How the System works - maybe - ... really!

I am not alone ... you are not alone! We are not alone!

I'm not the only 'gamer' who started 'hating' the term for what its about "socially" ... . OK, sidetrack: Is 'gamer' a social label? I'm german. I'm male. I'm half philippino. I'm unemployed. ... So yea, I'm a gamer too.
So I guess I'm not alone either when it gets to sortof 'yearning' for the Zombie Apocalypse - or - to live in China.

Naturally I can't tell who 'you' specifically are. What your feelings of the time right now are. Where you find yourself. And I'm sure certain groups are more affected by "these things" than others. Yet, we got to be careful about this. About "these things". On the surface it is difficult to generalize. Like: "All fat people ..." - weigh more than thin ones. Eat more than slim ones. Really? To me it is inconceivable how people can become fat from eating chocolate. I eat nothing but "fatmaking" unhealthy food - and I'm a fucking stickman!

"These things" ... what do I mean? I wrote about it once before ... and in essence its about "morons" taking over social lead of what we identify with to the point that we don't want to be a part of it.
And thats where generalization fails. Like ... who are those "special individuals" that we would point fingers on?

They don't exist! Thats also why I like to use the term "Phantom Menace".

And thats where this would stop. There is no "pulitzer price worthy uncovering of this and that" that 'can' be done - in my honest opinion - except maybe in a few few few few cases ... though, whenever there's a culprit that can be 'fucked' - its not actually the guy you wanted - I'd say - and thats not because I watched too much spy movies!
Its however easy to make the conscious "Link" ('Decision'!) between Microsoft and "the Shadow Government"/Vatican, but I'm sure you wouldn't find any physical evidence.

To the point that the existence of given 'Shadow Government' is pure speculation, even when taking the Bible that way. Well - its a "duh" thing too - like, of course there is! In one way or another. Once in power, always in power, ... sortof. Its after all the connections that matter. Connections like ... YouTube. Again - we cannot proof any of the claims and for all we know what we think of might be complete bullshit - but in a sense YouTube is being more stupid all in all than it makes sense to me. So, saying: What are their think tanks thinking up? Solutions? For what? If it were 'consumer friendliness' - where is it? Why does every single feature anywhere ever seem to be, like, made with certain flaws in mind? ... What am I talking about?
Advertisers abandoned YouTube to the detrement of a lot of YouTubers and there the whole issue was that some ads were running on racist/offensive videos and advertisers didn't want that - and as I get it now every video with 'offensive' content got demonetized. That would however also include 'News' on ... some terror attack for instance. Anything containing a controversial term. Thats how some people came to speak of 'censorship'. Like, what kind of world are we living in? Being all 'non-controversial' were like pretending that there is no controversy in this world. And a lot of times thinking about some things 'this' way - that the obvious solution got scrapped because it didn't 'meet' the desired expectation, makes a horrifying lot of sense! I'm sure - just put a bunch of people in a room and within 24 hours they'll have a few suggestions that make actual sense.

And same thing with Trumps struggle with Medicare. Obviously the whole reason why they can't get it done is that any way of squeezing a dime out for the rich is gonna backfire! Its so flat out in your face ... it ... just makes me wanna get back at their faces with a truck!

But maybe there is a deeper level of the conspiracy where just that is what "they want". ... Well - ... let me ... clarify. I think its more so that for everything that can go wrong there is a plan to abuse that. ~"With a few things setup and in place ..."~ - - - like, not knowing 'whom' to blame in the end, ~"there is no way ... "~ ... so and so.

And yea, such struggles make us wanna break free. Like, Neo burried by the Agents Smith - then just "wraaaah" - because ... what ... the ... fuck!?!?!?!?!? !!!!!
But so people will start doing stuff - and then some of their folks will jump on that the one or the other way and be about to twist it around ... and unless you're on the top of the food chain you'll possible never have a clear idea of what the hell is going on!

"Wraaaah" like ... "its time for more serious measures" - but then - look, woe and behold who's ending up there in the end speaking of more serious measures before the UN ... feminazis ... ... ... ... ... ... !

And all and everything done to "better the online climate" is ... as of yet ... tailored to them. OK, ... I have to be clear here: The connection shown here is rather rhetorical than factual. As ... the "Feminazis" were in control before the YouTube Ad-pocalypse - so in the more factual sense: If we now wanted to "Wraaah" - those 'feminazis' would yet be the ones to vastly influence the directions.

Or "SJWs".

The problem here is that the average guy doesn't know how to "beat/play" the System! But some "Shadow King" who knows the System like his backyard or even better, he would understand how to set certain people up to be in a position where then some selective favourism would do the rest - and so ... that.

Uh yea ... feminists and gamers ... here's a short list: [ReviewTechUSA, Total Biscuit (and Friends), Jim Sterling, the Yogscast, Day 9, BADASS GAMING, BarFightsLeicester, boogie2988, ClementJ64, Core-A Gaming, HCBailly, itmeJP, Mr. Fruit Gaming Channel, NintendoCapriSun] - of the one and the other channel I came to enjoy, some more and some less, to get something of a 'straight' impression of what "Gamers" are like. At least, Gamers I would - as a Gamer myself - ... uh - ... 'agree with' - in the widest sense. And there's a lot more. I wouldn't know anyone to really put on a negative list. And so we're generally people who like to live our lives, playing our games, not hurting anyone, being pleasant people (as we eventually all learned from any one of the great many games that sortof "teach" us to not be assholes (and to so rather be the hero that saves the day (even if there is a princess that is to be saved (and I'm sure: The games where that trope doesn't apply are the vastestest majority (what a pointless issue anyway ... but thats the point here ... sortof))))) - thinking of nothing bad - and along do come feminists and all of us all of a sudden are scumbags supporting a mysogenistic white supremacy evil something something.

And some of "us" may even be just that. Or, more to the point: We don't agree on everything. There are Sony Fanboys, Microsoft Haters, Pro/Contra Ubi-Soft, EA, ... I mean ... most of us would agree to this Feminist concept of 'evil corporations' - if the Companies that were "Feminist Friendly" wouldn't be ... EA, Ubi-Soft and those generally more negatively received ones. To name a thing I just recently came accross: nVidia vs AMD. The two are Hardware manufacturers - mainly Graphics Cards - and nVidia are those that don't share their secrets and AMD are those that make everything 'Open Source'. Point being: nVidia does new Tech and AMD has problems keeping up. AMD does new Tech and nVidia has an easy time to catch up. To the point that AMD first came up with Tesselation and now nVidia cards are better at it. But that doesn't mean that nVidia is the "Undesputed King" - but it means that AMD has a sortof ... well ... borderline fanatic ("blindsighted") fanbase - people that so 'want' AMD to succeed and nVidia to disappear in a Black Hole.

And yet there are what we may wanna call 'White Knights' - people that tend to stand between those struggles - that don't wanna take a side - people who'd point out that there is no difference between any of those companies as they're all equally shady and would all fuck us over if they could ... and yea, I don't think thats a bad thing. And that because thats how it is. There is no way to say "This company is good, beyond the shadow of a doubt, so far that I vouche for them". Best you make up your own mind - which says as much as: Anything thats obvious should be obvious enough. And everything else ... its a murk.

The point is - gaming sucks, but that for the reasons the western world sucks and China isn't an attractive alternative! Relatively speaking it gets there, from a superficial outside perspective maybe, or ... if you don't have any higher ideals that the government might not like. I ... I don't wanna get there right now.

And gaming sucked more since SJWs and Feminists got their teeth into it. Like ... my first contact with that nonsense was about a game called 'Dragons Crown'. And I don't understand. I mean, yea - the Characters are overstylized and actually rather ugly - but thats it! It stands out! More recently: The whole "Whitewashing" drama round about Ghost in the Shell. I mean - what the hell?!

And its a win-win! A) Feminists will listen to those Feminazis and support them, and B) us gamers will hate them for the bullshit they're talking and so they have more "hate speech" to complain about!

The issue there is ... we can call that 'the pulse of time'. These days 'the pulse of time' is much more in the hands of avatars, yea - like Anita Sarkeesian, than of the individual. Thats just a matter of how many we are and that there aren't as much opinions. And so, the ... "desire" to not be a gamer anymore is "probably" just a matter of being pissed about 'what' you contribute to by calling yourself such. Its like 'we' gamers are in some bubble - where ... it doesn't matter whats going on 'inside' of that bubble as only the negatives are going out of it. Because of people like Sarkeesian and co. - and the occasional moron ... - and I ... I ... personally ... don't see another way 'but' withdrawal to express my standpoint. But that isn't really a good option! Thats how you let "those" gain more ground ... potentially. But chances are that once things suck so hard - "that game" is already lost!

Yea, because - once you realize that your oppinion is just getting lost in the noise between trolls and idiots ... its clear. "They" won't stop - they're dedicated to it and will call in more help if need be - ...

The problem with "me" here is that this 'Phantom Menace' - depending on how you look at it you won't see it! Everything about it is basically just your everyday chaotic clusterfuck of oppinion. I mean - one of my personal problems is that I do have oppinions on different movies and games - and ultimately everyone is gonna look at me and unless there is a movie that is so good that everyone can agree with my oppinion, ...

The funny thing is that the internet brought a lot about. For instance - its ... I don't really know but its the logical way ... first people came to talk about movies on the internet, and then got to share different oppinions, and so the 'concept' of what a good movie 'has' became more and more "solid" - so that there are terms like "Character Development" - which would seem like they were around forever - but I know there was a time where I was actually coming to the age where I was more profoundly thinking of whats good about Star Wars for instance - and yea, that ... the words for why that skyrocketed aren't there yet.

But ultimately my oppinion there is that the difference in oppinion we have is ultimately not a matter of whether or not the/a movie is "objectively" good (which The Force Awakens "kindof" is ... ) or not - but how its content resonates with us 'period' (whatever part resonates there). So, stupid action movies work - ... - because they resonate with our desire for entertainment!
And the divine can also factor into that resonance.
But ... still there is some balance. So - I did make shitty suggestions in the past, this one is gonna suck less. Its not even really that much of a 'thing'. The 'thing' though is: Separating the idea of 'good' from the idea of 'like'. And that 'like' is a matter of 'attachment'. Like - the movie 'Dredd' is in and of itself ... I don't know ... it doesn't stand out to me as particularly awesome or such - except that ... for some reason ... its "good" - to the point that I really 'liked' it - so - its one of the movies I ended up rewatching just because of that. Maybe its because nobody expected that movie to become any good - or nobody cared about that movie. What I'm getting at is a general nuisance for me when watching movies. Ghost in the Shell might be the best example. So, I heard of all that "Whitewashing" bullshit before - and so when watching the movie I would literally look at Scarlett Johansson and think about whether or not I should be upset about her playing Motoko. I would compare it to a blanket thats shoved between me and the movie - (and so, to me, whenever a movie got a lot of shit prior to its release I was almost certain its gonna be good!) - and I guess that for similar reasons the people who make those movies or are somehow involved in them cannot really tell! I mean, I get it from Stargate, that simply due to Amanda Tapping being on my mind not only as the on Screen Character, I relate to the show differently. I mean, it resonates differently. I guess you can get to the same - once the whole 'content' of the show isn't really the thing that matters anymore.
And so I'm getting a bit bitter when I see a good movie thats "blanketted" and doesn't perform so well. Because yea - I suggest that these "blanketts" are what people are getting stuck on. And just for that matter I'm watching the Amazing Spiderman 2 right now. So, this very first scene for instance. A scientist slides a card through a slidecard slot thing. What can possibly be wrong about that? Ordinarily you'd just 'accept it' - but then there is some certain 'mood' one can get into - some desire for perfection - and so there are these moments that ones mind can get stuck on that then end up being 'bad' for some vastly suggestive reason. And I won't blame anyone for it either because sometimes it takes a good bunch of 'Zen' to basically 'evade' those issues. Like ... "Martha" ... I mean. Yea ... in hindsight I got to "give them that" - that its a bit ... ridiculous or incomprehensive - but ... it wasn't "that" bad to me! ... Well, the first Spiderman scene in the film. Hmm ... OK, the german sychro sucks. Can't do shit about that! But that sortof action is why you 'would' watch a Spiderman movie - and there are two ways to look at it: Either you wanna be critical about whether Spiderman is depicted properly - or whether the the all-over action goes well with it.
But - I'm not only bitter sometimes - I've also become overly sensitive to certain things. Its even 'known by some term' ... being: "Destroying ones Childhood". So, when people point out bad stuff about things that were liked, or flip the interpretation turning the good into the bad guy - ... which is like the one turd once floating down shit-creek thats too much.

My impression is that once you "got" "blanketted" - you're impatient, you're seeing the film through a filter of negativity - and on that note I find it correct to assume that the average consumer makes up his mind on whether or not a movie is good within the first 15 minutes.

And the idea that everyone thought that TASM ... really? The Amazing Spider Man ... lol ... 2 sucked (Turbo Assembler a.k.a. -> TASM) - is false anyway. As that the Star Wars prequels sucked! But its like "someone" or "something" was bent on squeezing out an oppinion - I mean - otherwise there would be both sides. (And I don't think Civil War was a better movie than TASM2).

So yea - the real issue isn't a matter of absolutes, but of balance! And once we forget that such a thing exists - well - we're in for a shit-show.

I mean - its just another case of silencing minorities. Or even so: Creating them.

But so ... the issue is not that simple. Although ... its not that difficult either.

Its like = the whole point to push 'one' oppinion as the valid one is to get certain points accros - like that George Lucas is unfit for the job of making another Star Wars movie. Statements where another oppinion doesn't fit in. So, yea - authoritarian nonsense. Which is sortof good - except that it isn't. I mean - there's an upside - that being 'unity' - the idea that all nerds/geeks agree - but that agreement eventually requires me to "quit".

But then you see it clearly. That 'thing' that you just quit - that it is basically 'everything' - and I guess this wraps it up!

Unanymous Agreement