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Well, this slide of things ... I haven't quite settled yet on ... how to present it. But, down at the right you'll find those that are to get featured here anyway, beneath that ... red bar there.

What this 'new Avatar' thing is about is basically, ... a 'click' of some kind. Essentially there so happen to be a bunch of images featuring Chun-Li, and ... Chun-Li really wasn't much of a Character I strongly identified with, ... until then so, ... in that context.
Now, take it as you will - but those images now are some playing ground for me - which then happens only naturally/logically as they revolve around just that topic that is adding that given context. And outside of that I wouldn't have use for that Character ... I guess.
I don't think that it truly matters though. Its not that this Chun-Li type of Character is really something that important within me. There so happen to be traits that I can 'feel' - in that context. The two items make up a synergy that I can work with. And thats basically something that drives me here.

Now is there however that 'rush' ... which takes me from one thing into another ... and the first few images I want to share should I think come from that direction.

Is Chun-Li however now, ... are those images now important? Or, what would this be without them?

Thats ... a thing! I ... can't argue that images do not have their own influence. If I showed you a scheme of something you knew nothing about, ... like, lets say ... the solar system, ... you'd be by that much brighter. I would believe that somehow we get to make the connections required for us to make sense with the material we have. It so far worked out fine. Chun doesn't really add anything, other than what her Character does where the images now vastly are only important in regards of that. And sure, in terms of kinkiness thats certainly a plus. What ... we got there.
You could somehow construct this from the entirety of what I got - while, OK - I was short on the whole Cleric/Warrior end, but really ... it seems like that there isn't too much ... to be found, after all. As you'll read in the images, ... what it comes down to for me is that what I am basically neglects that in regards of something else. What remains is a Character that refracts through a prismatic cage of some sorts.
Whats important in context is the 'psyche vs mindset' perspective where now mindset is that which grows as the individuals mind alongside its contemporary existence whereas the psyche is what describes the individual as a whole ... the solid ... in a way: That of us that is us. As the mindset can grow again and again - it will eventually become itself again. Plus, whatever change life delivered. So, I understand.

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