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A list of collections regarding my work and my agenda
DUE TO THE TECHNICAL, YET TECHNICALLY ACTUAL DIFFICULTIES, some things need to be changed up - WORK IN PROGRESS. For the time being, check out my book.
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Extensive Introduction to Neo-Gnosticism



2022-12-18 | Work in Progress
I'm writing this a bit ahead of time because I don't think I'm going to get my work done in time. I've made huge strides in the beginning, but on a second and now a third viewing, the material is a lot more tedious to go through than I thought.
What I thought would at best cover some 24-48 pages has gone well past 200 - and as it stands I'm not going to get to shorten it. It's more likely I'll get to add a few more.

2023-01-30 | Hiatus
So ... I've been playing a lot of Dwarf Fortress lately - and ... am otherwise completely occupied with the Rehab program. And I don't think that's going to change anytime soon.


What you should know - after having come to this page - is that there is this thing I usually call 'Unification' because it more accurately expresses what this 'Enlightenment' is; Though I think it's a fair word to use.

Enlightenment in this sense comes from a 'Unification with the all-encompassing Spirit' - in other terms described as 'entering the Nineness', giving a maybe more accurate or at least simplistic perspective on what happens.
The Nineness can be thought of as a state of mind, whereby the Eightness is the ordinary state of mind. Basically what you get born into. The world of senses and thought. This is derived from a "ladder" of 13 Seals, whereby each Seal corresponds to an experience that increases our understanding of the world. So, first you perceive that there is 'stuff', then you realize that 'stuff has shapes' - then it is possible to realize that 'stuff with its shapes can form structures'. So, those are the first three seals. Seals 1-8 are accessible to the "mortal mind".
The 9th Seal is the quintessential 'first' experience of God interacting with the human individual in this 'exclusive' way. Seals 10-13 are consequentially about the state of mind growing from there. The way to achieve this is a matter of 2 requirements and the knowledge of the words that need to be used to request this unity from the all-encompassing Spirit.
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another two things

are 'the Testimony' and 'the Gnostic-Dilemma'. These are merely concepts - though cognitive tools that I think are paramount to successfully navigate "the fields of ignorance and confusion" ... ignoring of the "why what's" for the time being.

Regarding the "why-what's" - who could tell? And how could we tell who could tell? That simultaneously is a matter of the Gnostic Dilemma as it is a matter of the Testimony.
The Gnostic Dilemma is to say that if I knew from God that something is true - how could I tell you about it, as in: How could you tell that I'm telling the truth?

The answer - well. How could you tell? ... But you might be shocked to learn that you can ask from God. Which is really the first "mythical thing" you, by my accounting, are supposed to accomplish. And yea - I'm ... Mormon~ish. Btw.. But that's the line. "I can only show you the path".