2022-12-18 | Work in Progress
I'm writing this a bit ahead of time because I don't think I'm going to get my work done in time. I've made huge strides in the beginning, but on a second and now a third viewing, the material is a lot more tedious to go through than I thought.
What I thought would at best cover some 24-48 pages has gone well past 200 - and as it stands I'm not going to get to shorten it. It's more likely I'll get to add a few more.

2023-01-30 | Hiatus
So ... I've been playing a lot of Dwarf Fortress lately - and ... am otherwise completely occupied with the Rehab program. And I don't think that's going to change anytime soon.

2023-02-20 | Stuff
2023-02-20.html - In defense of ... something ... I guess
2023-02-23.html - Being Wrong ... or whatever
2023-03-07 | I admit defeat ...
now the only question is, how I'll handle the fallout of that.

I've tried - I've pushed to the limits - and there I found ... what I had basically known all along. Now I may however have to be the bigger person and not say that I have "told it so" - because, well, unfortunately I got overwhelmed by the many contentions one might have brought up to that stance of mine so that I did admit that maybe those might be right.

2023-03-17 | More Peace of Mind
OK, so ... for the time being I'll keep chugging along. A lot of the stress merely took me back to filling my life with purpose, so, returning to writing the book. Eventually there's a third volume that needs to be written, but for the time being ... that's just a spark in my eyes.

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2023-03-27 | Even more Peace of Mind
Whenever I see something that I addressed somewhere in this book I'm working on - that I haven't published yet - I feel pressure on me. As I then also tend to see the matter as really pressing or urgent.

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2023-04-13 | Sooner than Expected
Admittedly, I was - or am - in a bit of a hurry and I'm not sure why. Basically, so the way my ... general mood (structural (contemporary) mood?) is set up, I want to be done with this. Over. No ... more going through it all. At least not for now - or for a while. To maybe let it cook for a while, but ... not really. So, eventually perhaps - but effectively ... I want to be done.