The Matrix Phenomenon

The Matrixing Effect (feat. ChatGPT)


Live as though there were a Heaven
Fight as though there were a Hell

This isn't Political Activism. Though political positions and opinions are being held, the core belief is that change of the individual brings about the change of society that will bring about the most effective political change.

The short of it

Having been on a quest for Truth for the better part of my life, the most important thing I discovered - and would like to share - is called 'Unification with the All-Encompassing Spirit'. It pertains to 'the path' subsequent to Baptism - and with that comes an array of things that may as well be regarded an Upgrade or Next-Level to Christianity; Though I believe that it is rather ancient but has, as is written, been lost to then re-surface at the appointed time. As is also written of in the Book of Mormon (1 Nephi 14:24+25).

But make no mistake. My personal faith does have a rather Satanistic bend - which is not to be confused with being Anti-Christian or Anti-God. Quite the opposite. And as it might be rather complicated to go into any amount of detail that might properly explain this to you, I'd refer you to my first book listed below.
Beyond that I'm however sure, that once you give it proper consideration, things will just fall in place. At least once you heed what we might call the "primary advice (of Gnosticism)" - a.k.a. James 1:5 (If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.)

There sure is a lot to be said, past, present and future, to get everyone on the same page or out of their individual little miseries and convictions; And to boot there's the Matrix Phenomenon (check the section to the right) which one might think of as a little crutch to help acclimatize to the realities of an existing God, specifically catered to some of the sensitivities of living in this modern day and age. As I suppose that people might struggle with the miracle aspect to this - as perhaps also opposed by Anti-Christians (and) the Pharisees of our time - there's the second Book. Though it primarily deals with the one matter of the First Book that comes without independent sourcing one might find anywhere - and though I primarily hold this as a matter of faith - I trust that it has some "magic" to it which will enable you to get a more direct experience of it.

Extensive Introduction to Neo-Gnosticism

Dreams of a Fallen Angel

Of Order and Chaos


About me

Born in 1983, to a German man and a Philippina woman, I was raised Seventh Day Adventist. In the year 2000, being 16 at the time, I started smoking weed. Right around my 18th Birthday I stumbled upon a book that revitalized my Faith - and in consequence was motivated to be on a personal crusade against all Lies; Thus studying the Bible on my own rather than going for a degree in Theology.
And it would seem as though; I personally am sure about it; that God took it upon Himself to guide me. I've been doing this a while now - which is meant as a Flex - and I think I have the means to show it.
For a while I've been a Nasirite, I've been Loveblind and Psychotic, upon attempting to get Baptized (Independent and Seventh Day Adventist) I became a Mormon - and though I would say that I've studied all sorts of Religions I really only indulged learning about them until I felt somewhat satisfied.
As my Grandfather started to suffer Dementia my Father kicked me out of their house which led to me more fully committing to my life as a Sex Worker. After having been effectively in Charge of that Etablissement for a while the stress got to me and I hit the streets - moving into a shelter and then social housing; And during that time I also ended up getting some overdue Psychiatric help and I also started to transition.

More Words

So, having committed my life to learning the Truth of God, I had a tumultuous journey with a lot of opportunities to make varied experiences and have conversations with a wide range of people with different backgrounds.
I started out as a some kind of a Zealot and depending on how you define it might very well still be one. Yet I also did have a lot to learn - one thing for instance being to listen. Admitting that I'm wrong, when I'm wrong, certainly comes as part of my belief/conviction, but for the most part it doesn't matter because rather than being wrong I found myself struggling with people's preconceptions and biases. ^^
And to be real - there's a lot of ground that can be covered before right and wrong really become an issue.
It's not so much, in my Experience, that people would think that I'm wrong as it is that they think they're right; And to be fair and balanced I'd argue that the resolution comes down to how well one did consider their position - followed by how well they considered that of the other. Not to brag, but I've made a lot of experiences throughout my lifetime so far; And I know that I wouldn't have come this far if I couldn't heed or listen to other people's takes on things. To say ...

That the things I share here didn't come about by God dictating them to me. For all intents and purposes it is all my own work. It's a work of reason - after all - and I briefly get to it in my third book (which isn't finished yet); But so one point to emphasize overall happens to be: That even if God were to dictate these things to me - we'd yet have to understand them properly. And ... to just try and justify things ... isn't something I'm a fan of. It's also not good for developing critical thinking skills (though I suppose I'm not really good at it either) - and is more akin to guessing than developing an actual understanding.

But now we are delivered from the law, that being dead wherein we were held; that we should serve in newness of spirit, and not in the oldness of the letter.

Romans 6:7

My message thus being, for here, that God is capable of a great many things - and our independence is valuable to Him. Thus we should not expect Him to betray that, nor to rely on the simple things that bar us from growing beyond an infantile dependence on Him. Let the Spirit set you free - not bind you in shackles (unless ... that's your thing).

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