God and the Universe

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God.

Once upon a time, nothing existed but the Existing one. Existence itself became the first Insight in its nature - and the nature of Existence became the word: God.

There certainly is value to taking a poetic approach to all this; And time and time again I have found myself writing this. Times like this and times like that. Finding a middle ground - lets start dissecting reality as we 'know' it. How everybody knows it.

1. Life
2. Thinking
3. Wanting

These are called 'the 3 Principles'. The very essence of existence. Combined with the 4 Lights they multiply into the 12 Aeons.

The four Lights are: "Mercy/Grace" (Stuff/Stuffiness, "Matter"), Perception, Level-Headedness and Understanding. I am used to count the 12 Aeons in the order of 'Wanting, Life, Thought' - moving from Mercy to Understanding where Mercy is the left quarter of a circle, moving counter-clockwise.

If any of these terms don't make immediate sense to you, thats OK. But you may discover that these suffice to explain all that we find in existence.

The first insight was born of its own nature. The Truth, the seed of Life, born into Form and Illuminated with Grace - flooding Perception and sparking Love, that with Image and Understanding grew in accordance to Gods Perfection, Peace and Wisdom.

In other words did God Love the first Insight to its perfection - and upon doing so the three principles emerged. It is so not hard to understand that the Spirit is the highest form of Existence - capable of bearing fruit in form of Stuffiness that later would create the Universe as we know it.
How you ask?
Well - honestly, its a good question. Upon scheming about the Nag Hammadi Codices where these insights are derived from we find out about some figure named "Yaldabaoth" - also called "Self-willingness" - a phenomenon we may experience within ourselves as we are graced with an independent will.

At this point however - my inspiration ends and I have to acknowledge that I have already written a lot about it.

Here: [Word Flipping] is the most recent 'real try' that you might also find by digging deeper into this site. Its maybe not the most elegant solution to leave the fiddling together of things up to "you" - though in some corner of my mind I do find disagreement to that.

It took me years to wrap my head around these things - and yet, the journey of discovery is one of its own.
Some do have the time, others do not. And for those that have the least of it - just understand: God is the Eternal Spirit - thats what all I have to say leads up to and comes from. And only through Unification can you truly embrace the reality of it.

I hope the text up there isn't too butchered. But so - as with the Unification part, this has to be enough for now. My heart really can't bear more of this - so I suppose, right now, ... maybe try looking for Him in the world around you!