You Tube Playlist (Matrix Phenomenon | 2022 11 18)

The Matrix Phenomenon

NOTE: Due to copyright issues and me being no longer able to share video directly on my page, it's a little bit complicated to properly share this thing with you. I have in about, probably more than, 1 Terrabyte of video - hours upon hours. Getting this Stuff onto YouTube is simple, but then there's the whole copyright stuff, naming, organizing into playlists, etc. - which means I'm less often willing to really do something.

The Claim

I claim, that I can casually create this "effect" - it's like ... in my DNA, we might say. It just happens.
It's like ... I'd have to go out of my way for it not to happen.
Say ... 4 videos simultaneously? Still there.

I just click - and click - depending on what the minimum of clicks is to get the setup running - and that's it. I skip around, change videos, stuff like this and stuff like that ... it just happens.


And I don't know what else to really tell you. I believe that God being with me, pointing my way, or something along those lines, is why it is as it is.

What's it called? Extraordinary Claims require Extraordinary Evidence?

Well, it's not like I'm hiding this. It's just ... I don't know. People are puzzled or confused or scared over ... what if I'm right maybe?
For all I care - I want everyone to know about it; And do believe me: I would appreciate to have my name attached to it accordingly. I'm certainly willing to do and capable of the clicking!


And whatever. Touchscreen? Randomized Storage Devices or other mechanical Random Number Generators or whatever? For as long as the spirit of it all is maintained ... well, what do I know? I just ... do all I can in my power to make things be random ... and it happens still. So, for all I care: Bring it On!

But well ... whatever ... I guess. [mumbling]

And so on and so forth

Eventually I would assume that you can reason out what's going on - or what I think or imply or whatever is going on. So, part is me taking control, part is me letting the RNG doing its thing.

And ... stuff.

... the Drinking Game

... maybe that's a bad idea!

You Tube Playlist (Matrix Phenomenon | 2022 11 18)