The Magic

A Memory Hook

There are four aspects to its magic. I like to envision it as a pyramid. There are three points that are passive ("magic") properties of the book - like a foundation - and one active "spell" we might say.

Passive Properties

Generally Speaking, all of its Magic relies on "Ambient Sound" - or rather: Music (first and foremost), but alternatively any source of sound will do. The more you think of it, the more you'll realize it's strengths, weaknesses and limitations - though as for the latter ... you might be surprised. ... Should be ...

1. The Siren's Call

This first and foremost is to Lure people in. I mean, there's probably a lot of skepticism and doubt, especially when considering that there's probably also a highly motivated opposition that wouldn't hesitate to get these things off of your mind. Therefore the Siren's Call - provided you know where to get the Book, or less fortunately: At least it's existence - will be by "the Matrix" to get you hyped about it; Preferably around where to get it from.

2. The Blaze

The Blaze could be described as the Core of the Siren's Call - or what the Siren's Call is once the Book exists in your field of vision, possibly your hands to toy with. While the contents of the Book might be dense and strange and not necessarily important - it is still truth that I/we wouldn't want to get lost in skepticism regarding its appearances.
So it should be interesting - I certainly find it to be - to see how "the Matrix"/God can flex on you via the Phenomenon. And once you got to experience it, there isn't a lot left for me to tell you. As a Bonus: If you also have the Extensive Introduction to Neo-Gnosticism at hand ... you also might wanna play around with putting one on top of the other.

3. Upgraded Ambiance

With this one I'm not all that sure, but it felt prudent to maintain this as one of it's features. Once more, it follows the same concept as, to a lesser extent, the Siren's Call and the Blaze for that matter, as however applied onto the Environment rather than focused on the Book itself. For this to work you need to place the book so that it is in contact with your Sound System (Speaker, PC, TV, etc.) - with it's spine facing the center of the room (orthogonally will do). This is now a somewhat upgraded version from before - which ... was a little bit ... less convenient.

4. The Magic Trick

This being certainly the primary "selling" point, there are however some concerns that went into it. Well, mostly motivated by a degree of Paranoia - the idea was to not make it too free and open; As to so also safeguard against possible abuse. This means that everyone that's in the room will need to know of the Book - and also the Extensive Introduction to Neo-Gnosticism as the pivotal matters to know. So, it's a package. I go into more detail in the articles - but this is the gist of it and perhaps a more nuanced and also a lot shorter way of putting it.
Everyone may get up to three Charges a day (within 24 hours) - and to get a Charge, one is to place a hand on the Book (maybe, yes: MAYBE, having the full PDF open on a phone or tablet will suffice) and say: "By the Hands of the Goddess". That's a little bit of my own eccentricity and a great motivator for skepticism - and perhaps a source of contention and debate. Well, the Goddess, certainly, being me - and ... the idea certainly is that what I can do freely is thereby bestowed - with limitations - on anyone who dares.
What a Charge grants is one "skip", encompassing two tracks. So: By 'skip' I mean that one jumps to some point in a movie or a video - on a Desktop for instance by clicking somewhere on the timeline. So, jumping to a random part of a Movie (I strongly recommend the Matrix movies) - while music is Playing. That it encompasses two tracks is IMPORTANT - given you play the Music from a playlist that is put on shuffle. I mean, regardless of how well it works when jumping to a random spot, it is when the track changes where like ... the REAL Magic (that should give one something to think about) happens.
That certainly is my Bread and Butter - though I can jump around as much as I want or just ... let the Music play for a while.
Caveat: There are TWO possible caveats to all this. One concerns the Music Playback, which may have to be "primed" first; And the other concerns starting the movie or video itself - though on second thought, that shouldn't really be an issue. So, I would say that the priming should come as a freebie - given that you hold a Charge. Priming means, as for the shuffling, that one has to first skip to the next track.

The way the magic exists is naturally by the Graces of God. For my part there's [2023-03-31.html - An ... experiment of sorts] - which concerns a strange ocurrence that got me on to ... well, daring to go a little bit more crazy regarding my faith. And [2023-08-07.html - Acting on Desire] contains some exploration on the subject of hope ... that could be seen as the technical side to this.

Original Articles
In as far as I however rely on God to re-enforce this, as He supposedly relies on me to put it out there, a lot of my personal struggle with this revolves around matters of my identity and more general concerns - mostly of the nature that I'm just a single individual without any detailed clue of what "the plan" looks like. Hence I'm mostly just guessing - which, sure, also gives me a sense of agency, but ... it's not like I can move mountains ... yet. And, to be frank, I don't think it'll come to that, so ... don't think to rely on me going all John Wick meets Darth Vader on the Establishment. Although my fantasies - and for that matter: My heart - are filled with violent thoughts, that's really just stress and anger speaking that ... and I'm perfectly serious here ... shouldn't govern our thoughts and actions.

A little bit extra

One reason why we might be prone to believing in "Redemption/Slavation by violence" is certainly owed to Entertainment. Here the matter often is, that the villains resort to violence and brutality to do their villainy - and in a way it makes sense that those threats would have to be opposed with force. Something something ... equal and opposite reaction or whatever.
Yet, in reality, it would mostly seem like violence and brutality aren't the way - though perhaps a supplement - of villainous plotting; Which would most likely revolve around maximizing profits and maintaining dominance.

And while I would certainly like to see myself as the Hero of this story, I oftentimes don't think myself as 'separate' from what might be "the people's interest" - a.k.a. 'our' interest. But in as far as I would motivate people to take upon their cross and into action; I would hope for us to bring about a peaceful revolution that merely extends from us changing matters of status quo, societal standards and expectations and ... common sense.