{make present (name) the 3 principles, the 4 Lights and the 12 Aeons}
"Connect (Unite?/...) thyself, all-encompassing Spirit,
with the individual spirit that is within us"

The two Prerequisites

As per my understanding that is 'Baptism' and 'Worthiness'.

The other version compares one to a 'Mother' (nourishment->ones soul has grown beyond the 8th Seal -> "unto beauty") and the other to a 'Father' ("giving the power"). This now is a shortening of another version whereby the 'growing to beauty' is explained in further detail - describing it as a requirement whereby the individual is to have moved through "various states", to have matured. Starting in the material and converging in the spiritual.
All of that however is a fancy way of saying that there is stuff in this world and that we have to act accordingly. The completion of this to me is Baptism which is in and of itself a demand of the doctrine. And on the other side is God who needs to give something to us. That being however what we're asking for, God needs to have the willingness to give it.

In some ways, we're like plants. And when we go to yield wood, for instance, we'd check whether a tree or bush is 'grown enough' before we're glad to take it. As with the 'Mother' - this is a space a word as simple as Baptism cannot fully cover. Yet at least so in theory it comes with implications. You know God, you believe in Christ, you want to do Gods bidding, acquire salvation, live a Godly life ... or just be on His good side. That is ... you have to learn from God whether that is true or not, how it is true - and if true, Baptism is a finish line ... or a Checkpoint.

Ultimately ...
How you live your life will determine how God perceives you; And so are both requirements intertwined in a sense - where accumulatively the "quality of your heart" ... or 'motivations' is of concern. And baptism is a cleansing one may find to be more impactful than just a bath.