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We all know this isn't going anywhere - right? But why? How?

Why sharing your bullshit online matters

Well ... because! OK, maybe online isn't the best place though ...

So, I've been wasting some time earlier today and stumbled upon this thing. SCPs. SCP is some ... kindof Sanctuary inspired ... or - its essentially some internet creepypasta bonfire ... a collection of fantasy monsters and some guys make videos about them. And I noticed that the more I was watching those videos, the more my mind changed. Its just as its said: Once we hear something often enough, we start to believe it. Now, I'm not saying that I now believe that SCPs are a real thing; Though I do suppose there might be something as that; But I'm saying that my mind kindof began to work as though. ... Ambigous ... . I was watching those videos to just chill a little - and having seen some convincingly good material material on supernatural stuffs I didn't know what to expect. But I was distanced and looked at it as looking at bullshit. But eventually thoughts started popping in, thoughts from being immersed in the setup - so, thoughts like, "how is this a Euclid" - and things that might make some good fanfiction maybe.
Destin from SmarterEveryDay made an interesting Video I came to watch some time earlier. Its called, the thing is called "Reverse-Brain Bicycle" - and he there makes the point how Knowledge is not equal to Understanding. While the words in this arrangement may not tell a lot, the example makes the case. The RBBC has a mechanism that makes the front wheel turn the opposite direction than the handle. And the general case is that people have a much harder time adapting to that than most would anticipate. He gets to the point where speaks about "routines in his mind" - and yea, this is in some sense related to the earlier part.

The next bit is about narrative - and this is where this culminates into a huge pile of shit.

I also happened to watch Thunderf00ts most recent video, which is - on Anita Sarkeesians "Islamophobia is Racism" or such. Its one of those videos where I can't see how seeing the original video would change anything for me. I matter of fact though watched another one of her, or tried to at least, ... and its all good and dandy ... ish, until the whole bla bla begins and then I'm just ... turning off.
It might be a great example though on how an alleged Trump-opposer can get some pro-Trump propaganda on the way. Ah ... hihi ... now I remember what the video was going to get into. Its about how depicting Trump and Putin in a homoerotic way doesn't help anyone. OK. Whatever.
The thing with "these" Videos however is that if you have the time; You'll watch a whole video - whether it sucks or not. You might hereto want to watch TJ Kirks Video ... "Why SCIENCE is NOT the New Irrational RELIGION ..." - as it is a really ... simple and not too difficult to comprehend face-off of ... perceptions. The thing is that ... this sounds horrible but ... once you watch a Video you usually don't have the luxury of someone throwing a helpful comment in. And ... YouTube comments ... [sigh] ... well. You get the rough angle. You might so find yourself first being talked to a certain point where you have a specific question; And the narrator then goes on to answer it - and it seems totally reasonable.

And yea - the best protection is not to expose yourself to such bullcrap; My oppinion; But yea ... yea ... thats ... thats it! Thats actually what you should do.

The thing is a bit wider than just that however. When going on and saying something such as "Islamophobia is Racism" you present a Narrative. And that isn't bad. When you're in a bar with friends and so, there is interaction. Someone standing by might listen and drop a comment too. And there is no way around it! You 'do' care what other people think or say about you. At least so that when presented a dodgy stance and two say 'bad' and one says 'good' you tend towards what the majority thinks. (Safe-Spaces are Echo Chambers). Oh, with this commentary it goes even deeper. Much deeeper.

Personally - there was this Ghostbusters movie. But by the time I was about to throw up my commentary on the trailer the internet was already boiling in controversy between feminists and mysogenists. Or, no matter how often the phrase "This isn't because they are women" got dropped, nobody seemed to give it any credit. Still the Director would go out and talk shit like how toxic all the hate is ... and didn't make it any better by saying that men aren't funny! ... -.- [sigh].

And yea - none of this all so far is really a biggens Mystery.

And whats going on? Well - I would like to "call out" ... ^^ ... 'an Invisible wall'. Like in any cliche depiction of the modern youth. Why bother talking to each other if you can text? ... sotospeak. And you can't 'tear' anyone out of their echo-chambers because ... racism and mysogeny and patriarchy and what not. And rather we like to push them like and thumbs-up buttons to further our cause. And yea, once the mejority is backing up morons - of course the moronic attitudes will get a boost. And how that? Isn't it so that eventually the fighting gets tiring? If you're fighting you'll fight - I guess. But if you're not used to your own oppinion being legit ... .

And would we know whether or not an Election is rigged? I mean - when speaking of it, the issue of strangers meddling with the votes is on my list not the only item; And certainly not the one on top! And 'if' russians could 'hack' the elections - then dude ... thats not a russian problem.
There's a thing on YouTube that went around. That certain YouTubers reported unexplainable drops in their subscriber counts. And how is that even a thing? Once I push the subscribe or unsubscribe button some signals go out, functions get executed and 1 is added to some number somewhere. Functions like this should be sacred. Understanding that these things work is basically the premise of our modern understanding. But if someone can just type in some number somewhere ... or add a factor, like, you get 4 for 1, or 1 for 4, ... yea, 'if', that were a thing ... our modern society is a hoax. A pretty darn fat one.
I mean, Trump is president of the USA! For fucks sake! But I think this argument counts. How about an article wherein the journalist asks in the headline how come a druglord got elected mayor or something. I mean, yea. Its really - that we're so used to this type of absurdity that we'd be shocked if something sane happened for a change!
And if we were to blame South Park, we are to blame much more than just that. Our attitude for instance - our unwillingness to bring about change because we kindof feel well in this mud. But yea, without a reasonable counter effort, ... one that is worth the effort ... its just not any different!

And there is a ... thing. Like, should we give up our privacy too? Isn't it the same? Yea yea, fucking narrator, "shut up!". Isn't it the same with this? The first time someone expresses a negative thought it sticks - and you'll have a harder and harder time to see it differently. Yet I suppose that these negative thoughts ... they ... they don't come out just like that either!
But either way ...

But so again: The reason why 'I' am as I am and not like Superman or whatever - well - is because of stuff. We need to 'work shit out' instead of just hoping for what the Jews did before crucifying Christ; That the Messiah will just come and save us. There is no concrete plan because I'm the only one right now putting its head into it. And if I weren't alone - it'd still be wrong. OK, if I were part of the Illuminati for instance, we might be able to do some things - where you would want us to ignore what you want if we have reason to believe we know it better. But at the same time some of you don't think that way and curse the Illuminati for all things evil in this world.
And so yea - there is no unity. But what even fucking divides us?
Is this a call away from the Internet? Like in some weird South Park episode?
Hmm ... it kindof takes a spin that way!

But yea, I'm here not going to let the sounds of it ruin the logic - and make it up to you! I mean - sure you can spin it that way ... but to some extent thats like giving up. That could have some effect; And be the only thing if anything else fails - but it depends on you! And yea - well - maybe the problem is that you aren't online enough! But clear, we need something offline that helps us not getting lost in the virtual void. That sounds hardcore - but it sounds like something I can stand for too!

And thats the thing there - that - 'a narrative' - well, an easy trick is to think about where it takes you. I mean, any other way just gets us overthinking stuff and end up doing what we might have done in first place. I mean, we have to think - and part of that is 'where' the journey should take us.

The Truth is out there!