I won't be quoting from the scriptures here - so you - well - just have to look it up yourself. The passage is: Genesis 2:(8-)10-14. We need the Bible to confirm it - in this case. We cannot just go out there, find some nice spot, call it Eden and - good is. Nope. Well - in a second! Please - patience! Or not - well. Anyhow. In Verse, *cough cough*, 14 we have a pretty straight intorduction to my leading point. "The third Stream is called ..." and "The fourth stream is the ...".

To recap on history: We know jackshit about where to locate Eden at all. Adam and Eve got kicked out of it, they lived to its east, earth got populated, Noah built a boat, the boated floated - wherever - then they built Babel, Babel got confused - and now - where is there a safe link backward?

Also one thing nice to note: The contents of Genesis did - if we are to believe the record of the Bible - get revealed to Moses during their trek to Canaan. But well - anyhow.

So - you can do look at that map up there and begin figuring. Euphrates and Tigris are practically running parallel to each other. I have read various theories just because I wondered if it would be a physical place. Then it came to me: The FOURTH stream/river IS THAT Euphrates! The third is only called Tigris or Hidekel or whatever. So are the rest. That is a 'hint'. The hint is simple: That which we know as Euphrates 'IS' 'THAT' Euphrates. The other ones - well - jackshit!
So - OK - then Eden would be at that tip in Arabia or at the shores of the Arabian Gulf. OK - well enough then - but - what bugged me was - well - that is three streams that are not there! So I did some research.

The first one takes us to "Hawila" what or wherever that is. The respective stream is called 'Pishon'. Well - I just can't stop myself from making a Street Fighter reference here - but - you'll see more of that later! Oh dude! OK! Anyhow. We read that there is a lot of Gold - and a land with LOTs of Gold and a quasi big river is --- the Amazon Basin. OK - nice - no evidence - just ... just fooling around a little. So - OK - could be - onward! The next one is the river Gihon, flowing through 'Kush'. OK - what is Kush? Kush is - as my research revealed some place or ancient civilization or something along those lines resident somewhere between Egypt and Ythiopia. So - just slide your finger around and if you yet don't notice the Nile there - big and broad - you're blind! OK - nice! So - the third, Tigris, does flow east of Assur. Hmm ... fuck it - I thought - I got three out of four - that should be sufficient to draw a nice picture I thought - well - "Drawing". I figured: If that is true - my idea - then I could take topographic images of earth and put them together and stuff should fit. Three out of Four, that are three fourth, and basically already enough transitions to see if it's at least somehow right. So - I did stuff - got further than that - and here is a full reveal:

1. The Liontamer hook
2. Kungfuma - 'Horse-Fu the first'
3. Dance of Shapes
4. Ma-Gong - 'Horse-Fu the second'

One thing to keep on mind: In order for this to work the rivers would have to flow backward - and the topography would have to be respectively inverted or something - or - the "roundness" of the earth being valued differently. Like - perhaps everything was truly a flat thing originally! Who knows?