Thoughts of a Warrior

If the previous 9 years didn't happen as they did - if I for instance fell down an abyss and battled the balrog for all those years - then ... I truely and most sincerely might be considering myself a warrior. As I take pride in my undertakings that may as well be reflected upon as poor decision making. I went to NYC and LA without a plan and not a lot of bucks in my pocket. Rather than a gateway to fame and fortune it was a gateway to the opposite. Earlier impressions - aside of the poverty in my mothers homeland - of the bottom of society.

But this isn't about that.

I think what colors me a warrior in what I'm about to get into is that to me the cause justifies the means - to a certain extent that is. This is not meant as a total belief or running motto of mine. It is more something of a disability. What I mean is that once the weapons are handed out there is no room for holding punches. It gets a bit clearer looking at my history. I read that book, figured the Roman Catholic Church is evil - went on to read and study to get a full picture ... and over the course of time there have been conversations with various people that I've had and in the earlier days arguments and information, knowledge, ... that I compared to weapons. The idea is pretty much that if I can read to you from the Quran how it is a Christian book then "boom" - I got a Nuke against Muslims that don't want to accept that bit. But ... at some point I had to realize that you can quote from the Quran - the book open - and people yet will denie it.
The thing with comparing those things to weapons for me was that its bad. That I shouldn't use them that way - as that would only cause trouble. But there certainly yet is weight and significance to certain truths - and so - I didn't have a concept of not using these ideas like weaponry. And so saying that I'm not using them like weapons, ... that in hindsight is true - ... kindof ... - but also basically not. My motivation in that regard doesn't change the fact - and this writing is basically the manifestation of this realization. And what I end up with in the end ... well, isn't clear yet.

My most recent "screw up" in this regard ... well, takes me back at YouTuber Thunderf00t. I saw a Video by some other YouTuber Noel Plum on the Thunderf00t vs Sargon of Akkad issue - and yea. There are things I saw myself too, ... and another Video by some YouTuber Shaun and Jen really rendered that out for me. While this sounds like bragging along the lines "I've seen it" - I should probably not emphasize that part. But in this case its part of my personal issue. I've noticed it - but I didn't care too much. I tried to check out the one or the other Feminist Frequency video - but I couldn't take anything more from that. But this isn't about rivalism, right or wrong - ... it is about right or wrong OK - and rivalism. But not this particular type of blame him he say she say kind of nonsense - although - yea, its about that to some extent. (Why do I ...)

But yea - for such reasons I keep on emphasizing how ... two eyes see more than one. More to the point - these Videos allowed me to reflect about some stuff - where what struck me the most is just how much shit there is against Thunderf00t - and how little actually in support of him. I found one guy! OK, two with Noel Plum. And what I get to is possibly best rendered in a question. How, in all the years of Conspiracy Theory perpetuating, did nobody ever get to quote Matthew 23:9? The thing is - sometimes 'you' people think you're "so logical" - but for someone like me its just agonizing to watch and listen. And this takes me to the 'peak' or "climax" of this "so logical" being; Which is the "Skeptical Community". Or - since Laci Green "turned away from her flock" how all the SJWs all of a sudden sounded 'exactly' like all the Anti SJWs that since also have turned on Thunderf00t. Its ... "the trend" to phrase given things in terms like ... I don't even know a ... its on the tip of my tongue. OK, simpler: Terms like 'strawman' - obviously you need them at some point when what you're talking about is what someone is talking about. So there are all these words that label given rhetorical constructs. I mean, Sargon of Akkad seems to be pretty good at that.
And so they get at each other saying "Oh, this is a [this and that] and therefore invalid/flawed" - while in an interactive setting we also get to the "thats not what I said" part ... like "Nazis are cool!" opposed by "You Nazi!" responded to by "I didn't say I'm a Nazi!". Dun-dun-duuun. "Oh No! He didn't say that he's a Nazi! Dat certainly showed them!". "Noooooooooooooooo".

And what I can say to that for myself is only as strong as the support I have for it. Like ... we can see in Thunderf00ts case. But I'll say: "Don't bring a knife to a Gunfight!" (because we're in the warrior theme here)

You're not saying anything when you're saying these things! All you're saying is that you're admitting that, when opposing a coherent argument, you're incapable of drawing those considerations. And thats I guess whats important to take from this one. "Love your enemy". (By the way: 'Machavelli' as from what I've heard is 'the guy' to read in that regard). If you understand that reasoning along what you disagree with isn't all that hard, you are more dynamic in terms of your belief. And then we can get to what I came to appreciate about the Skeptic Community *but ended up being more something of a smoke screen. But ...

I still am pretty much cool with Thunderf00t - while, I'm not cool with his "cherrypicking" in about as I'm not cool when I end up doing so myself. Or if I don't do my fact checking. Or any of that. But so - the cause justifies the means. What I meant is that once you've got a pretty good idea of someone - like, lets pick out Sargon; Where you can't get over the way he defended himself - you got a 'target'. To be fair - you would lean back and say OK, calling the day a day and moving on with your life. Time would pass by - and unless the person in mind did anything to redeem that target label from him/herself - he/she is still a target. But as time went on, things happened; And now his/her way of presentation has slightly changed - like, Anita being no longer 'as stupid' as she used to be. So, what do you do? OK, one way is to applaude your opponent and chill. But here's what it means to me to be a warrior: Once your enemy draws a weapon, you got to be there in their face and have your weapon up their throat before they can even fully draw it! A good piece of advice were that once your cause is the right one the enemy has rarely a stable defense! Basically. I mean, when we think about the full spectrum of power and influence - that part that draws that big "grin" onto their faces (because I can't do shit about it? We'll see!) - its a different story! What I mean is that perfect honesty works! These few lines barely make up a really good advise; But I can't really write a whole book about it ... so - lets move on.
Its stupid advise because in reality you can be sure that if your heart is in the right place - or even when not (but then you'll end up on the wrong side of the line) - God will guide your quill and things will turn out just fine!
Sorry - this gibberish just stems from the inspiration that Thunderf00t may have done just that. Applauding her in a cynical way and that would have gotten the point accross much better.

But yea - what is this? It is 'substanceless' - ultimately - at some point. It is as much a fight as that between two kids using flashlights to re-enact a Star Wars moment. Kindof. There are points. Important points. And as a Christian, getting into Thunderf00ts stuff, ... well, actually was quite simple. I had assembled a perspective of different things, science included, with a certain counter-attitude towards other Christians/Religions, that Thunderf00ts commentary just took the words right of my mouth. If they hadn't been done years earlier. And also Undoomed. Those concerns about free speech - or against this "New Wave Being-Offended culture" (that feeds these right-wing "Anti SJW"s and such ... - and if thats where it ends - we're pretty much at the end) - thats pretty much significant. Those "Anti SJW"s have a talking point there - and once again were Sargon of Akkad our prime example. Apparently he's rather Leftist/Socialist - ... but is pro Trump and generally shares a right-wing stance. Impossible? Nope! But ... at that point the "I'm a Leftist" label would to my reasoning just be a way of feeling good about it. To me its more like being the black guy talking about racism. You know! "You can't call me a Nazi because I call myself a Leftist". (Thats one of Shaun and Jens takeaways regarding Sargon, kindof). And in that ... "mush" ... that ... dare I say 'narcissistic display of self-indulgance' ... that comes from Sargon doesn't really add all that much to those significant points. Undoomed is in a pretty safe spot there. He bashes on what he thinks is silly - and with that simple of a gameplan there isn't really much wrong you can do! But once you watch those things and simply go by the numbers you could draw out a board of oppinions that are popular. And thats what I intimately accuse Sargon and co. of being ... going on. So they would look at that list, highlight what they want to hold as their own and use the rest as a fence.
I also think that we have to understand from the prophecy in Isaiah 49:2 - as one of the verses you could use, if you were Gods enemy, to focus on in preparation for facing off with ... "him". So, that whole issue of who's words are sharper is still something of a concern although my fans ... might know better what to point out here than me. But yea, maybe not. Its all about 'substance'. You can fold paper over and over and press it into a wooden handle - but while looking like a Katana it wouldn't quite be one.
Thats the reason why my arguments "shtikk" - although some other things may primarily factor into that - but should ultimately be the reason why you folks come to like me.

And that ultimately are the real weapons. Or is the real fight. Like, I had to learn pretty early that the time where anyone would care about 'who' discovered Eden are gone. Well, so far I haven't seem "them" yet - so, the show is probably not entirely over (except they have been booted ... but, thats nothing I really know of) - but anyway. The realization extends to the point that its a discovery and making a point on me having discovered it is pretty much a no point because what effort I were to put into that would be an effort that is 'beyond' whats 'real' - I mean, anyone could finally do that part! It would only make me 'officially' the guy who, which despite being true, shouldn't be worth the trouble because per se, it doesn't proof anything although it might help me to be publically recognized and so, maybe I should write a book about it. And then we get into the he say she say - maybe - and then we got ourselves a more real battle. But we can also read into the arguments that I'm a blind moron who screws up in in about anything but still somehow miracolously all those that fight against me will get ownd!
Right! So, pop the champaign bottles and Paaar-Taaay!

Well nope - thats not how it went! But I do in deed feel less and less serious resistence. Every now and then there's a spike in ... "stuff/hype/..." ... but the pattern is clear - attacking my 'weaknesses'. Whenever I say something that hasn't been vastly accepted yet - they give it their all to overthrow the Monolith thats about to squash them beneath itself ... until the one comes thats just too much for them. I however don't really feel a strong 'active' pulse anymore. Kindof.

At the very least do I consider it wrong to actually play by that. I don't even really know why I keep mentioning it. Eventually I'll feel like writing, for whatever reason, and I'll write. "I am Batman!" ... or ... "Lets get Dangerous!"

[Yawn]. But yea, whats the point? So far it were: Nope, the cause doesn't justify the means - and by that I mean: It should be pretty obvious! It doesn't since if thats the way you (think you) got to go - you're thinking of it wrong! Kindof. In the heat of battle - of course! Thats a totally different issue. But otherwise - "there's got to be a better way!". And science actually delivers us a bit of that. It took us away from supersticion and took us to the land of answers - those hidden in plain sight.
But what I meant was that I use what I got - and respectively I screw up every once in a while. I guess "one does not just walk into Mordor" - but eventually a handfull of guys, a dwarf and and an old man can fend off an entire army of armies and not get a scratch.

But then it all depends. I mean - technically you're never wrong when defending the right thing. Thus every believer ever is right! And therefore aggressive Jihadist Terrorism cannot be criticized. Well ... actually however - thats not the case. And so its relative. It depends on how you take an argument that is presented. OK, I left the argument itself out there. It is so implied that in the Light of the Truth its fact. You can't easily accept the truth, unless indoctrinated, once you lack access to its intricacies. And thats where the enemies battleground is at. Obviously. It doesn't even have to be factually correct as in real-life regards, for that matter you could also say Satan or the Illuminati/Bilderbergers/Rothschilds/Bill Gates whatever. Its one of those cases that don't need to be demonized in order to be demonic. When people worry the truth its usually some other truth I guess - where a real fact is ... well, lets think about a false flag attack for instance. Its a fact - and you might want to react to it or investigate it - and never find someone to blame. Its just one of those things where layer upon layer the truth changes - and so the perception of certain issues. Like, once the guilty ones are found but it so happens to be the president of the United States ... you maybe figure that it would take some balls to come forward with it (and succeed). Or whatever. Doesn't matter. And so I can construct an argument without coherent conclusions. Not big a deal. Kindof.
Granted - this was mostly luck or "bad luck" - but so it goes!
And this also means - it should say however - that I have a perspective on life and how it works that you might call unconventional. For me, well, 'work falls from the sky' - no matter how often my gramps tried to preach me the opposite. For me not playing square with those that have the power is ... something of a no-brainer. Or, unwanted intention but not perfectly unwelcome. It means - 'I have the power' - and God doesn't want me to obscure that through false humility. I shouldn't look at those whom I might respect, but I should look at being respected; For only if I allow myself to be respected, you may require yourself or others to respect me. Uhm, kindof convulated that is.

You need to know, I guess, that I'm still a bit afraid of people going on like ... bashing about little inconsistencies within my writing, or ... once I miss out words ... I mean yea - its, ... its bad! I get it. It doesn't show much care ... but yea - thats actually right. I sometimes spend more and other times less effort on what I do. I at some point ... well. Early on I tried harder and harder to squeeze any bit of uncertainty out of my wording - and at some point I thought it didn't really make sense - its just too much effort. Clearly my habit might here be where the larger problem is at - and despite how much I like to defend myself by arguing about 'structure', it wouldn't hurt to spend a little more time on something and therefore have to repeat myself less. Then I might also end up taking better care of them files - and thus ultimately get to a well organized library and therefore oversight - and then I might even go and brag with it.

Well - while thoughts like this were going through my mind and yet never really ended up changing my behaviour greatly, my takeway from this all was yet that this whole idea of fighting and winning ... thats bollocks!

When 'engaging' with Atheists I just had to relearn what I had already known from Christians ... everyone is/has somehow shut off. Everyones mind is as closed - entirely unreachable for any outside argument. There are hard boundaries and overlapping issues. By hard boundary I mean that the issue in question is simply in denial due to its dependency on God or a certain idea/derivative (i.E. law/doctrine) thereof. By soft I mean that when it gets to psychology for instance, you can dissect the 'patterns' of a 'believing mind' and thereby totally sidestep any recognition of God by sorting that one into the "Delusions" category. On the surface you're fine with someone believing in it - and yea, that might stem from the same recognition. "No arguing possible". But same goes for Christians in response to Atheists. "No arguing possible". We might as well run around with black bars on our foreheads with *** ERROR *** written in bold red on it.
And so there comes all the smartessing and scripture quoting and OMG overthinking ... and there are varying degrees of painfull. Really. Some are just a mild facepalm, but others are more like ... getting dragged accross rough concrete with an open skull and the brain scrubbing on the ground. And that would come as I simply have a much more efficient mind. I have everything I need in closer reach, well aligned - its just 'more compact' ... like a book has less volume than all of its pages curled up into balls. I mean ... air included. So yea, less "thin air". Or - no, 'more' 'thin' air - less ... thing. Fuck it.

Everyone is fighting! Thats the thing! Its like ... everyones scared to death to let go of that one straw they have - and maybe there's a start. Just let go and realize that your mind is still entirely there and functional; And that this is not quite actually how to summon Amnesia. And maybe then you might also learn a little something about Tai Chi. The whole 'inner martial arts' thing isn't just a metaphor. I mean, as little as 'outer martial arts' (i.e. "Kung Fu") is just a metaphor for hand to hand combat. Of course inner martial arts is not hand to hand combat. Its 'whatever to whatever' there is. And this is one of those things. I don't need a measuring device to 'see' it. And I don't know what measuring apparatus ever could. And so you may one day see it as simple. That there simply is that layer of mind that is just and simply not physical. Between the minds intention and the physical action there is that point where the mind turns over into physics - and depending on how complex that layer between zero and physics is, there's more or less of whats realistic to entrust into the hands natural sciences. And you can then very well go and apply that onto the Universe as well. After all - where is that coming from? What is its nature? Its essence? What is it made of? Oh - God!
And Atheists would go and have some smartass explenation ... of how thats not actually an argument, possibly giving it some crazy as label like ... the this and that theory ... thats just a figure of speech and does therefore not proove anything. That sucks - but there certainly is a level where thats just what it is! When you go and apply Occams Razor from a scientific perspective, you simply cut everything off that isn't 'fact' - and everything thats solely a word-play accounts for that. BUT - I've grown and now I could add that this is flawed to the point that you would so also apply same razor on all scientific books ever written; And based on your knowledge you assume the re-occurance of those word-plays constituting the physical understanding you have. In that event you have to apply the same expectation on any spiritual truths - whereby your inability to acknowledge the theoretical existence of God in that Light reveals your biased argumentation!

This is however in no way claim to the fact either. Claim to the fact resides within the personal revelation of God - and hereby the challenge as some of you might care about is the fact that it isn't mutually recognizable. You can't say "here look" and others will see it. You can say "here's my story" and some might listen.
But what do 'you' really need? It is one of the most sickening things about this world - as within that fighting - that so many people establish their argumentation on strangers. Often you hear "he said this" "she said that" - "he's so smart (he knows what he's talking about)", ... and I think the whole Climate Change issue kindof is like salt into an open wound ... that not a lot knew about/saw ... which naturally also leads in some inherant need for mutual recognition and therefore a strong biased towards public oppinion. How many would argue in favour of Atheism just to remain credible? And in regards of 'tolerance' - the divide amongst the citizens of the US doesn't really show a lot of it. Well, who did know any better?

Anyway. Whatever. Think about it! And here the story goes on. If I could convince you to do that - and so to make you understand what I meant there - the next problem is that you lack the entirety of a concept about whats at stakes, sotospeak. I liked to have that picture of everyone just smoothely transitioning into enlightenment at the wake of it ... and I still like to have it as I don't like the idea of dramatizing the idea of "whats at stakes" - and simply speaking its just ... a motivator ... . Motivation. How can I incite that? I'm sure there are ways ... and I'm sure they'll all come to me ... when I don't need to know anymore.
But yea - as for what I can ... the Zion narrative is possibly as close as it gets.

Aside of that there are all the many pitfalls. Like ... Dinosaurs, the Annunaki, Mormon Hypocrisy, Jews, Muslims, Colonialism, ... need I go on?

But all the time there was something going on, in my head at least - which I kept writing on. Early on I wondered ... why wouldn't she answer? (J.Lo). Considering there is 'this' and 'that' - and next to what then took me to NYC there were concerns about ... what if she didn't get it? At the center of that there was the concern - what if she screws me over? Whatever the case - I had a 'mission' - sotospeak - and at some point I just could no longer entertain any thoughts regarding her. So whether it was this or that ... whatever may be more or less likely - in case that isn't obvious enough as in "complicated" - however 'complicated' it is ... I was done and woe and behold - a lot of other stuff that I don't want to further highlight here came in. And so we're getting closer to 9-10 years ago.

And yes well, I too had my blinders on. So, early on the only difference between you and me were that I had been on the right track of everything. By that I was capable of letting God act through me - and so everything God prepared to take action did take action.

Lol. Yes - there is also that case of being smarter than others and that becomming a case like "woe, might he be a sociopath?". And I guess there's a bit of an irony there. Maybe I don't know how to play dumb. I mean - thats one big positive about me I guess. No matter how dumb I actually might be - I don't really see that, I only see how smart I am - effectively - yet at that point I really don't know what to make of it. I mean - I get to the point where I realize that I'm not smart enough to dumb-fuck people to believing that I'm ... whatever. Every now and then God gives me a wink, comes in and does something that ends up working for me. I mean, I feel like ... the anger of people who failed catching me in some regard. Its like literally, if they were to shout out loud in all honesty, ... something along the lines of ... well. Whatever. I mean - this one I may have to call a 'buzz' just for the point of calling something somewhere that - so that its a thing.
Or whatever we may want to call it. Buzz might be ambiguous - but for now its a buzz. Like from a fly - that buzzes around - sprinkling acid onto your nerves ... . Smart ... that word ... is maybe not well picked. But it shows a bit of whats going on in me - and whenever I take such nonsense seriously, ... I at the very least get a chance to practice my skills of admitting error.

Is there something? Well - well. It begins with being unemployed or whatever while I have my own thing going; And maybe my impression is flawed since I looked people through the wrong eyes. I stopped caring whether or not a person is to be categorized as good or bad - at some point it all came down to pretty much the same thing.
For me anyway. And anyway - while "they" would try to pretend and be as anyone else - sotospeak - and I did the same, kindof, ... yea, whatever!

I mean, eventually I became a bit softer ... and well, there is that saying from those books that goes: "Let steady work be the sharpness of thy Blade" (strongly paraphrasing here) - and I kindof discarded it saying 'screw it' - but yet, I never really could quite find any rest. Anyway. And so I found, whom am I kidding, that God from time to time steps in does his thing - and I'm just a bystander. Otherwise I'd have to believe that I'm really as whitty as sometimes on display; And yea, there is stuff that goes for and stuff that goes against it - but ultimately - it still does all come down to God! (To give and take whatever is necessary)

Yet fortunately God isn't a dick - or, at least thats not all he is (giggles) - and what shines for him does shine for him.
My Love for God - maybe as an example, for something - is absurd, or ... irrational. It goes beyond belief and I have a strong attachment for him; That in a way thats illogical at some points. Where Love is about caring - the problem is that God needs no care. And that sucks to some extent. Yet God answers that pleasantly - making me comfortable with a little ... well, smell of shampoo for instance. Its good - but - not entirely ... fresh, or ... clean. And we can look around ourselves, thinking: What if sin never had happened? What would this world be? Would we still have shampoo? Hmm - I mean, we might not have the need for washing our hairs ... but we might wanna do so recreationally. Or if that isn't a thing ... for fun. Whatever. Lets just assume we had a reason of some kind - the idea is, the world around us is essentially how God presents himself to us. While with a clear bit of rationality we can subtract a substancial amount of our day to day reality from that, what remains is yet the fabric of the universe, the color palette of life and existence.
So is there coke. For instance. It is not quite a natural product, but a certain arrangement of molecules that creates a certain flavour with substances that have certain effects - foremost: sugar and coffeine.

I like to believe that my body pretty much depends on those substances in order to function properly. Whenever I eat healthy ... or ... "healthy" ... my general level of 'good' is always tied to either of both substances. I would make up some fancy theory, but ... it may also just be the result of bad habits. Though ... I wonder if it may have got something to do with my mental activity - that I mostly exist and do within my head rather than acting outside.
This on the other end makes me wonder about ... "power food". In the idea something of a deliberately crafted edible arrangement of molecules that feeds us the most important substances for a reasonable period of time. "Astronaut Food" maybe. But more down to the ground. I mean, I think a lack of education regarding personal sustainance is troubling - where I would clearly want a more transparent and easy-to-go-by system - something with colors and numbers that can be printed in big fat rainbow-y arrangements. And for me it sucks that for so many 'healthy' things you apparently need a kitchen, or know/be willing to handle vegetables. As I've learned that which helped our primitive ancestors make the jump from primate to advanced was cooking. A more efficient input yielded a higher rate of energy supply and thus led to growth. "Now its time to become professional".

Yea yea, traditional kitchen back or forth. I like it - but for some reason I cannot eat it! It sucks when right before me there's a huge ... chunk of ymmie ... so, I wouldn't bother a less "kitchen-y" alternative!

I also love Tetra Packs. Thats one of my stoner insights. Tetra Packs are ultra practical. You fill drinkable liquid into a paper-like box and bam! Its a packed drink. Mind you - they can be recycled and should be recycled. Where - apparently its too expensive to have a lot of trash cans around places, yea, more gas for the trucks, more fees for the workers - ... but when on the move in a city and most you get is that plastic trash that 'should' be recycled, its more like a horrible crime to not equally litter the city with tons for that!

And as a german the problems that the USA has are obvious! Clear, there's a lot of 'good spirit' and all that, but also a good amount of idiocracy. I mean ... that whole pride about senselessly burning oil. I mean, I get it - I wouldn't want pretty cars to vanish from the surface of the earth either - but a general anti-stance towards education ... well, that will ultimately create a rift between them and those that do care. And so the willingness to adapt at least within some general fundamental things to the progress of the mainstream.
By which I mean - I ... believe you get it!

The end of where edgyness is fun is where it gets dumb!

And it might sound shocking to you, but the same is true in reverse. Germans are ... awefully stiff. I mean, when getting familiar with whats going on in the USA, as a german, a whole lot is, well, simply put ... kindof unorthodox. Its like a world ruled in Chaos, and yet somehow there is life developping in it.
Oh yea, I am reminded of the scene in 'Iron Sky' where the United Nations find the Helium 3 Tanks on the moon.

I mean - over here a lot of things are 'normal' that most people would think are 'reasonable'. We, I would say, are a very ... 'norminative' nation. Everything is normed. For once. Yea, many tried to copy it but there can only be one! ^^. But while in the US its a big deal to sue companies over each and every tiny crap of pigpoo - we here in germany have 'actual' laws that make most of the things we have over here 'safe' to begin with. Like, when it gets to food - we over here are actually in disfavour of TPP ... or was it TTIP ??? because it might screw over our ... good culture! We don't want chicken boulstered up with ... whatever the heck! I mean, we have 'standards'. And in my oppinion 'you' - wherever you live - should desire trade deals that deliver these to you. But I guess - this is a bit of a Star Trek First Contact/Prime Directive type of thing. To be snobby. Yes, we also have health care for everybody. There are some ties to it though. And thats the big boiling ground here in germany. What really gets the people off their seats - in the end. At least - its a part thereof. The idea that the german government is illegitimate - stuff about how our government is just a financing agency and that we as a country don't even have a constitution. I mean, there are those that refer to certain legal issues renouncing their citizenship while basically demanding to be recognized as a citizen of the ... what is it ... post WW1? pre WW? - something like that - germany. And with all these refugees flooding in - its either "stupidity" or "conspiracy" that then drives the narrative. In certain areas. And yea - we do already have "just the right party" for those - its called "Alternative for Germany". And woops - what did we have in france? And britain? Is it all set to destruction? Well, what good could that be?

So ... "psst" ... but "maybe" ... yea ... "the Devil" ... isn't the good guy after all!

Anyhow - hmm ... "going to City and State College/University" - as - whatever goes beyond private school and ongoing education within a localized society as structural bond between grades of population. ???

Random reflection ... a ... well, I'm high right now. And I just drifted up into rainbow wonder world.

For a short moment.

So, is my word as a sharp blade? And am I as a pointed arrow that God shot from hiw bow? Then maybe you should trust me in that warriordom isn't always about fighting - warriordom, in the best case scenario, is about not fighting at all - outside of friendly environments.

"Keep Calm and Practice Tai Chi Chuan".

The end - ... ?

Zionite 1