What I can and cannot do - Top YouTube channels to check out

Its tuesday evening now. On friday, one week ago, I went to McDonalds. What I bought there did feed me through Saturday - got a Pizza Sunday evening - and I still haven't finished it up. I'm not well nourished right now and being nourished would be desirable, thinking that it'd give me the energy I need to do what I'm doing. Like, anything whatsoever.
Energy ... I ... do believe in it! I however know the one guy who can break the laws of Thermodynamics because he fucking made them. What I mean is simple. I 'know' that I from time to time get a boos in energy and I'll so get down to doing things - and I don't feel any lack of energy. Though ... thereafter I might feel burned out. So - in the grand scale the laws of thermodynamics might still ... kindof ... remain unviolated.

In all simplicity - there are two main things that I wanted to add to this site for some time; And maybe I'll get around doing that hereafter. I want to add a C section to the truth section - getting into Gods nature/the Trinity - and it seems fair to me to add an 'in-depth' version to the quick "I'm a Neo Gnostic Satanist" thing - while I already do have a few thoughts that should wrap up a fair bit of what still might need to be wrapped up. Maybe it should happen another way. Whatever. I can't do any of that. Today I'm motivated to (its 9 pm) do some coding tomorrow, tomorrow I'll sit down and find nowhere to go while I know whats actually on my desk yet to do.
I know why I shouldn't do those things - getting into my "paranoia". I can't write 'theologically neutral' things because my enemy will copy them and pretend its theirs. I can't make progress on my program because my enemy will copy it and make a AAA title at a rate I can't hope to outrun. I can't write about Holy Satanism because of similar reasons 'and' it'll further the controversy ... despite the intention being the opposite. Those aren't my reasons not to do those things though. So, I'm not paranoid per se. I should be - actually - maybe - ... while yea, in essence those topical things at least aren't really relevant at this point, basically; And my programming - well - what can I accomplish until when and what would I not, while doing that?
Easily there are way too many things I might have to consider - beyond which I would have to attempt to verify which of the different perspectives is right ... and thats redundant. I mean, I would have to know everything and possess divine wisdom, so - effectively being God to pull this off, that yay - well, its easier for me to just be aware of what I have to be aware of and let God do the rest.

I haven't gotten a choice in it either, nor would I want one. The awareness of stuff I have ultimately makes up the content; Since I'm still the one writing these things. I know ... its weird to say that. Crazy how things wrok!

I've just been distracted by YouTube - Doom Mod Madness - and basically witnessed my energy just drop ... to the point that my arms started to feel lush and I've again been walking around like a Zombie. Ate a slice, drank something - but as I'm back here, energy somehow returns. So, that is how 'I' for myself understand that 'this' right here isn't a wrong thing to do. And I'll file this (rhetorically_) in as 'social interaction' ... because actually this is somehow silly.

I mean - later down the road ... at least so I think ... this isn't going to matter all that much. I however started to doubt that assessment as I mentioned it. Yet, I just feel this isn't all too much of a serious thing. ... Its a mixed bag. To 'me' it doesn't seem like a hugely important thing - but - this very situation, accumulating around my reluctance to actually write this, somehow hints at the opposite.

So, to now actually get to the main content of this thing - the fist channel I deem worthy of everyones recognition - to the point that I would seriously deem it worthy of anyones subscription - is 'LastWeekTonight'.

Last Week Tonight is a show where some John Oliver pops up once in a week for a short to 30 minute rundown of the week, essentially, but every once in a while he reports on some topic. In my oppinion thats Journalism done right - plus its entertaining. For that alone I might also recommend Stephen Colbert - but these journalistic pieces are what really matters here.
In the vast sea of online oppinions, entertainment and news, this show really nails it in terms of timing and relevance occupying an in my oppinion unique spot. Its difficult to say we need more of that when considering that mass adds to chaos, it gets difficult to keep track of everything - which we'll get to when thinking more about 'classic news' - but when just thinking of the journalistic work then yea, of course! But then again - it really depends on how much stuff there actually is. Can't force that out, can't force talent out either. This show however is lightweight and heavy hitting. I feel like some might be uneasy about the fact that its comedy - and if that is a sin to you then this show is obviously nothing for you.

When it gets to news - its really hard to objectively recommend anything. Recommending this or that channel is like claiming you actually know whats 'real' - which sounds like a silly gripe to have, but ... this is 2017 ... and to give you an idea ... were it not for these: RT, WeAreChange and SecularTalk - I might have never realized that 'shit is actually hitting the fan right now'. In the middle east at least. And regarding this 'news' - I think the whole "Other Dimensionality" of our society can somehow be experienced. Of course this will change over time - but right now, this whole news is pretty much 'forgettable'. Seems like most people are being 'entertained' - thats the more dominant impression I get and this news is way tooooo serious - but our hearts don't catch up on that, which is ... honestly a bit sad. And this also strongly contradicts my previous recommendation. If every news outlet covered this - followed by doubling down on it hard ... so that everyone knows about it ... the US would or could ultimately be forced out of the middle east entirely. Maybe thats exagerated, but part of what keeps the crowd stupid is the absence of what makes them smarter than that. We could at the very least have more serious discussions - as the US could evolve to a more serious democracy. I mean, just knowing of something doesn't halp - and once you are outraged, ... nobody else knowing shit about what you're outraged about is even more aggrovating - ... . Or do people now seriously want to consider whether or not ISIL is the 'right choice' - in terms of Allies? Or whether thats the right way to fight for stability in the region? Or, ... who is being naive here?
But so we got France now standing up - and this however shows that government leaders do actually have significant influence upon our reality. So we're not 'entirely' there yet - where news are entirely lost to propaganda - but ... in general its yet downright depressing to see how things unfolded ... or didn't unfold.
And then - YouTube is maybe not the right place for news. But thinking further on that - where is it? 'Out there' - any news outlet will first have to establish itself, the internet doesn't have a proper frontend, while we westerners are so used to our lifestyles and our entitlements in it, so used to our 50 cent wisdom, so used to call our politicians all sorts of things - ... so used to just 'zap away' ... (for those that aren't familiar with it: 'zapping' was a habit "back in the days" of "old school TV", where some amount of 'channels' were available, usually associated with a 'number' and aside of directly entering a 'number' one could also push 'up' and 'down' to switch through them. Thats called zapping, "if I remember correctly") ... and there was a place for news, like, everyday around 6. Yet again, strongly tied to these corporations that hosted those channels - "broadcasting companies" - where, if you want to look for any apology regarding my negative attitude towards Antichristians ... you won't get it anytime soon!
I by the way generally dislike the 'Video on Demand' scheme - in terms of the 'general' thing we are supposed to deal with. Thats the ultimate echo chamber. Yea, you have 'quality time' with yourself and beloved ones after a hard days work, don't need to put up with advertisement (P| ... but thats a whole other issue) - while in certain terms its like a free ticket for malicious governments to get away with their nonsense.
And there are two things that I have to take note of at this point: The one thing is that when talking about globally relevant topics that concern people who are not really having a part in our 'western "greatness"' we're to some extent 'toying with hopes'. And if the Thunderf00t versus Sargon of Akkad thing emphasized one thing once more to me, then that hope at this day and age, is usually unwarranted. Something has to change - and 'we the people', I would think, are the ones who have to step up. Well, ... the problem being: We're not even united in terms of "what we see when looking out of the window". There is no window. Just our echo-chamber, sponsored by Google Analytics. (So, sorry once I'm every now and then stuck up in too much of ... my own. But ... at some point life is just life. This doesn't mean we forget - it just means, ... what can we do? And maybe we forget ... sadly. Sadly I can't even write this without feeling like its a joke ... like its supposed to be funny. To actually counter this ... "other dimensional" bullcrap I need to get really really angry ... but I have nobody to beat the shit out of! And if I went out and found someone who deserved it, ... chances are I'd get enprisoned for it. The other thing is that 'along those lines of dumbing us down' there is this smartess "get yourself a job" type of advise - arguing that if you 'really really really really' want to, you can get your news. Yea, LOL! "Go fuck yourself!" I say to those. If you're offended by this, then thats either because I meant to, or you just don't get it!
I'm sorry if this is too unorthodox to be considered worthy of being broadcasted.
So I could recommend those three channels mentioned earlier ... along the lines of ... subscribe to every fucking news outlet you find and hope that you didn't subscribe to too much bullcrap thats going to litter your "inbox" - but the way YouTube works is kindof OK. So, Secular Talk is connected to the TYT network ... and if you're interested YouTube sortof recognizes that, so, if you're subscribed to one you might also get recommendations for TYT. TYT doesn't come and go without being criticized - much of which is nonsensical and paranoid exageration. The classic "Anti SJW" type of being overly ... "correct" ... to the point of being "not racist - but". Anyway ... better than considering to subscribe to infowars! For now however ... the one definitive YouTube channel worth checking out is the one, the only: 'China Uncesored'.
We can learn a lot from there. We can learn of the absurdities that don't affect us directly, and learn, hey, they actually do affect us directly. I would go further and say: We can learn from the Chinese government. Its like a mirror into the darker version of reality - talking to our fears effectively. Well, this is a little bit complicated. The Chinese government has this "problem" called 'Fulun Gong'. Basically some Tai Chi/Qi Gong kind of practice thats apparently really healthy and used to be promoted by the Chinese Government - until they decided to treat them like terrorists. Even so that they recently kidnapped a Canadian citizen because she practiced it. Maybe we're too afraid to look at it because we know that this kind of 'harsh judgement' is what we want or need - and rightfully so. I mean, being afraid. Though ... why not ... changing the rules if we can and we don't like what we don't like to take advantage of them? I mean, we can to some extent see what we get from sticking to our rules. We do so, but an arsehole in charge doesn't care. And thats all it takes! We have rules because we're human - we tend to be mistaken. We stick by the rules because that way we create a fair playing ground. We stick to them as we expect others to stick to them - and that way if we loose, the other one won fair and square. Unless he cheated. And in that case - he'll continue to do so. But we're civilized - and we stick to our rules nonetheless. Those few ... that are really important for us. Those that those assholes are gonna shit upon all day long. Which is why we call them assholes.

Onward. YouTube somehow gave birth to something we nowadays call 'Alternate Media'. I don't want to bastardize the ideas of what 'news' should be by anyhow linking them to 'Alternate Media' - so, I want to keep that term for what it should stand for. This is the "Proof the Earth is Flat" type of nonsense. "Illuminati Confirmed" and all of that crap. Conspiracy theories. Room however for ideas and beliefs that aren't really news - the 'second eye' sotospeak, that, despite looking into a deep dark abyss of ... I don't even know ... adds that extra depth to our vision and deserves protection although in an ideal society there should be nothing for Alternate Media to really report on ... we think. We don't know. Therefore: Alternate Media.
I for instance don't get whats so weird about believing that 9/11 was an inside job. It apparently has been debunked. Wait ... I'll look for a debunking Video real quick to get myself a refresh on that subject. I however haven't been convinced that it has been 'debunked' so far. Lets ... see. I'm 1:31 minutes into the first video. It says 'controlled demolition not possible'. The reasoning is legit - but it doesn't convince me. On the other hand I can pull a 'Thunderf00t' on this and say, OK, whatever. Lets say that AlQaeda did it. The US supports ISIL. ... so, its now no longer an issue of 'who did it' but of 'who ordered it'! And now I don't feel the need to expose myself to any of that "9/11 debunked" nonsense anymore. Good enough!
And it fits ... thinking that the Comey hearing was hyped up to no end ... basically ... these days, that says as much as: In the meantime we'll do something very mean; While all the "While you were distracted by the Comey hearing" Videos didn't really bother reporting on the Syria/US-supporting-SISI incident either; Kindof allowing us to suggest that Comey's a part of the party which tells further how all the US intelligence pointing fingers at russia could be completely made up too.
And yea, according to this "Other Dimensional" stuff going on Russia already is the better place to be! Its the new 'free world' ... ironically. (At least they are honest about the whole 'democracy' thing being only somehow ... whats gong on.)
Yea, us westerners might like to still look away and sure, it should after all be our priority to fix what we have to deal with ... but so yea, ... ... I don't think that Putin is our enemy, nor a Madman!
But whatever.
It should serve us well to at least know the alternate takes on a story - where I as 'the One' 'automatically' inherit the position of 'Delta Commander' - saying, it is part of my duty to stitch together what is falling apart, which is more of a 'the One' thing because the 'Delta Commander' actually has to keep things together, in the sense of a 'worthy' individual to keep an eye on ... the proper balance. And the emphasis is on 'individual'. This way God only needs to work with 'one' person - who is so independent from other peoples oppinions essentially. Whenever the legacy of the Delta Commander were broken, society would be broken, ... and things would go downhill from there - and thats when "we" *would* need another 'the One'. Not a prophet, not essentially an authority, ... yet basically the equivalent to 'Heimdall' in Marvels Thor franchise sortof. A gatekeeper. Ideally with some privileges, though basically attached to his function; But this whole story isn't really fleshed out yet. Who knows ... maybe the disappearance of the Panchin Lama is somehow strangely connected to the appearance of moi?
Anyhow ... this is obviously supposed to lead up to me pointing out some channel I consider to be 'alternate media' that should be worth your attention. Because its alternate media you shouldn't expect a treasure trove of hidden wisdom though, sortof. More something like a dungeon - as its the nature of this "genre". Alternate Media does inherantly exist on the fringes of our reality. So, anyone who deals with that matter did at some point drink the proverbial cool-aid and put on a tinfoil hat - by which I mean ... he started to believe in something that isn't easily accepted by everybody ... and ... that basically due to the nature of the corresponding evidence. There's a lot of speculation which eventually makes up their foundation of reasoning - and if they wanted to really accurately destinguish bullshit from truth ... eh ... well ... they wouldn't be on that track because ... thats how it is. So ... lets talk about UFOs and Aliens.
The question whether or not you believe in it - how would you answer it? I think most of us would tend to believe that there is at least is a chance while we don't really know how to deal with all the "evidence". Though its important to note that 'if' there is evidence, then we're mostly lied to about it. And that has some major implications. From the top of my head ... the Black Knight Satellite is one of those things. And from following 'Secureteam10' I know of some NASA operation that is not only strange, but the 'mission badge' also features a ... well ... Knight in Black armor. While most of the time he covers UFO sightings where its really difficult to judge whether its fake or not; But mostly its the 'mass' that gets you thinking ... like, what? It "can't be" so many ... but on the other hand, the globe is a large place ... and apparently Space Agencies even loose their own satellites. They sky is large. It would at this point however be 'more' surprising if it all were nothing, ... although ... that then would fit into some other conspiracy theory. I think we could at some point safely ignore all those things - but that to me is yet just another sign of how fucked up this world truely is! So yea, in case you missed it: Secureteam10. Some of his videos maybe drag out for a bit too long ... but ... at some other point you might just not know what to do with your time. And if you want to keep track of whats news in that regard ... Tyler's got you covered ... I suppose!

The next Channel I would recommand to all of you will obviously have to be Thunderf00t - and that because thats the phat contrast to Alternate Media. He coined the term 'Scientifically Literate Media' - and obviously he's concerned of society as well. I don't think I have to write too much about him here - as most of you could tell, ... I ... refer to him a lot and generally speak highly of him. He would also be a great 'starting point' to get into various going ons of the YouTube world - and he strikes me as one of those kinds of nice guys that you don't really know ... about ... who would 'want to' pick a fight with him. Or, ... why!? More to the point!

Moving on to social commentary - if not Tunderf00t, who else? Well, Thunderf00t isn't really that much of a social commentary guy - ... so. I've seen enough I think to understand that this is quite a ... difficult subject to tackle. If you now for instance thought I'd recommend the likes of Undoomed and TJ Kirk - well - you would potentially stumble upon those sooner or later if you get into the whole SJW controversy and in that regard they don't qualify because I would say they cover too narrow a spectrum, or are too far down one particular alley. So - I wouldn't really know whom to recommend - and maybe think to move away from making this a 'topical index'. Here I so should maybe choose someone who's contemporarily relevant - but would thereby only support that one side of a controversy that would henceforth be somehow ... perpetuated; And that doesn't fit into 'definitely worth checking out' thing. I would go with TJ Kirk then because he generally has something smart to say - but there is someone else whom I would further consider something of a phenomenon in his own right. 'nighahiga'. He doesn't so much do Social Commentary though - and thats maybe what I should rather look for. His commentary isn't so much criticism and more just ... fun. For instance: Check out how he prooves that the earth is flat! This is just ... genius! He loves puns, and he's actually quite good at it. Has talent - but isn't really 'socially relevant'. But then ... this category is sortof meaningless. I mean, I could and would also recommend Boogie2988 and ReviewTechUSA - though that is generally gaming related.
What is worth noting is that at some point this category is more about ... 'recommending people' - like, slave trading ... in some sense; Which is then ... where I got to split this up. Undoomed would take the social commentary spot and next to that we got just 'people' - where Undoomed doesn't fit in anymore. Would I recommend Undoomed though? I mean, ... his perspective I definitely share, which is again the whole problem with this category because this is just 'me' then. Some might not like the way he talks - but that is then a problem in its own right. And when it gets to people I shouldn't forget to mention Day9. Maybe 'the nicest guy on the Internet'! Well yea - this is then quite a long list and - while going through it all would be somehow impossible for the average human being - I should definitely also mention Total Biscuit a.k.a. the CynicalBrit ... to not make gaming an extra category. Oh yea, NintendoCapriSun. And while we're at it - Shadiversity ... and yea. I guess I can here make a point, say, Shad ... you wiN! He's a Mormon. So - and while this list would be a really strange experience for most people ... and utterly pointless or valuable ... depending on where you stand ... I got to ultimately recommend one of my real brothers! Cool that there even is one!

And that somehow concludes my list. Its kindof short originally and I wondered if it'd be any good at all. I thought about ... in regards to the previous paragraph ... to 'maybe' mention [...] - but what happened is that this article went down the drain. Its once I say A I got to say B ... one thing leads to another ... and so I either delete it or include the entire Internet. No credits where no credits are due. And I really don't want to add any controversies to this. But now I said A, ... and also as an attempt to cut off some loose ends - there is one channel that deserves some credit. "The sole voice" that took a strong defense for Thunderf00t - 'TOR' - who ... well ... is certainly within his own world of things he deems important. I don't get his points on 'Atheism-is-Unstoppable', maybe because I lack context - but I checked out that channel and its garbage to me anyway. Why pointing that out? I wonder.
I mean ... this is hereby taking a turn I actually meant to avoid by deleting what I have deleted. I concluded there that this is just my own echochamber, or 'would be' echochamber - where I get to pick fights, getting engaged and invested, but I think I have enough on that end 'for now'. When I think of this kind of issue I like to think ... about ... Christians ... in a sense of people who don't have even just a remote contact to any of this, in a sense of parents that should take a look at it - just for the sake of getting an idea whatssogoingoninthisworld. Not so much to intervene - hell no - but to for instance see ... in general, that thats what people are like. OK, this might sound like ... really bad ... confirming all that Christians think about this world - but yea, thats for once how it is. But they are ... the ones that take it to the public however ... so quick on calling things out on Satan - that this and that is satanic and evil and bad and evil and bad and satanic and bad and evil - and it would seem to them that they are right ... when looking at the negatives. And then the positives don't factor in because they are just 'the fluff part' of the negative. And its somewhere deep within me that I agree with that attitude. I sortof 'yearn' for that happy Christian echochamber world - because its peaceful! But the moment I admit to this - I have a much more serious urge or need - which is for my "fake" Mommie. Doesn't sound tough ... right? But I think this urge is basically just a consequence of me already knowing what this "peaceful world" would imply for me. "You've been down that road! You know where it leads!" ("Either our way, or the Highway" - and yea, I'd do what Neo did! Get back in the car). This is society. Or part of the world as it is. Billions of people, somehow, living together - a small municipality just doesn't cut it - for knowing the world, for loving your enemy. By abandoning the world you are abandoning those people who deserve to be saved - or in other words are you ignoring the enemy - who, we might say, can do what he does because ... well, "you" are looking away. But OK, you have nothing to 'offer' those lost people - they don't want to be "saved". They don't understand your 'belief' - and quite frankly - thats justified. This shouldn't be an excercise of 'judgement' - but rather about 'what' people fight for and understanding Gods will in context. ... Context. I'm watching '30 best Mega Drive Soundtracks - Sega genesis Music Tribute (ver. 2.0)' - and the game shown right now is Final Fight. Not exactly ... "Christian". But if you've ever, as a Christian, been concerned of "members of your church" that eventually lost interest ... or kids of someone that just weren't interested - thats the kind of stuff they might be attracted to instead ... and therefore you'd call it satanic. OK. I find it hard to explain why Video Games are "so good" myself. 'Fandom' can be a religion in its own right. But aren't we supposed to be like children? And I always come back to my inner child - and what can I say? Blowing shit up is fun! If that were all there is though, you could make a game where you just push one button and an explosion goes off. Not very ... interesting. Its the challenges ... that make us grow. One of the first games I owned myself was 'Crash Test Dummies' for the SNES - and I actually played it quite a lot and made it kindof far. Well - I have a bad history when it comes to finishing games. A lot of the action games I had I never really beat. Games like Zelda and Secret of Mana have always been more my type of game. Story driven experiences. Adventure. Exploration. And that was good enough for me until I got old enough to understand religion properly. This is what many people don't have access to. That, as they grow older, they grow into an enlightened society. Well - they think they do, and for the most part, ... thats true! But while Christians point out how Evil and Satanic everything is - they/you actually fail to understand 'how' or 'why'. As it goes: The devil likes to tell you half-truths ... but 'where' would he attack? Why would he care about some Atheist? He's already ... gone!
If you're intelligent you'll probably like deep RPGs, Pen and paper D&D for instance. If you're sensitive you'll like rich stories. And if you just like dull action and plattforming - then maybe you're "just a gamer". Why not? I 'embrace' fantasy for what its worth. I would say that thats to some extent what prepared me to find Unification! But what'd you do if there is nothing left to discover? Uhm, ... I digress!
This neither is an excercise in thinking for others. The opposite. And obviously God works through Artists as well! Can't denie that! Damn ... wait ... I got to watch some of that stuff real quick. OK, now I had to pry myself off. ^^. Anyway - I come to an end here. There isn't much of a point right now. For now all this is about is 'observation'. The first step to 'stitching things together' is to know in about the same things. Its like in a Horror movie. Splitting up is NOT a good idea!

What would Son Goku do?

(Yea, he'd probably eat! I should do the same!)