Unification - a Contemporary (late 2017) introduction

This is specific to now. The quality of what I can share here is really dependent on a few things. There is work that has to go into it to make it really worth the time - justifying something thats ... more in-depth ... or lengthy. If you've read my story, which you should have, ... you shouldn't be too surprised that this work hasn't been done yet.

What you really want to know doesn't totally matter until there is a 'we' you could connect with and relate to. I'm just a lone guy with no capacity of hosting anyone. And I have plenty of problems on my own part.

There is work that has been done - thats how I got into it. There is work that I did thereafter - and a lot of it may end up looking like pointless rambling about arbitrary topics ... which only take one deeper and deeper into weird or complicated issues; And at this point I rather not start with that. Else we'd be here forever.
There are probably going to be two sides. There are those that focus on what is important, and those that claim to focus on what is important. There is certainly information about me that when taken out of context draws a bad image of me. And so I rather chose to wait for anything to actually happen before I respond to anything.

The work that has been done ... how to narrow it down to useful information?

To start where it starts - you certainly would like to know more about the Unification discovery. Like - being enabled to re-discover it yourself. So there are those writings, the Nag-Hammadi Codices that you might want to jump into. The first one that really matters is called 'the Apokryphon of John'. Its really weird - where - you can basically ignore everything until the text starts to mention 'the First Insight'. Thats where you should take a break and examine it closely. Everything from the first insight to the 12 Aeons is going to matter significantly.

Thats the first part. The second part is where it gets rather weird. The second part is no longer part of the Nag-Hammadi codices. It is wrapped up in the commentary/context to one writing as shared in a very specific book 'on' the Nag-Hammadi Codices. It is a book called 'Erleuchtung - Text aus Nag-Hammadi', part of a Volume of Books called 'Edition Argo' - and is only available in german.

Its a collection of 13 books that amongst others also contains stuff referring to Schopenhauer and Goethe.

There are 4 books on the Nag-Hammadi codices in that edition. I've started working on a few of those, trying to decypher them; And thats what my main focus should be. Arguably. But ... the way the texts are encrypted requires one to basically know what to look for; And someone who doesn't know the reality of things ... doesn't know what to look for. And thats the dilemma. I'm now ... more than 13 "old" ... or 13 ... at all ... 13 1/2 ish ... and with that experience I have 'some' insight in what to be looking for. Excluding however stuff about that one statement which hints out that its 'supposed to be' a social experience. Two people that are 'Enlightened' can support each other - while alone I only have God. From the outside that might seem to be enough ... but politely speaking: What do you know about the ways of God?

Thats certainly the part where people would ... where I would loose you. You're supposed to believe that those people who published those books are in some way associated to some of the 12 Apostles, or John, or God, ... whatever. We don't know. My guesses might be better than yours, ... but essentially, ... the saying that yours are as good as mine still applies.

So, within the commentary - from the intro up to the one accomodating the second writing in the book - there is the notion of 13 Seals, "the Eightfold" and "the Ninefold". And thats the second thing thats going to matter significantly. More or less. It isn't relevant per se, but it draws the context of what this Unification 'is' ... 'scientifically speaking'. As scientific as it gets with this kind of stuff ... from a ... "scriptorial" position.
And the "magic formula" to then enter is also a part of that.
Thats important.

The 13 Seals are basically representative of experiences that we can make throughout our lifetime that effectively 'further' our individual horizon. So, the first Seal is just 'matter'. Then comes shaped matter, followed by structured matter. Those are the most essential 'seals' we get to break growing up. You might remember that from your own Childhood.

And so it goes on up to Seal 8 being "Thoughts". Thats where you've matured to the point of exploring the psyche or dabbling into philosophy. Drawing sense from conclusions ... or even just imagining things. Its however the 'most' that an individual can achieve without God. That is "the Eightfold". The 'world' as "we" know it prior to entering the Ninefold - which is done by entering Unification, which is only possible through God.

So, whatever you can think of, imagine, experience ... is the Eightfold. It stretches from blunt simple matter to the realm of thought. The Ninefold begins as God adds an extra Layer of something to our ... "essence". Basically. That is to be understood as how God governs the physical reality, just in a way that governs ones individual mind. Like crutches in a way. Thereby one has to understand that we humans are flawed. We have an inherant flaw called 'the Mangle' - and God can help us overcome this mangle, but He chose to do so by establishing an intimate bond with us. And for us to become worthy of this bonding, we ... well, "duh", need to get worthy of it.

Therefore what we have to do to get into the Ninefold is to speak a prayer - "the magic formula" - and it also works alone. Thats how I got in. How this plays out in a social context is something I can only make guesses about. But I strongly suppose that there is some interconnection as everything basically points into that direction. And that how we can/could know of each other.

The formula goes by 'starting' to address God by the 'learned' aspects relating to the first insight. The nature of God basically, or the 'definition' by which we address the Father (known as: the 3 principles, four Lights and 12 Aeons). This, thats how I make sense of it, is for us to have knowledge of God that we take 'to' God - and by responding to us on that bases we can know that they are true. They make up the basis of what we 'know' there-after.

From a Christian perspective this entails a process of getting intimate with the Father, after Baptism, and learning the more intimate values of Gods nature. Also transcending the 'body' driven legacy (Trinity, Father-Son-Ghost) and moving 'one further'.

I like to compare it to dialing the Stargate. First you have to enter the right address - and then you push the button. "Connect yourself, allsurrounding spirit, with the individual spirit that is within us" and boom!

That simple! You only got to make it there. If it works for you without getting Baptised Mormon, ... thats something "we" (I) would like to know about. Its important. 'We' don't start inside of the wealth of knowledge - we start by unearthing the ruins of a lost civilization ... basically.

I'm "told" that I shouldn't really get into much more depth - as this is already hard on the edge if not even a little bit too much already. So, the part where I get into defense ... thats just ... a bad habit. Paranoia or ... basically just overthinking it. But before I overthink it even further and go back and wonder about what I might delete ... I'll just leave it at that.

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