Here I'm going to use images I found on the internet to express myself. It would be rather difficult to track down the sources and get a permit for each and every single one; And I believe that using images such as found on the internet ... is coming to us naturally as a source of expression. The market might want to teach us that we are to pay for it - but in reality those are just human beings that want to make a profit off of it if possible, ... or maybe worse. Here though the individual should stand in the foreground. What is good for the individual should matter; And I can't see how being creatively restricted by copyrights would help anybody!


Porno-Graphic content!

Disclaimer 2:

A lot of these things might be really strange to you. There are a bunch of things that matter here and there and a lot of it is 'meta' stuff - things I guess I won't write about here. But to get you to a sensible level: What I describe as 'is' shouldn't be firstly understood as an imperative, but something that 'is' - as far as 'I am' concerned - 'true within me'. So the concept of being a 'whore' or a 'sex-slave'. Naturally by saying that I 'am' ... in "heavenly terms" ... should make it a bit more comprehensive. It then comes through your understanding, our understanding as a crowd, that then shifts things from being 'inward recognition' to 'outward facts'. And they only matter to those that they apply to. So, be free to roam around - but keep in mind that this is Unification stuff. As far as I can tell!

Am I gone crazy? An essay False Kinks? ("Am I gone crazy?" resolution)

Chapter 1 - missing

Well, at this point there really is no reason to not have it, so, here's the link to [index-2017]. There's a specific 'censored' block right on the front, but I wasn't really good at keeping the rest clean!

Chapter 2 - Death Awaits

Really, I should possibly try to get the previous one down. But, thats a thing. I have already digested 'that' - and my creative pressure drives me forward. That is I think the most accurate measure of what I should do. What I get to once I let go of whatever I might have gotten stuck on. As a reset to await which significant impulse comes in first to move me. But that ... isn't really good either. Maybe. It helps I guess to get some calm ... to recollect. But if you really got nothing ... you should find something! Whatever!

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