Video Games - diving deeper

I really don't want to write anything in particular about Destiny 2. (But AJs review is making me angry enough right now ...
sigh. It sucks - mostly - because its problematic to properly criticize the game if all that criticism gets jumbled up with stupid horseshit.

(Angry Joes review is as much of a 'snob'by attitude towards a game as it gets. At least as far as I've seen so far).

So - ... I'll get to that along the lines because really ...
) The press does what the press does best - which is for the most part giving us watered down impressions of whats going on; Some people will be pissed about it but there really isn't any point in rebutting that. Who wants to play Desting 2? Those that want to are going to - and those who don't - who cares what they think about it?

Well - which is, actually, ... one of the great many things that are - in my oppinion - worth talking about!

It feels - wrong! It feels wrong once you're into something - and its misrepresented in the whole entire Universe. The one moment Star Wars is the hippest thing evar - the next moment every Star Wars fan is a fat guy in his mums basement. And straightening things out - thats usually a mess. Trying to explain why 'I' am a Star Wars fan - ... ... ... . Sometimes I've been trying to explain something to someone who happened to like something I disliked for the same reasons ... I disliked it. Or way around. That happens. And still - something, ... inside ... is trembling. And so - lets cut that whole issue down to the "Video Games make dumb" argument.

Yea! While other people live their lives, advance, make money - have a life - others sit in front of their screens only progressing in some fantasy world.

Thats what I want to be looking at. Its been bothering me recently. So far the answer has been: Its fun. Its leisure. Its ... individuality. And I don't want to stand here like I do nothing but playing games all day. I've been taking notes some while ago since I was curious how much time I spend on what - and mostly it has gone into YouTube.

There goes another side of the story. People that are hooked to YouTube will of course feel threatened if YouTube as we know it is threatened. If the content creators we like can't do that content any longer. And a part of me wants to shout it: Its a shame! It really is! What started so innocently as people sharing their passions online is nowadays deeply political - ergo: Connected to money.
Who still cares about the little ones? The NintendoCapriSuns and the HCBaileys? Hell, even Gronkh ... for the german viewers ... - where the point to me usually wasn't so much the game they played - but - basically ... 'participating' ... in a sense. Listening to their rambling. That ... and ... HC Bailey played a lot of games I'd never touch - or even know about.

Why can't we have good things? Because morons come in and fuck shit up!
Because ... Money and fame.

"The fame game".

Its ... sickening. And not only that. Its pointless. There's something that has been bugging me for some time. But ... before I get things jumbled up too much ... back on topic.

To look at it right, we got to look at it straight. Saying it as it is. Each of us has a different perspective; And thats what makes things complicated. Those who are 'into' something would according to them be the ones who know better - but those who stand outside want to argue in some sense of ... "we can't trust them" ... because ... of 'reasons'. Like - would a Video Game addict admit to his addiction? Yea, but wouldn't it suck if you just enjoyed gaming yet everyone called you an addict?!
And thats one thing that buggers a lot of "us" - that - seemingly, the world makes its own oppinion about 'us' - gamers - does its thing ... and nobody is asking us! And if they are asking us - they are asking people like Anita Sarkeesian - LOL!

But - this reminds me of something I never really understood. Maybe I understand it - but - my "brain" resists ... understanding it. That is: Whats the deal with 'shares'? I mean - that just by buying those 'papers' one might eventually take over that company. OK - the way I understand it is probably right. Shares exist to get more money. With a share you kindof participate in the companies profit - and if you own the majority - you own the majority of the company. Easy. How is that related? People that buy "your" games - make your money. Your consumers so determine whats fun about your games and what isn't. Like - arguably - Star Wars fans determine what Star Wars should be.

But no. To me there are three types of "fans". There are those who dictate, those who defend and those who create fanart. And developpers in the end are nothing but the latter. The only difference is that they need to communicate their ideas to the team and the team will give feedback - 'as' direct contribution to the design process. Therefore those ideas 'should' end up being/getting more refined. Of course that totally ignores 'talent' - but as thats what should decide whether you're on this or that side of the fence ... its trivial.
Trivial to this.
And since the X-Box one fiasco - the word 'fanboy' has been tainted. And alongside - the whole idea of defending a game or a movie ... has been. But the 'defense' stands as an appreciation of the thing itself. To me it doesn't sit well to call myself a 'real' fan of something, but being 'incapable' of defending anything about it. Its all politics. The first group makes no sense, the defenders jump in to correct them - and who the hell knows whats going on just the other day?
But, ... sorry.

So, "thank God for me".

Gaming is quite simple. While the rest of the world 'apparently' moves around the gamer who sits still - it isn't all that simple. As simple as it stands - the gamer makes progress in a virtual environment. Sometimes thats more - and other times less challenging. Games like World of Warcraft - ... - show that games can have internal economy. And there are gamers who 'play' that game. Farming for resources to sell them in the Auction Hause. Buying resources there to make stuff out of it. Some for use - others for sale. Etc.. It all takes time and is effectively pointless to the outside world - but its 'good' for all those in the game. And what happens in the meantime in the real world? Shit hits the fan. And those ain't us! And is that the problem? That 'we' gamers are now responsible for ... whats going on between the USA and China/Korea? Of course! Who else!?

It can't be anyone elses fault. Like all those "watchdogs" ... err ... right. What ... can we do? No, you wouldn't blame us for whats going on in this world! You're calling us lazy and useless because we don't ... 'become' like ... all those that fuck us bareback without Lube!

Yes Trump supporters - I'm looking at you!

And some of them might be gamers - so - does that make any sense?

So - yea, its leisure. And here the bigger troubles begin. Games became more ... capturing and demanding ... over time. So one critique goes. What used to be a few "hours" of Pong - are now ... a lot of hours of Destiny. For instance. Or whatever game you're sucked into. Farmville?
But - for more useful answers we should check out which games are played by what type of people, trying to look at how 'game challenges' relate to 'real life achievements'.

But even if we found nothing special - I mean, I get 'notified' that this is a silly stance to take here. Its a way of overcomplicating things, creating expectations that shouldn't matter.

So, where do we stand?

Meet: Destiny 2.

What are the loudest criticisms? Its Destiny 1 - just, ... there is 'less' ... right now. There is less armor, less weapons, less strikes, less raids, less modes ... and it doesn't take a genious to figure out that this is because its a 'new' game. The real question should be: Did the changes 'justify' that step? But beyond that. There is the Pay 2 Win debate, also the issue with the 1 time use of shaders. And if we want to listen to Angry Joe - also that there are a lot of duplicates and that the Raid sucks.

Regarding the Pay 2 Win aspect - yea, it sucks! It sucks that ... effectively ... Bungie decided to throw those weapon and armor mods into what comes out of these shiny engrams. If you however really are at the point where you wanted to pay real money to buy those engrams just for those mods ... then I'm sorry ... for you! See - you can buy 'one' random mod (all mods are random - at this point you can't buy any 'specific' mod you wanted) for 2500 glimmer. Glimmer is the in-game currency you get for basically everything. From killing enemies, opening chests, disassembling gear, ... . So, those 2 mods that come in each of those engrams - thats 5000 glimmer. That is as expensive as installing a mod into something. And you can't use real money to do that! So - "pro tip" - 'play the game' and you'll have plenty.

That shaders are 1 time use only - and mods too by the way - requires the player to think! So, because its one time use only, you won't use those legendary shaders on your grey/green/blue gear. The purple one you can upgrade. So, if you have a legendary helmet for instance (which is what you get as 'standard' end game equipment) that you like - you can increase its power level by infusing a higher powered gear. And that is destiny. You get your stuff, play the game - and as you get more and more powerful gear you either keep it, disassemble it, or infuse it into what you play.
So, 'Legendary' sounds all super fancy, ... but really, its ... 'standard'. The only thing legendary about it is that those are the things that are 'worth' keeping. Eventually. In Destiny 2 players get tokens for completing activities - those get redeemed to get legendary items. And those you can only 'get' if you're Level 20, which is the max. So, however you get to Level 20 - thats the "journey" effectively before ... you 'can "get Legendary"'.
And so - once you have 'settled' on something, you can put a shader onto it ... and, I started to "paint" my Character as I had like ... 24 of one particular shader. There are those that pop out of Legendary (those are the in-game (purple) ones) ones quite frequently - and there those that don't pop out so frequently.
Pro tip: Each time you level up and get one of those dubious diamond engrams - often you'll get 'Ghosts' ... err ... 'Ghost Shells' - and as everything you get out of those engrams (except Mods I think) they disassemble into that "Gold Dust" or whatever. The NPC you then can buy those engrams from also has a selection of stuff you can buy for that Dust. That includes 3 shaders. And those change every week. So, if you really want a specific look and you haven't gotten enough, you might be lucky getting them there.
So - there is an aspect of 'care'. It gets more ... 'relevant' when dealing with those mods. The mods you get out of the diamond engrams, or pretty much any mod you get at all, is 'blue'. If you have 3 of a kind you can make a purple one out of them. Those add 5 power to the equipment they get installed on. But the problem is - to have 3 of the kind you want. So, eventually they are somewhat valuable. Either way. You can only waste them willy nilly for "so long" (until you got no more) - and ... although its really 'silly' to pay real money for those mods, ... I guess ... there has to be some 'price' on ... such carelessness! XD. ... ^^
But yea = thats the part that sucks. Its not a pragmatic ... stance. Its ... just there ... and its kindof annoying that its there. Though otherwise - its ... really fair. And really, if you need those mods so hard ... chances are you aren't even really playing the game! You're possibly just in for a few days - want to marvel at your "high" power Level (you won't get far that way!) - and be done with it, or ... expect some ... one to pat you on your back for it ... . I'm ... rather clueless here.

Point being: Yea, I've played it a lot over the last ... 1 1/2 weeks ... and I have plenty of shit! The only reason I would have to pay real money is ... to get "everything". But ... I don't see the point.

And by the way: I'm not even particularly lucky. And that I have gotten so much of the Legendary stuff over and over again should say really how "rare" those Legendaries are. They 'aren't'. Whats rare is that stuff you maybe get from completing a raid. Or succeeding in "Trials" (PvP). But ... thats what you got to have to ... "work" for.

The raid is simply an extension of the Destiny gameplay. Its a challenge, usually involves Teamwork, ... and as always, what sucks the most are those depressed Guardians who suck down the mood.
Its a game! IN the end. And by the way: The enemy A.I. 'is' improved. Kabal will shoot at the Ghost/Dead Player because ... of in-game Lore! By the way! They are aware that they are responsible for reviving us. So, they'll keep shooting at them because they want to kill us! Enemies will now try to flank you, they don't remain static targets moving up and down, ... enemies will dodge, evade, hide, ... sometimes even so to a point that is annoying. Lots of times I hear that the game is easy. And sure it is! You are immortal and have regenerating health. But ... the new approach to the Nightfalls (the Harder versions of the Strikes) gives a good example of ... what the 'challenge' is all about. "Not sucking (too hard) at it!". To say ... they have a time-limit. So - instead of relying on your immortality, you got to rely on your skills to make it through ... fast.

And why is this now the point?

There is a lot that could be written instead. But as the opening precluded, there is a problem about misinformation. Or mis'representation'. An image is drawn that is ... not entirely wrong ... but still ... not really ... 'right' or 'true' either. The problem ... as lined out here ... is about 'inside' knowledge. The reason 'why' people like the game as opposed to how people 'draw' the game that people like. In the end ... I couldn't care less. Kindof. Destiny has always been ... negative ... in the press. So, I'm used to it. Sortof. I haven't been there from the start; I've been there since year 2, where things as I hear have gotten better.
But you got to wonder: If things can be this horribly out of order - in regards to such a simple thing - how 'broken' are ... 'more serious' things?

And don't get at me like: Less broken because more people care! There are plenty of examples ... ask Thunderf00t! Its that logic: "pro Trump because feminism". Like ... there is no ... more reasonable alternative!

Thats why - the simple thing is: As humans organize themselves, ... with each other, based on ... common interests - those "insider circles" - there are two: Those we call part of our society and those that we don't. Good and Bad ... well ... isn't just 'that' simple. So, lets ... take this vague idea and consider it in regards to addicts. Real ... drug addicts. What can we learn from them? What could they possibly contribute to our society? I'd argue: Not a lot! I'd argue that most of them are so "wasted" ... that the real thing gets clear right there: Society doesn't embrace them! Ergo: Deprivation. What else we can learn is that those who aren't 'that' type of addict - actually manage to live a "fruitful" life. So - ... what?

OK, ... simple ... too simple. Simple enough? I guess you get the idea. Its ... something along the lines of "Do not Judge". Not a commandment ... just ... a wisecrack!