... Dear Reader,

this is supposed to be a happy place, yet there is stuff to be discussed regarding people that grow happy about ... well ... "more offensive material".

There is plenty to be discussed about all sorts of different things - things that aren't 'happy' in yet another way.

Thereby I haven't setup myself properly yet - as for what to do and how. I urgently need 'private assistance'. ... maybe. (little things ...)

... however - as for "stuff going on" - there isn't really anything but my personal rambling. While most of it wouldn't be "offensive (material)" per se there are matters of individuality that are a specifically "excluded" or yet 'exalted' topic, regarding which there is a box to the side here.

>>> Clarification

is there as a concept of a) making conscious reflections on Clarity, and to b) thereby 'enhance' clarity - ... which is ongoing stuff - as
the "main thing" maybe ... . Maybe not 'the' (one and only) - but its a thing.

General Declaration

#1) Big Important Disclaimer:

No mental gymnastics needed!

Don't fall for that! Please! At no point are mental gymnastics really going to help you - and if I put you through some of them, picture the unwinding as the process that is important important - like, I should make that a big fat disclaimer somewhere. [from here]

Matters of individuality

Clarity (crystal, spiritual): a personal, God given epiphany as 'convergent consequence' to a God-aligned personal evolution - constituting 'Gods Law' within the individual as composed of the individuals independent ways. - It firstly exists as token between God and the individual - as for the individual to grow/build/realize an identity of Gods and its own likes - then serving as an individuals constitution within a social frame of reference.
[theoretical. not enough data]

Where 'my' Clarity is that of being a 'Whore'.


Status of I.T.

... pending

Consecutive Bla Bla

Good and Plenty
Left, Right and Center vs. Facts