more time for other things - ... and then more balanced when it got to playing those games.
"There are levels of Survival we are prepared to accept!".
And if we went back we might re-invent game production culture to more acceptable levels.

TB said that Piracy is a service problem. The Witcher 3 on the PC was, I think, shipped without Copy Protection. Did everyone therefore pirate it? No! And of the flipside us consumers, those who know about it, are generally more sympathetic towards CD Project Reds success! Considering how shitty, IMO, the Witcher 1 was (I barely played it! I couldn't!) - just ... wow!

Random note: Why does VSauce choose the word 'Embarassment' to answer why we wear clothes and not 'Shame'? Too Biblical? Well, possibly. However - answering the question with "Because Adam and Eve ate the forbidden Fruit" doesn't really answer the question 'why'. On another note: In Biblical terms we can say that our Knowledge of Good and Evil is what makes us different from Animals - or so, having had that choice to begin with.

Anyhow - so, when it gets to gaming, buying habits, such and such - us consumers are humans. Aside of the Developpers we have our needs; Some of them social; And for as long as the producers don't mess with our habits; Potentially making our lives more complicated or expensive than it has to be ... or whatever.

Science Nerds can make something totally unexciting sound totally super awesome. Just, think about how fast you're moving through space right now. You may just sit at your computer right now; Nothing exciting; But wrapped in the right words and ... wow! Similarly I like to "brag" with stuff like ... having fought at the Battle of Endor, flying an X-Wing, ... stopping an Alien Invasion, managing a high Profile Military initiative; ... "I've done shit!" ... I've been ruler of Civilization, servant of Kings, I think ... wait ... Link kindof falls into that category; FFXV ... well, sortof; But yea, Prince I was; Undead for sure; Attacked by Zombies, Dragons, Ghouls, Mind Flayers, Golems, Demons, ... I've raised a Farm with Crops and Cattle, in both: Minecraft and Farmville, I built Monuments, visited alternate Dimensions, I've beaten Crota, Atheon, Oryx and Axis - not alone but, ... well, ... (And Crota and Atheon theoretically don't count); In W.o.W. I've become King of some Oger tribe; Achieved B rank in SF4, Silver in Starcraft II (although, that probably just cause the back then #1 in my league quit the game), ... and although just games - beyond a certain degree of immersion or investment it becomes a thing. A real thing. Within the confines of a fictional Universe with its own rules and stuff. Maybe League of Legends is actually a great game for non-Gamers to get a glimpse of what all that is about. So, from learning the basics to learning ... the harshness of competitive gaming ... to learning, if you're up for it, to how much it takes to "Git Gud" - its ... 'reality'. When it gets to SF I'm pretty confident that I can swipe the floor with any Noobs ass. A.k.a. 1000 LP End Boss. Or if you prefer PvE ... yea, Dark Souls (3). Or FFXV ... for something more chill. Or whatever catches your eye. Which were - more important per se. Thats ... how you would make experience with the 'magic' that is ... Art. To ... discover for yourself; Maybe not even knowing what you're getting into. I might even recommend Cinematic games; A.k.a. Interactive movies; Or Civilization. (My favourite Civilization game is Colonization; And II was better than IV).
It might all seem pretty void - maybe so that some might even be afraid to even 'try' because ... "wanna take a puff from this Joint! Don't worry, it isn't addictive!" (Unless you end up liking it!) But yea, thats ... how it is! I know people who smoked - but actually 'don't' because it just wasn't their thing. #WeedDepression. Or whatever.

Of course I don't 'literally' mean all those things. I'm sure flying a legitimate X-Wing were a bit more complex than, well, pushing X and A. I mean, it seems that in principle it is not; And I wouldn't know too much about it - while assuming that "gaming skills" gave me an advantage or some experience to ... know what all those many buttons do and lamps mean and whatever? I got it. First, lifting off. How to? Hit the engines, pull up; And ... eventually you'll lift off. It can't be all that complicated! Right? Once in air try around and see what pulls in the wheels and not accidentally eject yourself into the Atmosphere - which might be more difficult than it sounds - ... and as for landing, ... keep your thumbs pressed. I mean, I doubt that 'logically' there is a lot more to it - simply taking the nature of lifting off, flying and landing into account; But I wonder what those Pilot Training Centers have to say about that ... regarding Simulations.

I sure know stuff about Combat - although quite obviously not so on a high competitive Level; Although - ... hmm. I think I kindof know I'm making a mistake the instant I'm making it. #CaptainHindsight. And from Hindsight comes Foresight! If you ... learn to adapt! And how does that help me IRL? Well - how would Real Life look?
In reality there are those who can and those who can't loose - I assume.

See, life can be fun! People can interact, communicate and stuff - and the wealth of some corporation doesn't mean jackshit to any of us. Except ... for a few that we 'need' to have what we 'want'. Hoho, so we're back at the 'why' then.
Which might actually lead us to the same vague concept as with YouTube celebrities.

Oh yea, one thing: Though thats not quite how I understand it, one concept of Hell simply were: Life without the Love of God woven into its fabric.

Triangular Momentum


I would go on and claim that things actually are Universally simple and that it is this universal simplicity by which we finally end up agreeing to each other; That unless there are some who disagree on purpose.

Human Rights for instance. Something 'less for granted': Internet Neutrality. As with Human Rights - some time ago, at this point its a "Predator vs. Prey" issue. The large corporations/Government obviously being the Predator and us the Prey. Name it as you will. The simplest argument I've heard - and I'm glad I've heard it because I wouldn't out of the box know/understand what to make of the term - is that a lack of Web Neutrality would give corporations the power to be selective about when and when not to 'give' 'bandwidth' to the user. So, want to visit a site your provider doesn't like? Bad Luck! So, who decides? In the least worrysome case its just about money.

That is not only regulartion - it is taking our essential freedom away. Can we agree upon whether or not we want to keep the internet? Well, if we can't unanymously agree on getting rid of it, its possibly going to stay! "Hello Internet!".

[HAL Voice answering: "Hello Christop.... err" (#Genderconfusion)].

"I'm fine! Thanks! How are you?" (Welcome? Hey, the Internet is 'Welcome' - apparently!)

So we better get used to it; I mean - that its ... integral now, to our Cultures - ... pretty much. "We are humans" - here on the Internet. And weird it is! Its weird to see people of Color on YouTube talking about Racism in Germany - for instance. Weird just because it emphasizes this yet still 'gross' Contrast between such and such that exists. "Racism" since the recent major election I did partake in clocks in at about 1/3 of the german population and is vastly ... well, being weirded out by how quickly we've become multi-cultural. Its not racism per se. Its ... still not really my thing though. Lets call it 'general dissatisfaction about concurrent national and international conditions'. GDACNAIC. ??? ... hmm. Maybe not. However - thats not to play it down, but ... it simply does 'describe' 'racism' as much closer to how understand it as of today. And yea, somewhere therein are the Nazis - but, what weirds me out is still - the fact - that there is openness on the one side; Just ... from a cultural perspective. As an outside neutral observer. And so its generally positive. The fact that on the internet ... I mean ... we're multicultural. Mostly. Or - "I wish". Its 'happening' on the web already - were it not for countries like China and North Korea. And yea ... the ... sadly ... USA at this point.


"There is no stopping it!". (The good stuff, obviously! I hope!)

I mean, all the reason we have to 'laugh' at North Korea comes down to that; But on the other hand we were laughing at ourselves if we laughed at them while doing/wanting the same for us.

"Its different when we do it because we have all the resources!" (Who is the 'we' there?)

Its, later down the road, just common sense. Not the 'corporate' type of Common Sense! And this is a situation where that contrast really sticks out! Like, what is our own individual interest in "Internet Borders"?

Or - as, otherwise, ... sortof, ... evident: The more 'Universal' we become; The more ... of a no-brainer ... this ends up being.

So, as a firm believer even more so, I believe in something as a "Mysterious ... Higher Truth" whereby things are ... miracolously united. Its like Math. Once the numbrs are correct, its like, two people and an '=' in between.

Its not even all that hard!
Difficult, I mean.

You don't even have to get along with other people. Thats one of those things. There are 'so many' people - and yes; Its easy to generally get along with everyone on a superficial Level; And anything beyond that ... you/nobody even care(s).

Which doesn't work all that easily when it gets to culture. Culture isn't animate and conscious like that. It reflects who we are; And with changes come changes. And so there are ... manners ... in a way of speaking. And here, well, Tourism is a bit rude - if you think about Corporate Nonsense that might be responsible for the poverty of certain countries that essentially "live" on Tourism. But yea, magic word called 'respect' there is.

There are many issues I have to dislike Trump - Health Care being one of those. I'm sure it doesn't "concern" me - but thanks to the 'window' of the 'Internet', if that were as it stood, I got 'lectured' about how 'cool' the USA actually is. It really stands out now that the US is in so much "trouble" about Health Care. I'd argue that in a normal flow of things they'd already have it. There is no reason to assume they wouldn't! Except, well, if at some point the US Government derailed into a secret Dictatorship of sorts - and now the 'contrast' reveals some of the problems there are. I mean, the guy was there. Name's Bernie. And that he is as little as he is ... thats ... incomprehensive! But it is as it is; And if we were to believe that thats how the US people are/think ... yea, whats the thing; Its racism! I mean - its the "Cold War" Mentality - as many other things that are yet rooted in US culture here and there - ... but ... I don't get it! It can't be that many! I mean, with a Liberal leadership that'd sortof go away; Which it won't if there are people in the public cementing those retarded attitudes.

There's a thing Hayley pointed out. Or Aspen? Well. Germans are very reserved in compariso to which Americans "maybe" are 'Fake'. Maybe this 'fakeness' is more severe of a problem. Stemming from some coldheartedness - or - a lack of 'care' from their Government. Like - maybe Americans would really have harder of a time to adjust to 'social fairness'; Saying, we had our re-union; ... people crying, stuff getting emotional; ... in the 90s. But things aren't as good over here either; And its kindof gone the other way. Some of us want us to become more conservative. So, whats perfect?

But of course a single country in this world cannot be 'Utopia'. Its a distribution problem!

Hmm ... . Anyway, as a german; I'm sortof ... anti german. I mean, first of all I'm mixed. Next to that I'm having issues - ... mental health issues; Whats it ... inferiority complex - ... as I bring it up ever so often: I have no work. I don't bring any money to the table. But other people who bring money to their table essentially pay for my living. Social Aid! And being into arts sortof perpetuates that. When I think about it I constantly have to think about: It isn't work! It ... doesn't earn me any money. Give or take. But so is it with this; Which is a whole other story. There is 'literally' no money in this. And so I can't have any issues - and I anyhow generally wouldn't allow such nonsense to bother me. I did what I wanted to - like, ever - and I'm really really greatful for all the opportunities that I've had; The support I've gotten and am getting! If this were the US - I'd totally be screwed. I mean - I wouldn't be because stuff would happen to somehow make it happen for else I wouldn't be born there; Simple; But as close to an opportunity as I got during my 3 month in LA was: I was sitting in front of the Central Library for some time writing stuff on paper; And this dude had passed me by frequently and then approached me. He told me stuff about having some contact with the Fugees/Pras and there was some documentary about Homeless people going on and he wondered what I was writing; And so he invited me to his place so I could transcribe what I had written - and I was in! I mean ... maybe that was my opportunity. So - he lived in some ... place with multiple apartments and some shared Internet room; So, he put me there - gave me something to drink - and so I started typing. Then at some point a guard knocked at the door and apparently I wasn't allowed to be there; Me totally confused - then the other dude comes to it and shit; I have to finish, ... well ... end of the story. Basically. Back to the streets. No Fugees, no Documentary - possibly he just wanted to screw me over anyway.

But its not like I had any reason to be secretive about what I wrote. I still had some hope back then.

I'm not ordered - I think, but ... then I'm still german enough ... at least somewhere in my mind ... somewhere, I'm sure. ... ... sortof.

Hmm ... . My room doesn't really reflect that! I'm passively german; I think. And actively mixed.

But whatever.

On the right terms ... what is there to be disagreed upon?



At first I was sceptical, but this

is actually a pretty neat breakdown of the movie. I wouldn't have put that much thought into it. I thought it was just a great Film. One of those that really humbles me in my ... artistic ambitions; Knowing that if I had anything I think was really good - it'd possibly be due to luck.

And yea - I on another note think the movie is very good, inspirationally, towards our Future as a whole. Either way; Whether it'd turn into that; Or - us figuring out how to turn that around. How ... that? You ask? What?

I mean - there are two types of Sci-Fi, essentially: Desirable Future and Undesirable Future. Say ... Demolition Man vs Terminator. On the one side there is big positivity (usually after an apocalypse - but whatever); And on the other side just 'visions' of how much shit could go wrong. #Skynet. When it gets to Skynet ... we're getting closer and as we do so we dismiss Skynet for something to actually be worried about. Its "too sci-fi". If Machines cannot gain consciousness; Well - all it took was some overambitious moron and a bug. And how recklessly some of these sciences are being pushed ... and militarized ... it may not be Skynet ... but ... Robocop ... without Robocop. Maybe. Though, Johnny Mnemonic is ... I think ... the 'most realistic' in the frey. So, what I'm getting at is that one way to use Fiction is to tell a story to visualize something bad we wouldn't like. To say: "Hey, caution". OK, what do these Authors know? Huhu! I mean - the better ones would at least try to make up a reasonable world with reasonable activity, give or take; But whatever. That people would denie such 'stories' is basically the premise I'm setting up here.

At which point however all entertainment ends up being just that. Adding any deeper thought is like ... a crime!

We give a shit - and woop - how is that not setting the rails to shitland?

Yea, how is that? Ignoring all the signs? Hmm ... maybe?

Given that we don't go into the future as a whole; But rather as slaves to a machine? Yea - I mean ... it sounds pretty dark and dystopian but ... hey, Trump is president!

OK, its ... yea, its Funny! Too Funny to be serious? Yea, the USA almost sided with ISIS until "woops" (didn't do anything P)) ... kindof ... you know ... "iffy" to say the least!

What people are missing out on in my oppinion is 'fantasy' or 'creativity'. That to say: "An understanding, based on certain facts, of what 'might be'". And yes "might be" - because ... predicting the far future with any certainty is ... kindof ... ... not so much a thing I'd argue. Except in Astronomy but thats different. Stuff happens in Slow Motion there. Sortof. Relatively speaking.

I mean ... it may not be 'everybodies thing' - although I like to believe that everyone is capable enough to ... understand. I just feel that ... we live in a day and age where people sortof ... just threw ... reason over board. But yea, what is there to be reasonable about? On an off hand we might get deeper into the Judge Dredd Universe and think about Law Enforcement and Justice and all that, but - thats ... irrelevant detail. For the most part.

Every Civilization is going to have its ways of Justice. I mean - period!

Dredd as a Character is also entirely irrelevant. In this situation. Otherwise ... well - yea; ... we can get deeper into that too and how the Character makes sense psychologically and all that; But no. Nononono.

Although - well, there is that word 'resonance'. And in that regard I have to point out that one of the few things we can relate to in that movie, ... well, is money. People in 'poverty'. OK, earth is a wasteland by the way. However. That should also ... kindof ... maybe ... tell us something. Chances are, if there is such a thing as Kharma, You won't be a Judge in that future - if you want to see it coming because its "cool"!

Well - except for where the Injustice comes in. Hmm ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Hmmmmm-mmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMM.

Like, what is more attractive of a Temptation? A 'slight' improvement of your situation or a pretty major one you couldn't otherwise 'effort' on your own?
Yea, sick isn't the only word that comes to mind.

Isn't the downfall of that evil one of the things we really love seeing in movies? Hmm - Hunger Games ... anyone? First get the shit rubbed in your face good - then puke it out.

I wonder - if "X" were tortured live on TV, how many would sit there, thense, like, wanting to get in and take part in the action! I mean to be honest here; And I certainly were tense like that! When watching movies I certainly am. But the most memorable movie for me there would be Speed Racer.

And then, if you put all the world today and packed it into one Megacity ... hmmm. Yea ... kindof ... close!

But then; Megacities. Eventually we'll be building those! And the big thing is that 'how' we move into those; With which culture we settle in there - thats going to determine whats gonna come from it to a huge degree!

The only 'immediate' payout you get from movies like that is what you takaway personally; There is no magic happening from understanding some crazy plot twist or intrinsic story element or such - at least thats how movies work for me. And without context its often that nuance gets lost in translation.
I can even say the same thing about the Matrix. Though the Matrix movies have an elaborate background story - before I had any real opportunity to watch that stuff I had a different set of thoughts. Firstly arguing that AI got born in a VR and that VR being man made - and part of its original programming being unsurmountable by the Machines. The equivalence to us were our inability to fundamentally change how we work ourselves.

But I kindof don't wanna go down that rabbithole right now! Either way its about Machines gaining Consciousness - and something about reality bending shenanigans. "There is no Spoon" and "Morpheus" (the God of Dreams).

My thought process on this is that media interpretation is kindof a thing on its own that only Nerds like to do; Essentially a waste of time a.k.a. recreational nonsense. What matters happens IRL - after all - and I don't mean to be smartassing here; Which eventually happens all too quickly. On another note I've been "Updated" on a bunch of things regarding BvS and the Matrix Reloaded and I end up thinking ... meh ... whatever. What passes as 'philosophically deep' and what doesn't ... I can't really speak of myself today because those things are somehow distant - yet as of the past; I'm simply on a different page. I got sucked into BvS ... and once the two collided the whole "Martha" thing made total sense to me. The thing is ... in my head there was that conflict and it had to be resolved. So, how will the one defeat the other? And yea ... maybe this Martha thing was a bit of a desperate plot twist; Maybe so from the defeated Supermans perspective a "maybe ... he'll listen???" (Clark Kent is a Journalist and might know who Batman is ... whatever) - but I also believed there is good in Batman; And being 'determined' that Superman is dangerous ... to me it made sense that Supermans phrase there would catch Batman off guard. Its maybe not the most elegant, but ... it worked for me. [sigh]
I mean - I'm aware of the thing that the experience of how a movie comes accross is sometimes dependent on more than just the movie. Hell, my whole appreciation of Resident Evil Retribution may just have been that I got high at the right time with just the right amount. And for my 'explenations' to work it would be required to get to the same experience - and thats beyond my ability to provide!

And so is this Dredd thing. Eventually its all too convoluted to really take it to any pragmatic world changing importance; To so get to the point: Symbols that matter. Like ... I'll come forth and say: One of the recent times I saw the Matrix Reloaded in its entirety (that being the 'Tidal Wave' reloop) - it really stood out to me how ... actually silly the movie is at certain points. And I'm sure if I tried to formulate that; It'd be pretty close to what "everyone else" is saying.
Which is the whole "experience thing" in reverse - and - so I have to acknowledge that, well, if God could have twisted some knobs to change the outcome He didn't - and - so, who am I?

Except that sort of thinking is kindof lame. Its as 'meh' as 'meh' can get. But its not like the alternate explenation would change anything until 'things' change; And another alternate explenation ... is closer to reality and says as much as: Well, shit happens!
I mean, I have that urge to explain my perspective because I think its valid - I ... I'm sure of it - with the only thing that really sucked for me, in BvS, was the ending. Yet I eventually have to see where the limits are. If my explenations won't do - there isn't much of a point - until I'm maybe triggered towards a response to something. Like, its interesting to think about 'what if' Dark Knight Rises had been more like the two Cities (Wisecrack on what went wrong with 'the dark Knight Rises').
And yea - such depth is one part where I 'fail' at.

I didn't like the Dark Knight Rises that much because it wasn't paced that well - but it wasn't bad per se. Theoretically; When assuming that the movie had the power to spark a Revolution - yet chose to burry any of that potential within its own "malrepresentation" of things; Well ... ironic this way or that way?

Oh, and "perceived public opinion bias"? Well - whatever. It is at this point not even an issue anymore. What interests me more is what those "misguided people" (you?) think/feel/believe in response to this Astair/Jinx/Phantom Menace stuff. Is there anything? And if, how does it come together? Is it Jinx or somehow ... strange? Its possibly not that simple. But, yea - actually ... hmmm. Irrational beliefs? Might as well just ... be too far out of the window. Whatever. It ... doesn't really matter.

Or ... well. On my end ... I would need to have made a mistake like that to have any reasonable frame of reference. But what does that do? At this point it only makes me question things - trying to see errors whether there be some or not - and yea; So - no point. I feel like there's something - but I think it doesn't want to come out here.

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