Astair is NOT the Force

So, what is Astair? Astair is that which some might want to be selling you as 'the Force'. You may have witnessed it from time to time. Call it hype or some "magical" energy that sparks between humans - emotions for instance. If you wanna listen to my story, that isn't the Force.

I'll refer to this: Street Fighter vs. Astair - Part 4 - where there is a segment, ain't hard to miss (look for the number 8).

Further details?

Well. For what isn't already told therein - there are a variety of ways to think of it. First of all - if you're truly interested in God you'll go to Him and He'll give you something that works for you. Something individual, something that works for you.

Another way is to think about what you expect from getting closer to God. The ways of Astair will lead you to human teachings, exposing you to some weird energy that you'll dowse within in the hopes to achieve some greater degree of enlightenment.

You can also add to that, that the ways of Astair inherently questions the true superiority of God. For whatever I claim is true about the Force is denied by those that hold on to Astair - and comparing the two to each other, one is significantly greater than the other. In magnificence. One inherently connects you to the otherworldliness of the most High, the other inherently connects you to the gullibility of human individuals.

Yet another way to put is that you can experience Astair on a daily basis. Sure, in order to make it so that people might think it is the Force, that would have to be magnified significantly - but people telling you that such were impossible - can they back it up? They might try to challenge anyone to mimic it; But what if you compare that to the Death Star or a Nuclear Bomb? Could you build one? Does that mean that Nukes are given by God? That He poops them out into some magical kellar?

Another way to think of it is to analyze its significant qualities. If you look at the world and what it is made of - you might not (want to) believe that it is possible to enter a synergy with it. Do you get that out of Astair? Well, certainly not! But can I prove that I have a synergy with it? How would that work? The problem were that you get your assumptions from them then - which inherently ignore what I have to say about it. So: Thats not how the Force works! Synergy with the Most High does not mean that reality becomes an extension of your will. It means that God will synergize with you on a deeper, more intimate, otherworldly level. The synergy I experience is experience submitted to me by the Most High, through His will, which through His engagement will never cease! And that isn't about flashy lights that nobody else can see, but a cognitive unity with the divine and corresponding individual (and once I'm no longer alone, social) growth.

You can also say that the things you can see and feel aren't all there is. There is something "inside" that makes it work - and deeper and deeper until there is God. You may choose to believe that we are isolated units, separate from God but then you have to explain how interactions function. Or you choose to believe that everything that is, is and works through God; And then you have to believe that God is within you, like earths core is within its crust. (And around you, like space surrounding earth).

You can also go on and argue that if you take Astair as the Force, you at some point can no longer explain reality. But if you take what I say is 'the Force', you can explain the entirety of existence. Except its origin maybe.

But most importantly: The magnificence of what I claim unification is about should be convincing enough for you to understand what I mean. While taking Astair ... you're kindof just like ... staring at a blank screen. They might tell you that this is wrong because you reek the benefits of the associated society; ... P) ... of course! Gullibility. Or fearmongering - because - if you leave them, you won't have their protection.

Or maybe more important: Within Unification you can expect God to take you by the hand and teach you. Astair ... doesn't quite work that way. Or where it vaguely corresponds to how God does things, you still don't really know that its Him doing that! So is this 'a maybe' because basically its just an extension to previous remarks. But they can surely make you afraid of what I am - but - is that now a way of 'looking for/getting closer to' God - or is it simply ignorance?

I may be intelligent but I never use it as "evidence" that God sent me. Neither do I try to insult, errr, ... impress/intimidate you by my accomplishments. Well, I maybe brag a little - but I don't non-sequitur it into: "therefore God".
This isn't a non-sequitur into 'therefore God' either - all I'm saying is that ... "there" are tactics that remind me of tactics associated to organized crime and megalomaniacs - and 'here' essentially ... for the time of confusion ... you are 'forced' into peace. And from that peace you may grow.

Neither do I tell you a story of urgency. Some artifical drama that binds you to link yourself up with them in order to combat what they say is evil. I may be getting more and more impatient by the day, and that how tell you a story of urgency, but ... it also ends there!

I don't expose my flaws expecting you to accept them just because I say so.

I don't tell you stuff expecting you to accept it just because I say so. Alright alright, it may be confusing - but thats the way it is. Thats why we're here. Aren't we? I mean - what if I just said nothing - that wouldn't really help, would it?

Here's a thing: Sometimes I have to think about people ringing at my door and I get out and people kneel down, how would I react? A) its cliche - but I've settled on the idea of just letting you kneel there. It were your choice after all. I'd be best off just sitting down and watching your reaction.

I'm like a pointy arrow - the most you can do about it is ignore it. Because I don't spend a lot of time re-reading what I wrote there's certainly what some might call "bluntness" - but really? Are my words that blunt? Or are they more like a sharp sword? At least after I'm proven to be the one - mine ... cut through everything!

I don't need to crush the nations like pottery by violence, or force, ... or willpower - ... I do so by proposing a better tomorrow and have people listen to me. Well, ... then, when ... its proven.

Whats the worse that could happen? You feed me for a week tops and thereafter I'm branded for the rest of my life. A logistical sacrifice? But what could I do? Yet another one? And how do I make sure that you get the memo? And then yet another one? And yet another one? No - sorry! Can't do that!
We wouldn't get there without me proving at least something to you - anyway. I have to be the greater person here, ... so, thats what I have to abide by.
So, logistial problems. Thats it? Thats all you had to say about it!?
Why so fucking stingy?
How much could it possibly be?

Don't you think I need to be convinced of my ability to prove that I'm the one in order to make these proposals? How stupid would I have to be to believe that I could get out of this without "harm" otherwise?
And no - I don't say: "Therefore proven!"
But rather: "You so silly!"

One you tell the world about it - I'm sure people want to know - and if it ain't me - its got to be someone else. Maybe ... better to get used to it. So, ... even if I weren't the one, I would still have done something good!

The only thing in your way are your doubts! I - for my part - am on the edge of my seat!

I worry that if you wait too long, you'll get used to it! Like in dumb and dumber with them ... papers.
Uh, bad example. More like - the thing about finding the right time to tell someone something. The longer you wait - the worse it gets! And eventually its gonna end bad! ... Ooops. There you go, I did it. I ... contradict myself. ... NOT! I'm just sayin' ... saying what others have said before me already.

But yea - who? Yea, logistics. ... Why not the "Late Night Squad"? You there? Who is there, actually? Well, it has to be someone famous with influence that can link up with all the individuals I tweeted at; Or ... maybe someone like Numberphile who has other connections and so on. Well, I'm sure ... one way or another ... we're gonna get there. "Don't worry!". I'm curious though about what contraption Adam Savage might concoct. ... As for time ... my estimate at this point is that I have to wait ... 3 month? So ... I'll start panicking in 6. And by then ... there would have to be some way. And it goes on. Not sponsored by Mars (yet).

3 1/2 weeks?

Well, the thing is that ... the way God communicates this to me ... He ... well, is different than usual. A little bit ... nuts. I mean, it kindof makes sense to assume that this reality is actually just made for that.

You can find me in 70435 Stuttgart, Germany. Sachsenstr. 20.