While this is also a rehash of some older work, it is in deed the rehash of 'some' older work. I've had maybe one script that I thought was OK at some point, but I've actually written a couple of these but never to a satisfying end. Since I've rehashed 'On A Quest for Truth' I realized that I might continue in that vein tackling this subject; And so ... here I am.

Buddhas Lift (reloaded)


Conceptually, this writing was the opposite to On A Quest For Truth. While I therein sought to describe all possible paths of religion in their convergence towards the Gospel, I herein thought to render their differences towards it. So the story would begin with a Buddhist, or maybe rather a Daoist, Monk who schemed about his Religion and thought to wander off into the world to look for 'it'. God in the "broadest Sense", so ... Dao, or what Hindus might call Prana. Though, as arriving in India he so would find Idols. He would think about them and find them not worthy of what he was looking for and so he moved on - arriving in the middle east. Well, long story short, eventually he'd make it to Salt Lake City and thats where the story should conclude.


One thing thats terribly obvious to me now is that I was well under-educated back in the days. In the 12 years since I also barely educated myself any further; Outside of learning what I could about Astronomy, Astrophysics and Quantum-physics. Enough to vaguely understand the whole jabam well enough to be somewhat competent at talking about these topics.

Well, what I however now know better than my past self were things I eventually learned by, well, mostly luck. Its probably not all that important. Yet, thinking about Dao and Prana - we there have concepts of vastly philosophical nature that I now understand as descriptions for God and that not just by guessing. Yet it is certainly possible that there are schools regarding these terms that slightly or strongly diverge from the true nature of God in their interpretations thereof. So, it is a double edged blade in this sense.
The reason why I wanted to get into this is to emphasize that there are a variety of Hindu deities that we could compare to Jesus or the Biblical Father; And we might do so never even thinking to assume that Prana is the closer and more accurate description.

How I know this is due to the 'pillars' of what Unification requires, knowledge-wise. And this is really what I want to focus on in this rehash of this writing.


To get right to it: Our Monk would so travel through Pakistan towards Israel and learn of Islam on the way. Then in Israel he would find Judaism and Christendom - and taking it all to his mind he would realize that they all point towards Christ but that he really didn't understand enough of Christ to really say anything. And in a sense the story could end here leaving our poor monk helpless and confused.

And that shouldn't be the purpose of a writing called 'Buddhas Lift'.

To get right to it: Lets start with the Testimony. Or maybe with what the Book of Mormon has that the Bible doesn't? Well, starting with the 'clear Doctrine' (3 Nephi 11 (Blue Book)) might be a start. You can use it and scavenge the new Testament for anything comparable and would only find it in bits and pieces spread throughout the gospels. They would still point towards the same - or so, as we have it in the Book of Mormon - while nothing points anywhere else. Well, except you wanna be part of the "faith in Christ is enough" club. And why would it not?
I've had a conversation once and other conversations with other people suggested a similar mindset about it: Why believe in a particular God? Isn't just being a good person enough? Why, ... not? Its definitely the spiritualistic version of Atheism I suppose.

Technically it is right to make this attitude ones central pillar and guide to religion - but also does it happen to be flawed. First of all there's the "natural Truth". So, the existence of God and actions of the same do not exclude the possibility of a purposeful existence amongst us. And the prophetic name of Christ just as Jesus' presence amongst us "mean" the same thing: God amongst us (Immanuel). And so there's a passage in the Book of Mormon, in 1st Nephi, where the Blue Book describes Jesus as the Son of the Father; Where the original Palmyra version doesn't have the 'the Son' part in it. Just by the way.
But clearly the Gnostic Rule applies to it and so we can wonder how on earth we're supposed to feel any incentive to actually ponder about the Mormon religion deeply enough to somehow get to a Testimony. It however should come out of personal interest when the recognition of God has grown strong enough. It should be Gods duty to however let you see that Christ is the way to HIM, from where on, well - we as a whole should be concerned of finding unity on this path.


While the idea of talking or writing about this is a bit iffy, I think that it is "out of the way" enough to be worth writing about. I so have two "names" for 'it'. The one is "Seek the Void" while the other is "Find the Most High". I'll probably get to write about this again at some other point, but for starters - you should get there one way or another almost automatically. I however think that once lost in confusion a bit of a kickstart would be useful. My trip ultimately began once I was smacked down at the bottom and in need for help sought for what would be above everything. The God on top, the One Supreme. So making sure that there is no "ill founded concept" I might accidentally end up worshiping. "Seek the Void" is based on a similar principle and it basically exists as contra-point to being caught up within something. Emotionally or Intellectually. Its an attempt to find independence from other people and to just steer away from the 'known' - finding God in this "void of lonesomeness" where its then just You and Him.

It might occur differently to You, but all in all I'm certain that once you've properly established contact, things will somehow go automatically for You. And I don't think that "in the name of Jesus/Christ" is required to do so. Christ will however become important inevitably.

The core philosophy here is basically that all concepts are potentially bad and that especially as they bear a connection to a human being that would then have some amount of power upon you. So, if your confused between me and someone else, the answer is not the one I provide, nor the one the other provides, but within the void in-between the two.

How to then from there find unity is to me certainly a topic whereby we need to be concerned of the Testimony. While I would describe the previous item as "Testimony Light", the core conflict beyond that is still how we come to any peace on earth simply because by any means, sooner or later, we have to trust another human being to simply, however, establish a rule of unity. So we might theoretically choose leaders amongst us and they would somehow find an agreement amongst each other. And if we are the find that the Mormon way should for some reason be the way we are to find - that shouldn't be much of a big deal. Knowing it is the first step - thereafter ... its merely a matter of execution.
Which sounds simple enough ... "but" ...

Being baptized is one thing, trusting the Mormon leadership is in-deed a completely different one. And thats where I come in talking of Unification/Enlightenment. And with it, if not so already, this topic does become extremely political.

Politics however, well, ... I still can't help but think of 'the Bottomless Pit' described in the Revelation as a metaphor for Politics. And if you've been around YouTube and Twitter and What not for a while - you might not really see the tree due to all the forest either anymore. People desperately crave to find words to somehow create sanity within this insanity but all that ever happens is that it spins further and further out of control.

And whom are we to trust if we find that 'sane politics' just aren't popular enough to make it?

And why is that?

And so I opt to mark myself off from that and use my "privileged position" to offer you something of an alternative. A way out. An independent one. One that only collars you to human beings for the sake of Baptism - so for the purpose of finding Unification through which you then should be capable of connecting to others that got there. "Should be" because, I can't safely tell. I'm alone thus far - so I have no proof of it. Its though a pretty safe theory. As so Unification means to 'break the 9th Seal', it means that there is a certain experience that is to be gained which only God can provide. We can call it "the Woosh". This Woosh is inevitably something you couldn't possibly conjure up on your own, thus you'll know that it is the next step, ... and the same should be - I believe - connect all those that are 'welcome'. So you'll see - with a new set of senses - something converging from infinity with your mind and those around you that made it in.

This is my best guess as to how we'll get out of this chaos and into a better future for all of us. Certainly it might be a bit chaotic in the beginning; But well ... we're "supposedly human", ... we deem ourselves capable of adaptation, creativity and problem solving. Or as the Doctrine and Covenants puts it: "For the Power is within them".

And all this we may find as contained within a seed within the Jeremiah 31:31+ passage.


I used to wonder why my message wasn't ever really heard; And over all I guess that the message of the Testimony has never really been strong enough to compel anyone to sufficiently care about it. That, or that there was just too much B.S. around to confuse people into doubt.

So do I have stories where the Testimony forsook me; Where it was contradicting or just not helpful. But those were Testimonies 'after' being baptized. And here we're dealing with an entirely different matter. I have learned that I don't need it anymore. I needed it to find the way; But 'on' the way - well, the proposed availability of the testimony turned my mind towards it - seeking Gods guidance for every step I was about to take. Yes - No? This or that? At times I needed it - points where I didn't find any way to conclude myself. Thats how I ended up in L.A. - while, I'm not sure. It was worth it, I don't regret it, ... but it kindof looks like a silly idea of mine that God thought ... well, I might learn something from it.
I learned that after some time I felt when the question I was about to ask was stupid; And so I learned to "stick it" rather than asking it. And through that feeling a sort of relationship emerged that went beyond simply yes and no.

Its clear to me that I would be stuck asking questions that I could find the answer to in other ways. Or, wondering for how many particles the sun has - thats the kind of thing God wouldn't answer by Testimony. And if the universe depended on that information there would be better ways than 'yes-no' estimates.

At the bottom of it all, what I learned simply comes down to how God prefers to be amongst us; And that HE generally doesn't like to act in any way that creates a different expectation.
I know that its hard to find anything about the Testimony in the New Testament, let alone the Gospels. But James 1 has it that we should ask for Wisdom as we lack it; The Revelation I think advises us to acquire a cure for our eyes; And so is the Parable of the 10 Virgins (or are it 12?) (Matthew ... uh, 23 or 24 ... or 25???) as close as it gets as far as I recall.

This all points to the one inevitable fact that we, for the most part, have to learn to solve our problems for ourselves. Or as a unity. And this is also in part a matter to the story of my personal failure. While I'm cautious to assume anything about my beliefs I think the reason to believe that some of it is wrong is there. And over and over again I would have to emphasize that I cannot safely write about those things because I'm alone and lack the experience of being around other Enlightened ones; And thereby also lacking a certain amount of reflection round about certain issues and topics. I cant double-check any impression I have, wondering: "Do you have something like that?" - so, my question "And what is yours like?" ... may already be assuming too much.

I can only hope that I've been good at guessing - but right now I don't really see any good to any of it. Except, well, now that I mention it I feel a sore wound opening up in my heart; Which is simply my craving for some intimacy, warmth and comfort in company with someone else. So I come to believe in divine guidance or help when it comes to us and finding those we'd be best off with. Where the chemistry just works. But how can I safely write of these things without even having someone?
I thought myself capable of going off on hints - hoping to find reason enough thats compelling enough on its own to be regarded true or valid; Even believing at some point that its necessary to establish something of a preliminary safe-zone for myself. And thats concerning me right now as well, ... that I feel weak in terms of standing on my own or being exposed to harsh criticism or challenged to some intellectual extremes.

Fact is that whatever truth I've found, it matters not until we find it to be true as a whole. And thats where I see the truth of Enlightenment as starting within Unification. Enlightenment is here not a 'sudden state of accomplishing perfection', but a far away goal at "the end" of a gradual process of growth and learning. And thats what I regard as the true will of the Biblical God for us.

- the end -